30 Celebrity Kids Who Are Surprisingly Friends In Hollywood

One of the first examples of social status, when you're growing up around other kids, might be the status bestowed upon you while playing on the playground at a young age. Depending on how many friends you surround yourself with, other kids may think you're a member of the coveted so-called "playground elite," and want to become a member of your inner circle. Choosing your social circle as early as your playground days sounds daunting and weird, just like the rest of our adolescence, but imagine being born into the family of celebrities! The social circle comprised of the most famous tots in entertainment would be the hypothetical hot ticket to popularity in school for life!

The imaginary playground for the sons and daughters of the biggest names in Hollywood seems to be expanding quickly; with so many members of the "Kardashian Klan" continuing to have children, it's easy to imagine the celebrity tot playground expanding several properties of land! Not only are the Kardashian kids hanging out together and forming solid sibling-like bonds, there are many other mini members of the Hollywood elite who are already hanging out and putting the next generation of A-list celebrities.

Can you imagine being a fly on the wall during these 30 celebrity kid playdates? What do Beyonce and Gwenyth Paltrow talk about while Blue Ivy and Apple Martin get their post-brunch hangs on? Do you ever find yourself wishing your hypothetical future kids could hang out together like Busy Phillips and Michelle Williams' daughters? Get all of the details on what it's like to be best buds when your mother happens to be Angelina Jolie, or you have the legendary Sir Elton John for a father!

30 Blue Ivy Carter And Apple Martin

via E! News

When you have wickedly famous parents like Beyonce and Jay-Z, every detail of your life is pretty much taken care of, no matter how young you may be! Every wish from the couple's six-year-old is the world's command; Blue Ivy Carter already has a personal chef and her name has already been trademarked! Despite being one of the most famous daughters on the planet, Blue Ivy has to live like a normal kid, as well. Not surprisingly, Blue Ivy has a number of famous friends, including Apple Martin, who is the daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin!

The two famous daughters really enjoy hanging out together; E! reported Blue Ivy was a guest at Apple's sleepover birthday party in 2016, and the girls had a glamorous night planned; Beyonce was playing a concert that night, too!

29  North West And Penelope Disick

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The Kardashian name is, no doubt, one of the most powerful names in Hollywood today and the tiniest members of the clan are coming together to ensure the Kardashian name stays that way for future generations! Kim and Kayne West's daughter North West, and Kourtney Kardashian's  daughter with Scott Disick, Penelope, have yet another cool advantage; family members are also built in best friends. The two mini Kardashians do everything together from being photographed together to celebrating lavish birthday parties together! Harper's Bazaar recently reported North and Penelope had a unicorn-themed birthday party for their fifth and sixth birthdays; many of us can agree that is a far cry from parties at Chuck E. Cheese!

28 Luca Comrie And Pearl Osbourne

via E! Online

If you grew up a fan of television in the early 2000s, this next pair of celebrity kids who hang out together will delight you! Hilary Duff, who we all affectionately know as the star of Lizzie McGuire, has a son who has been seen hanging out with the daughter of a former reality TV staple from the aughts; Jack Osbourne's daughter Pearl! Luca Comrie and Pearl Osbourne were seen sharing a sweet ice cream treat together via Hilary's Instagram. Imagine the hot gossip shared between Hilary and Pearl's mom, Lisa, who, are also best pals!

27 Gideon And Harper Harris-Burtka And Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John

via Us Weekly

Talk about a celebrity songbird combo! Sir Elton John is known for his nearly five decades of blessing music fans with his sweet piano filled sounds. John is still making music and is also known these days for hanging out in Hollywood with his husband and their two sons, who have already been seen hanging out with the next generation of celebrity offspring. Among their list of junior celebrity pals are Neil Patrick Harris' twins, Gideon and Harper! The two families set the bar for a dream celebrity vacation in June when they caught some sun in St. Tropez and a snippet of the vacation was captured for Neil's Instagram!

26 Shiloh Jolie Pitt And Kingston Rossdale

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It goes without saying Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie set the standard for celebrity kid culture as they expanded their brood over the years! Their biological daughter Shiloh Jolie-Pitt joined their family of adopted children in 2006, followed by twins Vivienne and Knox, two years later. With such a big family, it's not a surprise there are plenty of Hollywood playdates to go around! One such celebrity kid pairing is the friendship between Shiloh and the son of Gwen Stefani and post-grunge wonder guy Gavin Rossdale, Kingston. In 2011, Just Jared reported Angelina and her kids were seen exiting Gwen's home in England after a round of playtime. Did the kids perform a singalong to Hollaback Girl?

25 Winnie Fallon And Frankie Kopelman

via People

Drew Barrymore's friendship with actor and late night television host Jimmy Fallon, has two bonuses for the price of one! The pals have starred in films together and Drew is a business partner with Nancy Juvonen, who is a film producer who also happens to be Jimmy's wife. Drew has appeared on The Tonight Show a number of times, one of which she revealed her daughters Frankie and Olive are best friends with Jimmy and Nancy's daughter, Winnie! Drew revealed the picture of the babies playing together during an appearance on The Tonight Show in 2014. Here's wishing a lifelong friendship between the Kopelman girls and Winnie!

24 Matilda Ledger And Birdie Silverstein

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Busy Phillips and Michelle Williams are one of the most longstanding celebrity best friend duos in Hollywood, going back to their days in the fictional town of Capeside as co-stars on Dawson's Creek. Michelle and Busy have cultivated a solid celebrity friendship since their days hanging out at the creek, and their daughters are following in the footsteps of their mothers! It seems like their friendship works so well due to their opposite natures; Michelle is known for being notoriously private on social media, and Busy has been the reigning queen of Instagram stories for a while now. Fans of supportive female friendship are eyeing Busy's stories to catch a glimpse of the celeb mother and daughter friend combo in action!

23 Monroe And Moroccan Cannon And Egypt Dean

via PopSugar

Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys are two of the most influential vocalists of the last twenty years, but did you know they are also friends? In fact, the duo has been known to organize playdates between their children! Mariah and her then-husband Nick Cannon were seen taking their twins Monroe and Moroccan Cannon to play with Alicia Keys' son with her husband Swizz Beatz, Egypt Dean, in 2012. According to Vibe.com, the happy dads chronicled the playdate on Instagram featuring the grown-ups "racing cars with the kids" during the fun-filled romp!

22 Harlow And Sparrow Madden And Ruby And Otis Maguire

via Celeb Baby Laundry

Fans of popular culture in the early 2000s might be quick to tell you Nicole Richie of Simple Life fame and king of pop punk and member of Good Charlotte, Benji Madden, are now married with children, and our hearts can't take this pairing! Finding out the Maddens are friends with Tobey "Spiderman" Maguire and his wife just might make the heads of popular culture maniacs explode. Nicole and Benji's son Sparrow and daughter Harlow were guests at a birthday party in 2012, and the couple was seen photographed with Tobey Maguire while hanging out with their kids.

21 Lewis Bullock And Vivian Falcone

via Parade

Two of the funniest actresses in Hollywood today met on the set of Heat in 2013, and a friendship was magically created! Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are both two critically-acclaimed actresses who took the term "buddy comedy" seriously and literally became buddies off the set too. The dynamic duo was interviewed during a promotional period for Heat by Parade.com, and both proclaimed their children aren't growing up like Hollywood rich kids. Bullock told the publication, "I don't raise Louis in Hollywood. I raise him in my world." McCarthy added, "[husband] Ben [Falcone] and I have absolutely nothing to do with the Hollywood that's all actors and the Sunset Strip."

The two actresses' children have been seen going trick-or-treating together, and surely have the ingredients for a rock-solid friendship just like their mothers!

20 Victoria Beckham's Daughter And Prince George

via Good Housekeeping

Two worlds of England have crossed paths making the dreams of celebrity gossip lovers come true! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, better known as Prince William and Catherine "Kate" Middleton have been known for hanging out with another couple within celebrity royalty: David and Victoria Beckham. The Beckhams were in attendance at William and Kate's royal wedding in 2011, and Harper (pictured above with her father), was seen to be at Buckingham Palace for her birthday last year; the ultimate birthday party for little girls!

19 Hilary And Haylie Duff's Children

via Parade

Hilary and Haylie Duff were always known for celebrating their sisterhood and it was also quite obvious the Duff sisters have quite a friendship as well, (who could forget the upbeat music video the sisters recorded for their cover of Our Lips Are Sealed?). and now the Duffs are celebrating mommyhood together! Hillary, who is currently pregnant with her second child, detailed to People last year that she and Haylie have big flower-crown-fuelled dreams for their little ones. Duff said, "Haylie sent me a picture and [daughter] Ryan had no shirt on, a diaper, and a flower crown. I don't know what [Luca] had on, but they look like they had been playing so hard. She was like, 'Yo, Coachella 2030.'" Whether or not the little Duffs act out their mothers' hipster fantasies, we can definitely predict a tight celeb cousin duo in the future!

18 Sloane Haggerty And Future Wilburn

via People

Ciara and Thrift Shop singer Macklemore have been friends and colleagues for a while now; the duo performed together earlier this year for a benefit concert honoring the arts in Seattle! Ciara's connection with Seattle continues off stage and runs much deeper than show business; her husband, Russell Wilson plays for the Seattle Seahawks football team! Ciara and Macklemore were spotted last year hanging out at a Seahawks game with their kids in tow, and the Internet was graced with a sweet selfie featuring Macklemore's daughter, Sloane, and Ciara's son Future, who were both all smiles!

17 The Beckhams And The Ramseys

via CelebsNow

Posh Spice and a notoriously angry chief? Yes, indeed! Victoria and David Beckham are friends with Gordon Ramsay and have been seen out photographed with their families. The superstar couple and chief Ramsay have been on frequent dinner dates together according to British publication The Sun, and David Beckham has also been featured on an episode of The F Word, having a "cook off" with Gordon. Some publications are also thinking ahead at the future love lives of the Beckham and Ramsay kids; Express reports Ramsay does not want his kids to have a future romance with the Beckhams! Does this rule out any future cooking themed sequels to Bend It Like Beckham?

16 Alyson Hannigan And Neil Patrick Harris' Kids

via IMDB

Neil Patrick Harris made fans laugh for ten seasons on the hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother with his memorable catch phrase. Wait until you hear a behind the scenes fact about Harris and his co-star Alyson Hannigan; her daughter Satyana Denisoff hangs out with Neil Patrick Harris' twins, Gideon and Harper! In an interview from 2013 with Today'sParent, Alyson revealed her daughter could one day be big buddies with Neil's twins even when they were babies; "She's met [Neil Patrick Harris's] twins once because they're really too small to come to work."

15 Alyson Hannigan And Cobie Smulders' Daughters

via People

Lilly Aldridge and Robin Sharbotsky were close friends on How I Met Your Mother, and their real-life counterparts Alyson Hannigan and Cobie Smulders, are actual friends who hope to continue the tradition with their daughters! Hannigan revealed in an interview with Today's Parent that the girls enjoyed hanging out on set while their mothers worked. Alyson revealed, "Cobie [Smulders'] daughter is seven weeks younger than Saty, so they'll have a playdate on set. If one is coming, we try to make sure the other is coming too."

14 Kim Kardashian And Nicole Richie

via PopSugar

If you can believe it, (you can), Kim Kardashian has been hanging out with the Hollywood elite decades before they were members of the Hollywood elite. The friendship story from one of Kim's earliest friendships started from infancy, when she was introduced to Nicole Richie, assumingly from their very famous parents hanging out together; Kim's father is the esteemed late Robert Kardashian, and Nicole's dad is Lionel Richie, the legendary soul singer! The two hung out together as teens, and last year Kim revealed the girls were often up to teen shenanigans.

13 Sarah Michelle Gellar and Reese Witherspoon's Sons

via Cinefila.mx

Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Michelle Gellar are a friend duo famous for starring the cult thriller Cruel Intentions. Based off of the movie's creepy vibe, it's kind of funny when you hear Reese and Sarah Michelle are doting moms in real life who hang out together along with their kids! Us Weekly revealed their sons Tennessee and Rocky are buds, and their moms get to spend quality time together while carpooling the boys. Do the boys sing songs about the state of Tennessee or Rocky top themed songs?

12 Jennie Garth And Tori Spelling's Kids

via Entertainment Tonight

For those who can't get enough of '90s nostalgia and lovers of classic soap operas, the news of longtime Beverly Hills 90210 co-stars Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling's kids hang out together is more exciting than finding out Spelling's character Donna Martin was going to graduate high school! The actresses have known each other for close to three decades, and are in the midst of starring on a new TV show together soon, the longtime friends are so supportive of each other's parenting styles. Garth spoke highly of Spelling's parenting to E Online. She said, "Tori's doing great. She's like Wonder Woman. I don't know how she does it!"

11 Toni Collette And Drew Barrymore's Kids

via Daily Mail

Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore have starred together in a film called Miss You Already which pays a loving tribute to the beauty of friendship and how essential healthy relationships can be to our lives! Judging by their chemistry on screen, it's not a surprise Drew and Toni are friends in real life, and their kids are also pals like their close mothers. Toni and Drew hung out often during the shoot of Miss You Already, where they revealed to Huffington Post in an interview their "kids hung out and played" while Toni and Drew spent hours talking about life and enjoying each other's company!

10 Blue Ivy And The Carey-Cannon Twins

via Latina.com

We've seen so many celebrity children playdates so far, but can you imagine hanging out with the most legendary divas in the world, and watch their kids hang out together and slowly become divas as fierce as their mothers? Mariah once spoke to Hello Magazine about her twins Monroe and Moroccan's playdate with Bey's daughter Blue Ivy, for us commoners who can only flip magazine pages to catch a glimpse of this famous diva playdate. Carey said the kids got along "great" and revealed the two divas have been friends for a long time. She added, "We're friends. I think she is one of the most talented women out there and I just love her." Mariah's love for Queen Bey is a good indication the twins will have a lot of love for Blue Ivy too!

9 Ashlee Simpson And Jessica Simpson's Kids

via EtOnline.com

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson are one of pop culture's most treasured sibling celebrity duos, and it's not surprising that the Simpson sisters have expanded their brood with a few extra famous faces! Ashlee is currently married to Diana Ross' son Evan Ross with whom she has a daughter, Jagger Snow, and she also has a son with Pete Wentz called Bronx. Jessica's son Ace and daughter Maxwell love hanging out with their cousins! The sisters often take the kids on fun vacations; Just Jared reported the two families went to Disneyland together earlier this year!

8 Jessica Simpson And CaCee Cobb's Daughters

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A match made in celebrity culture history; Jessica Simpson and CaCee Cobb's daughters are best friends, just like their mamas! CaCee Cobb has been in Jessica's inner circle for years now; Cobb once was Jessica's former assistant! The two ladies have remained really close friends over the years and their kids are now attached at the hip. Their two sons Rocky and Ace really dig hanging out together on fun playdates, and Jessica has given fans a glimpse of their playdate via Instagram photos of the tots! Jessica and CaCee's daughters are also close, and have been photographed together giving sweet cuddles!

7 Zeplin Bonelli And North West

via Tumblr

Judging by the number of friends North West has accumulated so far in Hollywood, we can assume she would be the queen of every playground! One of North's pals is the son of Joyce Bonelli, the former makeup artist of the Kardashian-Jenner family, Zeplin Bonelli. The tots have been seen trick-or-treating with their mothers, donning super spooky costumes, and having the most elaborately elite Hollywood Halloween ever. Future playdates between Zeplin and North might be up in the air, though; the Kardashian-Jenner clan have recently parted ways with Joyce.

6 Milla Jovovich And Ali Larter's Kids

via Sharenator

Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter are known for their roles in the Resident Evil films as incredibly cool and admirable ladies who conquer the world and save us all from post-apocalyptic doom as they deal with zombies. When they're not saving us from doom, Ali and Milla are moms who love to hang out with their kids on and off the Resident Evil set! The photo of the actresses with their kids on the set show they're really laid back and love enjoying behind the scenes downtime with their sweet families!

5 Chicago West And True Thompson

via Elle

We've seen many friendships blossom within the Kardashian orbit, the cutest friendships come from the junior members of the family! It's a guarantee the more little Kardashians there are a large number of big lavish birthday parties full of photo opportunities for precious Snapchat memories. The smallest members of the "Kardashian Klan," Khloe's daughter with boyfriend Tristan Thompson, True, and Kim and Kanye's daughter, Chicago West, have been pictured together at parties and hanging out on playdates; Kim has captured many of the sweet moments of the girls together on Instagram.

4 Jennifer Garner And Brooke Burke-Charvet's Kids

via Celebzz

It's kind of addicting to read stories about celebrities doing things in their day-to-day lives we, as plain Janes, do without any thought. Even though we know celebs are human there's still some vague surprise when we hear stories of Jennifer Garner being the head of the carpool which also involves Brooke Burke- Charvet's kids! These celebrity car rides fill us with a ton of questions; what kind of music do the kids rock out to? Do Jennifer and Brooke talk about the latest happenings at school PTA meetings? Who knows, but the pictures of the mamas and kids together seem like they're having a blast!

3 Ryan Rosenberg And Marlowe Masterson

via People

Ryan Rosenberg is Haylie Duff's daughter, so we know she already has a playmate in her cousin Luca, who is Hilary Duff's son. Not only does two-year-old Ryan have her cousin to hang with, she's also been seen hanging out with Marlowe Masterson multiple times! Marlowe's mom is Haylie's pal Alanna Masterson who is known for her role on The Walking Dead; Alanna is also friends with Hilary too, and they've been spotted getting tattoos together!

Ryan and Marlowe have been photographed together looking thrilled eating baguettes, and it seems like they're going to follow in their mothers' footsteps with their cool and quirky friend dates!

2 Jessica Alba And Eric Dane's Kids

via Popsugar

Remember the cool hypothetical celebrity playground we would love to visit? Turns out some celebrities actually do hang out at the playground, watching their kids play, and also get to have some quality grown-up time hanging out together! Jessica Alba is one of those celebrity mamas who enjoy meeting up with her besties while their kids hang out too. Jess met up with her pal Eric Dane and his wife Rebecca Gayheart, and the photos from PopSugar show the actor friends enjoying themselves while their kids look happily content with one another!

1 Cate Blanchett And Hugh Jackman's Kids

via Zimbio

Hugh Jackman and Cate Blanchett have been friends for over a decade, having collaborated in a film together back in 2006! Their families are also friends, and the duo have included their kids in their outings, too. Cate was even photographed dropping her kiddos at Hugh's house during a snowstorm for some winter wonderland fun! Jackman hung out with the kids while demonstrating his best snowball fighting skills, not bad for someone who is famous for being associated with playing such a strong character like Wolverine!

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