Cash Me Outside Girl Asks Who's LeAnn Rimes After Matching Billboard Record

The Cash Me Outside Girl has achieved yet another landmark in her budding music career by getting three top 100 hits on the chart but is too young to know the woman who did it first.

Get ready to feel old.

Danielle Bregoli, AKA Bad Bhabie, AKA The Cash Me Outside Girl, has done what only one other woman before her has ever accomplished. Her latest single, “Gucci Flip Flops” featuring Lil Yachty, has hit #80 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Hits chart. This is her third single to break 100, making Bregoli the second youngest female artist to ever have three hits on the chart at the youthful age of 16.

Be warned: decidedly adult language below.

The first person to do it was LeAnn Rimes back in 1997, but Bhad Bhabie is too young to know that.

TMZ caught up with Bregoli in Chicago on Wednesday to break the good news to her, but she was either being coy or honestly had no idea who LeAnn Rimes is.


After the usual paparazzi greetings, the reporter asked Bregoli: "How does it feel to be the youngest female artist in over 20 years with three hits on the chart?"

"It's cool," Bregoli replied, swinging her arms casually while her bodyguard ensured that the reporter didn’t ever get closer than 3 feet. "Who else did it?"

When the TMZ reporter told Bregoli the name, she looked at the camera with an honest look of confusion. "Who is that? Busta Rhymes f---in' sister?"

Ouch. That was harsh, Bregoli. Really harsh.

As if to underscore just how young Bregoli still is, when the reporter asked her what she’d do for the crew that has been helping her on her first ever North American tour, she said that she’d give everyone something very special.

"Everyone gets a cookie!” Bregoli said.

She may curse more in a single sentence than most rappers do in an entire album, but she’s still a kid at heart.

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Cash Me Outside Girl Asks Who's LeAnn Rimes After Matching Billboard Record