Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Get More Matching Tattoos

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson may have only been an item for a month but they have already gone all in on their relationship.

Most of you reading this know how it feels when you first fall in love with somebody, especially when you're young. You feel as if the two of you are going to be together forever and that things are going to be as good as they are at that moment for the rest of your lives. That can often lead us to do some pretty impulsive things. Be honest, we've all been there.

That brings us swiftly on to the relatively new relationship between Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. If Cosmopolitan's relationship timeline is anything to go by, then Grande and Davidson are a pretty new couple. In May they both announced that they had broken up with their former partners, and within a couple of weeks, it became clear that the two of them had begun dating each other.


One month later and the two of them have already taken some pretty big steps. At first, they revealed that they were just casually dating, then the internet figured out that they already had matching tattoos. Davidson has since gotten inked a couple more times in the name of Grande, and a few days ago he confirmed on social media that the two of them have in fact gotten engaged.

The young pair is clearly pretty smitten with each other, and everything detailed above is not all they've been up to. The couple, along with some other friends, got more matching tattoos earlier this week, as revealed via an Instagram story posted by Grande herself. The tattoo reads "H2GKMO" which stands for honest to God knock me out. It isn't Davidson's hand in the photo but he was tagged in the post along with the others who got the tattoo.

What do you make of Grande and Davidson's fast-paced relationship? Clearly, the two of them are pretty head over heels in love with each other at this point, and both have been in relationships before so it isn't as if they have been swept up by that feeling you get when it's your first love. Some may think they have done too much, too soon, but if they think it's the real thing then more power to them.


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Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Get More Matching Tattoos