Exclusive: Brand Expert Explains How Celebrities Can Maintain Their Image While Being Themselves

As long as you can produce stuff that people like, they'll let you get away with anything—well, anything legal.

That's according to branding expert and consultant Ali Craig, who has weighed in on Kanye West's recent controversial statement regarding slavery.

The rapper, who started out as a producer on Jay-Z's Roc-a-Fella record label, shot to fame after releasing his own album in 2004. College Dropout, said record, catapulted Kanye's status, immediately shoving him among hip-hop's greats, and he has retained his iconic status, despite several bizarre episodes over the years.

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His latest activity, though, has left a lot of people fed up; and it's not just fans who are upset this time around, several other celebrities and personalities in different disciplines have been left seething.


The 40-year-old recently appeared on a TMZ interview, during which he said something extremely odd.

“When you hear about slavery for 400 years, for 400 years, that sounds like a choice,” he remarked at one point, leaving just about everyone stunned, even in the wake of his public backing of President Donald Trump.

But Craig, who has a vast knowledge of branding, also a 3x best-selling author and strategist, says that celebrities are at a certain level where they can keep their image bulletproof while still being themselves and expressing themselves in whatever way they please.

"Being a celebrity brand like Kayne West and having a normal brand like the rest of us are two wildly different things," she declared in an exclusive email interview with TheRichest. "For celebrities, it may hurt their audience base a little, but if people like what they produce, in the end, it won’t matter."

"As for the rest of us, we can’t be as eccentric as Kayne and stay in business. No one would want to deal with our antics. And as for politics, unless it is deeply, fundamentally part of your work- there really is no reason to bring it up. Such topics divide more than they unite."

West has since tried to clarify his remarks, explaining he meant that blacks remaining enslaved when they were far greater in number spoke to their mental state. But no one's about to have that just yet.

Given his status, though, he won't be losing millions off of the backdrop of his incredible rant. He is a celebrity, after all.


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