25 Reasons Why Brie Larson Will Be The Perfect Captain Marvel

A few days ago, Brie Larson and other Captain Marvel film crew members headed to Disneyland. The Magic Kingdom trip was a rest break for the hard-working Captain Marvel team, and it's safe to say that no one involved with this hotly-anticipated production is working harder than its star, Brie Larson.

She's been filming Captain Marvel since March and she knows that Marvel fans expect a lot from her.

Born on October 1st, 1989, Brie has been in show business since childhood.  Captain Marvel isn't exactly her first big break. However, it's a different type of role for her and it's going to boost her fame like crazy. Brie herself knows that she's going to attract a lot more attention now, even though she's already well-known for amazing acting performances in The Glass Castle, Room and United States of Tara.

Marvel is ready to take on Wonder Woman by releasing its own female-led flick. Brie is going to need to carry this epic big-budget picture. Can she do it? Judging by the critical acclaim she's received for her acting in the past, she definitely can.

She'll also need to try and live up to the incredible success of Avengers: Infinity War.

There is so much pressure on Brie Larson right now and she's handling it with grace. Only time will tell if Captain Marvel is a winner or the dreaded "under-performer", like Solo and Justice League. Movies that cost this much are always a gamble for film studios.

Here are 25 reasons why Brie Larson will be the perfect Captain Marvel.

25 She's Been Acting Since She Was a Child


Brie Larson is an actress who has paid her dues. She has been working in the industry since she was a child. She's now 28 and she's reaping the rewards of consistent hard work.

Brie was born in sunny Sacramento, California and started studying acting at a very young age. Once she moved to L.A., she started landing parts, including stints on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (she appeared in sketches). In 2001, she got a part on the sitcom, Raising Dad, and then landed smaller roles in movies, including Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Hoot and 21 Jump Street.

When preparing to co-star with seven-year old actor, Jacob Tremblay, in "Room", Larson was very sensitive to the young boy's needs. After all, she'd been a child actor herself.

During her initial meeting with Jacob, Brie focused on hanging out and making him feel comfortable. The pair ate pizza, had some Lego play sessions and generally built a strong bond before the cameras started rolling.

When Brie was a child, she enjoyed creating home movies. She would cast her cousins and make sets in the garage of her house. It's interesting that Brie found her purpose in life so young. She's moved forward to great success with single-minded purpose. She's ready to be Captain Marvel.

24 Captain Marvel Has Super Strength - Brie is Strong, Too


Captain Marvel (i.e. Carol Danvers) has so many powers. Her strength is superhuman, she has amazing stamina, she's able to fly, she's got physical durability, she's gifted with a degree of sixth sense and she has unique Kree/human physiology which makes her resistant to an array of poisons and toxins.

To be convincing in the role, Brie took her pre-filming workouts very seriously. She trained for nine full months. Brie has posted shots of her workouts to her official Instagram account. She was determined to get as strong as possible. She's said that her body has changed a lot because of the regular and intense workouts, which included weighted push-ups and pull-ups. With the weighted push-ups, she'd do the classic exercise with heavy chains draped over her back.

 According to Brie herself, developing strength is "a process". That's why she never missed a workout.

Jason Walsh was Brie's trainer. He's known as a respected personal trainer to the stars. He really pushed Larson, who developed the ability to do four hundred pound hip thrust workouts under his watchful eye.

Brie brings this type of determination and focus to everything that she does. She's always got her eye on the prize. She almost always hits the target after setting a goal.

23 Brie Often Plays Iconic Female Characters


Brie can handle demanding and iconic roles. Her acting is very strong and this is why she was chosen as the lead in The Glass Castle. Have you read this autobiographical book by former gossip columnist, Jeannette Walls? It's extremely moving.

It tells the story of a young girl who grew up in a very poor and eccentric family. (SPOILER ALERT) Her Mom and Dad eventually ended up homeless in New York City, while Jeanette struggled to make her mark in the Big Apple, as a journalist.

Jeannette Walls did succeed, but the psychological scars from her childhood went very deep. At one point, her parents were dumpster diving while she was living on Park Avenue. It's not that Jeannette wouldn't help them. It's that they wouldn't accept help.

While the film version of The Glass Castle didn't do as well as many hoped it might, Brie's performance as Jeannette Walls was considered impressive.

It's possible that this movie didn't blow people away because they'd read the book and imagined it all in their heads, and the movie just didn't fit their own visions of the story line and characters. I haven't personally seen the film yet, but I read the book three times. It was quite something, like an American version of Angela's Ashes, or a modern version of The Grapes of Wrath.

Brie also stood out in Room (she dazzled critics and audiences) and gave a great performance in Kong: Skull Island.

22 She May Be a Better Actress Than Gal Godot


Wonder Woman was a box office sensation. Distributed by Warner Bros., it grossed an astonishing $412,563,408. Now, Marvel is doing its own take on the stand-alone female superhero flick. It's all about competing with the Wonder Woman franchise and building on the success of Avengers: Infinity War.

I thought Gal was truly amazing as Wonder Woman. I loved her and so did most other people. However, technically speaking, Brie may be more skilled at acting. Brie won a Best Actress Oscar for her acting in Room. She's the type of thespian that film critics look up to. She takes acting to a very high plateau.

Gal was insanely good in terms of giving a standout performance with much less experience as an actress. I'm definitely not saying otherwise, as I'm a fan of hers. It's just that Brie is a darling of the film critics. They adore her.

Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel don't really have to compete, do they? There is room for both. We don't need to pit actresses against one another or pit female super-heroines against each other.

That being said, it's a sure thing that Marvel's powers-that-be hope that Captain Marvel will turbo-charge the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) like Wonder Woman boosted the DCEU (DC Extended Universe).

21 She's Psyched Up for the Part


Brie is very excited about being Captain Marvel. When she was offered the part, she had to keep the offer details under her hat. She was sworn to secrecy. She spent some time mulling over the pros and cons...and then decided that this part was a role that comes along once in a lifetime. She could never walk away from an opportunity this big and exciting!

Her main concern about taking the part was all of the scrutiny that she'd get from Marvel fans. She lives a quiet life when she's not working and she was wondering how taking this part would impact her low-key life.

In the end, the benefits of taking this part far outweighed the drawbacks.

Once Brie Larson made up her mind to take this part, she embraced it one hundred percent. She shows her enthusiasm in fun ways. One example is the pair of jeans she wore recently in an Instagram post. One of the back pockets was adorned with a Captain Marvel logo.

Brie didn't grow up with money or have anything handed to her. From childhood, she decided what she wanted and then moved towards her goals. She brings a lot of maturity to this part, even though she's only 28. She's not new to show business and she has the work ethic that's needed to bring this character to life, as well as the raw talent.

20 She's a Smart Woman


Did you know that English is Brie's second language, rather than her native language? Brie was born Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers and she had to learn English when she was a kid. French was language number one.  Brie's father, Sylvain DesSaulnier, is French-Canadian.

Brie changed her name because it was difficult for people to pronounce. She's said that she chose her new last name because it was the last name of a beloved American Girl doll that she owned. She had initially said that she chose Larson because the name was in her family, but may have wanted to hide the fact that she chose the last name of her doll.

Brie picked up a new language fast and then started making the American Dream come true.

Unfortunately, bright and ambitious Brie didn't have a great relationship with her father. She's said that she's chosen roles that are volatile because of her issues with him. Brie's parents split up when she was very young and Brie stayed with her mother. Brie is reportedly estranged from her Dad and believes that he had no real interest in being a father. Her Dad has talked to the press and says he's really proud of his daughter.

19 She's Settled and Stable


Brie's a settled and stable woman. She's in love, she's happy with her career and she's grateful for what she has.

Brie Larson has been in a long-term relationship with Alexander Greenwald for close to five years now. Her handsome boyfriend is a musician. He had a band, Phantom Planet, and he was the lead singer.

Brie and Alexander are now engaged. The couple love to hang out and play video games. I didn't picture Brie as an avid gamer, but she really is! Smurfs, Super Mario...she loves it all. Video games help her to unwind.

During an awards speech, Brie praised her partner for cooking up pasta and looking after her pooch.

If you were a fan of "The O.C" TV show, you'll be pleased to know that Greenwald's band wrote the main theme, which is called, "California". These days, Alex is part of another band called Phases. He's also acted. He was in the cult classic film, Donnie Darko. In Donnie Darko, he played a mean bully who hassled the main character.

Since Brie's love life is happy and stable, she's a good Marvel role model. We're probably not going to see paparazzi photos of her stumbling out of clubs at 3 a.m. or anything like that. She'll be with her man after work.

18 She is Sensitive As An Actress


Brie has the capacity to show us exactly how she's feeling, without saying a word. There is so much in her eyes and in her expressions as she acts. She's very sensitive as an actress and this aspect of her acting will help her to connect with Marvel fans worldwide. It'll also help her to make her character seem so real.

Brie's many strengths as an actress are a big reason why there's so much buzz about her being cast in the role. Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) is one of the most powerful Marvel female characters.

Fans have wanted to see her come to life on screen for ages. Captain Marvel is very competitive, stubborn beyond belief and extremely independent. Brie will need to capture all of these facets of Captain Marvel's personality in her performance.

Captain Marvel is sort of the female version of Captain America. These characters do what's right! Since Brie is sensitive enough as an actress to bring a lot of nuance to this role, she's an ideal fit. She's sensitive, but also really strong. Captain Marvel has to be someone that fans respect and relate to. Brie can deliver. She's able to show different sides of her characters, to give them a lot of dimension.

17 Brie Has a Clean Image


Brie is going to play an American superhero who is beloved. Brie's clean-cut looks will help her to embody the role of Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel). Brie is a bit of a chameleon in that she seems to disappear into different roles. Her hair color sometimes changes and her high level of acting skill gives her the capacity to seem like a different woman each time.

This time around, she'll play up her regular, symmetrical features, fit body and mane of blond hair to become Captain Marvel.

Chris Evans has the clean-cut look that is just right for Captain America. Brie will be like the female version of Captain America.

If you're interested in what Brie does to look so good, you should know that she's a vegan. Her meat-free lifestyle may make it easier to stay slim, plus she's working out heavily lately. Brie has beauty problems just like every other woman on the planet and she's mentioned the fact that she has occasional issues with acne. She's open about her skin struggles.

Brie says she stresses out over pimples, especially when they appear before important events. Sometimes, she draws the eye away from imperfections by putting on a slick of scarlet lipstick, such as Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Mysterious Red or Famous Red.

16 She Looks Amazing In Costume


Brie was spotted in an interesting green costume on the set of Captain Marvel. She looked great, but the color of the costume raised a lot of questions! According to Screenrant.com, the green costume is a sign that Marvel is keeping this movie's story line super-authentic.

Brie's green costume is likely inspired by the Kree warrior, Mar-Vell, who wore a white and green suit when he came to earth. Mar-Vell switched to a blue and red costume later on and it's a pretty safe bet that Brie will do the same while she's playing Captain Marvel. Movie posters already show the main costume, which is blue and red, with a golden star. British actor, Jude Law, will be playing Mar-Vell in Captain Marvel.

I'm sure all of the costumes for this movie are going to be epic. The producers of this film will spare no expense to make sure that every character has a costume that's flattering and true to the spirit of the comic books.

Brie is in awesome shape right now, so she'll look her best in any costume that she wears. When you train regularly for nine months, you're going to be sleek and toned. Brie has been doing punishing workouts to prepare for her role. She wants to look strong in her costume and she does look strong in the green version, based on papped photos from the set of Captain Marvel.

15 She Loves the Character


Brie has said that she appreciates the fact that Carol Danvers is a complex character. Obviously, an actress this talented is going to want a role that she can really sink her teeth into. Playing such a powerful superhero will stretch Brie as an actress. She'll need to push herself to deliver the high-octane action and enchanting charisma that Marvel fans want to see.

It's an amazing challenge for her and she's definitely up for the challenge.

The complexity of this character is one of the reasons why everyone's so excited about the Captain Marvel movie. Aside from a plethora of superpowers, Captain Marvel is very versatile and talented. She's gotten top-notch training in spycraft from the Central Intelligence Agency, along with combat training. She's also one heck of a pilot. As if all of this weren't enough, she's a great journalist.

Brie has a ton of talents herself, so maybe she's not so different from Captain Marvel. She may not have superpowers, but she's powerful enough to rise to the Hollywood A-list and getting on the A-list is no easy feat. So many people come to Hollywood with big dreams and then need to settle for "normal" lives. Not Brie Larsen.

14 She Has Incredible Acting Range


Some actresses excel at comedy, like Cameron Diaz does, but don't do as well at heavy drama. Some actresses are wonderful in serious dramatic roles (Keira Knightley), but aren't as effective when it comes to comedy.

To find an actress who can do it all is rare. Emma Stone is one actress who has amazing range. Brie Larson is another.

Brie is young, but has already appeared in sitcoms and heavy dramatic films. She's also pursued a musical career. She's explored different aspects of herself through her career choices and she hasn't allowed Hollywood to typecast her.

While she has astonishing range, she may be a bit worried about typecasting after Captain Marvel. Sometimes, a role like that can limit how the public sees you.

I think Brie will be able to escape Captain Marvel-related typecasting. I think she'll always do theater, take a variety of indie and big-budget roles and generally keep exploring her own limits and her own creativity. Landing a big role like this will make it easier for her to do other things that she loves, such as directing. It's going to open so many doors.

Bear in mind, she's an Oscar winner. She would have tons of opportunities without the role of Captain Marvel.

13 She Has Hidden Talents


Did you know that Brie Larson once made a bid for pop diva stardom? Her musical career began in 2003, when she started promoting tunes via her own website. At this stage, she displayed an interest in recording an album. Her first song was called, "Go Goodbye". Her song was about a bad relationship between two good people. Another notable song from this time period was, "Invisible Girl". After these songs were released, Brie got a record contract. The record company that signed her was Casablanca Records.

She co-wrote the songs, along with Craig Bartock and Michael Binikos. The same year, a third tune appeared, which was called, "Not a Freak". She made a music video for the third song, which could be purchased via the Web.

In 2004, she scrubbed the song from her personal website because her new record contract required her to. She then started recording tunes for her first record.

This woman has talent to spare. She's got so many outlets for her creative energy. Who knows what other hidden talents Brie Larson will reveal in the future. She says that she makes her own fonts for fun and to escape from the pressures of work. She's always learning and trying new things.

12 She's Learning About Flying


Carol Danvers is an Air Force pilot who has the call sign, Captain Marvel. She's also a superhero with awesome powers. To get into character, Brie went to an American Air Force base to learn about flying and the Air Force in general.

Sadly, one of the pilots that she trained with, Stephen Del Bagno, died during a test flight, while flying an F-16. He was a member of the Thunderbirds squadron. F-16 aircraft are nicknamed, Fighting Falcons. Brie shared her thoughts about the pilot and his passing on social media. She honored him and grieved for him.

Brie did all that she could to learn about flying and get into character. She was so serious about preparation for this role. Everything that she learned about flying and the military will help her to be believable as Captain Marvel.

Brie's meticulous approach to preparing for roles is admirable. She's not afraid to do brutal workouts for months to build strength, or visit an Air Force base and ask questions about flying and how the Air Force operates.

She's curious and humble and willing to learn from experts, whether they are personal trainers or pilots. Brie knows that this role is important and she's taking it all really seriously.

11 Audiences Relate To Her


Big companies who are gearing up to hire actresses for big-budget superhero films know that they have to select women who are popular with the public. They have to cast ladies that audiences will be able to relate to. Brie fit the bill.

Brie's likability is a big part of the reason why she got this role. It's safe to say that almost every actress in Hollywood would have loved to have been cast as Captain Marvel. Only one of them could get the part and it's Brie Larson.

There is a rumor that actress Olivia Wilde auditioned for this plum role, got an offer and then backed out. Yvonne Strahovski, from The Handmaid's Tale, was also rumored to be in the running, as was Katheryn Winnick from Vikings and Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Lawrence and Brie Larson are friends who are probably considered for the same A-list roles a lot of the time. So, hopefully, Jennifer wasn't too upset when her BFF got the part.

Brie's salary for Captain Marvel hasn't been confirmed, but her estimated net worth is ten million dollars. She used to be part of a poor family, so it's nice that she's making so much money.

10 She's Powerful As An Actress


Actresses who win awards for their efforts are perceived as the cream of the crop. When Brie won an Oscar for Best Actress, she joined the ranks of the A-list. Since her acting does have power, she's a natural for the role of Captain Marvel. If she was able to sway the Oscar Academy to vote for her performance in "Room", she will be able to sway moviegoers who come to see her in Captain Marvel.

Brie has won a ton of awards, beyond the Oscar. She's also won a Golden Globe, for Room, as well as a BAFTA Award (Best Actress), a Screen Actors Guild Award, an Independent Spirit Award, etc. You get the general idea. Her work impresses people and gets noticed. Its singled out for its quality.

Basically, Brie is really hot right now as an actress. She beat out some big names for this part, including (or so it's rumored) Jennifer Lawrence. Clearly, this is Brie's moment and the makers of Captain Marvel are betting on her ability to captivate audiences. Based on her past performances, there is little doubt that she'll make this role her own. She will give it something special that no other actress could.

9 She's In Her Prime


Brie is young, but not too young. She's 28 and really in her prime. She's been involved in show business for an extremely long time, because she started out as an actress when she was just a child. She's sort of like Drew Barrymore in terms of being exposed to show business from such a young age. Brie wanted to act. She sought out the child actor life. She also looked for success as a musical artist and did get a recording contract.

She's lived a lot for 28 and done a lot. Now, she's engaged and ready to star in her own Marvel superhero flick.

This may just be the best time in Brie Larson's life. Every day of filming Captain Marvel must be so exciting, although I'm sure it must be very hard work, too. There is a lot riding on this movie. People are excited about it and expect to be blown away by it when it's released in 2019. If it doesn't measure up to audience and critic expectations, it'll be disappointing for plenty of people, including Brie Larson.

Brie is very poised. She has the kind of confidence that doesn't seem egotistical. She's mature enough to handle all of this pressure without cracking and she's also mature enough to enjoy this amazing and rare opportunity to star in a stand-alone solo superhero movie.

8 She's Struggled to Get Where She Is


Success may just be sweeter when you need to work really hard for it. Brie doesn't have Steven Spielberg for a godfather, like Gwyneth Paltrow does. She doesn't have a father who was an Emmy-award winning lighting director on General Hospital, like Meghan Markle does (Meghan's first part was on GH). She doesn't have Goldie Hawn for a Mom like Kate Hudson does.

Brie worked her way up through acting study, auditions and hard work. Nepotism wasn't something that she could use to get started in the industry. It's not wrong to use connections when they are there, but people like Brie had to make their own connections from scratch.

There was no network in place for them. Brie's success story shows that anything is possible when you work hard and perfect your craft.

Brie's Mom and Dad were both chiropractors and they had a shared practice before their divorce. Afterwards, Brie stayed with her mother and the little family struggled to stay afloat. Brie was never a rich little girl in Hollywood, like some of her contemporaries. I feel that her upbringing allows her to bring something different to the table than Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson do. Gwyneth and Kate have never experienced financial hardship.

7 She Had a Rough Childhood


Brie is very close to her beautiful mother, Heather. Brie also has a sister named Milaine Desaulniers. The divorce of Brie's mom and dad led to financial problems for Brie, her mom and her sister. They all lived together in a small studio apartment. It was a single room with a bed that folded down, out of the wall.

At this stage, the family ate ramen noodles to survive. Luxuries like Happy Meals were not affordable. Brie remembers the lack of toys and clothes. She had a couple of pairs of pants, a couple of shirts and that's all.

However, the family had each other. Brie knows she had a rough childhood from a money perspective, but also loved the closeness.

In Room, Brie used her childhood experiences to give her performance more power and depth. She'll probably bring the same approach to Captain Marvel. When the film has serious moments which call for a lot of emotion, she'll tap into her childhood memories. She has a lot of experiences to draw on. This part isn't as anguished as other parts she's played, such as the role of Jeannette Walls in The Glass Castle. She'll still need a full emotional range, though.

6 She's Down to Earth


Did you know that Brie Larson is frugal? She's not one for flaunting her money by purchasing a lot of flashy items. In fact, she had pangs of guilt when she needed to drop a couple of grand to get her hot tub repaired. Since she's down to earth, she's a great representative for Marvel. She has the right values.

Some celebrities get so caught up in buying things and posting about them on Instagram. Others are constantly on the hunt for free swag and endorsements. If Brie gets swag, she's grateful, but she's not out there actively looking for it. When she isn't working or attending a special event, you'll often find her in casual clothes that aren't super-expensive. She goes for jeans and cotton shirts.

It took Brie a while before she could stop worrying about money. At this stage, she'll probably never need to worry about it again. But she may worry anyway. People who grow up without a lot of money tend to carry their fears about becoming poor again with them for a lifetime.

Often, they remain frugal, even when they are super-rich. They have an approach to life which is sensible. They know that not having money can be tough.

Anyway, I like it that Brie isn't into consumerism. Sure, she dresses up for the red carpet and has a nice house, but she's not parading around in a Bentley or anything like that. She keeps it low-key at all times. She's probably pretty generous with her Mom and sister, too.

5 She's Easy to Work With


This pretty and polite actress gets rave reviews from her celeb co-stars. Samuel L. Jackson loves working with Brie and asked for a role in the film that she directed. The overall consensus is that Larson comes to work in a pleasant mood and treats people well. If you read a lot of Hollywood gossip, you already know that some actresses bring more trouble than sunshine.

Brie isn't spoiled. She's not someone who grew up in a big mansion. She values her success, values the money that she makes and respects other people. She knows that the opportunities that she gets are hard to come by.

When Captain Marvel is released in 2019, Brie may become a household name. Right now, she can still go unnoticed sometimes in public, because she does have a chameleon quality. Soon, she may not be able to disappear into the background. Even when she does become a household name, she'll probably hang on to her humility. She worked so hard to get where she is. She probably won't forget what it's like on the other side.

Brie is very professional. She directs movies, in addition to acting in movies. She sees the process from both sides.

4 She's Preparing to Get Super-famous


Brie had reservations about taking the role of Captain Marvel because she knew that people who star in superhero movies tend to attract a ton of attention from fans. She was worried about the changes to her lifestyle which would happen once comic book fans and other fans had her on their radar. In the end, she took the role because it's such an amazing part. Now, she's preparing to get super-famous.

Since she knows about the incredible popularity of Avengers: Infinity War firsthand, she's somewhat prepared. However, it'll probably still be a shock to the system when the movie is released and it's all that anyone on the Internet can talk about.

She'll hear good things and bad things. There will be fans and trolls. There may be creeps who try to get close to her in real life.

While there is a downside to being a superhero on film and attracting so much attention, the upside is that she'll be able to connect with a lot of new fans. She may find it harder to live a quiet life than she used to, but she seems tough enough to handle it. She's been acting for a long time and knows the drill very well by now.

3 She's Kind to Fans


Brie is so cool and sweet to her fans. She's often photographed signing autographs and also shares sweet messages to fans on her Instagram account. This beautiful Libra lady has the impeccable manners that Libras are known for. She is not the type of woman who is going to act like a rude diva around the people who pay hard-earned money to see her on the silver screen. This is good news for Marvel fans.

Some actresses have reputations for being rude to fans. Julia Roberts is one that comes to mind. Another is Cameron Diaz, who is quite open about disliking autograph sessions.

It takes patience and kindness to be nice to fans over and over again, no matter what kind of day you are having. Brie seems to have this type of grace. When Captain Marvel is released, she may find that fans want more from her than they used to. Hopefully, she'll handle it well. It'll be an adjustment. She's already famous, but not like she will be when she plays one of the Marvel Universe's most powerful superheroes.

Hopefully, the mixture of praise and criticism that Brie is going to get when Captain Marvel hits theaters won't put Brie off balance. It's going to be a media firestorm.

2 She's a Lot of Fun


Brie treasures the friendships that's she made through work. She loves being buddies with Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone. Emma gave her little gifts before the Oscars, when Brie won for Room. One gift was a little lucky elephant totem that she could carry along in her handbag. Brie thinks that these sweet gestures mean a lot.

From most reports, Brie is serious about the work, but willing to have a good time when the cameras stop rolling. Some of the parts that Brie has taken are so serious.

With Captain Marvel, the stakes are high, but it's more of a fun part. She's not doing another version of The Glass Castle!

Since Brie is fun and sweet, her friends will be cheering her on while she hits this new career milestone next year. Fans can hardly wait to see Captain Marvel. It's one of those movies that is getting incredible buzz well ahead of its release. Most people are happy that Brie was cast, but there will always be haters. Brie can turn to her friends if a lot of shade is thrown her way after the film's release. She'll have their support whether things go well or badly.

1 She Was Born to Play This Role


Brie Larson was the youngest student ever accepted into a prestigious American drama school. Obviously, her talent stood out, even when she was only six years old. What's amazing is how the little girl was willing to commit to learning acting at such a young age. She was already focused on mastering the dramatic arts.

It took Brie two decades to become an "overnight sensation". No one can say that she didn't do the work. While she's lovely to look at, her talent has played a huge role in her ascent in Hollywood. Lots of actresses look good. Few earn Oscars and Golden Globes.

Brie is an inspiration and a great role model. She didn't let the challenges in life hold her back. She moved forward, had her hard times, struggled financially, and then became everything that she wanted to be. Fans are so excited that she's filming Captain Marvel right now. There is so much speculation about this film. Brie is pretty special to get chosen for the honor of playing Carol Danvers. I think she'll do a great job.

Even if the movie tanks, she'll be able to move on. She's given so many great performances in the past. Sometimes, when a movie fails, it's not about the acting. There are so many different variables at play.

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