3 Pics Of Kaley Cuoco (And 12 Other Celebs) Who Love Dogs More Than Humans

Who doesn't love a goofy little mutt? Everyone around the world can't get enough attention from their favorite canines, except for cat lovers. But let's just ignore those people for now. This article involves the luckiest dogs in the world—the dogs that were adopted by Hollywood celebrities and are spoiled beyond measure.

The question is, which famous celebrities are the biggest of dog lovers? Well, we're sure that everyone loves their animal(s) with all of their heart, but there must be a way to prove it. The one sure way to quantify that affection is with pet activism and charitable donations. Many celebs love their pets, but are they involved in rescue organizations? After all, if you had millions to spend, why not contribute to a good cause? This article dives into those actors, actresses, singers, and models who love their pets but are also supporters of rescue animals. We are also including some hilarious photos of the celebrities. Dogs bring out the best all of us, and sometimes, some goofy moment are involved. Check out this list to see how Kaley Cuoco and other celebs pose with their pets.

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15 Kaley Cuoco

via Redbook

Kaley was featured in the title of this article for a couple reasons. For one, her career is at its peak. The woman is making more money than ever for The Big Bang Theory, even though she doesn't even pay attention at rehearsals. She posted an Instagram image of her and Johnny Galecki getting notes from a head writer of the show. While Leonard is listening, Penny is reading an In Style Magazine. Maybe getting into character a bit, Kaley? And speaking of cash, the Priceline commercials are also raking it in. She's engaged to be married, which is always fun. This is her second engagement after her first marriage to tennis pro Ryan Sweeting failed after 21 months. Her new fiance, Karl Cook, is a professional horse rider. Kaley loves horses too. But most of all, Kaley is a true champion for dogs. She's had many dogs over the years and constantly shows her love for them on social media. She has done several professional photo shoots with dogs, and she's been an ambassador for such charities as Paw Works.

14 Kristen Bell

via Sabah

Kristen Bell is another popular blonde who has recently taken Hollywood by storm. She was really hiding on the back burner with indie stuff until Frozen hit. Veronica Mars was a fan favorite but barely made it to film. In fact, a go-fund-me site had to boost funds in order for the Mars film to get produced. But those days are long gone. Now, Bell is the face of success, with a critically-acclaimed television show, The Good Place, and other voicing projects like Frozen 2 and Teen Titans coming soon. Kristen Bell and her husband, Dax Shepard, both love dogs. Bell has donated to PetSmart Charities. She also hosted the "Shelter Me: Hearts & Paws" fundraiser on PBS.

13 Channing And Jenna Tatum

via Pinterest

Like many Hollywood couples, the Tatums met on a movie set. Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan starred in Step Up back in 2006 and were married in 2009. Not that they're competing, but since then, Channing has by far enjoyed the more successful career of the two. He has starred in highly successful films, including 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike, both of which spawned sequels. Channing's dancing skills came in handy on Magic Mike. He has a long history of dancing in his past. He even danced in the video for Ricky Martin's "She Bangs." He was a background dancer and was paid $400 for the gig. Jenna Dewan also loves to dance and has most recently starred as a co-host on World of Dance. The interesting trivia is that she also once starred in a Ricky Martin video for  "Juramento." No telling if their dogs can dance too, but probably. The couple has raised thousands of dollars for the Daisy Cares dog charity.

12 Gisele Bundchen

via Flash of the Stars

The queen of modeling is seen here with her dog on the beaches of Costa Rica. She and her husband, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, have a home on the tropical island and were married there as well. Gisele is known for her modelling, of course, and she is also quite the philanthropist. Gisele has donated to charities like St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Zero Hunger. The latter is rather ironic for a model, right? Just joking, the Zero Hunger Challenge is actually an initiative to end global hunger in third-world countries. Gisele also donates to dog charities. She raised money for World Wide Fund for Nature, which benefits animals around the world. Her latest dog was a rescue adopted from Wags and Walks, via a generous donation.

11 Kim Kardashian West

via YouTube

Not enough has been said about Kim Kardashian and her family in the media lately. Just kidding, she's actually one of the most over-talked-about celebrities out there. But not too many people talk about her charities. Kim Kardashian West has donated much funding to the Humane Society. Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian are also notable supporters. Kim loves her dog, Sushi, so much that she even hired The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, to try to teach the dog how to behave. Kim has also done charitable work for various Los Angeles food pantries over the years. Most recently, last November, the Kardashian clan showed up and helped hand out dry goods. Kim is also a supporter of Alexandria House, a shelter for women and single mothers who have come up on hard times.

10 Maria Menounos

via Celebslam

If you watched the Oscars recently, then maybe you caught the pre-show too. If you did, you may have noticed that Maria Menounos got some pretty good interviews on the red carpet. Her magnetic attraction to the stars may have been no fault of her own, though. It's more likely that the stars were avoiding interviews with Ryan Seacrest, who has lately been vilified with harassment accusations. Hollywood always seems to find a controversy, and somehow, this has been one of the most controversial years ever. But nothing beats the stress of politics like cuddling with your dog. Maria has been a supporter of Dogs in Danger, alongside Ryan Seacrest, actually. The charity helps rescue dogs find homes.

9 Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth

via People

Here's another couple that shares a love for their pets. Miley, in particular, has been a very outspoken dog lover and even dedicated her song "I Miss You" to her pet. Cyrus went beyond that and got a pet tattoo. When she wears revealing clothes, which happens frequently, you can see the dog tat nestled on her side, just below her armpit. Miley's wild and revealing fashion style has toned down quite a bit recently. Since she reunited with once-lost love Liam Hemsworth, she's been dressing in a more classy style. Liam is a dog lover too, and dogs are what helped the couple reunite. While they were still split, Miley helped Liam adopt a pet at Wylder's Holistic Pet Center and Rescue in Los Angeles. Soon after, the couple was spotted dating again. Miley has also supported the Pets Alive charity.

8 Usher Raymond

via Popsugar

Usher Raymond has topped the charts several times in his career with hits like "Yeah," "U Got It Bad," and "Caught Up." He is often credited with discovering Justin Bieber. After making waves online, Bieber once pursued the star and auditioned for him, and then Usher set Justin up with the right people in the business, including Raymond's collaborator, Scooter Braun. Usher is pictured here with his golden doodle. Golden doodles are one of the most popular breeds going right now. They have the kindhearted  temperament of a golden retriever, with the intelligence and hypoallergenic coat of a poodle. All types of breeds are mixed with poodles for a similar result. Usher set a record here paying $12000 for his dog at a charity auction. The puppy was later named Poppy, which is a great mix of the word puppy and pop, Usher's music genre.

7 Kaley Again

via GotCeleb

Here's another Kaley Cuoco shot with her dog. Kaley recently made news when she adopted a pair of rabbits. Yes, Kaley seems to be collecting all animals now. Why not? She obviously loves dogs and horses and now bunnies. The star was spilling with emotions when she announced the bunny adoption on social media. Maybe she first began to love rabbits after starring in Hop in 2011. Kaley starred as the supporting role under James Marsden and, of course, the Easter Bunny. She played Marsden's sister, and the role was not that large at all. Hop is already being shown on cable for the Easter season. Be careful though, Kaley, bunnies are a hard pet to crack. They live a long time and require lots of care, yet they don't usually offer the same affectionate vibes that dogs are known for.

6 Selena Gomez

via Listal

Selena Gomez is about the hottest name in entertainment lately. Usually, it's her relationship news that gets top billing, and not the work she does for charities. But get this, Selena recently raised over $500K for Lupus Research. The star has also given to Time's Up, and it was a large sum—so much, in fact, that it exceeded the amount she was paid for working in Woody Allen's latest film. Her co-star, Timothée Chalamet, who was nominated for an Oscar for Call Me By Your Name, is also donating all his wages from the Allen film. The Time's Up movement has finally reached Allen, who has been surrounded by controversy for years after assault allegations. As for Selena's love of dogs, she is a huge proponent of rescue and has adopted 6 dogs with generous donations.

5 Demi Lovato

via Loan Pride

This is one of the goofiest pics on the list. Isn't it hilarious? The picture shows Demi's sense of humor and cuteness alongside her hilarious-looking pet. Isn't there an old theory about dogs looking like their owners? Well, here's proof. If Selena Gomez is a friend of dogs, then you know her on-and-off BFF, Demi, is into dogs too. The two stars have known each other since appearing on Barney, way back in the day. Then, they starred alongside each other in the Disney movie Princess Protection Program. Since then, they've been hot and cold with each other, but after building a friendship foundation like that, they can't stay mad too long. Demi Lovato has enjoyed a rise in popularity lately. The star recently donated thousands to Ace of Hearts Animal Rescue.

4 Simon Cowell

via Popsugar

Simon is a very big name in the music business, and he prefers some very small dogs. He's such a dog lover that he even hosted a charity event last Christmas in Barbados. The benefit was held at the Apes Hill Country Club in Bridgetown. Cowell helped raise over $100K for the charity K9 Friends. This charity helps to find homes for pets and pay for any surgical procedures they may require. Cowell has been hosting talent shows for years now. He gained fame in the States for propelling American Idol through the roof in ratings. His sassy sarcasm has softened over the years, though. Cowell still judges talent shows, like X-Factor, Britain's Got Talent, and America's Got Talent. He recently made news by helping his co-judge from America's Got Talent, Mel B, get a big raise. This is yet another 'inclusion rider' that has helped Hollywood minorities, even quite famous ones, earn similar pay in relation to their higher-paid co-stars. Although Simon and Mel bicker on the show, you can see that behind the scenes, Simon truly has a heart of gold.

3 Hilary Duff

via GotCeleb

Hilary Duff is a favorite on our site and many across the internet. We're not sure of the appeal, really. No offense, Hilary, it's just kind of a mystery. Many of us grew up watching Lizzie McGuire, so maybe that's what it is. Add in the fact that she's single and beautiful, and her appeal makes even more sense. Duff made news recently when she was chosen to play Sharon Tate in a movie about the infamous Manson Family Murders. Tate was the victim, who was a famous actress and 8 months pregnant when she died. Duff posted a selfie, with hair and makeup done like Tate, and she looked just like her. Duff has always been a lover of dogs and has adopted several over the years. She is a supporter of K9 Connection. This charity brings dogs to at-risk teens, which helps them gain a sense of community and love.

2 Kaley One More Time

via Pinterest

Well, we promised you three Kaley photos, and we do not disappoint. This may be her best doggy-workout fashion yet. The girl is pet-obsessed! There are even dog paws on her spandex leggings. The outfit was designed by the Goldsheep clothing brand. This brand has some of the craziest prints on the market. Just about any color and pattern is available. All proceeds for this print benefit the Paw Works dog charity of California. Now back to Kaley. Yes, she is so fixated with pet adoption that she even said on Insta, "I have a problem #adoptdontshop #anything4legged." This quote accompanied the picture of Kaley with a bunny cradled in her shirt. This is the Instagram account that is named after her dog, by the way. And her production company is also named after her dog. Kaley easily wins in any dog-loving celebrity contest. That's why she gets three pics.

1 Ellen DeGeneres

via Food

Wait a minute, is Ellen licking from the dog bowl? Now that's pretty gross... and hilarious too. Ellen has a way of making people cringe and laugh at the same time. That's what makes her a good game show host. Aside from her highly successful talk show, Ellen  also hosts the game show Ellen's Game of Games. Most of the ideas were taken from wacky and super creative Japanese game shows, with a trademark Ellen twist. She is a master of making incredibly condescending comments that come off as funny and down-to-earth. Ellen has used her riches for some truly humanitarian ideas. She gives gifts to everybody from her favorite celebrities to nobodies who sang a song she liked on YouTube. And Ellen also gives to the dogs. She has donated to the Petco Foundation and PETA. However, she has also come under fire for giving away a puppy that she adopted because he wouldn't get along with her cats. Oh no! One cat lover sneaked into the list.

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