25 Rich Celebs Who Live Like Normies (Even Though They Don't Have To)

While we love to see celebrities taking advantage of their rich and famous status on social media sites like Instagram, we also love the celebrities who live completely normal lives when they’re not working. Yes, we’re borderline obsessed with those pictures of celebrities we see who shop at Walmart and CVS with absolutely no makeup on, and without their entourage. We especially get excited when they’re spotted using the coupons at the bottom of their CVS receipts, because who doesn’t love those? It’s something about a famous person who has all the wealth in the world to splurge on multiple homes around the world and go on vacation for weeks at a time, but instead decide to live low-key lives like us normal people.

It’s actually pretty fascinating. We’re also impressed with those celebrities who opt out of spending their fortune (because no matter how much they have, the well could run dry at any given moment) and instead save and invest it, also like normal people at least try to. Check out a few of our faves who are on the top of the best-selling and award nominations lists, but still live their lives in private and like normal people.

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25 Alexis Bledel

We have to say, we love how low-key Alexis Bledel is! The Gilmore Girls star barely even has an Instagram page. Um, how are we supposed to know what she’s up to? Well, this is what we do know. She and her husband, Vincent Kartheiser, are said to live in a one-bedroom apartment. We know it’s been a while since Gilmore Girls was taking over the small screen, but it’s safe to say they can certainly afford more than this.

24 Renee Zellweger

Via: Pascal Le Segretain

Renee Zellweger has definitely made herself famous for well, not living a famous lifestyle in real life. She actually sets a budget for herself and keeps it. She’s not afraid to use coupons and search for a solid deal when she’s shopping for everything from clothes to groceries. We also love that Renee is eco-friendly and loves to recycle and save energy. She’s clearly set for life so she doesn’t have to live this lifestyle, which makes her choice to do so all the better.

23 Eva Longoria

via: lipstickalley.com

Eva Longoria pretty much played a gold digger on her claim to fame of ABC’s Desperate Housewives in the early 2000s. In real life? She’s not even close to living the lifestyle of her character, Gabrielle Solis. While she invested much of her Desperate Housewives salary, she’s still be working since then. However, we hardly ever see her partying on a yacht for vacation or making huge purchases like fancy cars and homes. Plus, we love that she doesn’t hesitate to spot a sale.

22 Nicole Richie

Via: Diggoods

She used to live her life in front of the camera as a teenager who still had lots to learn, but now that she’s full on adulting, Nicole Richie is living a normal life. We might see her younger sister, Sofia Richie, doing the complete opposite as her face is almost on every tabloid on a weekly basis, but Richie instead is working as a Creative Director for House of Harlow 1960. A celebrity with a regular job says normie all the way.

21 Kristen Bell

Via: Frazer Harrison

Kristen Bell is a proud coupon clipper! Seriously, it doesn’t get too much more normal than that people. While she and her husband Dax Shepard are worth roughly $18 million together, they don’t blow it all on lavish purchases. Instead, they live very frugal lives and are always on the hunt for sales and discounts. This even held true on their wedding day when they decided not to do a major celebrity wedding and went to the courthouse to say their vows.

20 Christina Aguilera

via: justjared.com

Singer and The Voice coach Christina Aguilera lives a surprisingly low-key life. While she’s used to the spotlight thanks to her days on The Mickey Mouse Club as a child and her battle for the title of pop princess in the 90s and early 2000s, Aguilera has stepped away from the attention when it comes to her personal life. She hardly ever shows her private life with fans, who are clearly longing for just a peek at what she’s up to when she’s not working.

19 Mara Wilson

Via: Emma Gannon

Are we the only ones who thought Mara Wilson, who played title actress Matilda, would end up being a super popular actress in Hollywood when she grew up? Well, that’s not necessarily the case. But it looks like Mara preferred it that way. Yes, she was a childhood star in a movie that still pulls rank. Still, these days she lives the life of a normie and works as a blogger and author. Matilda might have been a fictional character, but this is definitely what we would’ve expected would come of her life.

18 Hillary Swank

Via: CelebMafia

Hillary Swank is another celebrity who has no problem pulling out coupons at the cash register, even though she’s clearly worth millions. She is said to have been educated on how to properly handle her money since she was a young girl considering she wasn’t raised in a wealthy home. Besides, we’ve kind of lost count of how many times we’ve seen her doing her own shopping. So it’s safe to say she hasn’t splurged on a go-to assistant to handle her errands.

17 Tobey Maguire


His history as a construction worker and cook as well as his mom’s career as a secretary in his childhood days are just parts of the reason Tobey Maguire lives a normal and low-key life. He has always commended his parents for being smart with their funds and has clearly chosen to follow suit. Word is he saves money and spends wisely to avoid losing his millions and riches, which happens all too often in Hollywood. It’s safe to say the Tobes won’t be one of those people.

16 Adele

via: pinterest.com

As much as we’d love to see Adele flicking it up on vacation, buying herself new lavish items, and sporting the latest designer fashions, we’re not going to hold our breath for it. She’s one of the most normal celebrities we can think of! We love how she looks like the everyday woman, except when she’s belting out her Grammy-Award winning hits at well, the Grammy Awards. Other than career changing events, we love that Adele is like the best friend in our head. And she has no shame fanning out over celebrities like Beyonce, as if she wasn’t so amazing herself.

15 Kerry Washington

via: aboutnicigirl.blogspot.com

The fact that fans didn’t even know Kerry Washington was dating someone until news hit that she was married shows that she’s a pro at living a very low-key life. She’s even had two pregnancies since then and we have yet to see either of her children. It’s like she took a page out of Olivia Pope’s book from Scandal or something. Either way, it’s safe to say she’s as low-key as they come where celebrities and famous people are concerned.

14 Mariska Hargitay

Via: Ilya S. Savenok

We’re really not surprised Law & Order: SVU veteran Mariska Hargitay lives her life has a normie off set. We’d actually be even more shocked if she lived a lavish lifestyle in real life. She makes about $400,000 per episode of the hit series, which is inching toward its 20th season. Still, she’s another celebrity who practices the habit of saving more than spending, despite being worth millions on millions of dollars. Word is she wants to guarantee she’ll be set when she retires, which doesn’t look like it’ll happen anytime soon.

13 Matthew McConaughey

Via: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

What’s better than a heartthrob actor like Matthew McConaughey who lives like the rest of us? While he’s never far away from a well-deserved Oscar nod, in real life he’s pretty simple and not high maintenance at all. He even splurged for a trailer as his initial big purchase after he made his first millions in films like The Wedding Planner. He never hesitates to let his fans know that he’s all about living life as a minimalist. Plus, he thinks living in a trailer will actually help him prevent living a stressful life. Because taking care of a mansion can actually lead to pretty major headaches (so we’ve heard).

12 Jessica Alba

Via: Fantasticoh

We hardly ever see Jessica Alba because she’s a little too busy being one of us. She and her husband, Cash Warren, tied the note nearly ten years ago, and it’s safe to say they’ve been living normal lives since then. When she’s not speaking at major conferences or taking on amazing projects, she’s doing what most moms and wifeys love to do, hanging out with her little ones and her husband in some of the most low-key ways possible.

11 Freddie Prinze, Jr. And Sarah Michelle Gellar

via: whedon.info

Their lifestyles of the frugal and normal are just one of the reasons popular actors Freddie Prinze, Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar have been one of our favorite couples since they were taking over for the 1990s and the 2000s. For Freddie, he’s now a chef in his own right and even started a cookbook filled with family fun recipes. Sarah also keeps herself busy with doing lots of volunteer work and projects. What’s not to absolutely love about that?

10 Jessica Biel

Via: Today Show

We can’t say we’re entirely surprised that Jessica Biel lives the life of a normie. She and her husband Justin Timberlake are one of Hollywood’s most coveted and loved power couples. But they manage to keep their lives pretty normal. In fact, we really can’t think of how much normal they could be unless they walk away from the spotlight entirely, which we can’t even think about. While they’re pretty open about each other, they also make sure their son, Silas, has a normal life because they hardly ever show his face.

9 Tyra Banks

Via: Pinterest

Yes, she’s a super model, one of the best there is. But Tyra Banks is almost as frugal as they come. From her days of ripping the runway for Victoria’s Secret to her latest venture of serving as the host for America’s Got Talent, it’s clear that Tyra Banks has earned her million-dollar net worth. Still, she doesn’t spend it all at one place, or barely at all. She actually saves most of her money and has very frugal and money conscious money habits as she embraces a normie way of living.

8 Julia Roberts

Via: Entertainment Tonight

Julia Roberts’ real-life style might not be as simple and low-key as her pre-Richard Gere in Pretty Woman days. But she definitely lives life like a normie amid her celebrity status. She and her husband, Danny Moder, tout several homes (what celebrity doesn’t?) but their true heirloom is in none other than Taos, New Mexico. And before you start to think it’s a three-story mansion, it’s not. It’s actually a ranch. Fortunately for Roberts, she can channel her inner artist as the city is known for its Boho style.

7 Zooey Deschanel

Via: HitzFM

It’s clear Zooey Deschanel is one of the top comedic actresses right now. But she actually lives a pretty modest life. She is said to have investments in real estate, stocks, and bonds like a ton of other everyday folks. And she’s managed to keep her monthly bills and expenses to $22,500. While this might be half of a decent salary, this is pretty low compared to her Hollywood counterparts; especially since she has brought in as much as $95,000 a month.

6 Ashley Judd

Via: Variety

Ashley Judd went back to her midwestern roots despite being super famous. She hails from Kentucky but now lives in none other than Leipers Fork, Tennessee. Hey, it’s not necessarily anything to overlook or underestimate consider Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban live in the same city. It might be the place for celebrity normies to hide out from their lives as famous actors and actresses in Hollywood. While she goes to the West Coast for work, it might be safe to say she won’t be loading up her U-Haul to relocate for good.

5 Eva Mendes

Via: World News Easy Branches

Eva Mendes's and her longtime husband Ryan Gosling make one of our favorite couples! One of the reasons is because they live their lives like the regular and normal. Even amid Ryan’s major Oscar nod, the two hardly ever post snapshots of themselves at major events. We’d start looking out for split rumors if it wasn’t normal for them to opt out of walking the red carpet at high-profile events. Fortunately, all is well with the couple. And we’re convinced it’s partly because they live normal lives.

4 Sarah Jessica Parker

Via: Popsugar

Sex And The City fans know that Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, the amazing Carrie Bradshaw, lived quite a lavish life on the hit series. Interestingly enough, this isn’t always the case for Parker. Even though she’s married to another A-lister herself, Matthew Broderick, she lives quite the simple life for a Hollywood star and fashion designer. She not only prefers comfortable clothes, but also revealed her son only sports second-hand clothes. The only new items she’s bought him was a winter coat and shoes.

3 Jay Leno

Via: Paul Drinkwater/NBC/NBCU

From iconic late-night talk show host to hot rod car fanatic, Jay Leno is living the life of a normie to say the very least. Interestingly enough, he’s always lived life far from the edge when it comes to spending money. While he’s worth roughly $250 million, most of his money goes into doing stand-up comedy and savings. As for his impressive car collection, he’s built throughout the years and has proudly indicated he hasn’t had to dip into his savings to do so.

2 Halle Berry

Via: HawtCelebs

She might be an award-winning actress but in real life, Halle Berry is pretty low-key and normal. She’s not necessarily the one that you can walk past without recognizing, but you just might thanks to how average her life off camera is. We’ve all seen those photos of her doing her own grocery shopping (insert gasp here), riding public transportation, and even dropping off her kids at school. Interestingly enough, Berry has said before that while she’s thankful for her fame and wealth, she’s scared she’s going to lose it. This could be the reason why she lives life like a normie.

1 Bruce Willis

Via: Meristation

When he’s not playing in major big-screen, money making franchises, Bruce Willis is living a normal and comfortable life away from the hills of Hollywood. In fact, Bruce has managed to steer clear of Hollywood for the past few decades. Remember when he was married to Demi Moore? (How could we forget?) The two actually raised their daughters in the small town of Hailey, Idaho. It’s not necessarily the place we go looking for on a map. He’s come a long way since he was serving drinks in Manhattan before he struck fame.

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