20 Secrets About Jay-Z And Beyonce's Marriage Their Lawyers Don't Want Us To Know

Beyonce and Jay-Z have been married for almost a decade now. Anyone that's been married for that long will tell you that it's no walk in the park. There's bound to be arguments, misunderstandings, maybe even a few divorce threats. Beyonce and Jay-Z are no exception, and in fact, many would argue that their relationship is worse than most.

They've broken up more times than we can count, and rumors are constantly flying around. Secret children, family feuds, and jealousy seem to make up the bulk of the rumors, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Celebrities deserve their privacy, but the lengths Beyonce and Jay-Z go to are a bit extreme. People in the maternity ward at the hospital Beyonce gave birth at have even come forward, claiming that the family locked down an entire floor of the hospital. It doesn't get much more secretive than that.

Most information out there on Beyonce and Jay-Z is simply speculation, or claims made by people who wish to remain anonymous, making it hard to really pinpoint what's going on in the Knowles-Carter household. The fact that they remain silent on many of the issues surrounding their family, coupled with the vastly differing claims, leads many to believe they have a lot to hide. Maybe they don't want to tell outright lies, so they simply stay silent and let the internet go crazy over the possibilities. One thing is for sure, their lawyers would like to keep things under wraps.

20 Beyonce Never Gave Birth To Blue Ivy

Beyonce Fake Pregnancy

Many people believe that Beyonce was never pregnant with Blue Ivy. That she in fact, used a surrogate possibly to maintain her stellar body shape or because of infertility issues. Beyonce has spoken several times about a previous miscarriage, and even brings the topic up in her songs.

People are extremely divided on this topic, with some vehemently arguing that she couldn't possibly have been pregnant, while others have backed her up, shoving the issue off as nothing more than a "crazy conspiracy theory."

Some people believe she wasn't actually pregnant because there was a lack of pregnancy photos, they kept moving the due date, and her baby bump looked like it was moving out of place. The biggest indication that her entire pregnancy may have been a sham was the star's stomach deflating on her appearance on Australia's Sunday Night. Bey claims the fabric of her dress folded. I guess it's all up for speculation.

19 Jay-Z Paid A Woman To Disappear With His Child

Jay-Z's Secret Child

Jay-Z allegedly paid film star, Jazmine Cashmire $2.5 million to disappear with their child. Back in 2010, everyone was up in arms over Jay-Z's possible hookup with Jazmine, and a few months later, her friends began spreading rumors of a pregnancy. Even though her friends were telling everyone they could tell that Jazmine was pregnant with Jay-Z's baby, she denied the rumors on Twitter, saying,

"No, I am not pregnant by Jay-Z or any rapper from New York." Jay-Z denied ever having crossed paths with her as well. A friend tipped off National Enquirer, spilling the details of an elaborate and expensive payout to get Jazmine to disappear with his child.

They were even able to confirm that Jazmine bought a house around the same time, and interestingly enough, Jazmine and her friends have not bothered Jay-Z since.

18 Their Families Hate Each Other

Beyonce and Jay-Z Family

The elevator incident was enough to get everyone talking about the issues surrounding their families, but it doesn't end there. While it's no secret that the families have some beef with each other, they still try to keep as much to themselves as they can. I actually think it's pretty classy of them, in a way. Of course, it does pique everyone's interest even more, myself included.

The families don't like each other, period. Members of Jay-Z's side of the family have come forward and admitted their resentment toward Beyonce.

They claim that they barely see Jay anymore, and she sucks all of his time. Similarly, Bey's family never wanted her to pursue a relationship with Jay-Z in the first place, telling her that she has no business dating a "thug."

17 Beyonce Is Jealous Of Jay-Z's Bond With Blue Ivy

Beyonce Jealous of Blue Ivy

This isn't to say that Beyonce doesn't have a wonderful relationship with her daughter. She's just also a little bit jealous of the relationship she has with her father. Jay-Z has said on numerous occasions that his daughter is the source of his joy, and he sees his future in her.

Their marriage was on the rocks by the time Blue Ivy was born, so it's possible that there's a strange dynamic between the three. Beyonce is also extremely busy and often leaves Blue Ivy in the care of nannies and her father.

Naturally, kids will bond with the people that they're around the most, so it's really no surprise that she might be a little more drawn to Jay-Z. It's enough to hurt any mother's feelings, but Beyonce is a super jealous person, so her feelings go beyond the normal insecurities.

16 Open Relationship With Rita Ora

Beyonce Jay-Z and Rita Ora

There are many rumors surrounding Rita Ora's role in the couple's lives. People speculate that she and Beyonce are in a secret relationship, that the three of them are all in a relationship with each other, that Jay-Z cheated on Bey with her, and the list goes on. Beyonce has hinted over the years that she might not swing just one way, so it wouldn't be far fetched that she might be in a relationship with Rita. Whether or not Jay-Z was unfaithful with her is another story.

Most people tend to side with the rumor that Beyonce and Rita are in a secret relationship, with Jay-Z being well aware of the arrangement. Perhaps he tried to get in on the action by making a move on Rita at one point. No one knows the details, but Rita Ora's role is definitely strange.

15 Jay-Z Went Too Far With Record Producer Lance Rivera

Jay-Z Stabbed Record Producer

On November 30, 1999, Jay-Z stabbed record producer, Lance Rivera, at Q-Tip's album release party. The altercation allegedly arose over the bootlegging of Jay-Z's upcoming album, Vol. 3 The Life and Times of S. Carter. He was going through a lot emotionally and was suffering from major anxiety over the leaking of his music. He didn't know who to blame, but many people blamed Rivera.

In late 2001, Jay-Z pleaded guilty and served 3 years on probation.

Some speculated that the fight was actually over a woman, but that's neither here nor there. The fact that Jay blacked out and stabbed a man is a bit scary, no matter the reason why. He almost threw his entire life away in one night. Thankfully that didn't happen, but it still leads us to wonder what goes on behind closed doors.

14 Beyonce's Depression

Beyonce Depression

Beyonce has been struggling with depression since Destiny's Child disbanded. She's even admitted to creating an alter-ego named Sasha. Sasha is fearless, foxy, flirty, and confident. Beyonce doesn't feel she is any of those things. She's vulnerable, shy, and longs for a regular life without constantly being in the public's eye. When Destiny's Child split up, she didn't know what to do with herself.

"I didn't eat," she said. "I stayed in my room. I was in a really bad place in life, going through that lonely period: 'Who am I? Who are my friends?' My life changed."

It's hard to imagine Beyonce as a shy, self-conscious girl, and she hasn't brought it up in many years. More than likely that first period of depression was not the last, with everything she has been through with Jay-Z in the last decade.

13 Fighting For Power

Beyonce and Jay-Z Fight For Power

Rumors that Jay-Z is secretly jealous of Beyonce's success has been around for quite a while. The couple supposedly fight for more power, more influence, and more money. There's nothing wrong with being competitive, but given their track record and the fact that they're married, it just doesn't sound healthy.

This has been going on for a while, but the rumors picked up steam after a source told Radar that his jealousy peaked in 2016 when Bey's record label started to really take off. Jay-Z's career had been pretty stagnant by comparison, making it even worse.

Who knows how deep this jealously runs. It's not something they're comfortable talking about, but those that know them can tell. Insiders have reported that Jay-Z, in particular, is obsessed with being higher on the charts, and bringing in more money than his wife. It's hard to grow together when you're only worried about being better.

12 They've Entertained Brutal Dictators

Back in 2009, Beyonce performed for brutal Libyan dictator, Muammar Gaddafi's New Year party in St. Barths. To be fair, she's not the first celebrity to make an appearance for Gaddafi. Mariah Carey performed for him the previous year. Muammar Gaddafi isn't well-liked over in the U.S. He leads with fear and has a long history of violence against women. If there was one smart decision Bey made in this mess, it was taking her husband along with her.

She tried to keep her performance in St. Barths under wraps, but clearly it didn't work. 

When she was caught, she donated all of the money to charity, which would be honorable if she didn't turn around and perform for his son for $1 or $2 million the following year. Yikes!

11 Jay-Z Can't Control Himself

Jay-Z Drinking Problem

Well, I don't think anyone is really surprised by this news. If you've read anything about Jay-Z's past, this shouldn't really come as a total shocker. However, it's clearly something everyone wants to keep on the down low. Beyonce's father has accused Jay-Z of physically abusing her, though Bey has shoved his claims off and he's been all but cut off from the family. I'd like to side with Beyonce, but their overly-secretive life and family feuds make it hard to push out that little voice in our head that whispers, "maybe he does." He certainly gets violent and angry when he's drunk, so it's not far fetched to believe that it's an issue in their marriage. Hopefully he doesn't pick up the bottle too often.

10 Another Baby

Jay's Child

Many people don't know that Jay-Z has a confirmed child with model Shenelle Scott. In 2002, Shenelle and Jay were in an open relationship while she was engaged to another man. When she found out she was pregnant, everyone assumed it was her fiancé's child. Once the baby was born, the man shunned her and the baby since he didn't bear any resemblance to him.

After a paternity test confirmed that Jay-Z is indeed the father, he stepped up and bought them a house in Trinidad, gave them $1 million, and continues to pay monthly child support. 

However, we can't ignore the fact that it's bound to cause problems between Jay and Beyonce. They had already met by this point and were possibly even dating.

9 They've Broken Up Countless Times

Beyonce and Jay-Z Broke Up

Bey and Jay met somewhere between 1998 and 2000, and between 2001 and 2002, they revealed that they were an item. They were the ultimate celeb power couple! They got married in 2008, but Jay was running around behind her back the entire time. Beyonce's friends and family have revealed that she wanted to leave countless times, but kept up appearances in public. By the time Blu Ivy was born, they had already been through hell and back, and possibly thought that the baby would add a beautiful dynamic to their rocky relationship.

Unfortunately, the dynamic it added was not great. Now they're staying together, not only to keep up appearances, but for their daughter.

In recent years, they've been working on starting over and building a foundation of trust and love. That's respectable, though many believe that some things can't be fixed once they're broken.

8 Scary Bodyguard

Beyonce and Jay-Z's Bodyguard

Jay-Z and Beyonce's bodyguard Norman Oosterbroek was fired after the couple discovered that he had hired a street worker while on duty for them in Las Vegas.

After being fired, Jay-Z allegedly found pictures of Beyonce and Blu Ivy in the man's possession. Eek!

After this incident, his life started spiralling out of control, and a few months later, he died during a police run-in. Oosterbroek broke into a neighbor's mansion, naked, punched the resident, and swallowed drugs. He died after a police officer tased him. When the couple was approached to comment on their ex bodyguard, they made a deal to ensure that the story didn't get out. Or, you know, they tried. They were livid, and for whatever reason, didn't want the story getting out at all.

7 Jay Has A Wild Past

You already know the story about Jay-Z attacked the record producer, Lance Rivera, in 1999. But that was just the climax of his violent tendencies. He opened up in an interview with The Guardian, saying he wasn't born violent.

He grew up taking care of himself, which put him in fight-or-flight mode most of the time.

He openly admits in his lyrics that he considers himself a "thug" and even raps about shooting his brother as a kid. He's grown quite a bit since then, and things have only gotten better for the rapper. You know that line, "your past doesn't dictate your future?" Well, it can still follow you, and Jay-Z has been trying to grow past his mistakes for the better half of his life. You won't see the star getting into too much trouble these days, but there's no denying that his past may be an indication of how he treats Bey today.

6 Nannies Are Around More Than Beyonce

Beyonce Nannies

A few people close to the family have come forward in the last few years, claiming that Beyonce isn't around much for Blu Ivy, and even go so far as to say she pawns her daughter off on them more often than she should. Even when she's home and free, she'll frequently leave Blu Ivy in the nanny's care so she can smoke in peace.

Whether these claims are true or not, it's a little strange that she recently hired not one, not two, not four, but six nannies to care for her new twins.

I mean, hey, if you have the money, why not right? Some are skeptical, though, and for good reason. Who really needs six nannies for two babies? Beyond that, her demands are a little extreme. She has an entire rule book that the nannies must follow.

5 Their Relationship Was Built On Lies

Jay-Z has openly admitted that their relationship "wasn't totally built on 100% of the truth." What does that mean exactly? Well, at the time of the interview, he didn't elaborate much. We can speculate, though. It surely has to do with running around with other women while lying to Beyonce the whole time, coupled with the obvious plans to bring Beyonce to stardom.

Many close to the couple have claimed that helping Beyonce get famous was one of the driving forces for their relationship and marriage.

It's definitely believable, given how famous Jay-Z was by the time they met, the large age gap, and the infidelity. If there's one reason to stay with a cheater, I suppose fame would be an obvious one.

4 Jay-Z And Rihanna?

Jay-Z and Rihanna?

Rumors have been flying around about a possible affair between Jay-Z and Rihanna for a long time. It got to the point where Jay-Z apparently had to force the two to call a truce.

The three met in Paris to hash things out and all appears to be good at this point.

Whether these rumors are true or not, we will never know, but the three met up for one reason or another, and the affair was sure to come up. Social media was buzzing with the rumors for a long time, which only added to Beyonce's insecurity within herself and her marriage. As usual, the family was secretive about the whole ordeal, leaving the rest of us wondering just what exactly is going on.

3 Everyone Told Beyonce To Stay Away

Beyonce's Family

Beyonce's family has been warning her to stay away from Jay-Z since the beginning of their relationship and tensions have only risen over time as they find out more about the way Jay treats her. They pretend to all get along, but underneath their perfect smiles hides a whole lot of resentment and distrust.

Beyonce's parents in particular have voiced their concerns, calling Jay-Z a "thug" and telling their daughter that she has no business with a man like that.

While it's still unclear what the fight in the elevator was over, clearly Beyonce's sister has beef with Jay-Z. Whether it's over money, his troubled past, cheating, or the emotional and possible physical abuse Beyonce has suffered through the years, Solange has it out for Jay-Z.

2 Major Jealousy Issues

Beyonce has always been the jealous type, and it's only gotten worse the more Jay-Z lies and cheats on her. Bey's father cheated on her mother, and she has a little sister to prove it. Though she was bitter at first, she's accepted her little sister with time. Her father is no longer in the picture. Her first and only boyfriend before Jay-Z cheated on her as well, leaving her heartbroken and defeated at a young age. Then, of course, there's Jay-Z.

It doesn't take a highly-trained psychologist to take a gander as to why Beyonce has trust issues.

Battling jealousy is no fun, and I'm sure it's a part of her that she's working on bettering. When you've been surrounded by men with no sense of duty or faithfulness, it's got to be rough.

1 Keeping Up Appearances

Although this is pretty general, it's possibly the biggest scandal of their marriage. No matter the details, their entire marriage is practically a sham. They stay together just for the sake of staying together. They're worried about what the media will say and the future of their kids. Staying together for kids is already a mistake. When they're in a toxic environment with a bunch of fighting and drama, they're better off just seeing their parents separately.

We're happy that Jay-Z and Beyonce claim to be working through the less-than-pleasant aspects of their marriage, truly. But it's hard to believe anything they say.

Is it all a publicity stunt or an attempt to persuade everyone that their marriage is getting better? Or are things the same as they've always been? I guess that's between them and their lawyers.

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