Anna Faris Doesn't Want To Play One-Dimensional Characters

One-dimension characters are just no longer realistic and Anna Faris has turned against it along with others in the movie industry.

Faris is now starring in the remake of the 1987’s cult classic Overboard. Said movie is one of the most typical representatives of the rom-com genre, with a carpenter tricking an amnesiac socialite into thinking that she was his wife. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell teamed up to act in this classic, and it was listed as one of Hawn’s most favorite projects. Yet, it’s possible that the rom-com doesn't fit in today's climate. Essentially, the plot was about a man trying to plant an idea into a woman’s head that she loves him, that she expresses the love for her husband by doing household chores and taking care of his children for him. In this era where the demands for gender and social equality are on the rise, certain thoughts of old-school rom-coms just no longer fit. With the waves of Time’s Up supporters at this year Golden Globe Awards, also with the growing of the movement #MeToo and other related activities, the old idea where women are men’s possessions are just too cringy to bear.

According to Glamour, Faris thought the same. For Faris, it’s important to be able to demonstrate the full scope of her characters, such as her role in Mom and her performance of Kate in Overboard.

Love is in the DNA of this romantic comedy—the characters are just more alive, more realistic now. "I love being in love," Faris said. “It’s important to not necessarily dismiss [that], because I do love talking about relationships. I have a podcast about relationships! But I love the idea of exploring all the dimensions of a character."

Credit: EW.com

One of the reasons why people cannot get the old standards of romantic comedies out of their heads is because of the movie industry. Women in old romantic comedies are usually portrayed to be obsessed with love, thus they unconsciously become a slave of love and an object for men’s fantasy. This power disparity is also shown in other aspects. It is obvious that Hollywood can help to switch the mindset of people out there. By giving the green-light to projects that highlight equality and that gives more dimensions to characters- especially female characters, the media will be able to reflect the modern ideas, perceptions and cultures. Faris’s CBS sitcom Mom shows a three-dimension woman, whose obsession is not just on men and love. "I love when the character gets to be in love, but we’re all very dimensional," Faris explained. "Of course [relationships aren't] the only focus in our lives. While I want to be very aware of telling stories, I also want to be very conscious of the individual person."

The remake of Overboard reverses the roles of the male lead and the female lead. Faris told Glamour in an interview: "If you revisit the movie, the original, it’s eyebrow-raising, in terms of this man sort of taking advantage of a woman. "I don’t think the original could be duplicated without a lot of exploration and open dialogue. Maybe that version isn't a rom-com."

This remake still has the DNA of romantic comedy while at the same time providing the female lead with more traits and liveliness. In this 2018 remake, Ana Faris will play a working-class woman, and Eugenio Derbez will take on the role of a wealthy playboy. He will be the one who has amnesia this time, and she will convince him that he is her husband. "My character takes advantage of a man," Faris admits—but the tone of the movie certainly has changed. Faris’s character is crafted to suit the current cultural waves. A working woman in this modern age who knows what she wants to do in order to take control of her life: this would be an interesting twist to those who are familiar with the old version of Overboard.

The remake movie is in theater from May 4, 2018.


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