8 Musicians Who Can Act (And 7 Who Should Stick To Singing)

The phrase, "Jack of all trades" is used in reference to a person who can just about do anything. Rather than focusing on just one thing, like most people, a Jack of all Trades likes to dabble in as many things as possible, usually to the annoyance of others. Yep, some people just have all the luck, and it's likely that it isn't you. These people can sing dance, play a musical instrument and are probably even a wizard in the kitchen. Mostly seen with the rich and famous, celebrities are often sticking their fingers in a number of pies. From actors turned musicians, to reality stars on Broadway, it seems like anything goes in Hollywood.

However, sometimes it just doesn't work, with movie studios and record producers just desperate to cash in on their acts no matter the consequences. Sometimes people should realise that just because they may have won an Academy Award or two, it doesn't mean that they should suddenly embark on a music career. And, yes, maybe they won the hottest new reality TV show around, but it doesn't mean they should start acting in big budget movies. Yes, sometimes this may work out OK, but mostly it's just feeding another unbearable ego down an audiences throat for a few more years.

So, to celebrate the talented and not so talented, here are your contenders.

15 Can Do It All - Will Smith

Will Smith can pretty much do anything and was once called the "the most powerful actor in Hollywood". Beginning his career as a rapper in the late 80s under the name, The Fresh Prince, Smith went on to star in the popular TV series of the same name. The show, which ran for six seasons, was extremely successful and helped Smith become the star that he is today.

Successfully transitioning from television to film, Smith began starring in a number of blockbusters. In fact, his career has been so triumphant that Smith has won a whopping four Grammy awards as well as five Golden Globe nominations and two Academy Award nominations. One of the most bankable stars in Hollywood, Smith's movies have grossed a mighty $7.5 billion dollars at the box office.

14 Should Stick To Singing - Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is one of the most successful female solo artists of all time as well as one of the richest. After signing to Columbia Records in 1990, Carey's debut album, Mariah Carey, spawned four number one hit singles. However, she might be amazingly talented with regards to her music, Carey's acting skills are a little less magnifying. Proven so in the movie, Glitter, which has an almost unimaginable 7% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

In fact, the movie was so bad, that it was even called "not bad enough to be good" which really says a lot. Sadly, it was Carey who was criticized the most with one reviewer stating, "For her part, Carey seems most concerned about keeping her lips tightly sealed like a kid with braces, and when she tries for an emotion—any emotion—she looks as if she's lost her car keys". Ouch.

13 Can Do It All - Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson is a woman of many talents and famed for her acting, singing and dancing skills. Starting her career on the reality show, American Idol, Hudson is mostly famous for not winning. That's right, finishing in seventh place, Hudson was no way near the finishing line and thought to be destined for the pop star trash can.

However, a true talent, Hudson pushed on through and went on to release her debut album in 2008. Debuting at number 2, the album was even nominated for a Grammy. Also a talented actress, Hudson made her film debut in biopic Dreamgirls, which also bagged her an Academy Award as well as several other prestigious awards. Then in 2017 Hudson was announced as the new voice coach on UK TV show, The Voice and later became the first female coach to win.

12  Should Stick To Singing - Madonna

One of the most influential artists of our time, Madonna is often labelled an inspiration. Known for pushing boundaries Madonna certainly knows how to insert the shock factor when necessary. Still enjoying a successful career to this day (albeit not as successful as she once was) Madonna is the undisputed "Queen of pop".

However, although she may be the "Queen of pop" Madonna is most definitely not the "Queen of cinema", despite what she may think. Actress and singer Patti LuPone certainly agrees and recently claimed that Madonna was a "movie killer". And that wasn't all, seemingly having it in for the famed musician, LupPone went on to state that Madonna was "dead behind the eyes" and that "she cannot act her way out of a paper bag". Wowzers, don't hold back Patti.

11 Can Do It All - Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is mostly known around the world for his music, however he is also quite the comedian. That's right, hosting comedy show, Saturday Night Live, for a whopping five times, it has often been said that if Timberlake wasn't in the music biz he would most definitely be cast member on the show.

Famed for sketches such as the Barry Gibb talk show and various on screen antics with ex cast member Jimmy Fallon, Timberlake certainly has what it takes to provide the laughs. However, it is his music that comes first, with Timberlake an accomplished musician. In fact, Timberlake has a whopping ten Grammy Awards under his belt as well as numerous other accolades. Seen recently playing the prestigious Superbowl half time show, it seems Timberlake is still the prince of pop.

10 Should Stick To Singing - Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, otherwise known as J.Lo, began her career as an actress before embarking on the music industry. However, although she may not be the worst actress in the world, she is most certainly not the best.

Mostly remembered for her role in Gigli, which starred then boyfriend Ben Affleck, the movie was a critical and commercial failure. In fact, the movie was so bad it very nearly killed her acting career with Lopez herself expressing that it was the lowest point of her career. Having much more success in the music industry, J.Lo's debut album, On the 6, spawned a whopping three top ten singles. Later releasing classics such as, "I'm Real" and "Jenny From The Block", J.Lo often sings about her upbringing, the Bronx and female empowerment.

9 Can Do It All - Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah is an American rapper, songwriter and actress. Originally beginning her career rapping in a hip-hop group, Latifah quickly began receiving attention especially with regards to her lyrics that dealt with issues concerning black females. As well as singing, Latifah also had a passion for the acting world and began acting in the sitcom, Living Single in 1993.

However, it was her role in the movie, Chicago, that garnered worldwide acclaim when she received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Going on to star in a number of later movies such as, Bringing Down the House, and the more recent, Girls Trip, Latifah has also continued with her successful music career. Now considered to be a hip-hop pioneer as well as an important black feminist, Latifah's career seems to be going from strength to strength.

8 Should Stick To Singing - Vanilla Ice

Robert Matthew Van Winkle, otherwise known as Vanilla Ice, is an American rapper and actor. Extremely famous in the 90s, Vanilla Ice was one of the most successful artists of the decade. Mostly known for its notorious classic, "Ice Ice Baby" , which was released in 1990, the track became the first hip hop single to top the Billboard Charts.

However, although he may have been exceptionally popular at the time, it didn't stop him from being a terrible actor. That's right, in order to capitalize on his popularity, Vanilla Ice was quickly cast in his own movie, Cool as Ice. Sadly, the plan didn't work and the movie bombed making a measly $1.1 million dollars. The singer was so bad that he even received the Golden Raspberry award for Worst Actor with the movie winning worst film.

7 Can Do It All - David Bowie

David Bowie is one of the most famous musicians to have ever lived and is also one of the most talented. A leading figure in pop music for a whopping five decades, Bowie never lost his edge and continued to push boundaries and certain attitudes.

Acclaimed by critics all over the world, Bowie could seemingly do no wrong, with his acting skills praised just as much as his musical talent. During his lifetime, Bowie sold an estimated 140 million records along with eleven number one albums and a never ending list of top ten singles. However, although a wonderful musician, Bowie was also an acclaimed actor. Especially famous for his role in Labyrinth, which also starred a young Jennifer Connelly, the movie went on to become a cult hit.

6 Should Stick To Singing - Britney Spears

One of the most beloved entertainers in the world, Britney Spears began her career in The Mickey Mouse Club along with Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling. In 1999 Spears released her first album, Baby One More Time, which became a huge international success. Going on to even more success, Spears eventually won a Grammy Award for her popular song, "Toxic".

Regarded as a pop icon, Spears has been credited for the revival of teen pop, earning her the title, "the Princess of Pop". However, although she may be musically talented, Spears's acting career failed dramatically. Starring in movie, Crossroads in 2002, the movie bombed, with Spears in particular panned for her performance. Now a regular on the Vegas circuit, Spears is back where she belongs, behind a microphone and in front of an audience.

5 Can Do It All - Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is a man of all trades. From acting, singing and songwriting, to producing and stand up, Foxx certainly has a lot of fingers in a lot of pies. Foxx is so mega talented that he even won an Academy Award for his role as Ray Charles in the movie, Ray, as well as numerous other awards for numerous other outstanding acting roles. But that's not all, Foxx is also an accomplished musician with a number of number ones to his name.

In fact, Fox is also a Grammy Award winner, as well as producing a whopping four albums that have all charted in the top ten. And, if that wasn't enough, Foxx is also somewhat of a superhero. That's right, in 2016 Foxx rescued a man from a burning vehicle after the car had crashed outside Foxx's home. Is there anything this man can't do?

4 Should Stick To Singing - LL Cool J

LL Cool J, which is short for Ladies Love Cool James, is best known for his rapping career. Famed for songs such as, "Going Back to Cali", "I'm Bad", "Doin' It", "I Need Love", and "Hey Lover", LL Cool J has released a whopping 13 studio albums. In fact, he is so well respected as a musician that VH1 named him on their "100 Greatest Artists Of All Time" list.

However, although he may be a respected artist in the music industry, LL Cool J is most definitely not an actor. Not letting that stop him, he has starred in a number of movies, most notably in cult hit, Deep Blue Sea. Doubtful that he'll ever reach the same standards of praise for acting than he does with his music, LL Cool J doesn't seem be going anywhere just yet.

3 Can Do It All - Zooey Deschanel

Famed for her quirky and kooky attitude, Zooey Deschanel is known for movies such as, Almost Famous, The Good Girl, Elf, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and (500 Days of Summer). However, although a movie girl, Zooey has also starred in sitcom, New Girl, since 2011 and has even received nominations for both an Emmy and Golden Globe.

An accomplished singer, Zooey can also play the keyboard, banjo and ukulele. Putting her music skills to good use, Zooey released her debut album in 2008 with a follow up album two years later and a third not long after that. The albums received critical acclaim and were well received around the world. Also known to combine music and film together, Zooey also wrote and sung a song for the movie, Winnie the Pooh, which received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Song Written for Visual Media.

2 Should Stick To Singing - Adam Levine

Lead singer of pop band Maroon 5, Adam Levine is also a record producer, writer and actor. A very successful musician, Levine has received a number of awards with regards to his music. The band even won three Grammy Awards and were highly respected as musicians. However, like most entertainers Levine wanted a taste for more and quickly sold himself as an actor.

Making his debut as a reoccurring character in the second season of American Horror Story, Levine failed to impress audiences. In fact, Levine was so bad that he also agreed with critics and openly admitted that he couldn't act, stating, "The oddest thing about being an actor is I'm not an actor, so being one was surreal. It was literally as if I woke up one day and it was time to become an actor. It wasn't this lifelong passion, so I was a bit freaked out about it, and I think the way I responded to it was by just believing." Oh to have an ego.

1 Can Do It All - Frank Sinatra

Francis Albert Sinatra is one of the most famous singers in the world as well as one of the best selling musical artists of all time. That's right, a man of many talents, and many faces to boot, Sinatra is mostly known for his role in the Rat Pack and his success with the ladies.

The Rat Pack, a term used by the media to refer to a number of entertainers on the Las Vegas casino scene, were extremely successful, with Sinatra deemed as the leader of the group. Known for the quality of his singing, Sinatra was dubbed, "The Voice" throughout his career. However, although he was mainly known for his voice, Sinatra was also an established actor and even won an Academy Award for his role in From Here to Eternity.  

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