Airport Wants Plane Arrival Emoji To Look A Little Safer

One airport is asking emoji creators to make plan arrival emoji to look safer, as opposed to the current ones which seems too "crash-y."

The Twitter account for the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport sent a request to Unicode, which is an organization that has created over 3,000 emoji's, including the plane arrival one. DFW airport would like the company to redo the emoji with the plane of the nose not tilting downward. In the current image, the plane looks like it is getting ready to do a nose dive and crash right into the runway.

In a lovely message, the airport explained the emoji is great but are seeking a redesign. They express that the request in on behalf of all airports, as well as pilots, and would like the nose of the plane to be reangled. The Tweet instantly went viral with aviation enthusiasts and airports chiming in with their support for the request.


Reagan International Airport in Washington D.C. used a Gif to show their support and approval for the request. St. Louis International Airport and Memphis International Airport both chimed in thanking DWF for asking for the emoji correction. They both agreed it was necessary.

Craig Civale, the senior manager overseeing social media at Dallas-Fort Worth's airport spoke to CBS News regarding the viral Tweet. He explained that planes land with back wheels first with the plane's nose tilted upwards and the emoji is not an accurate depiction of an arriving flight. The issue for creators is going to be how to make it different from the plane taking off emoji. Planes kind of look the same landing and taking off, which could pose a problem for creators.

Different platforms depict the emoji differently with some being more accurate than others. Samsung, for example, has an exaggerated image design but WhatsApp has a more realistic version. Unicode has yet to comment on the viral Tweet. But Jeremy Burge, the chief emoji officer at Emojipedia shred his thoughts with CBS News. He explained it is all about personal preference whether an emoji should portray real-world accuracy or convey a concept. What do you think?


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