15Selena Gomez Was His First Real Love

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Getting over your first love can be such a tough period. Therefore, we can only imagine how heartbroken Selena must have felt after calling it quits with Justin Bieber. After all, he's one of the most popular, young superstars in the music industry. So it's certainly no wonder that he's always been

surrounded by lots of beautiful girls. The former couple was a match made in heaven, adored and appreciated by millions of fans. Everybody was so in love with these two that the couple was even dubbed "Jelena." Seriously, how sweet is that?! But unfortunately, there must have been trouble in their paradise. After multiple efforts of getting back together, Jelena was finally over. Well, we don't know for Selena, but Justin has apparently taken advantage of his freedom ever since. They might have had unforgettable moments together, but Jelena is apparently not meant to be.

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