25 Pics To Show Why Kaia Gerber (Cindy Crawford's Daughter) Will Outshine Kendall Jenner

Cindy Crawford was the first model that I ever knew about. I can remember hearing my parents talking about how beautiful she was. My mom had the Cindy Crawford workout video and I can remember seeing her and just thinking, "I want to look like that when I grow up." Wishful thinking, I know, but I was little.

Cindy Crawford was one of those models that you won't soon forget. How many of us can remember the Pepsi commercial she was in? She was this beauty that looked somehow at the same time unattainable and...attainable. Like she was this natural, flawless, stunner that just woke up looking like that who would be the nicest and sweetest person to talk to.

Then, seemingly within a blink of an eye, her beautiful daughter, Kaia Gerber, came on to the modeling scene with a bang. She is a vivid and startlingly appealing young woman and is practically the spitting image of her mother. There are some photographs that you can see of her and you'll have to do a double take to see if it's her, or a picture of her mother when her mother was a young model.

She seems to have an air of the 80s and 90s that her mom was a model in while still being entirely contemporary, which makes her timeless. Here are the things that you should know about this beautiful young girl who is taking the modeling world by storm.

25 She has 3.6 million followers on Instagram


Just a quick scroll through her Instagram is going to show you that she is almost a twin to her mom. Her Instagram is full of images from her life and her modeling gigs. Her hefty amount of followers are able to enjoy little snippets into this timeless beauty's life through her feed. It's quite an accomplishment for such a young woman to have such a large following. She should feel quite proud of what she's been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time!

24 She believes in having a real life


With her generation growing up on social media, she thinks that "having a 'real' life outside of social media is ... important." She knows that her generation is like guinea pigs because no other generation has had social media throughout their lives. She knows that we do not know what the outcome of ourselves is going to be, so she is being cautious. It's such a balanced belief to have for such a young person. The wisdom behind living her life that way only adds to the fact that she feels like such a timeless creature. Like she has the wisdom and the essence of the past but is still so present and is looking into the future. (Source: Vogue)

23 She is all about women supporting women


Kaia said that she grew up with strong women to inspire her and that she has noticed that in modeling women are more unified than ever before. She is all about female empowerment. She supports other models and other models have supported her. In a world that tries to pit women against each other, it's so refreshing to see that the new generation is standing up together to support each other, rather than tear each other down. She has many model friends that she supports and gets supported by. It's wonderful.

22 Her mom gave her a piece of really good advice


Cindy Crawford has told her daughter to always be aware of how lucky she is. So when she is travelling, she makes sure to really take in where she is and enjoy her travels. She stays off of her phone and gets out of her hotel rooms. She looks out of windows, goes out and explores, and genuinely enjoys her travels and appreciates the opportunities she has had to see and experience the world, which not many girls her age get the chance to do.

21 She has a rule she sticks to when traveling for modeling jobs


Her rule is to make sure that she gets enough sleep. Sleep is important for beauty. Even though when you're traveling for modeling you're working crazy hours and there is also part of you that wants to go out and explore and enjoy the precious hours that you have off, Kaia knows that you have to balance that sleep. Sleep will make sure that you're feeling your best and looking your best and when you're a model, looking your best is definitely something that you want.

20 Kendall Jenner was the one who took her cover photo for LOVE magazine


Kaia graced the cover of LOVE magazine with her shoulder baring out of a black coat. Her hair is wavy and looks natural. The sun is shining on her. She looks absolutely beautiful. Now while one might assume that a photographer took the photo, it was actually Kaia's friend and fellow model Kendell Jenner who actually snapped the stunning photo. It must be so fun for the friends to work together like that. (Source: HollywoodLife)

19 Her brother, Presley Gerber, is also a model


Obviously, good looks run in the family. With a mom like Cindy Crawford, how could we expect anything else? Kaia's older brother is also a model. The family is full of beautiful and industrious people. Presley Gerber and Kaia get along wonderfully. She admits to sometimes even stealing his sweaters because of how comfortable they are. I would love to see them work together on the runway or in a shoot. Can you imagine? All of those good genes in one place? Lord help us.

18 She knew she was meant for fashion because of pajamas


Kaia has said that her family let her go to school in her pajamas or dressed as a superhero. She loved that she was able to express herself through what she chose to wear. She loved that she was given the freedom to choose for herself what she wanted to wear and how she wanted to present herself to the world. The confidence that she had to be able to wear pajamas to school is amazing for a little girl. Of course, her sense of style has increased since then, but we love thinking about a little Kaia dressed up as a superhero going to school.

17 She didn't know her mom was famous


Kaia revealed, "When I was little I didn’t know she was famous. I didn’t even know she was a model." For her, Cindy Crawford was nothing other than just mom. Cindy made sure to keep work life and home life separate, so Kaia had no idea. That's a pretty great mom if you ask me. She mentioned that she was always in awe of her mom's beauty and can remember watching her choose what to wear for going out and just feeling transfixed at it all. (Source: Vogue)

16 She did her first runway for Calvin Klein


She was only 16 when she hit the runway for Calvin Klein. At 16 I was watching TV and going to the mall with friends to eat Ice Cream and working as a Hostess at a restaurant. At 16 Kaia Gerber had set in stone her entire career. At 16 Kaia walked in front of so many. She made amazing connections. She has achieved her dreams at such a young age. You cannot help but be in awe of it. She looked like an absolute natural on the runway. Of course, it's in her genes, but still. She did well.

15 She is taking high school online


She tries to avoid distractions, but working from home can be difficult at times. Luckily, she has a wonderful mother to check in on her and make sure that she is keeping up with her studies. Of course, studying online is the best way for her to complete her schooling because of her career choice. Modeling takes her all over the world and keeps her busy travelling. Of course, this traveling means that finishing school and studying inside the building would not be very easy, so online is the best method for her.

14 She writes stories


She took a creative writing course. Right now she is keeping her stories to herself, but she has written them. She actually really enjoys writing them as well. As if her amazing talent and looks was not enough, she has also been blessed with a creative mind and a way with words. Perhaps one day we'll be reading stories from her about her amazing adventures as a model traveling the world. Or, perhaps, we'll be reading fictional stories from her! We're not sure what kind of writing she does yet.

13 She landed her first job at 10


Her first modeling gig was with Young Versace, which is the junior line for Versace. She was just ten years old. I was not even thinking about working at ten. I only cared about what the kids at school thought of me and spent my time reading and watching TV. Yet Kaia was motivated. She knew what she wanted to do for her career, and she did the work that she needed to do to make it come true. By the time she is thirty, she will have been working for two decades. Just think about that!

12 Cindy Crawford had her by a home birth


Many women prefer giving birth at home where they are most comfortable. Kaia Gerber was delivered by a home birth, which is so interesting! Not many people can say that! Knowing that, it makes sense why she is such a homebody and is so attached to her family. I love watching the relationship between Kaia and Cindy. They genuinely seem close and connected. It's so wonderful when mothers and daughters can get along so well together to even perhaps be called friends.

11 She started modeling for Teen Vogue at 13


Her resume is incredible, and at such a young age! She modeled for Teen Vogue and established her self as not only a model, but also a role model for young girls. They look up to her, and she fully understands that. She's been working for so many years it is hard to not feel inspired by her to want to work just as hard to achieve our own dreams. I love this casual image of her in a jean jacket looking young and carefree as she fixes her hair. It's so clear to see that she is a natural when it comes to modeling.

10 She signed with IMG Models


If you're wondering why that is a big deal, they have managed careers like Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss, which means that she is in absolutely great hands. Of course knowing that she comes from the bloodline of Cindy Crawford, knowing that she has supermodel genes, I'm sure that IMG Models knew that they were getting into a safe bet with her. Talent and beauty is in her very blood. She cannot help it and they were right to snatch her up before someone else got her.

9 She and her brother do mini shoots together


They have an Instagram account, @kbyp, where he is the photographer and she is the model. How adorable is it that this brother and sister combo are able to work together as friends, co-workers, and siblings? You should check out the Instagram. It's clear that they both are talented. He has a great eye for images and she is a natural model who doesn't need to have her hand held throughout the process. I hope that they keep this up for years to come.

8 Karlie Kloss is her role model


They get along so well together and Karlie has done nothing but supported and encouraged Kaia in her career. Kaia says that Karlie has "broken all the rules of what a model should be and uses her platform to benefit others." If you're going to look up to anyone, a woman who uses her influence for the betterment of others is the best kind of person to look up to. I also love the idea of Karlie Kloss being the kind of woman who breaks all of the rules. (Source: PopSugar)

7 Kaia realized who her mom was at Disneyland


Kaia recalls realizing what was going on when her family went to Disneyland for her 8th birthday, "I wanted to take pictures with the princesses, and everyone wanted to take pictures with her!" Imagine that! Imagine being with your mom at a theme park, not knowing she was famous, and all of the sudden watch people flock to your mom wanting to take photos with her. It would be shocking, to say the least, but it was how she started to put the pieces together and realized who her mom was. (Source: PopSugar)

6 She stays connected with her family while traveling


Her family is her lifeline and her connection with them is how she stays happy and sane while her life is crazy busy when she is traveling for work. So she Facetimes her family when she is traveling. She sometimes even leaves the phone on while she is falling asleep so that she can be surrounded by the familiar sounds of their daily routines. Is that not the cutest thing that you have ever heard of? It just warms your heart.

5 She grew up around supermodels


She admires supermodels like Claudia, Helena, Naomi, Linda, and Christy. She describes those women as having their "feet firmly on the ground" and she admires them for that. She said that they encouraged and supported her even before she realized that they were supermodels. She was surrounded by beautiful women her entire life. But they were not just beautiful, they were strong and empowering women. It's no wonder that Kaia has had such a great start to life. (Source: Vogue)

4 She has two dogs


They are Maltese-Yorkie dogs called Sugar and Widget and she loves them very much. Of course, who doesn't love dogs? They're so cute and she loves to spoil them and keep them happy. She probably misses them so much when she is traveling for her modeling work. Although it would be the best feeling in the world when she comes home and the dogs get all excited and wag their tails when she walks in the door after coming home from traveling the world.

3 Harry Styles vacationed with her family


She is a fan of the former One Direction-er. They were spotted vacationing in Muskoka. Her family vacations there and was vacationing there as well. Imagine days in the beautiful area with stunning views. The sun shining. The birds chirping. Imagine enjoying jet skis, swimming, and playing in the water with the Crawford/Gerber family as well as the Harry Styles. So much beauty and so much talent in one small area. I do hope that they had good fun and continue to stay friends. (Source: ETalk)

2 She's a Virgo


Because she's a Virgo, we think that she must have excellent attention to detail since Virgos are known to be "a mix of intelligence, attention to detail, common sense, and commitment, and a woman born with her in this sign is very smart, modest, and capable." We think that that description is entirely appropriate for Kaia Gerber. Her interviews prove her to be modest and she has demonstrated herself to be smart and capable. We're hoping that she is also full of commitment when it comes to modeling, but from what she has done so far, that is a safe bet!

1 "Chocolate" was one of her first words


She revealed in an interview that her mom used to feed her tiny bites of chocolate (since Cindy herself is obsessed with chocolate and is not afraid to let people know) when she was very little, so one of her first words ended up being chocolate. Of course, this makes her a girl after my own heart. No one can blame Cindy or Kaia for loving delicious chocolate. You cannot help but relate to a girl whose first words were "chocolate". Hopefully, she has lived up to that kind of legacy and continues to enjoy it. (Source: TeenVogue

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