Beyoncé Spotted In Target While Rocking Heels

Beyoncé proves once again she is just like us when it comes to taking her daughter to Target to do a little shopping. The superstar was seen sporting mega high heels on her recent run, something most of us would likely not do. Then again, the Queen Bee doesn’t go anywhere without looking her best.

Beyoncé was spotted at Target with Blue Ivy. The mom of three seriously almost looks like any other customer in the store. She might have been able to get away unnoticed had it not been for two things. One, no one wears high-heels to Target, it just doesn’t happen. Most people barely get out of their pajamas to hit up the store, much less wear a pair of nice stilettos.

Another sure tell sign it was the "Lemonade" singer was she was wearing a pair of sunglasses in the store. She was obviously trying to disguise herself from the masses but wearing shades inside is not the way to do it. Plus, she had her assistant helping her and Blue Ivy load their cart full of items.

Fans were quick to snap a photo of Jay-Z’s wife and daughter because social media was soon abuzz with news Beyoncé was at a Target in Los Angeles. Twitter exploded with comments about the superstar’s shopping experience. It even became a trending hashtag on the Twitter. If Bey was hoping to keep her outing under warps, it did not work at all thanks to social media.

This is not the first time she has been spotted at Target. Right before Christmas, she was seen doing some shopping there as well. Perhaps she only makes her Target runs right before a holiday, after all, Easter is this Sunday. Maybe getting to go to Target is like a special occasion only thing for the singer.

Shoppers at the Target in West Hollywood got more than they bargained for when Beyonce was shopping there the other day. The singer was sporting a pair of sunglasses and high-heels, looking amazing and completely out of place.

What would you do if you saw Bey shopping at your local Target?

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