20 Actors Who Should Replace Ben Affleck As Batman

For those of you who have yet to see Ben Affleck play the role of Batman...don't. Just save yourself the time and heartbreak. You have already had to deal with George Clooney and Val Kilmer as Batman. Don't hurt yourself more by watching Ben Affleck. Maybe he's just not meant for superhero movies. Imagine watching him play Daredevil again but this time he can see and he has intense mech armour. Just don't waste your time.

What we've given you here is a list of actors who could do better. Maybe you wouldn't think of them as Batman, right off the bat...but who the hell ever thought that Ben Affleck would play Batman? I am fairly sure that the people in this list would all do a better job. Some might be more comic-book-esque, some more serious, and some just a little bizarre, but I think they'd still do a better job.

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So, for your enjoyment, take a look below to see who would be the better Batman. I think you'll mostly agree that these guys could all do a better job than Affleck. And if you are one of those people who went out of your way to see him play Batman and actually enjoyed it, take a look and see what could have been and maybe should be.

20 Bradley Cooper

Rocket Raccoon! Why not? He's already successfully played a superhero which is more than Affleck can say. It's not like Daredevil was the greatest Marvel movie of all times...I mean...it was mostly terrible.

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Now, Cooper has done well for himself and he knows how to look dashing in pinstripes while still looking like he's got important places to be, important women to sleep with, and important crazies to capture. Sure, not everyone's into the whole beard thing with Batman, but no one ever said that he had to be cleanly shaven. Affleck already had that intense stubble for his Batman. So what does it matter if we've got some beard and some slightly longer hair? Cooper has everything he needs to play Bruce Wayne. All he needs is a cowl to play Batman.

19 Brad Pitt

It's true that Brad Pitt is getting up there in years and he's no real "spring chicken" anymore but with his ability, I think he'd be just fine to act a bit younger, get back into the gym, and throw on the black cowl.

He definitely already knows what it's like to be a very rich and arrogant guy so he's got the Bruce Wayne part down. All he really has to do is make sure that he doesn't break his hip while shooting the film and I think he would both have more of a draw at the box office and just simply be able to pull off a more convincing Batman. He's got the chops to prove it. He's done so much in his career. What does Affleck have? Daredevil and Good Will Hunting? Not exactly an action-packed career by any real standards.

18 Chris Evans

Chris Evans is already playing a very significant superhero. He's basically at the height of his physical prowess, so now would be the perfect time to make the switch from the boring Captain American to the very interesting Dark Knight. And don't get me wrong, Captain America is a great character when put alongside the other Avengers...but carrying his own movies? It gets to be a little much. He's just too much of a goody-goody to really carry his own films.

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So, that being said, Evans might like the chance to really sink his teeth into a role like the caped crusader. It would be very interesting to see what sort of darkness Chris Evans could bring to the table. We already know he's physically capable of being Batman. I'm sure he could play a lady's man too.

17 Chris Hemsworth

I think it's a fairly legitimate claim to make that most of the Avengers could probably play a better Batman than Ben Affleck. If for no other reason than they are better actors. But more than that, they are also in better shape and have made better superhero movies.

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Chris Hemsworth would be one mighty imposing Bat, that's for sure. I mean...the guy plays Thor. He's no small dude. That being said, just because he's jacked doesn't mean he can't clean up very well and be able to score all the ladies like Batman used to do. Did any of you ever watch Rush? Hemsworth does a good job playing a rich guy with a ton of ladies hanging off of him. So, I think it would be easy for him to add that to some sort of dark character who can really kick ass.

16 Christian Bale

This seems like a pretty easy choice. Why? Because he's already played Batman. And what's more? He played Batman way better!

Now, don't get me wrong, Christian Bale is not my favourite actor to have ever worn the Batman suit, but he's still got miles on Ben Affleck. And he's got the best sort of experience. The experience of having already played Batman. He seems like the obvious choice because of this. Sure, the voice he puts on for Batman to hide that he's really Bruce Wayne is a little ridiculous. Like...it's incredibly silly. But that aside, he can kick some major tail, he can woo the ladies, he can play the pompous rich guy very well. He's got everything for the character. And I think everyone knows that too...why? Because he's played him before!

15 Ewan McGregor

I'd understand if Ewan McGregor wasn't on your list of possibilities, but I think he's worth thinking about in terms of replacing Ben Affleck. First of all...I can only think of two roles that Affleck has played that McGregor might not be able to have played quite as well. Those roles being from Dazed And Confused and Good Will Hunting. I think Ewan McGregor would have been great in Armageddon. And aside from what roles he could already destroy Affleck in, he's just a better actor.

He is one of those guys you have to watch when he's on screen. Granted, you have to watch Affleck when he's on screen but that's more because he's like a car wreck...you just can't look away no matter how badly you might want to.

14 Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler is getting a bit older, but no one ever said that Batman couldn't age. And here's the thing, Butler may not have been some sort of comic book superhero before, but he is definitely no stranger to the comic book world.

300 was the perfect example of a film in which Butler could throw some people around and it was done in a very stylistic way. Now, obviously Batman isn't a killer like that, but that doesn't mean that Butler can't tone it down. After all, he's done how many romantic comedies now in his career? But we also know, for sure, that he can bring that darkness to his character. At least you'll know if you've seen films like The Phantom of The Opera or Law Abiding Citizen. He's probably one of the better choices here because of his filmography.

13 Hugh Jackman

Okay here's the thing, Hugh Jackman is already amazing because he played the Wolverine. If anyone can play Wolverine so well, then they can definitely play Batman. I don't want to say that Batman is a lame character in comparison to Wolverine...but he is. He just is.

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Batman is just a rich, smart, squishy human who takes his anger out on criminals because he can't get over his parents' death. Wolverine is a science experiment who has an adamantium skeleton and claws that grow out of his hands! Sorry Batty, but that wins. Anyway, moving on to the point. If Jackman can play a character who is just so cool but also tortured, then he can surely play a more boring character who is also tortured. And he wouldn't be the first Aussie to play Batman either.

12 Jake Gyllenhaal

You might not think so, at first, but Jake Gyllenhaal is a better option than Ben Affleck at the very least. Gyllenhaal has an emotional depth that Affleck definitely doesn't have. So the tortured past thing would already be better in the hands of Jake.

On top of that, Gyllenhaal hasn't starred in near as many terrible movies as Affleck has. Sure, Jarhead was a thing, but Gyllenhaal is also not afraid to jump into all sorts of films and really try his hand at something new. And he's already had a close...very close relationship with one of the previous Jokers. Does anyone remember Brokeback Mountain? If he already knows the mind of someone like the Joker so well, then he's got to be perfect for playing Batman, right?

11 Johnny Depp

Alright, I know. Johnny Depp is a lot older than someone who would play Batman now. I get it. And he might be perpetually tanned because of all the Pirates movies he's been doing over the years to keep himself from going totally broke, but I think there's something in him that could make a wicked Batman. He's got a lot of hurt. He knows what it's like to lose almost everything. And it would be a great way for him to rise back up to the top.

There is no reason why Ben Affleck should be an A-lister when someone like Johnny Depp exists. It's true that he's been going down the tubes with his roles in the past few years, but that's why it would be so awesome to see him come back with something like a dark superhero. We just have to make sure that Tim Burton doesn't direct this one because with Johnny Depp it wouldn't be like the Michael Keaton films...Depp would be some bizarre-looking Bat.

10 Josh Duhamel

You know something? I'll be totally here and say that I know very little about this Josh Duhamel. I can't recall a film he's been in, I can't think of anywhere I'd know him from in terms of celebrity gossip or award ceremonies. But that's not the point here. I'm sure I just don't watch enough tv, but just looking at this guy; literally just based on looks alone, I am willing to bet that this guy could school Ben Affleck as Batman.

There just seems to be every reason why he could just from looking at his photo. He looks like a Bruce Wayne. He dresses up nicely. He looks just a little bit dead behind the eyes. Duhamel, at least on the surface, seems to be a pretty darn good option for a Batman. And given that he's an actor...I'm sure he's better than Affleck.

9 Leonardo DiCaprio

Alright, so DiCaprio has a permanent tan from always being out on his yacht while nailing all sorts of incredibly gorgeous women. And when he's not there, he's trying to do things to help save the world...wait, what? Is he already Batman without the dumb bat ears!? Wow.

So, it turns out that Leonardo DiCaprio is pretty well already at least Bruce Wayne if not Batman. He's a really rich guy who beds all sorts of ladies and does good for the world. All he needs is the costume, and he's good to go. And hey, he's got an Oscar to his name now (and not for screenwriting like Affleck). That's got to count for something. It at least says that he's liked by the Academy more than Affleck in terms of acting. Which is not really surprising.

8 Mark Wahlberg

Marky Mark! Why the hell not? He's hilarious but can also dig down into those serious roles when he has to. It would be great to have his humour for Bruce Wayne, and then he can dredge up that darkness for when he throws on the cowl and becomes Batman. I think he would be a great choice.

I also think he would fit really well in Tim Burton's original visions for the Batman universe. Wahlberg could do very well in that sense. In the new one I guess you'd just have Wahlberg's voice and then him in a Batman mech suit, but still, when playing Bruce Wayne he could be the most hilarious one there has ever been to date. And there's something to be said for that...well, he might not beat Adam West...may he rest in peace.

7 Michael Fassbender

Here's a guy who has got some superhero experience. Or rather, should I say supervillain experience. So he knows what the other side is like. He knows how to dig deep into that darkness and emerge from it with even more power than he had before. Not to mention that he is a way better actor than Ben Affleck. A waaaaaay better actor. That's just factual.

He is so incredibly skilled and invested as an actor. He's also better looking than Affleck so I'm sure his work with the ladies as Bruce Wayne would be pretty damn simple. And I think he's got the perfect look for Batman. He's got those piercing eyes, the serious look, the nice outfit that's upscale but still a little casual because he doesn't have to give a damn about what anyone thinks of him. He just works for the part.

6 Robert Downey Jr. 

Why not let's make RDJ some hundreds of more millions for playing Batman as well as Iron Man. Look, this is probably one of the best options for Batman simply because RDJ already knows what it's like to play the incredibly wealthy good guy who just wants to save the world. To be fair, Tony Stark doesn't start out that way, but he also does end up in the darkness and comes to the light with the Iron Man suit. So...that's pretty amazing.

Anyway, RDJ is a far superior actor to Affleck and he's got the superhero experience. And when I say superhero experience, I mean to say that he has actually played a successful superhero successfully in a very successful series of films. That's a big difference between him and Affleck's Daredevil.

5 Ryan Gosling

Why not throw a Canadian actor in there, eh? Ryan Gosling might not seem like anywhere near the right choice for Batman but he can definitely play the ladies man part of Bruce Wayne. Especially with those puppy dog eyes. And those same eyes will work to show just how tortured the poor guy is as Batman. And besides that, it's not like Gosling isn't physically fit. He's not as beefy as Ben Affleck...but he's also not as fat as Ben Affleck, so I think that sort of evens things out a little.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that given the fact that Gosling can do pretty well any role, he should be able to get away with doing an iconic superhero role without messing it up too badly. If nothing else, he wouldn't do it as badly as Affleck.

4 Ryan Reynolds

Oh, come on. Match made in Heaven right here. Ryan Reynolds could probably play the majority of the superhero roles out there right now and do a better job than at least half of the actors currently cast. And it's not like Reynolds hasn't already had a foray into the DC realm. Remember, he played the Green Lantern before he went over to Marvel to kick ass as Deadpool. And I don't mean the bad Deadpool from the Wolverine movie. I meant the actual Deadpool. Either way, Reynolds is suave, savvy, wealthy, successful, hilarious and he's a very talented actor. I think these are all pretty well things that Ben Affleck is almost entirely not. And that's nothing against Ben Affleck. I don't know the guy. But I know Reynolds would play a better Bat.

3 Tom Cruise

This choice does actually definitely make me laugh, but in a good way. In a sort of "that would be hilarious to see and I would so pay money to see it". Tom Cruise is more than a little nutty. We all know that because of his weird Scientology. But that's fine. He's still a pretty wicked actor. And I think he could do very well as Batman, as long as Bruce Wayne didn't have to go and see a shrink (since Scientology is against therapy).

And Cruise has already been married to one of the ladies from the previous Batman series, so why not get in there, throw on the cowl and start kicking some tail in the streets of Gotham. We all know that Cruise is an action star. And he can definitely bring darkness with him, even with some humour (a la Interview With The Vampire).

2 Zac Efron

I know, I know. You hate this idea. But ask yourself this question. Does the guy in this photo really look that far away from some rich guy who goes around beating up people at night in a crazy rubber bat costume so he can get his anger out over his parents' death? Because just looking at this photo, I definitely see some Bruce Wayne and some Batman. And do you want to know what else I see? I see someone who isn't Ben Affleck.

And someone who has been out of the spotlight for long enough that he'll really work hard to make his version of Batman really good. Because otherwise he'd just get tossed back into the Hollywood trash bin...and as everyone pretty well knows...no one ever really takes out the trash in Hollywood.

1 Matthew McConaughey

Alright, alright, alright! I think that Matthew McConaughey would be one of the best options for Batman. We've definitely seen how dark he can go with acting performances like his in True Detective. We also know that he can be just hilarious, as we've seen in ridiculous movies like Dazed And Confused. And we know he can also do well in strange movies as we've discovered with Interstellar.

Sure, he hasn't played a superhero before, but maybe he's not the hero we deserve...but is the hero that we need. I think it would be good to shake things up with someone like McConaughey. After all, there's no way he could do a worse job than Ben Affleck. And Affleck isn't even my least favourite Batman...but he still shouldn't be there.

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