25Because DC Keeps Rehashing Batman To Compensate For Their Lack of Superheroes


Do you want to know what's wrong with DC? It keeps rehashing the same character. In 1989 we saw a new Batman, which starred Michael Keaton and was directed by the kooky Tim Burton. The film did well enough that a sequel, Batman Returns, was made in 1992, with

Keaton reprising his role. Burton returned as the director.

Ugh. We don't know what DC was thinking, but after the Keaton Batman films, the comic book studio decided that the world needed a new Batman movie just three years after the Burton-directed films. You know, in case we forgot the origin story or maybe because the Keaton movies were so darkly-lit. In 1995, the director Joel Schumacher made Batman Forever with actor Val Kilmer as Batman. Then, in 1997, the director returned with the sequel Batman & Robin. Schumacher decided to work with George Clooney playing Batman rather than having Val Kilmer appear in the sequel because the two clashed on the set. Batman & Robin was such a critical and commercial disaster that DC decided to cancel yet another Batman film, which was called Batman UnchainedMCU doesn't rehash. They produce sequels. They have enough characters that they don't have to keep repeating a superhero's story.

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