25 Things The World Should Know About Marvel’s Upcoming Star Brie Larson

Brie Larson is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood right now. You certainly won’t find her in the tabloids, but she’s probably on the cover of your favorite magazines, talking about her love for acting and her countless goals for the future. She is no longer a rising star—she is right on the A-list, and she got there based on pure talent. Her leading role in the acclaimed film Room earned her an Oscar, and ever since then, she has just been getting more and more positive buzz. Now, she is about to take over the spotlight all over again.

Back in 2016, it was announced that Brie Larson would be playing Captain Marvel. She will be getting her own film in 2019, and right now there is a ton of excitement around the role because the first images of Brie in costume were just released. Fans simply could not be more excited, and we have no doubt that Brie will do an amazing job at playing Captain Marvel. She is certainly talented enough to carry the film. Curious about the woman behind the character? Here are 25 things to know about Marvel’s upcoming star Brie Larson.

25 She Decided She Wanted To Act At Age 3

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Brie knew what her destiny would be from an early age. As early as age 3, she knew without a doubt that she wanted to be an actress. According to Vogue, a few years later, she told her mother that she had to go to Hollywood to be an actor, and she was very persistent about it. At first, her mom simply thought that Brie was going through a phase, and maybe she would forget the whole idea, but as you can see, she didn’t give up! It’s amazing that she was so certain of her future at that age.

24 She Attended The American Conservatory Theater

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According to ABC News, when Brie began attending the American Conservatory Theater at the age of six, she became the youngest student ever admitted. Yup, this just goes to show how talented she was as a child! This is no small feat: this conservatory is very competitive. While the youth conservatory is not as intense as the higher levels, the graduate program associated with this conservatory is consistently ranked as one of the best in the world. A large number of famous actors have attended the ACT. Getting into this conservatory was the first step on Brie’s path to success in Hollywood.

23 She Began Her Career With Skits On The Tonight Show

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Brie definitely did not start off her career with roles in Oscar winning films. Nope, she started small—her first ever professional acting gig was on a skit with The Tonight Show! According to Vogue, the skit was a fake commercial for “Mudslide Barbie,” so of course she had a great time with it—she got to get messy and play with Barbies! Brie said that when she first saw her name on a dressing room door backstage, she felt like she had already made it. She had a long road ahead of her, but it was a great experience.

22 Her First Language Was French

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Did you know that Brie is actually French? While she was born in America, her first language was not English—it was French! According to The Film Stage, Brie is originally from California, but her parents were French Canadian. Therefore, she grew up speaking French in her household. Is she still fluent in French? Well, not quite. Brie admits that as she got older, she spent less and less time speaking French, and therefore, her abilities to have a conversation in French is not the way it once was! She says that her French is definitely a bit rusty these days.

21 She Used To Be A Singer

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Whoa! This is definitely a big surprise to those of us who are only familiar with Brie’s acting career. According to Vogue, Brie actually had dreams of becoming a pop star at one point. She even released an album called Finally Out of P.E.—she said that she chose the name because her P.E. teacher at school didn’t like her! She even got to go on tour with Jesse McCartney and open for his shows. Didn’t we all dream of that? However, the album did not really take off, and she ended up saying goodbye to that path.

20 As A Teenager, She Appeared In 13 Going On 30 And Sleepover

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Brie had parts in some pretty popular films before she moved on to her big hits like Room. As a teenager, she was landing small parts in a wide variety of movies. According to Bustle, she appeared in the film 13 Going on 30, and she also appeared in Sleepover. Playing these parts was fun, but unfortunately, Brie says that she was very frustrated with her career at the time. She said that she didn’t feel like directors were really getting a good sense of her abilities as an actress, and they couldn’t quite figure out where she would fit.

19 She Won An Academy Award For Her Leading Role In Room

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Now, on to the role that Brie is clearly best known for: playing the character Ma in the Oscar-winning film Room. There’s no doubt that this was the film that really put Brie on the map. According to The Guardian, Brie won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role as Ma. She really gave it her all in this film, and the movie received rave reviews. Naturally, many people focused on Brie as the bright spot of the film, talking about how well she played such a difficult role. It required so much talent and hard work.

18 She Got Her Stage Name From An American Girl Doll

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Ever wondered where your favorite celebs get their stage names from? Well, when it comes to Brie Larson, we’ve got the answer. According to Vogue, Larson is not Brie’s real last name: in fact, her real last name is Desaulniers! Why did Brie decide to go with something different when she began acting? Her real last name was difficult to pronounce, and she wanted to choose something easier. She decided to pick a new stage name, inspired by her favorite American Girl doll Kirsten Larson! Yup, that’s right, Brie chose her stage name because of this American Girl doll. Too funny!

17 She Considered Quitting Acting Several Times

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It’s hard to believe that someone like Brie Larson nearly decided to call it quits and simply leave Hollywood behind—after all, she’s so talented! But this is a super competitive industry, so even stars like Brie can get worn out. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brie considered quitting acting several times before Room came out. When she was younger and only landing small parts, never really finding her place in the spotlight, she began to wonder if it was really worth it. She was very discouraged by casting directors. Well, we’re glad she decided to keep going with acting!

16 She Has Dated Musician Alex Greenwald Since 2013

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Brie may be pretty close-mouthed when it comes to many aspects of her private life, but she has shared one juicy detail with the public. According to BuzzFeed, Brie has been dating the musician Alex Greenwald since 2013, and they are now engaged. They live together in Hollywood Hills. Brie doesn’t share too many details about their relationship, but when she does open up, she has nothing but nice things to say about Alex. She says that he has helped her find her home in Hollywood, and that he has always supported her going in new directions with her career.

15 She Is Close Friends With Shailene Woodley

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Did you know that Brie and Shailene Woodley are actually super close friends? According to Vogue, the two of them became friends when they worked together on the film The Spectacular Now. They were even on the cover of New York Magazine together back in 2014! But in Hollywood, sometimes even the closest of friends have to compete against each other: Shailene and Brie were actually the last two actresses up for the role of Ma in Room! That’s right, Shailene could have been the one playing that part. But of course, she was happy for all of Brie’s accomplishments.

14 She Has Directed Two Short Films

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Brie is not just an actress—she has also expanded her interests and started directing some films as well. According to The Guardian, Brie directed the short film The Arm back in 2012, and it got a ton of positive feedback at Sundance Film Festival. The film is about what social expectations might be like in the future. She also directed another short film, Weighting, in 2013. This film is about a relationship on the rocks, and it debuted at South by Southwest. Once again, it got a lot of positive reviews. It seems like Brie is a talented director, too!

13 She Does Not Come From A Privileged Background

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Brie has been very clear about her upbringing: she certainly was not born into privilege. In fact, she and her mom really struggled when she was a child trying to break into the Hollywood scene. According to Variety, Brie, her mother, and her sister all lived in a small one-room apartment in Hollywood. They had a bed that pulled out of the wall, and they all had small wardrobes with only a few articles of clothing. It definitely was not an easy life, but it looks like all of those early sacrifices were worth it for the family in the end.

12 She Once Appeared In A Bollywood Film

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Of course, Brie is a huge star in Hollywood, but did you know that she also tried her hand at the Bollywood scene, too? Bollywood movies are a huge industry of their own, and it’s so cool that Brie decided to branch out and try something new! According to The Huffington Post, Brie appeared in the Bollywood film Basmati Blues. Unfortunately, it seems like the film didn’t get the best response, but that’s okay—many Hollywood actors wouldn’t think to appear in a Bollywood movie in the first place. Sometimes actors have to go out of their comfort zones to improve.

11 She Appeared On The WB Sitcom Raising Dad

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Before Brie began appearing in big feature films, she was moving into TV roles. According to Orlando Sentinel, one of her first recurring roles on a TV show was the part of Emily on the sitcom Raising Dad. She was the younger daughter of Bob Saget’s character. While this was definitely a big moment for Brie, it wasn’t meant to last: the sitcom only lasted for one season. But the good news is after that, she eventually went on to appear on sitcoms that lasted even longer, such as United States of Tara. And after that, she was in major films.

10 She Loves Learning About Biology

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Brie actually has some quirky interests outside of acting—some that you would never expect! According to The Independent, Brie has a passion for biology. But not just biology in general: she’s passionate about…funghi? Yes, seriously, Brie will forage for mushrooms in her spare time. She brought this up with her fans in a Reddit AMA! You may not think that a Hollywood actress would be interested in something like picking wild mushrooms, but when it comes to Brie Larson, you’ve got to just expect the unexpected. She will always be ready to throw you a curveball once in a while.

9 She’s A Huge Fan Of Star Wars

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So, we all know that Brie has been in some incredible movies, but that has us wondering: what are her favorite movies? Well, according to Zimbio, Brie is a huge fan of the Star Wars films! In fact, when she was cast in Room along with her young co-star Jacob Tremblay, who would be playing her son, they bonded over their mutual love of Star Wars. Brie said that this was one of the first things they talked about! The two of them had to be super comfortable acting with each other, so it’s great they had something in common.

8 She Is Definitely A Method Actress

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Brie does not just step on to a set and start acting without some serious preparation first. One of the reasons that she is always bringing her A-game to the table is because of her “method acting” process. According to The Daily Telegraph, Brie went through some major life changes in order to get ready for Room. She spoke to therapists about what the experience of being captive was like, she went on a special diet in order to lose a ton of weight, and she even spent a month by herself, totally isolated in her apartment. Now that’s dedication!

7 She Was In A Disney Channel Original Movie

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Before Brie was walking down the red carpet and winning Academy Awards, she started out where many young actors and actresses find their footing: on Disney Channel! According to MTV.com, Brie actually starred in the Disney Channel original movie Right on Track back in 2003! The film was about two sisters who also happened to be junior drag race stars—and yes, we mean the kind of drag with cars, not queens! It’s so funny to look back and see just how many celebrities got some early roles with Disney Channel. It really is a launching pad for so many major celebrities.

6 She Loves The Criterion Collection On Netflix

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Brie is a huge fan of old movies! According to BuzzFeed, Brie loves the Criterion Collection on Netflix. It’s a collection of classic old films that everyone should totally watch when they get a chance. It really shows the origins of so many trends and storylines in the film industry today. If you’re interested in acting, the Criterion Collection is full of films that you just have to see someday. Brie said that even when she was a kid, she was obsessed with classic old films—even her parents did not understand her love for classic cinema at that age!

5 Her First Leading Role Was In Short Term 12

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As we all know, Brie really made her mark on Hollywood when she starred in Room, and after that, the rest was history. But the buzz around her actually began a little earlier than that, when she landed the leading role in the film Short Term 12. According to The Film Stage, this independent drama debuted to a ton of rave reviews, and suddenly, she was the one that every casting director wanted to meet with. After seeing this film, everyone in Hollywood could see what Brie had known since she was a little kid: she was totally cut out for fame.

4 She Meditates Twice A Day

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In so many ways, Brie is just not your typical Hollywood star. She does not want to be in the spotlight all the time or on the cover of every magazine. In fact, she turns to several different things to keep herself grounded, one of them being meditation. According to BuzzFeed, Brie says that she usually meditates twice a day. Meditation is becoming more and more popular nowadays, and it’s easy to see why: it’s so good for your mental health, it’s easy to get started, and best of all, it’s free! It’s no wonder Brie loves to meditate daily.

3 She Tries To Keep Her Personal Life Private

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If you have been a fan of Brie for a while now (and there will be plenty more people joining you once Captain Marvel is released next year), you may have realized that she can be pretty tight-lipped when it comes to her private life! She is definitely not the type to spill all of her personal business to the media. According to The New York Times, Brie says that she has no problem turning down interview questions that make her feel uncomfortable. She also says that she draws a hard line between her personal life and professional life.

2 She Designs Fonts As A Hobby

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Okay, this has got to be one of the funniest facts about Brie. According to The Guardian, Brie says that she has a wide variety of funky interests that she indulges in when filming gets stressful. One of those hobbies is actually designing fonts. Yup, Brie Larson not-so-secretly loves to design fonts when she has a little bit of downtime on set. She says that this really helps her blow off some steam and get her mind off the stress of filming. Well, to each their own—it’s cool that Brie has so many hobbies outside of acting.

1 She Made Her Directorial Debut With The Film Unicorn Store

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As we discussed, Brie has already directed a couple short films, such as The Arm and Weighting. According to IndieWire, Brie made her feature directorial debut with the film Unicorn Store. While it didn’t exactly get rave reviews, she was excited to take on the project because she has always wanted to direct. It was a big dream of hers for a long time. Perhaps in the future, she will decide to direct more films in addition to her acting projects and give it another go. We just can’t wait to see everything Brie does with Captain Marvel and beyond!

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