Exclusive: Brand Expert Doesn't Think Kanye West's Rant Will Hurt His Image

Brand expert Ali Craig doesn't seem to think Kanye West's incredible rant will do a lot to damage his image.

The American rapper has received lots of heat following a recent interview held at the TMZ office. And many believe he is finished, given the remarks he made regarding slavery. Craig, though, reckons the comments won't have as adverse an effect on his image as we might expect.

"Kayne West’s brand isn’t the average brand," she told TheRichest in an exclusive email interview. "That’s because he’s built a sensationalist, celebrity-esque, crazy, zany, and attention-grabbing tactics to grab headlines. These decisions are deliberate are his MO. The only way this will hurt his brand is if his audience gets tired of his drama-filled ways."


Craig, a branding expert and consultant with over 18 years of experience, has been featured on the Wall Street Journal, New York Daily News, and the Denver Post. She is also a 3x best-selling author who has worked with various celebrities both in the music and television industry. She also has a YouTube channel, Fix My Brand With Ali Craig, where she gives tips to different brands looking to shake things up. Her experience is unquestioned.

She claims to be of the view that West's recent controversial statements were by design, and shouldn't have surprised the masses based on what we've come to learn of his character over the years.

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"First off it is Kanye West, so not sharing his opinion is seemingly impossible," she went on to say. "Kanye's outspoken ways are the very fabric of his brand. As for sharing his beliefs hurting is sales, it won’t because on some level this most likely was all done intentionally on his part. Die-hard Kayne fans love his antics no matter what they are."

Kanye is indeed having quite the strange year. But Craig is right.

Those of you who have studied the hip-hop icon should know that he is prone to the absurd. Whether he does it all on purpose or not is debatable; and while his image might not take as big a hit as is expected, the 40-year-old certainly lost some fans.

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