25 Superhero Photoshop Fancastings That We Would Prefer To The Real Deal

Who would you like to see cast as your favorite superhero? Everyone has their own opinion. Sometimes, the movie producers get it totally right when they cast certain actors in superhero roles, and other times, they get it completely wrong. But what if those all-important casting decisions were in the hands of the fans themselves? What kind of actors would we see playing the biggest heroes on the big screen right now? The answers might shock you— because in many cases, they're even better than the real thing. While it's fun to think about who should have been Iron Man, Black Widow, or Poison Ivy, at the end of the day we have to accept that we're just fans, and we don't have any control over casting decisions.

But thanks to Photoshop, these wishful fan castings aren't just limited to the realms of our imagination. The internet is a magical place, and full of very talented people. Some of the most die-hard fans have actually photoshopped their favorite actors into their most beloved superhero roles, and the results are truly amazing. At the end of the day, we just have to sit back and enjoy these incredible pictures. Instead of the familiar faces, would you have rather seen these people in the most famous superhero roles? We leave the choice up to you.

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25 Emma Stone As Poison Ivy


Poison Ivy is a superhero that exists in the DC Universe, and she's one of the most seductive forces of nature around. Batman often has to restrain himself when faced with her, and he's not always holding back punches. Not only is this supervillain a master botanist with the ability to control plants, but she's also quite the chemist, and can create all sorts of poisons. She sometimes wears her many brands of poison as lipstick, giving her enemies the "kiss of death."

Emma Stone is an actress who hasn't yet played a superhero in the film world, although, she did act in a superhero movie. In the MCU, she played Gwen Stacy, the famous love interest for Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man.

This actor has done a lot more with her career though and is considered one of the best of our time. She recently won an Oscar for La La Land, and it seems like her rise to fame is just beginning. But would she make a good Poison Ivy?

We think so. If you think about it, Emma Stone has all the skills she needs to really carry this role. First of all, she's drop-dead gorgeous, which never hurts. But more importantly, she's definitely got a quirky, crazy side to her that she can use to play this unhinged character. She's also a very intelligent actor, and that would come across well when she plays a character who is actually a really talented botanist and scientist.

24 Stephen Lang As Cable 


Cable is, without a doubt, one of the coolest superheroes out there. We haven't seen him yet on the big screen, but that's all about to change with the upcoming release of Deadpool 2. Cable finally meets up with his pal, Deadpool, in this movie, and that's where the fun begins. Cable is a time-traveling super soldier with mild telekinetic powers and years of combat experience. He's also the son of Cyclops and Jean Grey, and has part of his body infected with a "techno virus."

Stephen Lang has been continuously wowing us all with all of his appearances on the big screen. His portrayal of Colonel Miles Quaritch in Avatar was mind-blowing, and he's also appeared in many high-profile projects since then. His acting ability is clear to see, and he definitely pulls off that "grizzled soldier" vibe better than most actors alive today. He definitely deserves a place in a superhero movie.

And when it was announced that Deadpool 2 was going to feature Cable, a lot of people immediately thought of Stephen Lang.

It was the obvious choice in many ways, his character in Avatar was just so similar to that of Cable. But Alas, the producers went with Josh Brolin instead, which means this photoshopped fan image of Stephen Lang as Cable is the only way we'll ever see him in the role.

23 Emily Blunt As Black Widow


Black Widow is one of the coolest Marvel characters we've seen on the big screen, and definitely one that never fails to get people talking. The fact that she doesn't have her own movie yet is a crime, and while a lot of people talk about Wonder Woman being the first big female superhero, Marvel has been letting Black Widow kick some serious butt for many years already.

Emily Blunt is a talented actress who has been in several movies so far, including Edge Of Tomorrow. In this movie, she plays a war hero and talented soldier who is considered one of the few hopes of humanity against an alien threat. Although it wasn't a superhero movie per se, it definitely showed us how capable Emily Blunt is when it comes to playing larger than life, hero type characters. But would she have made a good Black Widow? Definitely.

Emily Blunt is the perfect choice for the character, and she even admitted in an interview that she was the first choice to play Black Widow, but had to turn it down. 

According to Cinema Blend, she remains pretty tight-lipped about the whole affair, "because it’s not fair to the actresses who ended up playing them," in her own words. We all know that the role ended up going to Scarlett Johansson, and it's hard to imagine anyone else playing the female super spy now. But it really makes you wonder...

22 Alison Brie As Squirrel Girl 


For those who aren't die-hard fans of the Marvel comic books, Squirrel Girl might seem like a joke. And in many ways, it is. Marvel created her to be a more light-hearted take on the whole superhero story, and the character is not really meant to be taken seriously. However, she does have a pretty huge role in the comic books and is incredibly popular with tons of fans. She is actually a member of the Avengers and can communicate with squirrels as her main superpower.

Alison Brie is an actor with tons of fans around the world, having played major roles in TV shows such as Mad Men and Community. She is also known for dating and marrying Dave Franco, who she's been dating for quite some time. She's better known for television rather than movies, although, she has starred in some big films, such as The Disaster Artist more recently.

Maybe that lack of star power has prevented her from landing big Marvel roles, although it's not from lack of trying. According to the rising star herself, she's already auditioned for tons of Marvel roles and has yet to land one.

In a quote attributed to her by ComicBook.com, she stated: “I’ve gone through auditions for Marvel movies and auditioned a million times for roles with three lines and you are begging for them. And I’d be glad to get them! It’s brutal, it just is.” Would she make a good Squirrel Girl? You bet she would.

21 Leonardo DiCaprio As Spider-Man


Spider-Man is one of the most beloved superheroes of all time, and he has been massively successful on the big screen. There have been countless Spider-Man movies to date, and a wide range of different actors have played the various roles associated with them. The nerdy Peter Parker is always pretty much the same though, and he's always a character that the audience loves and supports.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a name that requires no introduction, and during his long reign as one of Hollywood's top actors, he's truly built himself an empire.

A recent recipient of a long-awaited Academy Award, the actor is not as young as he used to be, but his roles just seem to keep getting more and more interesting. What does the future hold for him? Perhaps a superhero role? ComicBook.com quoted the massive actor as saying, "[Superhero movies] are getting better and better as far as complex characters in these movies. I haven’t yet. But no, I don’t rule out anything." He hasn't done one yet— but in the same article, he admits that he was actually considered to play Spider-Man instead of Toby McGuire. He ended up turning it down because he felt he wasn't ready. So in all fairness, this fan casting Photoshop isn't that far-fetched.

20 Morena Baccarin As Domino 


Domino is another character that we haven't seen yet on the big screen, but this is yet another character that will make a much-awaited debut with the release of Deadpool 2. Domino is a very interesting character, and she is a trained super soldier similar to Cable. But unlike Cable, all she has to rely on in terms of superpowers is a "probability field," a mutant ability that gives her an uncannily good sense of timing, survivability, and above all, luck. That's right, her power is that she's just really, really lucky.

You may recognize the face in this photoshopped image as Morena Baccarin. She herself is no stranger to the Deadpool universe, as she's already appeared in the first movie as the love interest.

She will make a return as the same character in the sequel. Other than that, she is famous for appearing in the cult science fiction show, Firefly, as well as appearing on the DC-inspired TV show, Gotham. She's a huge fan favorite in the sci-fi community.

What would Domino be like if she was played by Morena Baccarin? For one, she would be truer in appearance to the comic book Domino than the actress that was cast— although, switching it up is sometimes a good thing. Secondly, she would have brought all the attitude and fire that she's shown in previous roles, and she's already shown a strong chemistry with Deadpool.

19 Clint Eastwood As Old Man Logan


Logan, AKA Wolverine, is one of Marvel's most treasured creations. He's been the poster boy of the X-Men cinematic universe since the very beginning, and with Hugh Jackman's last movie, Logan, we had to say goodbye to the beloved mutant. But in all fairness, we weren't saying goodbye to Logan as much as we were saying goodbye to the actor who had portrayed him for many years. We're sure someone else will step up and fill Wolverine's boots at some point.

Clint Eastwood is perhaps as much of a legend in Hollywood as Wolverine is in the comic book world. He's developed a mythic reputation for himself as a star in Western movies and detective flicks, playing tough guys with shifty eyes for decades.

He's still acting to this day, although, time is sadly catching up with him. Today, he's more inclined to take up roles behind the camera, instead of in front of it. So what would it be like if Clint Eastwood made a cameo or even a fully-fledged appearance as "Old Man Logan" in one of the upcoming X-Men comics? That might be a bit tricky since Logan is canonically dead in the MCU now, but in the comics there are iterations of him as an extremely old man, still living many centuries into the future. It would definitely be cool to see Clint Eastwood as an old, grizzled Wolverine.

18 Brad Pitt As Cable 


We're going to give you some ample warning ahead of time— there's going to be a lot of Cable fan castings in this article. And that makes a lot of sense, given the fact that Cable was a role that was hotly debated by both film aficionados and comic book fans worldwide. We're also at a time right now where everyone is super excited about Deadpool 2, so it's something that's on everyone's minds.

Brad Pitt has yet to appear as a Marvel superhero, and we're not sure if he ever will. It's tough to say whether or not his acting style would actually fit in with the general vibe of the MCU, or any other superhero movie for that matter. But he's definitely capable of playing heroic characters, as he has done many times in the past. Could he actually pull off the role of Cable?

One thing's for sure, this fan casting photoshop is positively gorgeous. It manages to put Brad Pitt in the role for all of us to see but also capture the exact "feel" that Cable is all about. Brad Pitt could definitely play the role of Cable in our opinion, as he has played older, experienced soldiers multiple times in the past, in movies like Fury, and even more recently, War Machine.

17 Lucy Liu As Psylocke 


Psylocke is one of the most-beloved characters that Marvel has ever created, and it's honestly surprising that she hasn't played a larger role in the MCU to date. All we've seen from her is a rather brief appearance in X-Men: Apocalypse, which in truth was little more than a glorified cameo. But we know there's a lot more to tell when it comes to Psylocke's story, and she's one of the most interesting Marvel characters without a doubt.

Lucy Liu is one actress that everyone is familiar with these days, and she's been in some incredible movies. We know that she's no stranger to action-packed movies, having starred in Charlie's Angels again and again. She also appeared in Kill Bill Vol 1, as the famed sword fighter Cottonmouth, who runs an empire in Japan. But does she have what it takes to play Psylocke?

The fan casting image above paints a pretty convincing picture, that's for sure. Psylocke is a master of bladed weapons, and Lucy Liu has shown that she can swing a sword convincingly in Kill Bill. What's interesting to note is that Psylocke is also strongly influenced by the Far Eastern cultures, such as that of the Samurai and the martial arts style of that area.

16 Jensen Ackles As Captain America 


Captain America is one superhero almost everyone on the planet is familiar with, and he plays a huge and vital role in the MCU. A born leader, Captain America represents the USA in the comic book world and is often the one who rallies other superheroes together against a common threat. Given an experimental serum during the Second World War, this hero was gifted with strength and durability, as well as an iconic Vibranium shield.

Jensen Ackles is an actor with one of the largest fan bases in the world. As one of the main stars of the Supernatural series, he has been fighting evil and all kinds of monsters for over twelve seasons now, and a lot of people would probably be very happy to see him enter the world of superhero movies in some way.

And judging by his past performances, we're pretty sure he could pull it off. But how would Jensen Ackles function as Captain America? How would he be different from the current actor who plays the role? He definitely has a similar look, but his personality is a little different. We think he would bring more humor to the role, as well as a slightly different style of acting. But then again, Jensen Ackles can definitely be serious when he wants to as well.

15 Hugo Laurie As Dr. Strange 


Dr. Strange is a superhero who has taken the MCU by storm in recent years, and the portrayal of the legendary character by Benedict Cumberbatch has been the talk of the town as far as superhero movies. Like a lot of what Marvel is trying to do in recent years, Dr. Strange took the superhero movie formula in a brand new direction, doing things we've never seen before. Dr. Strange is, of course, a master of magic, and guards the world against extra-dimensional threats.

Hugo Laurie is another actor with a huge fan base in television, having played the legendary character of House in the television show of the same name. He won a Golden Globe for his long run as the character, who is, of course, famous for being a very skilled doctor. He has numerous other credits under his belt as well. But could Dr. Gregory House translate into Dr. Strange?

We definitely think so. Although Hugo Laurie doesn't have the same "weird" vibe as Benedict Cumberbatch (that's a compliment, by the way), he can definitely play quirky and interesting, and that's a huge part of what Dr. Strange is all about. And of course, he knows what the mindset of a doctor is, having played the character of House for so long. He would've been a great Dr. Strange.

14 Keira Knightley As Cable 


Yep, we're revisiting Cable... Again. A lot of people weren't actually too happy with Marvel's decision to cast Josh Brolin as Cable, and this is understandable. People who don't know Cable won't understand this, but it takes a very specific kind of person to nail that "Cable vibe." And some say that while Josh Brolin is no doubt a brilliant actor, he doesn't quite fit the role as well as some other people would.

Keira Knightley is one of the most famous actors alive today and is probably most well-known for her portrayal of Elizabeth Swan, the most prominent female character in the massive Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise. But her breakthrough came with a little film called Bend It Like Beckham. She's definitely capable of playing powerful, strong female characters, and deserves a place in the superhero movie world.

But would she really make a good Cable? Let's be honest, we know this will never happen. We've seen the MCU take their characters in very different directions than the comic book versions, but we've never seen characters have their entire genders changed. But if it ever did happen, it would be pretty cool, and you can't deny that Keira Knightley looks incredibly awesome as Cable in this fan casting Photoshop.

13 Bryan Cranston As Lex Luthor 


Lex Luthor is one of the best villains from the DC universe, and in superhero stories generally. The villain might be "just a human" with no powers, but he has shown time and time again that he can go toe-to-toe with Superman (arguably the most powerful superhero ever created) and come out on top. To call him an evil genius would be a massive understatement, and no Superman movie would be complete without him.

Bryan Cranston is one of the most inspiring actors alive today, with early roles in Malcolm In The Middle transitioning nicely into an iconic role as Walter White in Breaking Bad, and now, he's moving on to bigger and better things. Could he one day play a supervillain in a superhero movie? How would Bryan Cranston fare as Lex Luthor?

When Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice was announced, everyone was convinced that Bryan Cranston would play the role of Lex Luthor. MTV posted a quote from the legendary actor, as he appeared to explain why he never played the role. According to him, it was all fan-driven hype, and nothing else. He stated: "They're thinking, 'Who could play Lex Luthor?' Who is bald and can be menacing? Oh! Walter White! We can get that guy. But it's not very inspiring casting."

12 Matthew McConaughey As Mysterio 


Mysterio is one of the most epic villains ever constructed by Marvel, and he hasn't really appeared outside of the comic book world, outside of a few cartoons. Mysterio is a master of illusion, having been a failed actor before turning to a life of crime. If we ever see him in a movie, it will most likely be a Spider-Man flick, because he is one of Peter Parker's arch enemies.

Matthew McConaughey is one of Hollywood's most celebrated actors and has appeared in all kinds of movies. While he's mostly relegated to romantic comedy status, he has shown time and time again that he's capable of playing a huge range of different characters. One only has to look at such films as Reign Of Fire to understand his potential to play the heroic character in movies.

So how would Matthew McConaughey fare as Mysterio? We're not exactly sure. It's clear that there would probably have to be some changes to Mysterio for him to "translate" into the movie world. That costume is a little elaborate and flamboyant, although the domed helmet is one of his trademarks. But hey, if anyone can pull it off, it's Matthew McConaughey, and this image is definitely interesting to look at.

11 David Harbour As Sabretooth 


Sabretooth is another Marvel character that most of us know well, and he's one of the most savage, brutal fighters in the MCU. He is typically seen in the X-Men universe, and he's actually the brother of Wolverine. Although Sabretooth doesn't have the Adamantium skeleton that Wolverine was given, he has proved time and time again that he is more than a match for Logan. He is rarely seen as a force for good, and almost always fights on the side of evil.

David Harbour is an established actor who has starred in many roles, but his biggest part to date was probably the role of Chief Jim Hopper in the critically-acclaimed Netflix series, Stranger Things. In the past, David Harbour has also starred as a CIA agent in the movie Quantum of Solace, and more relevantly to this article, in the superhero flick, The Green Hornet. 

Could David Harbour really nail the role of Sabretooth? This fan casting image is definitely pretty convincing. And who's to say that David Harbour won't play the role someday soon? The character of Sabretooth has already been played by two separate actors, and his timeline in the MCU is a little murky, to say the least. It really wouldn't add much confusion if David Harbour was cast as this savage villain.

10 Ana Kendrick As Squirrel Girl 


We've already mentioned Squirrel Girl before in this article, but what we haven't discussed is the fact that Squirrel Girl will probably make it into a TV show sooner than you think. There's been a lot of talk about her getting her own show, or perhaps guest starring on another Marvel TV show, but whatever the case, people are getting really excited about seeing Squirrel Girl in action.

Anna Kendrick is considered one of the most beloved actors and women in the science fiction scene today, and she has been in countless high-profile movies and shows. She's appeared in TwilightInto The Woods, and many more. She is an actor with immense talent and has shown time and time again that she's capable of really mesmerizing on the big screen.

But could she really nail the part of Squirrel Girl? Tons of fans seemed to think so, and at one point it seemed almost inevitable that she would get the role. Tons of fan casting Photoshopped images of her as Squirrel Girl started popping up everywhere, and this is just one of them. But alas, she didn't get the role, and Squirrel Girl will be played instead by the lovely Milana Vayntrub in the upcoming series, New Warriors, according to Elite Daily.

9 Chris Pine As Hawkeye 


Hawkeye is another character that has become a huge part of the MCU and regularly appears in the Avengers franchise. Like Black Widow, he's completely human, which means he's up against some stiff competition, both in terms of his allies and his enemies. But Hawkeye always manages to get the job done, and tons of people are huge fans of this down-to-Earth, determined superhero.

Chris Pine is one name we don't need to introduce, and he's also no stranger to superhero movies. He played a supporting role in Wonder Woman, but he was just a man with no superpowers. He's also played heroic characters more than once in the past and is famous for his portrayal of Captain Kirk in the Star Trek reboots. But how would Chris Pine fare as Marvel's Hawkeye?

In truth, he'd probably make a brilliant Hawkeye. This character has a vague 'Robin Hood' vibe about him, and Chris Pine fits nicely with that image. He's played plenty of princes in the past, and a 'noble archer' would be right up his alley. Although Chris Pine hasn't appeared in a Marvel movie before, he has appeared in a DC movie, which means he has the experience necessary to carry a superhero movie, if the chance ever arose.

8 Russell Crowe As Cable 


You know what the funniest thing is? This isn't even the last Cable fan casting we're going to show you. By now, it should be painfully obvious how divided fans were about who they wanted to play Cable, and in the end, it was obviously impossible to satisfy everyone. Still, the ideas raised by fans when it came to casting Cable were pretty interesting, and this image is just another example of what could have been...

Russell Crowe is another actor that needs no introduction, and he's played heroic characters time and time again. A few that spring to mind are his role in the epic film, Gladiator, and also as the grizzled fighter in Cinderella Man. Roles like these prove that Russell Crowe has what it takes to make it in a superhero movie, but could he really take on the role of Cable and succeed?

There's no doubt he would have done a fine job. While Russell Crowe is aging nowadays, he's at that time in his life where he'd be perfect for the role of Cable. We're not sure how great he would be at stunts these days, and the role would probably require him to do a lot of training, but we have no doubt that Russell Crowe is capable. That being said, this was probably one of the "long shots" when it came to the casting of Cable.

7 Natalia Dyer As Rogue 


Rogue is a character that has been largely forgotten by the MCU. In the very first X-Men movie, she was playing an extremely central character at the beginning of the film, and it was through her eyes that we were introduced to Wolverine. These days, Rogue seems to be on the sidelines, and it's not really explained where she went or what happened to her. That's a shame, because Rogue is a genuinely cool character, with the ability to steal other mutant's powers.

If you haven't seen the show, Stranger Things, you've probably never heard of Natalia Dyer. This actress is definitely making a name for herself though and has come up with some impressive performances in both the first and second seasons of the show. She plays a high school girl that goes looking for her missing best friend, eventually succeeding in rescuing her.

So could she play the role of Rogue? You tell us... This picture looks pretty convincing, and we were to cast the character, we'd definitely at least give Natalia Dyer an audition. It would be great to see Rogue return to the X-Men universe, and Natalia Dyer could be the actor to help reintroduce her to the world, especially with all the younger versions of characters we're seeing in movies like X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

6 Tom Cruise As Iron Man


Iron Man is probably one of the biggest symbols of the MCU today, and along with Captain America, he's a major leader of superheroes around the world. The funny thing about Iron Man is that he's just a regular human being, with no inherent powers... But he's stinking rich, and along with his genius-level intellect, that makes him one tough cookie. Of course, having an advanced suit of power armor doesn't hurt either...

Tom Cruise has played all kinds of roles throughout his career and is considered one of the biggest Hollywood success stories today. Everything this guy touches seems to turn to gold, and he's made millions upon millions throughout his career. His biggest past movies include Top GunMission: Impossible, and many more. Tom Cruise is certainly no stranger to playing the hero (that's pretty much all he does), but could he really pull off the role of Iron Man?

Let's be honest, at this point in his career, Tom Cruise could pull off virtually anything. He lives and breaths action. He does his own stunts and has a huge amount of past experience. So why hasn't he been in superhero movies before? According to Cinema Blend, the actor has stated that superhero flicks "just aren't his kind of movie." But there's no doubt that he would've been a great Iron Man.

5 Neil Patrick Harris As The Riddler 


The Riddler is one of the most famous characters in the DC universe, and as many of you undoubtedly know, he's one of the arch enemies of Batman. He's actually appeared before on the big screen, but we haven't seen a return for quite some time. Now that the Joker seems to be in the periphery of the Batman universe, we could see a revival of this famous villain, who is considered Batman's most intelligent enemy.

Neil Patrick Harris is a legend on the big screen and has delighted audiences with countless stellar performances over the years. In the past, he has appeared in such films as Harold And Kumar Go To Whitecastle, Starship Troopers, and many more. He never fails to bring a strong presence to the screen, whether he's cracking jokes or playing more serious roles.

So how would Neil Patrick Harris fare as the Riddler? If anyone can do it, he can. The bar was set pretty high with Jim Carrey's interpretation, but Neil Patrick Harris has proven on numerous occasions that he can be just as funny. It would be a different, unique kind of humor, but we think that's exactly what the Batman series needs right now. And clearly, he really fits the iconic costume of The Riddler.

4 Walton Goggins As Carnage 


Carnage is one character that fans of the Spider-Man series are eagerly awaiting. But they won't have to wait much longer, as it has all but been confirmed Carnage will appear in the upcoming movie, Venom. Like Venom, Carnage is a symbiote, an alien life form that can take over people's bodies. Carnage is actually an "offspring" of Venom, and he's every bit as dangerous. Unlike Venom, who is black, Carnage is blood red.

Walton Goggins is probably well-known to a lot of our readers, even though you might not be able to recall where you know him from. If you're a fan of movies like Cowboys And Aliens, The Hateful Eight, or Django Unchained, you've seen him before. He also appeared on Sons Of Anarchy and has received a lot of recognition for his work so far. But could he nail the role of Carnage?

We definitely think so, and this amazing image of him surrounded by the famous symbiote only hammers home that fact. There's definitely something very "unhinged" about this actor, and he can play angry, sadistic, and crazy very well. Carnage will probably go to some other actor, but there's no doubt in our minds that Walton Goggins would have made an excellent addition to the MCU. Perhaps he still will...

3 Sadie Sink As Emma Frost 


Emma Frost is another big part of Marvel's lineup of heroes, and although we've seen her before in the movie world, there's definitely a lot more to explore when it comes to the X-Men. Emma Frost has tons of amazing superpowers, including a wide range of psychic abilities, as well as being able to transform into a super durable diamond form, which also gives her accelerated strength and immunity to psychic attacks.

Sadie Sink is definitely one of Hollywood's most exciting up-and-coming young stars, having appeared as the main character in Netflix's critically acclaimed show, Stranger Things. At just 16 years of age, she already has a long string of credits to her name, including those in both film and television. She plays Max in Stranger Things, one of the children who gets swept up in the strange story.

So could Sadie Sink play a young Emma Frost? Definitely. Although we've already technically seen a young Emma Frost in Days Of Future Past, a new version of her could be a breath of fresh air. Alternatively, Marvel could just wait a few years before casting her in the role. Something tells us that Emma Frost will become a huge part of the X-Men franchise though because she eventually leads the X-Men in the comics.

2 John Hamm As Cable 


Did you think we were done talking about Cable? Think again! This was definitely one of the most talked about casting decisions in recent memory, but you probably already knew that. It's probably such a big deal because Cable was such a big part of many peoples' lives— at least, the ones who grew up reading comic books. A lot of us had this really clear image painted in our minds about who Cable was, and we all wanted Marvel to get it perfectly right.

John Hamm is another actor that needs no introduction, having appeared for countless seasons as one of the leads in the series Mad Men. He's also no stranger to film, having appeared in We Were SoldiersSucker Punch, and Bridesmaids. He is famous for never giving up on acting, despite not "making it" until he was well into his mid-twenties.

John Hamm was another one of those actors who was suggested for the role of Cable, mostly by fans, and his name was thrown around in numerous articles about the famous casting decision. Out of all the actors mentioned, it seemed like he had one of the best chances of landing it. But we all know that it was not to be, and now we must be content with seeing Josh Brolin take on the role.

1 Natalie Dormer As Killer Frost 


Killer Frost is a DC superhero that tons of fans will do doubt be familiar with. Not to be confused with Emma Frost, who is from the Marvel universe, Killer Frost can control snow and ice, feeding upon heat sources to fuel her powers. Sometimes she is seen as a villain, and other times, she is seen as an ally. She's definitely one of the most interesting and compelling characters DC has ever come up with.

Natalie Dormer is a well-known name in movies and television, and she's definitely one of the biggest actors alive right now. She first started to get people's attention when she appeared in Tudors, and then everyone just couldn't stop talking about her when she appeared in Game Of Thrones. But she's also known for movies, and she recently appeared in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay.

But how would she have done as Killer Frost? Well, as fans of the DC universe are aware, that role is already being played by none other than Danielle Panabaker. But how would Natalie Dormer tackle this role? There's no doubt that Natalie Dormer would have made a beautiful Killer Frost, and she also has a quiet, menacing look about her that could lend well to the dangerous nature of this character.

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