25 Reasons Why Brad Pitt Is Actually The Most Underrated Actor In Hollywood

Brad Pitt is one of the most well-known celebrities. He's a superstar whose life fills the pages of magazines everywhere. His face is instantly recognizable and he is more known for his star power than for anything else. Unfortunately, Brad Pitt is more associated with being a movie star than an actor, even though his skills as an actor are incredible.

A movie star is someone who is known for their looks and their charisma and personality. They're known as being part of the Hollywood story. An actor is someone with talent who creates vivid and believable characters. Brad Pitt's good looks and his roles as the perfect male romantic lead have put him in a box. But when you look at all of the movies that he has done, all of the roles that he has played (and played really well), you realize that Brad Pitt is more than a pretty face. He is an incredibly underrated actor. He is so diverse in the roles that he is able to play. And the thing is that in each of those diverse roles, he is so believable. You can see him as a suave man with charming good looks just as much as you can believe in him as an extreme manic.

Here are the 25 reasons why Brad Pitt is the most underrated actor in Hollywood.

25 He energizes the entire movie of World War Z

World War Z is not just another Zombie movie, and Brad Pitt is part of the reason for that. Throughout the movie you watch Pitt play a character that is under intense pressure, and yet he does what he needs to do. He'll chop off a hand to save a soldier from turning. And near the end of the movie, we watch him dodge death again and again with this amazing alertness. In a movie that could have been just another in a slew of Zombie movies, Pitt's character shines through.

24 He's a producer


Pitt is way more than just an actor. On IMDB, Pitt has 52 credits to his name of movies that he has been a producer for. He knows the movie world so well that he moved on from just being in front of the screen, and took on more of a responsibility behind the scenes to ensure that the entire film would come out in the best way possible. Producing a film takes full knowledge and understanding of more than just creating the scenes, but everything that goes into making a movie a success.

23 He's won 64 awards


He has won 64 awards. You can see the list here. Winning even just one award shows talent when you think of how many actors and movies and shows there are out there in the world, but to have won 64 awards out of the lifetime of your career is absolutely incredible. Especially since he is still so young! Not all of the awards are the snobby Oscars and some were even people's choice awards, which means that many people can see his talent. (Source: IMDB)

22 He's been nominated for countless awards


He may have won 64 awards, but he has been nominated for so many more than that. Being nominated for an award means that people have put you forward because they can see your talent and believe that you should win for that award. Just think of that. He has had so many roles and movies that he produced that have caught the eye of everyone around that they felt the desire to put him forward for nomination.

21 He's done an insanely believable accent


If you have never seen Snatch, let me recommend it with my whole heart. Pitt plays a character named Micky who is an Irish Gypsy. The accent that Pitt puts on for his character is so completely unlike his normal voice that it's quite a shock to take in at first. His accent and his speech pattern are so believable and incredible, it's almost worth watching the movie for that purpose alone. (Although, the movie is great with or without the accent. Trust me).

20 His part in Twelve Monkeys is awe-worthy


If you ever have the notion that Brad Pitt is a charming, sexy, and suave man and can only play that playboy role, go watch Twelve Monkeys. It will change your mind completely forever. Pitt plays Jeffrey Goines who is insane and lives in an asylum. Jeffrey does not think that he is insane. Pitt plays the role of beautifully. He has a tick that is incredibly believable. He plays the manic behavior so convincingly, you will never again put Brad Pitt into a box.

19 His role in Ocean's Eleven


I love Pitt's casual attitude in this movie. There was never a better bromance in a film than that of Clooney and Pitt's characters in this movie. What I love best about what Brad Pitt does in this movie has to do with food. Go and re-watch the movie. In almost every scene that Pitt is in, his character is snacking or eating. It's hilarious. When you notice it and go back to watch it's comical beyond words. Pitt knows how to stick to a character, that's for sure.

18 He's a comedian


So we know that Pitt can play a ladies man, and we know that he can play a man's man, but did you know that he's also a comedian? If you weren't aware of that, then you clearly have not watched Burn After Reading. Pitt plays a very thick (as in dumb, not just thick thighs) personal trainer and you cannot help yourself from laughing as you watch the movie. Pitt's role catches you off guard when you watch this because of how delightfully funny he is in it.

17 He plays bad really well


In Killing Them Softly Brad Pitt plays a hitman. He's a stone cold man who has a preference to take out his victims "softly". The movie shows the dark side of mobsters and gangsters and Brad Pitt plays a man who is such a killer that you would not want to find yourself on the other end of his gun. Pitt takes on little details like his instinct to sweep the streets as he walks to take his character to a whole new and believable level.

16 He can embody a character fully


What makes Pitt's portrayal of Tyler Durden so incredible is that as you watch him physically and psychologically dominate and obliterate all of the people around him, there is part of you that gets swept up with his words and his character. Tyler Durden, and the success of his charisma, is so much more than his looks. It's everything about him. Pitt makes the character so real and vivid that the ending of the movie leaves you feeling like you've had the wind knocked out of you a bit.

15 He lived up to the Redford comparison


Very early on Brad Pitt was compared to Robert Redford. Critics and fans alike can agree that that comparison pulls true when it comes to the character that Brad Pitt plays in this movie. In Moneyball, Pitt lives up to his movie stardom and showcases a character that is attractive as well as incredibly interesting. This is one of the only sports movies that I actually enjoy and a big part of that is because of Pitt's acting in this.

14 He can take on any kind of character


Once again Brad Pitt shows us that he can take on any character and fully transform. From the way that he talks to the way that he holds his face, Pitt becomes a completely different person. His character in the movie of Inglorious Bastards is one that is so ridiculous: he's a redneck who thinks of taking out the enemy as if it were regular hunting. He's absolutely brutal and yet understandable and at the same time very much animalistic. Pitt plays all of it with believability.

13 He can play a villain


In The Assassination of Jesse James Brad Pitt plays the legendary villainous outlaw (although, of course, the character is much more complicated than that) and gives us such an amazing performance of it. What is most amazing about his acting in this movie is that he does not have to actually DO much for us to be glued to his character. He manages to give off a presence of violence and threat without actually needing to outwardly show it. It is quite the thing to see.

12 He can play strange roles that are hard to capture


Pitt's challenge in the movie the Curious Case of Benjamin Button was a difficult one. He had to live as a character aging in reverse, which meant to have an air of innocence and curiosity while carrying himself in a frail and elderly way. And as he continues on he would have to change that up to have wisdom and understanding while getting a younger and more vigorous body, all while including love into the mix. It's a role that he would not have experience playing any time before.

11 He can play opposing feelings at the same time


In The Tree of Life Brad Pitt plays a character that is incredibly complex and deeply interesting. You could do an entire study on his character. Pitt's character shows a mix of reverence and incredible sternness. He's pained and painful. He is feeling dragged down by his place of work and takes it out at home. You watch him fail again and again and watch the fallout within the home. You can see deep love but it's complicated by the scariness.

10 He makes a great co-star


Se7en is a movie that is unsettling in the biggest way. Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman play off of each other. Their buddy-cop dynamic within such sick and perverse crime scenes is something to behold. They are driven and act well together, making this movie a must see, if you can stomach it. Part of being a good actor is being able to be as good of a co-star as you can a star, and Pitt shows that he can be that indeed in this movie.

9 He convinces even the toughest critics


In Brad Pitt's role in Kalifornia Roger Ebert called Brad Pitt's acting to be one "of the most harrowing and convincing performances." Another reviewer even said, "Brad Pitt's performance is crucial, and he rips into the character with a frightening sense of unhinged egomania, violently subverting the Redford-lite pretty-boy image with which so many wanted to associate him." This kind of praise must be looked at. It's clear that Brad Pitt is so much more than a movie star. He is a great actor. (Source: RottenTomatoes)

8 There is a reason we expect certain roles from him


When we think of Brad Pitt we think of a pretty face and boyish charm that can make ladies swoon. While we've seen that he can be so much more than that, he also certainly can be that. In A River Runs Through It, Brad Pitt plays Paul and manages to take on the devil-may-care grin, incredible charm, and an ease of skill that seems almost unfair compared to his older and much more serious brother.

7 He's not afraid to take on movies with deeper meanings


In Meet Joe Black, Pitt takes on a main role in a movie that touches on subjects of death, life, love, and happiness. Deep subjects are taken on in this movie. Many people agree that Brad Pitt played his role of Joe Black convincingly. The personification of death inside a man's body is very interesting in this movie. It's a concept that could easily be decided as silly and that some people might dismiss, but Pitt knew that it could be an interestingly deep role and took it on with courage. (Source: IMDB)

6 Babel


If you want to see raw human emotion from a man who is broken and grieving, you're not likely going to think of the handsome and ravishing Brad Pitt, but that is exactly what he delivers to audiences in Babel. Some of the movie's most moving scenes come from Brad Pitt's acting, such as when he is tending to his wife. He does this movie with Cate Blanchett and the two are absolutely real on the big screen together.

5 True Romance


Although he has such a tiny role in this film, it's a memorable one. He plays the smoking-roommate. He ends up helping both sides accidentally and without realizing. He showcases true comedic timing in this movie. Even in such a small role, he takes it on so believably that you would think that Pitt was bent on being lazy and eating nothing but junk and cereal.

4 He does what it takes to get into character


He told Conan O'Brien that he is a method actor. Of course it was more of a joke when he was talking about how he got into character for his role in True Romance; however, the fact remains that he has been able to play such a wide range of roles and he gets into character for each role so he can make it vivid. When it's his different accents, he puts them on in a way that would make you believe that he was born sounding that way.

3 He had to make up his own script


In The Devil's Own they had a great script but because of many reasons, they had to throw out the script and make the movie without one. They would make up the lines as they went along. Brad Pitt was skilled enough as an actor to complete the movie just like that. It takes real skill to be able to make things up on the spot and understand your character thoroughly enough to be able to know what they would say within every situation that they are thrown into. Pitt was able to do that.

2 He knows that he has skill


He doesn't mistake himself to thinking that he is the best for each and every role. He knows that someone else might do it better and they might not. But he does know how to look at a role and make it interesting. He said, "I think I'm at a point now where I feel like I can jump into anything and lay something down that's quality." He wants to know that if he is going to spend the time and energy into making a movie that he makes it a really good thing. (Source: IMDB)

1 He takes everything as a learning opportunity

When he was asked about his earlier films that perhaps were not his best performances he said, "I believe I'm quite capable and we, as people, can learn to do anything, and that's proof of it! And my education is on film, on record! Now I can take on anything that comes my way and find truth in it an do a pretty good job." We all know that people who take every opportunity to learn from their mistakes are the people to look out for because they will rise to the top. (Source: IMDB)

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