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via: Buzzfeed

The “Disney on Ice” shows have been a mainstay for decades now, giving skaters around the world a frame to show off their skills to audiences of enraptured children. But as you can imagine, some of the movies they’ve adapted into these brief ice musicals were probably better ideas than

others. Sure, there’s stuff like The Little Mermaid that have worked really well within the setting. And then there’s whatever this is. This Tumblr user found a picture from the Disney on Ice version of Finding Nemo, bringing the fishy characters from the Pixar hit to terrifying, terrifying life.

Seriously, this poster is not wrong in pointing out just how horrifying this kind of look is. We’re pretty sure it made this movie into an unintentional horror show for the kids, who were not expecting to see their favorite characters not only be weird fish people in the creepiest way possible. They’re just so much bigger than the characters seem on screen, and that just adds to the horror of the look. Like, we understand needing to keep the performers faces open to be able to see, but why did they then give them ANOTHER face? These are walking nightmares! Well, skating nightmares, but you get the point.

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