Arnold Schwarzenegger Looks Great After Heart Surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger underwent an emergency heart surgery less than two months ago, but now, he’s back, healthy, and ripped like nothing went wrong.

He went to Cedars-Sinai in March for a catheter valve replacement. TMZ previously learned that his surgery was somewhat experimental. Thus, the actor developed complications, which resulted in another hospitalization. This is not the first time he underwent heart surgery, however. Back in 1997, Schwarzenegger had an aortic valve replaced. At that time, he was still young, so his doctors didn't feel the procedure was urgently needed. However, the Terminator star wanted to do it. Yet, a source told TMZ that his 1997 replacement valve "was never meant to be permanent and has outlived its life expectancy, so he chose to replace it recently through a less-invasive catheter valve replacement. During that procedure, an open-heart surgery team was prepared ... in case the catheter procedure was unable to be performed."

His health situation apparently has been fixed by a medical team. A source told TMZ that his first words after he woke up was “I’m back.”  Last Thursday, the 70-year-old actor hit a Santa Monica bicycle path. His heart has improved as he clearly enjoyed his cardiovascular activity with a friend.


The actor is back in the gym as well. And he definitely does not take it lightly. According to his tweets, the man trained every day. The ability to keep his body lean and his muscles strong appears to be helping the actor recover faster. The actor also credited his fans, saying their support “pumped him up." The actor also added that he felt very grateful to receive those kind and supportive words.

He recently shared that his go-to post-surgery workout is performing reps on (and possibly off) the machines. The actor didn’t look like someone who is recovering from a heart defect. Not only that, he hits the gym daily, working out twice a day!

Just from his looks and his recent tweets supporting his economic, political, and environmental beliefs, it’s impossible for one to say “that’s a 70-year-old man who had a heart operation less than two months ago.” We’re all glad that’s his recovery is going so well.


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