Beauty And The Bieb: 15 Gorgeous Girls Linked To Justin Bieber

Dating is, without a doubt, a tricky game to play. Not only does it take time to impress your crush, but you need to keep the spark burning. Well, it's quite the same with celebrities, with the only exception being that their personal lives are all over the media outlets. Now, you can probably imagine how hard it is to maintain a healthy relationship when you or your partner is always in the limelight; it really must be quite challenging. Well, this could explain why celebs often fail to keep that same spark locked in place. Obsessed with jealousy, most celeb couples just fail to stand the test of time. Sadly, Justin's most famed relationship (Selena Gomez) is hardly an exception to this universal rule. The more famous and successful you are, the harder it is to keep it all behind closed doors. The much-loved ex-couple looked so cute together that the fans gave them an equally cute nickname, "Jelena." Unfortunately, Jelena didn't live long or at least as long as fans had hoped. Of course, they made multiple efforts to put the pieces back together and give their love another chance. But eventually, things didn't work out. Again. Since their official breakup, the Canadian pop singer has dated many gorgeous girls, including runway models. From Yovanna Ventura, the well-known Instagram fitness enthusiast, to the stunning Sofia Richie, today, we'll read a chapter of Justin's Dating Memoir.

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15 Selena Gomez Was His First Real Love

Via People

Getting over your first love can be such a tough period. Therefore, we can only imagine how heartbroken Selena must have felt after calling it quits with Justin Bieber. After all, he's one of the most popular, young superstars in the music industry. So it's certainly no wonder that he's always been surrounded by lots of beautiful girls. The former couple was a match made in heaven, adored and appreciated by millions of fans. Everybody was so in love with these two that the couple was even dubbed "Jelena." Seriously, how sweet is that?! But unfortunately, there must have been trouble in their paradise. After multiple efforts of getting back together, Jelena was finally over. Well, we don't know for Selena, but Justin has apparently taken advantage of his freedom ever since. They might have had unforgettable moments together, but Jelena is apparently not meant to be.

14 Justin Couldn't Resist Hailey Baldwin's Beauty

Via Vanity Fair

Believe it or not, Justin Bieber seems like one lucky guy for being able to date such gorgeous women. And frankly, why should he stay alone and not date them when he's single, right? Well, he might have gone a little overboard with dating and his list of exes kind of proves the point. Among the famous names in his dating diary is that of the beautiful Hailey Baldwin. Not only is she a fabulous young lady, but she's quite fantastic on the job. She's only 21 years old, but she's already stormed the runway for luxury fashion brands, like Tommy Hilfiger, Philipp Plein, Moschino, Guess, Dolce and Gabbana, etc. Honestly, that's quite an achievement at the age of 19. After all, not many women were lucky enough to get noticed by the right people. Believe us, many girls can only dream of landing such booming modelling opportunities. But as you can see, Hailey is apparently not the typical girl from the neighborhood. She's a charming young lady whose beauty didn't go unnoticed by the Canadian pop star, Justin Bieber.

13 Did Kourtney Kardashian Really Date Him?

Via YouTube

It may sound super odd but it seems that Justin and Kourtney Kardashian had actually dated for some time. Needless to say, it really was the last thing anyone would expect from mature women like Kourtney. After all, why would any woman in her late thirties want to date a guy in his early twenties? Is it because Kourtney missed her frivolous youth? Could it be because of his net worth? In case you don't know, Justin Bieber's fortune goes beyond the crazy amount of $305 million, which is unquestionably a hook for lots of women out there. What caused an even greater controversy was an Instagram photo of a woman that really looked like Kourtney. As you can guess, all of the Beliebers, which are Justin's fans, didn't miss their chance to ask him what he was up to. They were sure that the girl in that photo was Kourtney Kardashian. Although there are many photos of these two together, neither has ever confirmed such dating rumors.

12 Jasmine Villanueva Was The Actual Mysterious Girl On His Instagram

Via modeljas

As charming as she looks, Jasmine Villanueva was quite a sensation on Justin's Instagram profile for quite a while. If you don't know what this is all about, here's your chance to catch up on the news. Jasmine Villanueva, age 23, is an aspiring American model, who somehow attracted Justin's attention. Although it's still unknown how and when things happened between them, Jasmine quickly eased her way into Justin's personal life. There was a photo of her in Justin's car, and somehow fans believed that it was Kourtney Kardashian again. So, as you can imagine, Justin's enigmatic girl on his Instagram profile became quite an intriguing topic for all his fans. Biebs probably enjoyed all that mysteriousness surrounding this girl since he waited some time before he unveiled the mystery to his fans. Anyway, Jasmine looks quite charming, so Justin's infatuation with her is no mystery to us.

11 Justin Was Heavily Attracted To Cindy Kimberly

Via Daily Mirror

Another gorgeous lady whose connection to Bieber has made her quite noticeable is Cindy Kimberly. Although she's somewhat famous in the fashion industry, Cindy's modeling career might have reaped some benefits from these rumors. If you think about it, Cindy is a young model, who's yet to achieve great things in her career. So, Justin's appearance in Cindy's life does sound like a pretty good plan. Besides, it's a win-win situation for both of them. It turns out,  Bieber was instantly fascinated by the natural beauty of this girl. However, fans couldn't believe that Justin and Cindy weren't particularly perfect strangers. Back in December 2015, the Canadian star shared Cindy's image on his social profile, perhaps to stroke her ego for the popular trend #Woman Crush Wednesday. Indeed, this can only mean one thing— he must have laid eyes on her long before his fans could suspect their intimacy.

10 Justin Did His Best To Impress The VS Angel Adriana Lima

Via Cosmopolitan

There's something special about the beautiful Victoria Secret's veteran, Adriana Lima. Not only has she become one of the most successful runway models, but Adriana is also one of the highest-paid. Given her exotic beauty and toned figure, it's certainly no wonder why she has captured Justin's heart. As one of the best-earning models in the world, Adriana hardly has any problems in the dating department whatsoever. Her genuine smile does the talking so to speak. Indeed, Bieber must have been on cloud nine after she allegedly went out with him. There are even pictures of them together, which only suggests that they might have been more than just "close pals." Also, both of them attended the Cannes Film Festival in 2014, and from the looks of things, they have certainly enjoyed each other's company.

9 Justin And Ariana Grande Made A Cute Couple

Via YouTube

Another celebrity who somehow got caught in Justin's cobweb was the charming Ariana Grande. Honestly, these two looked cute together, but it didn't take long before Justin was through with her. Apparently, Justin isn't ready to settle down, and it probably has got nothing to do with the girl. He seems like the type of guy who just can't get enough of all that beauty surrounding him. Without being too mean, let's just say that Justin can rarely be seen dating the same girl for much longer. Well, it seems that Ariana Grande couldn't keep him interested either. During Ariana's Tour in 2015, Justin unexpectedly stormed the stage, wrapped his arms around Ariana, snuggling the petite singer from behind. Although they looked happy together, their romance didn't live long enough either.

8 Did Kendall Jenner Really Fall For Bieber?

Via Teen Vogue

Justin Bieber seems to be a great connoisseur of all the glamor and beauty that follows him every step of the way. Not only does he love being surrounded by stunning girls, but the 20-something star can't help showing them off. There's just no cure for his infatuation with women. His dating diary must be bursting at the seams with names of runway models, singers, and even a few Kardashian members. Much to our surprise, there's another beautiful member of the Kardashian clan who allegedly dated Justin as well. And believe it or not, this happens to be the lovely Kendall Jenner. The supermodel was reportedly dating Justin, her long-term pal, for a few months. Rumor has it that these two spent some quality time together around Christmas. Well, who knows how many more Christmases they could have spent together but sadly, Justin appears to have a difficulty keeping a relationship for longer than a few months and the two parted ways.

7 There Was Something Special Between Him and Jayde Pierce!

Via Zimbio

If it weren't for Justin Bieber, most of these girls wouldn't have become famous in one way or another. Let's take Jayde Pierce, for example. She's a gorgeous 20-something British model who was probably nobody before she met Bieber. Although she's in the spotlight because of her modeling career, Justin has unquestionably helped her became quite popular. Needless to say, such celeb contacts are never a bad idea. Allegedly, Jayde's cute pics caught Bieber's eye, which quickly escalated into regular messages between the two on Instagram. Today they may not be together, but Jayde Pierce must feel so grateful for sharing some special moments with him. If it weren't for their short-lived romance, Jayde would have remained another aspiring model and blogger with big dreams.

6 All Jenner Members Like Bieber And So Does Kylie Jenner!

Via People

During an interview with Elle Magazine, Kylie gave away some curious details about her "close" pal, Justin Bieber. According to Kylie, Justin is more like a trusted confidant and a loyal friend rather than a boyfriend. Although this sounds like an authentic story, it's quite hard to believe it. Frankly, we don't see why a guy like Justin Bieber, who enjoys the company of pretty girls, would treat Kylie Jenner any differently. She's a gorgeous lady, after all, and Justin isn't the type of guy who'd put her beauty somewhere in the background. Well, he may be a good friend, but we don't exactly see him as Kylie's psychotherapist. Seriously, Kylie probably has lots of friends who can help her deal with the haters and Justin just doesn't fit the picture.

5 The Attractive Lira Galore Knew How To Impress Bieber...

Via Lipstick Alley

She's charming, attractive and quite exotic. Her name is Lira Galore, and she has certainly caught the eye of the much-loved singer. Over the years, Lira Galore was associated with Drake for some time. So, as it turns out, Lira is quite fond of dating artists, even though it usually doesn't evolve into something more special.

Apparently, Lira was at Justin's 21st birthday party, which begs the following question: was she there as his new girlfriend? Were they only friends or was there something more between them? In fact, Justin's name was associated with lots of beautiful women at the time. From Yovanna Ventura to Lira Galore, Justin has always been around pretty women. So it's only natural that he wanted to be close to her too. After all, she looks lovely, so we do understand Justin's infatuation with her.

4 Justin Is Addicted To Stunning Models, Like Shanina Shaik

Via Daily Mirror

She's an outstanding Australian model whose exotic looks and slender figure quickly arose Bieber's curiosity. Born in 1991, Shanina Shaik tried her hand at modeling at the raw age of eight. Over the years, the charming Shanina has been part of lots of TV commercials, including famous auto brands like Hyundai. As lovely as she is, Shanina perfectly knows how to make an unforgettable first impression. Even in her youth, Shanina was a charismatic sweetheart, part of which she owes to her Lithuanian and Pakistani roots. Frankly, this can explain why Justin Bieber fell for her right away. In 2014, Shanina and Bieber were spotted together on a yacht in Ibiza and they looked happy in each other's company. Of course, this alone was enough to trigger some speculation about their rumored romance. But a year later, they were photographed partying in Las Vegas and they looked happier than ever. So yes, they might have been more than just close friends.

3 Yovanna Ventura Only Dated Him For About Five Months!

Via Jozi Gist

Yovanna Ventura is perhaps the most famous girl in Justin's dating memoir. His link to Yovanna, a gorgeous fitness enthusiast, quickly made headlines around the world. It's not that his former girlfriends don't share the beauty of Ventura, but her body is just off the charts. Well, now you must be thinking how in the world he's always the first to find such beauties on Instagram. Honestly, he's like a social media sheriff who's always on the lookout for the prettiest girls out there. Apparently, the sensational pop signer found Ventura on Instagram early in 2014 and he didn't think twice about inviting her over in Miami. Allegedly, this is where these two casually dated for a while. It almost seems like they were on a honeymoon, far away from everyone they knew. But if you ask us, we've noticed a trend with Justin's former girlfriends— he gets bored way too quickly, no matter how beautiful and amusing the girl may be.

2 Sophia Bush Met Justin At Scooter's Wedding

Via Bustle

Born on July 8, 1982, Sophia Bush is a gorgeous American actress, director, spokesperson, and activist. One of her most memorable movie appearances was in the WB/CW drama series, One Tree Hill, where she portrayed the character, Brooke Davis. Apart from this movie, she's also been part of other successful films, like The Hitcher, The Narrows, etc. Well, this sure is enough to catch Justin's eye. After all, the more successful the woman, the more exciting the chase, right? Therefore, we believe that Sophia didn't have to do much to impress him. Rumor has it that she first bumped into Justin at Scooter's wedding, who's more well-known as Bieber's manager. There was even a photo of them in a close embrace which only proved his fascination with her. Neither of them actually confirmed the dating rumors trigged by this innocent picture. But even if they weren't a couple, we must admit how cute they looked together.

1 Bieber Has A Thing For Cute And Famous Girls, Like Sofia Richie

Via Us Weekly

The last name on today's list filled with stunning girls is the American model, Sofia Richie. Born on August 24, 1998, the charming Sofia is an aspiring fashion model and the youngest daughter of the incredible singer and songwriter, Lionel Richie. Although Sophie is still a 19-year-old girl, she's already walked the runway for lots of world-recognized fashion brands. For example, the stunning Sofia has even been a part of Tommy Hilfiger and Chanel's campaigns. Well, it's clear that she's started off on the right foot. With such a promising career at the age of 19, we can only imagine where she'll be in a five year's time. It's also clear that Justin is quite fond of dating ladies with a potential of achieving great things in life. In fact, Justin dated Sophie Richie when she was about 17. Well, this officially makes her Justin's youngest ex-girlfriend.

Source: todayslifestyle.com

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