25 Sneakers Kim Kardashian Has In Her Closet She Can't Live Without

It is a hard pill for sneakerheads to follow, but the Kardashian family are taking over the sneaker game. Whether you keep up with the Kardashians or not, you know they are currently the most influential family in Hollywood and possibly all over the world ― their only competition might be Royals. All members of the clan have taken over the fashion and beauty industry, and they cause hype with whatever they are seen wearing; girls and women who are obsessed with the Kardashian women want to know exactly what they are wearing and want to imitate them. Now, that is not to say that everything they wear is pretty, but diehards will always rave over whatever they slap on; that is the amount of power they have over people.

With social media, the family members have become business and fashion moguls, and have taken the fashion and social media world by storm. With constant posts by the Kardashians, mostly Kim on Instagram and Snapchat, we get a sneak peek into their lavish and posh lifestyles. Therefore, this means that if Kim K stars in an ad campaign for a sneaker, like recently for her hubby Kanye West, or wears Adidas on her feet, the highest buzz will be generated. Since the family has the biggest reach, fashionistas and trendsetters love them, especially Kim K, for her top-notch and on-point style. Though we often see Kim in Tom Fords or Louboutins, she does have a passion for sneakers. After all, her husband is the face behind the Yeezy brand. Take a look at her most photographed kicks!

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25 Kim K Occasionally Likes Her Vans

via Pinterest

Just because she is Kim Kardashian and has money coming out of her ears, that does not mean she cannot enjoy the simpler things in life, like a simple and comfortable pair of Vans. Newsflash ladies: Kim too is a woman who likes to be comfortable and not always in heels. When you have children and you just want to get up and go and still look stylish, Vans are the ideal fashionable shoe, and Mrs. West, mother of three, is no stranger to that. There are numerous photos of her taken by the paparazzi leaving her home with her classic black and white Vans.

24 Kim’s Yeezy Boosts Are Perfect For Mommy Duties

via DC Shoes

A great wife will support all her husband’s dreams, correct? And evidently, Kim K does, which has helped her husband's line gracefully grow into an empire. There are women's fashion blogs with pictures of Kim plastered everywhere on her clothes and footwear and how to get her look. Not coincidentally, the Adidas Yeezy 750 Boots in grey, have been all the craze as she is seen reportedly wearing them casually quite often. Everyone, including busy mothers, all would want to get a pair of these high tops, but it isn't that easy.

23 Kim Makes Casual Footwear A Street Trend

via Pinterest

It is hard to keep up with anything Kim does; she is considered the queen of fashion and from one day to the next, she is sporting the next hot item. The one item everyone always has their eyes on when they see Kim, though, is her footwear. Looking casual has now become the new street style, and here, Mrs. West is wearing her Adidas Yeezy Wave Runner 700 sneakers, that are daunting and match with her Yeezy Calabasas sweatpants.

22 The 350 V2 Obsession Is Real

via Footwear News

We warned you; even if what Kim is wearing isn't so stunning, people will find nothing wrong with it because they are just so obsessed with her. Who knew that the shoes we wore to play soccer would become the new "it" item? No one, until Mr. and Mrs. West came along. In case you live under a rock, the new trend is the cycle style, which is basically what bikers wear. Pairing them with her cycle Bermuda leggings, Kim K likes to flash her Yeezy 350 V2s in blue.

21 Kim’s Silver Sneakers

via Solepost

Kim always has the urge to attempt out-of-the-world styles like pink hair with a silver puffer jacket, silver cycling shorts, and silver runners with high socks and mashing these items all together. So, if you see anyone on the streets dressed in silver from head to toe with chunky sneakers and pink hair, do not be alarmed, they're just trying to replicate Kim K. Here she is posed in, again, one of her husband's sneakers, the Wave Runner 700 V2. The tonal silver colour-blocking shoe garnered all kinds of attention on her post.

20 Kim K Gives A Boost

via Pinterest

Remember those runners that sneakerheads all over the world went crazy to get their hands on? Well of course Kim K has a pair. As a matter of fact, she is so often photographed wearing the Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost Sneakers in pirate black, we're starting to think they might be her favourite. Sneaker nerds are constantly following Kim K, even if they do not like her, to be up to date on the hottest sneaker trends and get a secret glimpse of what’s next.

19 Kim K Causes A Footwear Stir

via Pinterest

At the end of 2017, Kim K shook up social media with this photo of her; no, not because of her bizarre and unordinary outfit, but because of her sneakers. She is among one of the most influential people in the footwear industry right now, so Kanye is lucky to have her as his girl to promote Yeezy. Leave it to Kim K to cause an earthquake on social media when posting a picture premiering a new pair of Yeezys. She gave a first glimpse to the world of the chunky silhouette shoe with a bulky midsole in cream.

18 Kim Likes Black Nikes Too

via Pinterest

Even though she may outshine the world with her shoe collection, who doesn't love a simple black Nike runner? Kim does, as we've often seen Mrs. West, like in the picture above, pair a pair of black and white Nike runners with her casual ensembles. We're lucky we get to see a lot of her going in and out of the gym because we get a glimpse of her without her lavish heels on. Thanks to the paparazzi, we know Mrs. West is somewhat normal like us with her Nikes.

17 Kim Makes white Yeezys A Thing

via twitter.com

While people try to get their hands on any pair of Yeezys, Kim is gallivanting around the world with various pairs. Evidently, we know how much you envy the social media queen. While casually out and about, as she often is in Los Angeles, Kim K hides her face from the cameras, but does that really matter anyway when all eyes were on her pair of Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 "Cream White?" Not really, we're totally distracted by the pure beauty of the soles.

16 Grey Yeezy Boosts Go With Everything

via Vogue

Kanye's kicks are all the rave among A-listers like him and Kim, but Kim gives a special bedazzle to them. The sporty chic style that emerged in the past year on the runway is a look that Kim K took on and made her own, like the photo above with a pair of Yeezys on her feet. These Yeezy Boost V1s in Turtle Dove, that she often rocks, are the focal point of many of her ensembles. Here, she pairs them with a khaki parka, camel-coloured bodysuit, and black velour pants. Clearly she can pull off anything.

15 Kim Can’t Live Without These

via Pinterest

We honestly believe Kim should collaborate with her hubby and add her own personal touch to the Yeezy runners, because the hyped-up sneakers all look pretty similar. With her extravagant and luxurious style, she could probably add a pop of colour to the neutral kicks. Though Kim's looks have been a little more casual lately while she is out and about in her cycling shorts, her look is not complete without her versatile sneakers that she clearly can't live without. She's totally killing it in these Adidas Yeezy 350 Boosts in Moonrock.

14 Kim Rocking Yeezys at Disney

via blacksnobiety

Kim Kardashian went to Disneyland with her adorable children and Kourtney for Mother's Day, but we're pretty sure Kim is in Yeezyland. Strolling through the happiest place on Earth with North and Saint, in an outfit that looked like it was put together with sunglasses on, Kim decided to adventure around in her beloved Adidas Yeezy 700. Yes, what makes up most of her sneaker collection are different pairs of Yeezys, but how can she live without them? It's her husband’s babies. Plus, the lime-yellow detail on these sneakers is just enough pull her outfit together.

13 A Mother Needs Her Vans

via Pinterest

"Comfort is key" should be everyone's favourite it-girl Kim K's key phrase. If you thought Kim was only about the hottest new designer pumps, you were way off. With her children, she is now a very busy mother, even though she is always on top of her social media game, versatile and comfortable runners are her best friend. That is why Kim loves her Vans; besides the staple black and white, Kim loves to pair her Vans Canvas Slip-on Sneakers with her spandex leggings.

12 Adidas x Snapchat x Kim

via Pinterest

Kim K is a powerhouse and she knows it; whatever she effortlessly posts to Instagram or Snapchat generates a buzz all throughout the world. So, surely, when Kim posted a Snapchat story of her basic Adidas Yeezy Calabasas Powerphase, they obviously received many orders and emails preceding. We do love the more down-to-Earth Kim we are seeing that is photographed and posting more casual looks of herself that we could all relate to. And these sneakers totally match her celebrity mamma lifestyle.

11 Kim’s Sneakers Are Saints

via DC Shoe

Kim and Kanye West have their fair share of haters, but you cannot deny the cuteness of their family ― and this photo is everything. Are you even surprised that little North and Saint have pairs of mini Yeezy shoes? Bummer ― most people still haven't got their hands on a pair. Besides that, Kim made all her fans and non-fans blush with the cuteness of this photo that shows her and son Saint wearing daddy's hot kicks. Here, she is wearing her famously-worn her Yeezy 350 V1s in Oxford Tan.

10 Pink Bottoms

via GotCeleb

Because of Kim, strolling the city in yoga pants and sneakers has become totally acceptable and fashionable. Her minimalist approach is what women have wanted for years because everyone should be comfortable. Now, it is no longer a fashion crime to step out of the house in a ribbed tank top and jogging pants because Kim does it. And when she does, she doesn't go without a comfortable and flashy-coloured pair of runners. If she is not wearing silver with pink hair, then she is wearing all black with pink Nikes.

9 Her Favourite White Runners

via w magazine

Kim Kardashian West is the new Anna Wintour of the fashion world; she has officially become the world's most powerful fashion influencer. The reality star's popularity is through the roof, which is why brands will spend huge bucks to get her to be the face of their ad campaigns. Lately clad in constant athleisure, Kim here is posing for the sports-inspired collection of Wardrobe NYC Release 002. And do you spot what Kim decided to wear on her feet? Some basic and simple Adidas kicks, and it is not the first time we see these white bad boys.

8 Oh, That New Ad

via Sole Collector

The newest Yeezy ad for the Yeezy Boost 350 v2 in Butter has sent laughter all across the world. Why? Because of countless and endless memes and jokes about Kim's awkward pose for the ad on a bed. The beauty mogul, who is all about the cycling shorts lately, opted for a bralette and underwear to pair with the new Butter sneakers that she evidently already owns and will be her new favourite kicks and top seller. Despite the odd pose that obviously shows off her booty, these kicks will sell like hotcakes.

7 Coordinating Yeezys

via Pinterest

We love a little matchy-matchy when it is between mother and son; it all makes us gush over how cute the Wests can be. Kim definitely wins brownie points from her haters when she posts adorable Snapchats of her and her son playing the dress-up game. The 350 V2 Zebras  she is wearing alongside her son Saint are perfect when they travel as a family. Who ever said Kim was only allowed to match with her daughter?

6 Kim's always loved her nikes 

via Hello Amanda

Before, only people who did sports and engaged in physical activity would own Nikes, but now, since Kim has been rocking them more often than not, fans of Kim wear them too. The sporty-chic look and cycling look has been flooding our Instagram feed, and so, pictures of Kim with runners are found from left to right. The black, white, and grey colour-blocked Nike Flyknit Lunar1+ have been in Kim's closet for quite some time. We don't blame her for knowing she can't live without them.

5 When Jordans Were On Her Feet

via zimbio.com

Any sneakerhead needs to be on the watch for Kim, literally. Before Mr. West started his overly-popular Yeezy line, it was all about the Jordans. We said before, she doesn't wear Jordans on her feet anymore because she's always strutting her stuff in Yeezys to have her hubby's back. However, before, it was very common to see Kim gallivant around town with her favourite Jordans. These Air Jordan 3's in White/Cement were a hot commodity; they are obviously still hanging out in her closet.

4 She'll never let go of Nike 

via Coolspotters

Before, it was rare  to see Kim without a pair of heels on, but now, it's the contrary since she, along with Kylie, are queens of the sneaker world. We also wish we could get up every morning looking that good and ready to work out with comfortable kicks on, like these powder blue and grey Nike Free 5.0 V4 Sneakers. Though Kim now sticks to more neutral colours to go with her look, she sometimes busts out a jog in these or the bright pink ones.

3 All-Black 

via HawtCelebs

We're not sure which brand of sneakers they are, but Kim wears these quite often while out and about in Calabasas. With her all-black athletic wear, signature pout, blonde hair, giant shades on, and all-black lustre shoes, she kind of looks like a mysterious undercover spy, and we totally dig the look. Who doesn't like seeing Kim in tights? It took Kim to make the sportswear look a trend.

2 motherhood should be about comfort 

via MoeJackson

Do your sneakers need to match your outfit when they make you feel like you are walking on clouds? Certainly not, and Kim Kardashian West approves. After all, when a woman like Kim Kardashian, who is the world's most powerful influencer, is pregnant, comfort is key to make it through the days. When Kim was pregnant and still hitting the gym, she was photographed sporting these flashy mint green Nike runners, and quite often too.

1 Kim Teased us With The Adidas Yeezy Calabasas Powerphase

via Nice Kicks

Kim teased the world with a glimpses of the Adidas Yeezy Calabasas Powerphase before they were released and we know that these vintage-looking kicks are her new favourite obsession. The retro sneakers, designed by her partner in crime, Kanye West, were featured in one of Kim's Instagram stories, showing off the different tones the sneaker will be released in. We're loving the monotone look of the grey one, and we know Kim will continue to flash them on her feet all around town.

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