Amazon Employees Under Investigation For Allegedly Selling Confidential Data

Amazon is finding itself in the hot seat as of late after allegations were made that Amazon employees have been selling confidential data.

Amazon has been making headlines recently, but for all the right reasons, until now that is. Earlier this month, Amazon officially surpassed the $1 trillion thresholds, is the second company, Apple being the first, in the world to surpass that feat. In addition, cashier-less Amazon grocery shops have begun to pop up in various cities across the U.S including Seattle and soon New York City.

With massive amounts of success, the online retailer is now in trouble! Investigations have been taking place looking into whether or not these accusations regarding Amazon employees are in fact true or not. In addition to employees possibly releasing data, it is said that they have also been paid off to delete negative reviews on several products. Yikes! According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon staff members are allegedly peddling internal data in order to get a higher ranking for their products in searches on their online site.


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This reported practice is “particularly pronounced in China,” the source said, and have been doing so in order to increase the likeliness of products being sold by certain independent merchants. As soon as Amazon got word of these allegations, they immediately began investigating says an Amazon spokeswoman.

“We hold our employees to a high ethical standard and anyone in violation of our code faces discipline, including termination and potential legal and criminal penalties,” the Amazon rep said. What exactly is going on? Well, according to CNN, Amazon employees in southern China have offered internal sales metrics and reviewer's private contact information to sellers in exchange for payments ranging in between $80 to $2000.

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Along with their shady exchanges, they have been said to delete negative reviews and restore banned accounts in exchange for money as well. Amazon has a “zero tolerance” when it comes to the abuse of their system, and are taking this matter very seriously, as they should! However, this isn’t only happening in China, the investigation is also taking place within the United States, taking a further look at their U.S based employees to see exactly what is going on.

Whether the alleged act of releasing user data is true or not, we’re glad to see Amazon investigate the claims and take the matter seriously.


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