25 Things About Krysten Ritter That Would Surprise Even The Biggest Marvel Fans

Krysten Ritter has come a long way in the past few years. She is now the star of the Netflix original series Jessica Jones, where she plays the titular detective and former superhero. But she wasn’t always on the road to playing a superhero—in fact, her career has taken many twists and turns before she got on board to play Jessica Jones. She has modeled, she has starred in comedies, she has worked with animal rights organizations, and she has a few cool hobbies that have absolutely nothing to do with acting!

Krysten is a woman of many talents, and there is so much more to her than meets the eye. Her star is only growing brighter by the day, and she is definitely not your typical Hollywood actress. She didn’t quite feel like she fit in anywhere when she was young, but it’s all the things that make her stand out that have helped her to get to where she is today. She’s the kind of person you feel like you could just hang out with and talk about anything under the sun. Here are 25 facts about Krysten Ritter that would surprise even the biggest Marvel fan.

25 She Grew Up On A Farm

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Krysten may be living the glamorous Hollywood life now, but her life definitely did not always look like this. In fact, her upbringing was very different from her life today! According to NPR, Krysten actually grew up on a farm in rural Pennsylvania! She loved the outdoors, and she spent a lot of time with the animals. This is about as far as you can get from the Hollywood lifestyle, but maybe that’s why she is so down to earth now, even as an actress. You don’t really see her in the tabloids or getting caught up in any Hollywood gossip.

24 She Had A Pet Cow Named “Jake”

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So, as we just mentioned, Krysten grew up on a farm, and this seems to have inspired her love of animals today. And she actually had her own pet cow named Jake! Yup, that’s right, this girl had a pet cow as a kid. According to Ranker, Krysten grew up with a pet cow named Jake, and the two of them were basically best friends. She said that she loved to hang out with him in the field, and sometimes she would even ride him like a horse! She said that people would often laugh when they saw this on the farm.

23 She’s In A Band Called Ex Vivian

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Did you know that Krysten is not just an actress? Nope, she actually has a wide range of talents. In fact, she is in a band called Ex Vivian. According to MTV, the band released their debut album in 2012 to positive reviews. However, Krysten says that although she loves acting and modeling, she is much more comfortable talking and posing in front of the camera than singing in front of a live audience! Although she has performed live a few times, she admits that she is not a huge fan of live shows because it makes her so nervous!

22 She Has Also Worked In Theater

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So, we’ve already mentioned that Krysten has acted on television shows, worked as a model, and released an album with her band. But did you also know that she has worked in theater, too? Yup, she is not limited to the screen—she is also totally comfortable acting on stage. According to Broadway World, Krysten played the role of Becca in an off-Broadway show. While it’s pretty cool that Krysten has acted in theater and in television, it seems like she chose not to pursue any more theater work after that show ended its run.

21 She Was Discovered By A Modeling Agent At A Mall

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Have you ever wondered how Krysten got her start in the acting world? You may have heard that for most people, “getting discovered” isn’t something that just happens—you have to really put yourself out there. But according to Bust, Krysten was actually discovered by a modeling agent at her local mall when she was only 15. Yup, it does kind of sound like a fairytale, but clearly there was a lot of hard work that came after that! She had to hustle for years to turn her modeling career into a successful acting career. All that work paid off.

20 She’s Dating Musician Adam Granduciel

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We bet that everyone who watches Jessica Jones probably has a little bit of a crush on Krysten. Look, she is a model, and she’s super talented—all of this definitely makes her attractive. But it looks like everyone is out of luck, because Krysten is already head over heels for someone special! According to Independent, Krysten has been dating the musician Adam Granduciel since 2014. It’s so cute that these two are together—we have no doubt that they bounce ideas for new songs off each other! We love seeing creative couples who have the power to inspire each other.

19 She Appeared On Gilmore Girls

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Before Krysten was playing troubled ex-superhero Jessica Jones, she was doing guest spots on other TV shows that you probably already know and love! According to AV Club, Krysten appeared on Gilmore Girls. She was a guest star for eight episodes that aired between 2006 and 2007, playing Rory’s friend Lucy. It’s so funny to think of the roles that Krysten used to play compared to now! Clearly, Lucy on Gilmore Girls is the polar opposite of Jessica Jones. It just goes to show how she has developed as an actress and honed her craft over the past few years.

18 She Published A Novel Titled Bonfire

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So, we already know that Krysten can act, she can model, she’s a talented musician—what else can this woman do? Well, her list of talents does not stop there. Seriously, we’re so jealous her—where does she find the time to do all of this? According to The New York Times, Krysten published her debut novel Bonfire just last year, and it has been racking up good reviews ever since. The novel is about a former environmental lawyer who has to return to her hometown to investigate a corporate scandal. Krysten wrote the novel while on hiatus from Jessica Jones.

17 She Co-Wrote The Script Of The Film Life Happens

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Now that we’ve established that Krysten is a writer (in addition to everything else), you may be wondering if she has ever written any screenplays. After all, she has acted in so many shows and movies, surely she’s tried her hand at writing a script, right? Of course, the answer is yes. What can’t she do? According to Collider, Krysten co-wrote the script to the film Life Happens, which she also starred in. This was a small indie film, so it didn’t get much press, but Krysten said that writing the screenplay was definitely a fun new experience for her.

16 She Says She Was Teased By Her Middle School Classmates

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It’s a shame, but it seems like everyone goes through a rough time in middle school. It’s just a difficult time for everyone, especially if you feel a little insecure. Even celebrities were not immune to the trials and tribulations of middle school, and Krysten was no exception. According to People, Krysten says that she was bullied in middle school for her looks. She said that she was often teased because she was tall and lanky, and she did not look like all the other girls. She said that it actually got worse after she became a model because of jealousy.

15 She Loves Knitting In Her Spare Time

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In between all of the other items on Krysten’s to do list, she likes to sit down and do some knitting! Yes, Krysten is a huge fan of knitting. According to Fashion Unfiltered, Krysten has been knitting for years, and she says that this is one of her favorite hobbies. She said that she thinks everything looks better when you make it yourself! It’s clear that Krysten was simply born with a creative spirit. Whether she’s knitting, writing songs, acting on stage, or playing Jessica Jones, she has an overwhelming amount of artistic talent that shines through in everything she does.

14 Boxing Is Her Favorite Way To Work Out

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fAs an actress and model, Krysten has to stay in good shape. In fact, according to Women’s Health Magazine, Krysten had to put on ten pounds of muscle when she got the role of Jessica Jones! Clearly, she had to get in good shape, and she needed the perfect workout that she would enjoy while toning up and getting stronger. She says that boxing is her favorite way to work out! She loves the raw energy of the sport, and she can really get pumped up. Obviously, boxing has really benefitted her, because she looks amazing and fit as Jessica Jones.

13 She Has Always Been A Big Fan Of Tim Burton

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Krysten, we’re right there with you—who doesn’t love Tim Burton’s films? According to US Magazine, Krysten has been a huge fan of Tim Burton ever since she was a little kid, before she ever realized that she would become an actress one day. She used to watch his movies all the time! Eventually, she got the opportunity to work with him when she appeared in the film Big Eyes. She said that while she was on set, she had to do her best to not go into total fangirl mode around him, but it was tough to hide her admiration!

12 She Rarely Wears Heels Because She’s 5’ 9”

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Like many models, Krysten is quite tall—according to Ranker, she is 5’ 9”. She says that many times, she has showed up to an audition, and the casting director was surprised to see how tall she was! She definitely looks taller in person than she does on screen. This is why you won’t see many photos of her in heels. However, sometimes she does decide to go out with a pair of awesome heels on, and she always looks amazing! Her height was definitely an asset as a model. She still seems to have that runway strut from years ago!

11 She’s Not Sure If She Wants To Get Married Or Not

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Yes, Krysten has happily been dating her boyfriend Adam Granduciel for a few years now—but are these two getting ready to tie the knot? According to OK! Magazine, Krysten says that she is not sure whether or not she ever wants to get married. It’s not because she doesn’t believe in love—she is clearly in love with Adam, and they are going strong—but she just hasn’t decided if it’s right for her or not. She says that she simply likes to have her own personal space, and she feels that her independence is very important to her.

10 She’s Always Making Vision Boards

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Let’s admit it, we all make vision boards sometimes when we want something! Whether it works or not, it’s fun to visualize your dreams coming true, and it can definitely help you find a little extra motivation! According to Ocean Drive, Krysten has a giant vision board that she is always adding to. It’s hanging in her house, and she is always putting up things that relate to the different projects she wants to work on one day and the many goals she has for herself. Well, clearly it seems to be helping her out somehow, because she’s super successful.

9 She Had A Rescue Dog Named Mikey

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As we mentioned earlier, Krysten is definitely an animal lover! It should come as no surprise that she had a beloved pet of her own. According to People, Krysten had a scruffy little rescue named Mikey up until a couple months ago, when he unfortunately passed away. But Mikey had inspired her to get more involved with animal rights activism, and she has worked with organizations to get more people to adopt their dogs rather than buying from breeders. She truly has a passion for helping animals, and it’s obvious that she loved Mikey like he was her own child!

8 She’s Not A Fan Of Seaworld

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So, we just discussed how Krysten is super passionate about animal rights, and that goes beyond rescue dogs—she is also not a fan of Seaworld, and she has spoken up about it in the past. According to People, Krysten worked with the animal rights organization PETA to send the message that it is time for Seaworld to “empty the tanks.” Although many people enjoy visiting Seaworld, activists like Krysten believe that the marine animals in the park should be back in the wild. It’s awesome that Krysten is passionate about animal welfare and speaks up for what she believes in.

7 Her Favorite Movie Is Clueless

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If you love the film Clueless, let’s just say that you’re in good company—Krysten is also a huge fan! According to Vulture, Krysten says that her favorite movie of all time is Clueless. This movie is so adorable and funny—and not to mention quotable. We totally get why she loves it! She has great taste in movies. She even starred in a film with Clueless star Alicia Silverstone called Vamps that she describes as “basically Clueless, but with vampires.”Sounds like a funny concept! Imagine getting to work with the star of your favorite movie? What an incredible opportunity!

6 She Was In Several Music Videos

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Ever since getting discovered as a teenager, Krysten has taken on a wide range of projects. From theater to film to television to modeling, she has really done it all at this point. Did you know that she has also appeared in music videos? Yup, according to Just Jared, Krysten appears in the music video for her friend Jordan Galland’s song “Leave My Friends Alone.” She was also in a music video back in the day for the Whitney Houston song “Could I Have This Kiss Forever.” Imagine getting to be in one of Whitney’s videos? Sounds like an amazing experience!

5 As A Kid, She Never Considered Becoming An Actress

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It’s crazy that sometimes our lives go in a direction that we would never have expected. This is exactly what happened for Krysten. According to NPR, Krysten says that she never expected to become an actress when she grew up. She said that she honestly had no idea what she was going to be! Even when she first began modeling, she still didn’t really view acting as her future. But eventually, she began to fall in love with acting, and she knew that it was the right choice for her. And as you can see now, the rest is history!

4 She Hates Staying In Hotels

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As an actress, Krysten clearly travels a lot. Whether she is going to film on a set away from Los Angeles, going to a press conference, or going to a photoshoot, she is a busy woman, and she’s always on the go! You would think that she enjoyed relaxing in a hotel room—but according to Ranker, Krysten says that she actually can’t stand staying in hotels. She says that it always makes her feel a little anxious to be sleeping away from home. Well, looks like even the stars sometimes just crave the comforts of home while they travel.

3 She Dabbles In Fashion Design

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As we mentioned earlier, Krysten loves knitting in her free time, and she says that she loves wearing accessories that she has made. She has a cool, grungy sense of style, and according to A Green Beauty, Krysten is also dabbling in fashion design. She says that she feels fashion is a way for her to express her personality, and she just loves to explore her creative side in any way possible. Naturally, she mainly likes to work on knitted pieces! She is totally obsessed with cozy accessories that add a little bit more comfort to any outfit you wear.

2 She’s A Huge Fan Of Breaking Bad

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Who doesn’t love Breaking Bad? This show was honestly groundbreaking. It had everyone hooked! And if you loved Breaking Bad, Krysten Ritter was right there with you. She was totally obsessed with the show. According to Vulture, Krysten saw the show when it first came out and watched the whole first season in a day. She said that she knew at that moment that she wanted to be on the show without a doubt, even if it never got popular! Well, she got her wish and got to play the character Jane on the show. Talk about achieving your goals!

1 Classic Film Actresses Are Her Biggest Inspiration

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So, who really inspires Krysten when it comes to acting? She must have a few role models who she really looks up to. According to Hollywood Reporter, Krysten loves classic Hollywood actresses like Audrey Hepburn. She says that she is a huge fan of older films, and that watching these films has taught her a lot about acting. It’s clear that she has been taking her craft seriously for quite some time, and watching these actresses from generations ago has shown her how to really embody the roles she’s playing. We are so excited to see what Krysten does in the future.

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