25 Celebs With The Most Interesting (And Geekiest) Collections

Celebrities are usually kind of a combination of people who have some pretty intense quirks along with a lot of money to burn, so it's not a great shock that a lot of famous faces decide to spend all of that money collecting some of the most random and geekiest things imaginable. Because most of them are flush with cash, they manage to make their weird collections of special memorabilia and unexpected items into some of the biggest and most formidable collections in the world. Sometimes it's art, sometimes it's fashion, sometimes it's one of the most common collector's items in the world, and sometimes it's something that most people wouldn't even imagine is a collectible, but if it's something that you can buy a lot of then it's safe to assume that some rich person out there has bought a whole lot of it.

Unsurprisingly, some of the massive collections that these celebrities can call their own are worth millions of dollars. In some rare cases they even own one particular valuable that is worth millions of dollars by itself. So, what exactly are the kinds of things that the rich and the famous like to spend their money on, sometimes more money than the average person can even dream of having in their entire life time? Here are the weirdest, rarest, and geekiest collections that celebrities own and enjoy.

25 Johnny Depp - Barbie Dolls


We doubt anyone would be surprised to learn that super rich actor Johnny Depp likes to collect some pretty odd things, but even if you were to guess I doubt that most people would think that Depp would have his own massive collection of Barbie dolls. Barbies aren't the most unusual collector's item in the world, but for someone like Depp the iconic blonde doll does seem a bit out of left field. But his reason for holding on to as many Barbies as he can is simple; he used to play with them with his daughter often and while she outgrew them, he remained a fan.

24 Kiefer Sutherland - Gibson Guitars


Actor Kiefer Sutherland says that ever since he was a child he was enamored with guitars, so his obsession with collecting guitars now that he has the cash to do it is really no big surprise. Kiefer enjoys playing the instrument himself, but as a young guy in Hollywood he had a lot of talented but broke musician friends that he was more than willing to loan out some of his collection to. Sutherland is such a super fan of Gibson guitars that the guitar company actually created a custom guitar called the Kiefer 336, inspired by the actor's passion.

23 Nicole Kidman - Coins


As far as collecting goes, coin collecting is probably one of the most common hobbies. However, actress Nicole Kidman reportedly takes her coin collecting to a pretty serious level. Rumor has it that Nicole has a particular interest in ancient coins, and is the proud owner of a variety of Judean coins. Many of the earliest Judean currencies date back to the BCE era, but they're actually strikingly similar to the stamped coins that we'd see today, often emblazoned with the face of famous politicians or engraved with common slogans or sayings. Of course, coins of today won't set you back hundreds or thousands of dollars, though.

22 Tom Hanks - Typewriters


Legendary actor Tom Hanks has a deep love of typewriters that has gone on for decades, and throughout those years Hanks has managed to accrue over a hundred different typewriters to add to his collection. He purchased the first typewriter in his collection in 1978, and since then the search for unusual and rare typewriters has become the actor's favorite hobby. Tom says that there is an inexplicable attraction to printed words, and that type written notes just have more weight to them in this day and age of emails. Hanks has even written a series of short stories that all involve typewriters in some way.

21 Rod Stewart - Model Trains


Once someone's bank account starts to grow it seems like their obsessions tend to grow along with them, and that certainly seems to hold true for Rod Stewart and his passion for model trains. Over the course of his life, Stewart has accrued and built up a model train set that actually takes up the entire third floor of his home, and he says that he built many of the components of this massive display while he was on the road touring. Rod says that he finds the hobby incredibly relaxing, and was inspired by the railroad station that he lived near as a boy.

20 Brad Pitt - Metal Furniture


Actually, actor Brad Pitt is particularly interested in collecting anything made of metal, but his interest is particularly piqued by metal art and metal furniture. But Pitt's attraction to metal doesn't just end as an observer. In addition, to curating his own collection of metal furniture Pitt himself actually has designed many of the pieces in his collection. In fact, in 2012 Pitt also took his interest in metal working public and released his own line of metal furnishings in a partnership with custom furniture designer and maker Frank Pollaro and his Pollaro Custom Furnishings, Inc.

19 Harry Connick Jr. - Cuff Links


Once you start making an incredible amount of money you should figure out something to spend that money on, but performer Harry Connick Jr. has picked a somewhat unique item to collect as a hobby. Cuff links are a pretty standard element of most formal men's outfits, and although Harry is a self-proclaimed collector of the accessory he also says that he collects his cuff links but never actually wears them. However, if you want to collect something without ever actually using it, then at least picking something as small as cuff links is a pretty good choice.

18 Demi Moore - Porcelain Dolls


Collecting dolls isn't a wildly unusual hobby. However, building your massive collection of over 2,000 vintage porcelain dolls like actress Demi Moore has is definitely taking an average interest and making it into an over-the-top obsession. But if you have the ability to do it then why not? Obviously Moore's passion for dolls isn't just a passing interest. Demi's ex-husband once shared that he found the dolls quite off-putting, though, which is probably a reaction that a lot of people can relate to and understand.

17 Jay-Z - Watches


For any man that is willing to spend a lot of dough on his accessories, then it's hard to imagine anything more important (or more costly) than a quality watch. So then, it's not hard to see why hip-hop mogul Jay Z has one of the most formidable collections of luxury watches in the world. Jay is enough of a timepiece fan that he occasionally name drops his favorites in his own songs, and his collection is worth millions of dollars. Heck, just one of his watches, a Hublot watch given to him by wife Beyonce, is worth $5 million dollars.

16 Penelope Cruz - Coat Hangers


Celebs are known for having an interest in or even collecting quite a few different odd kinds of things, but it's probably hard to beat actress Penelope Cruz and her collection of coat hangers when it comes to random objects to hold on to. Cruz reportedly has over 500 different types of coat hangers, but the actress also reportedly tries to avoid any metal or wire hangers. However, Penelope is also the creator of a women's wear collection for Mango (along with her sister Monica), so it's possible that the clothing designer is just incredibly particular about keeping her garments in shape.

15 Rosie O'Donnell - Happy Meal Toys


Toy collecting is probably one of the most popular niches of collecting memorabilia, and while comedienne Rosie O'Donnell has a general toy collection that is quite impressive her collecting specialty is actually something very specific: McDonald's toys that come along with Happy Meals. According to O'Donnell, her collection of Happy Meal toys started in the mid-80s and has continued on since, and Rosie says that her reason for creating and continuing this collection is simple – the toys just remind her of childhood and she enjoys the nostalgia of them. And you have to admit, looking at the evolution of Happy Meal toys from the 80s to now must be pretty interesting.

14 Amanda Seyfried - Taxidermy Animals


Most people would find the idea of being surrounded by stuffed animals to be something straight out of a spooky movie, but actress Amanda Seyfried actually loves having the critters around her and has established quite a collection of taxidermy animals. The actress is an avid and open animal lover, and she has explained that her infatuation with taxidermy animals stems from the fact that she just loves animals in general, and taxidermy animals are incredibly easy to take care of and look after. She has also said that good taxidermy is really like a work of art.

13 Reese Witherspoon - Antique Linen

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While it's hard to even imagine what it might be like to become a collector of antique linen and embroidery, actress and consummate Southern belle Reese Witherspoon seems like exactly the kind of lady who would be interested in it. Reese is such a fan of linens that she has created her own line of them (called Draper James) as well as partnering up with other companies such as Crate and Barrel to release her own designs. Clearly with such a unique collection of antique designs Witherspoon has a lot of inspiration and ideas to pull her designs from.

12 Quentin Tarantino - Pop Culture Board Games


If you've ever seen more than five minutes of a Quentin Tarantino movie then it's no real surprise to you that the director has a deep and long lasting affection for all things pop culture. And in that sense it's only a slight surprise that Tarantino would become super interested in collecting some niche pop culture items, but his particular interest in board games that are based around old TV shows might be a bit of a surprise, if only because the existence of so many old TV board games like The Dukes of Hazzard game or the I Dream of Jeannie game is kind of a surprise.

11 Victoria Beckham - Birkin Bags


Although Victoria Beckham made her name as Posh Spice in the Spice Girls, the legendary lady is probably now better known as one of the world's biggest fashionistas, which makes her apparent addiction to Hermes Birkin bags a little bit easier to understand. When they were the hottest accessory on the market it was nearly impossible to get your hands on even one Birkin, but Beckham appears to have over 100 different Birkin bags in her collection. And since each one of those bags costs more than a pretty penny, it's estimated that the worth of her Hermes collection is over a million dollars.

10 Shaquille O'Neal - Everything Superman


Shaquille O'Neal is a bit of a Superman in the world of basketball, so it seems somewhat apropos that he would be obsessed with collecting anything and everything emblazoned with the logo of Superman. Shaq's entire mansion is decked out with a variety of different kinds of Superman decor, including Superman logos on his shower doors, in his garage, on his clothes, and even on his gigantic bed. Oh, and if that doesn't make him enough of a Superman super fan, he also has a Superman tattoo on his left arm. It's a little over the top, but seems just right for the sports superstar.

9 Swizz Beatz - Art


Art collecting has got to be one of the most popular collection hobbies of the rich and the famous, but hip-hop artist Swizz Beatz has an art collection that could honestly rival some of the best modern art museums in the world. His own personal collection includes work by contemporary art masters like Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat, and Swiss has also become quite a patron of up and coming artists as well. Beatz says that artists supporting other artists is one of the greatest building blocks of an incredible art world, and clearly is willing to do more than his fair share to make that a reality.

8 Jerry Seinfeld - Porsches


When you're a literal billionaire you can afford to start collecting things that most people could only dream of affording one of in their lifetimes, and avowed car super fan Jerry Seinfeld unsurprisingly has a car collection that is worthy of his billionaire status. But Seinfeld himself has said that Porsche cars are the essence of sports car perfection, so his collection of Porsches has now swelled to literally dozens of cars that are worth millions of dollars. Jerry once auctioned off 15 of his cars which only make up a portion of his total, and they wound up earning over $22 million dollars.

7 Elton John - Sunglasses


It's pretty rare that you can spot Elton John without a pair of sunglasses on him, but some might not realize that the collection of his constant accessories is truly massive. The septuagenarian superstar has been collecting sunglasses for his entire career, and he estimates that his collection has grown to a staggering 250,000 pairs of glasses. John has so many pairs that he actually has his own walk-in closet dedicated solely to his eye wear. It's hard to imagine that there's even a quarter of a million different styles and designs of sunglasses in the world, but if it exists then Elton probably owns it.

6 Scott Hamilton - Pinball Machines


Of all of the weird celebrity collections out there, figure skater Scott Hamilton's collection of pinball machines has got to be one that requires an enormous amount of space, especially at this point in time. Hamilton once said that he tries to add a pinball machine to his collection once every year, but reportedly there are only a few pinball machines that take up permanent residence inside of the Olympic skater's Nashville home. And while a pinball machine collection seems like it would be a pain to move or to store, at least it's an undeniably fun item to collect!

5 Lou Ferrigno - Beanie Babies


There was a time that Beanie Babies were some of the hottest collectibles available on the market, but you wouldn't expect that former Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno to be one of the collectors. However Ferrigno and his family have amassed a collection of hundreds of Beanie Babies, and they seem to look at their collection and hunting down different iterations of the stuffed animals to be kind of a family activity for them. Ferrigno also collects other different kinds of toys and memorabilia, unsurprisingly he has a pretty solid collection of Hulk memorabilia as well, but his enduring love for Beanie Babies is definitely his most unexpected.

4 Nicolas Cage - Comic Books


Nicolas Cage certainly makes no secret of his huge comic book fan roots. If you're unaware, the actor (who was born with the surname Coppola) took his stage surname "Cage" from comic book superhero Luke Cage and even named his son Kal-El after Superman (Kal-El is Clark Kent's Kryptonian name). But the actor, who seems to collect nearly anything you could imagine, is the owner of one of the most formidable comic book collections in the world. In fact, just one of Cage's collectible comics, the highly sought after Action Comics No. 1, commanded one of the highest prices is comic book history, over $2 million dollars for just the one comic.

3 Carrie Fisher - Animal Portraits


Late actress Carrie Fisher made no secret of her love for animals, and the quirky Hollywood legend found an equally quirky collectible to acquire. Carrie was inseparable from her pets, but she also made a hobby of gathering a gallery worth of animal portraits. Fisher used the unique pieces of art to decorate the walls of her living room, and as time went on her collection grew to a point that nearly every area of the walls were covered in the unique paintings. No doubt the actress had many interesting artifacts in her lifelong collection, but the animal portraits are definitely some of the most distinctive.

2 Claudia Schiffer - Insects


When someone literally makes their living off of their beauty you might assume that they would develop an interest in collecting something that is equally as beautiful, but that really isn't the case when it comes to supermodel Claudia Schiffer and her collection of insects (unless you're one of the lucky few who is captivated by bug beauty instead of freaked out by them like most people in the world). Schiffer reportedly has a pretty solid collection of dried and framed insects and uses them to decorate the interior of her home, and luckily even after a house fire her collection was mostly left intact.

1 Whoopi Goldberg - Bakelite Jewelry


If you've never even heard of Bakelite jewelry then don't be surprised. These antique fashion jewelry items made out of molded plastic were popular in the '20s and '30s, and have now become quite the collector's item for a lot of different antique jewelry fans, notably including comedienne and host of The View Whoopi Goldberg. And while the jewelry is plastic it now commands a pretty darn expensive price, with some of the lower end pieces costing a hundred plus dollars while some of the more popular and rare pieces can cost well into the thousands of dollars price range.

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