24Captain Marvel Has Super Strength - Brie is Strong, Too


Captain Marvel (i.e. Carol Danvers) has so many powers. Her strength is superhuman, she has amazing stamina, she's able to fly, she's got physical durability, she's gifted with a degree of sixth sense and she has unique Kree/human physiology which makes her resistant to an array of poisons and toxins.


be convincing in the role, Brie took her pre-filming workouts very seriously. She trained for nine full months. Brie has posted shots of her workouts to her official Instagram account. She was determined to get as strong as possible. She's said that her body has changed a lot because of the regular and intense workouts, which included weighted push-ups and pull-ups. With the weighted push-ups, she'd do the classic exercise with heavy chains draped over her back.

 According to Brie herself, developing strength is "a process". That's why she never missed a workout.

Jason Walsh was Brie's trainer. He's known as a respected personal trainer to the stars. He really pushed Larson, who developed the ability to do four hundred pound hip thrust workouts under his watchful eye.

Brie brings this type of determination and focus to everything that she does. She's always got her eye on the prize. She almost always hits the target after setting a goal.

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