Apple Announces $1 Billion Austin Campus

Apple is making big moves in the world of science and tech, and this time, we aren’t talking about a new gadget, but a brand new tech campus! Apple officially announced a new $1 billion Austin campus as part of their massive U.S expansion.

This announcement comes in marked contrast to Amazon’s most recent search for a location for their second headquarters, which may have sparked an interest in Apple doing something very similar. With Apple already having nearly 6,200 employees in Austin, Texas throughout regular Apple stores, the new campus, which will be 133 acres, is expected to make it the largest private employer in all of Austin.

Apple has discussed details regarding the new campus, claiming how they are expected to accommodate 5,000 employees at first, and then triple that number in years to come, to reach up to 15,000 employees. Although one can only imagine what Apple needs with a brand new campus, costing $1 billion, well, Apple has mentioned how this location was handle tasks from engineering all the way to customer support for the company. Although this may seem like a vast amount of space and energy required to run the campus, Apple announced that they would run the facility on 100 percent renewable energy, as a way of doing their part for the environment!


Via TheVerge

In addition to the Austin campus, Apple has also revealed they are expanding across a number of other U.S cities, including Seattle, San Diego, and Culver City, that will each come to have over 1,000 employees in each location. If that weren’t enough, Apple wants to then expand its operations in Pittsburgh, New York, and Colorado, over the next three years! The company itself already employs up to 90,000 people across the country, and has nearly 1,000 employees per state across 16 states!

Apple is definitely a leading company that is committed to the U.S economy, and shows how a company as wealthy as Apple, is willing to pursue its plans without playing cities off against one another, kudos to you Apple! This all comes after Apple’s agreement to investing $365 billion into the US economy, which only sets Apple back at the number one tech company in the world, especially in our eyes!


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