Cash Me Outside Girl Gets Early Probation

‘Cash Me Outside’ girl, Danielle Bregoli, is off probation early!

Looks like we’ll truly be catching her outside. A Dr. Phil episode gone viral changed Danielle Bregoli’s life forever, all thanks to her notorious catchphrase. “Cash (Catch) Me Outside” girl turned into an overnight sensation after appearing on an episode of Dr. Phil, her pompous attitude and poor decisions not only landed her a record deal but multiple charges as well.

As reported, Danielle, who goes by her rap name Bhad Bhabie, was hit with multiple charges including grand theft and filing a false police report. The Department of Juvenile Justice in Palm Beach County, FL sentenced Bregoli to a five-year probation for the charges that she plead guilty to.

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However, seven months later, her probation has been terminated. Bregoli hired many high-powered attorneys to work on her case and by the looks of it; she sure got her money’s worth. Amongst her legal team were Tiger Wood’s attorney, Doug Duncan, and Scott Richardson acting as the co-counsel. The two worked out what was already an amazing deal for Bregoli, and now the shortened probation is an added bonus. Talk about getting your cake and eating it too!

The court, who made their decision earlier this week, took into account that Bregoli has kept her nose close and completed up to 100 hours of community service. The TV star turn rapper completed her hours of service working with the group #HashtagLunchbag and volunteering at Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

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Bregoli, aka Bhad Bhabie, is set to hit the road on an upcoming tour next month after having signed with Atlantic Records. Seems as if an aggressive attitude and vulgarity can snag you a record deal nowadays! It has also been reported by PageSix, that Danielle Bregoli’s father had officially surrendered his parental rights over to her mother just a week ago, possibly cutting all ties with his daughter.

The 14-year-old is expected to rack in nearly $1 million from her tour, which might come in handy, as we’re sure she has a lot to pay in legal bills, how ‘bout dat?

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