25 Celebrities Who Base Their Actions On Their Zodiac Sign

Nearly everyone knows and has heard about the zodiac signs and how they determine the personalities of individuals. There are 12 zodiac signs and each has its own meaning and defines different types of personalities. Every sign also has a specified number of days in a year and a specific icon for representation. Many people strongly believe these personality differences to be true. Some of them even go to the extent of shaping their lives around the different facts that are related to their zodiac sign.

When it comes to lives of celebrities, we usually see a strong belief of zodiac signs and their traits. As they truly believe in the signs, we see their decisions and actions being based on them. Below listed are some of those celebrities whose actions and even their personalities depict their true zodiac.

25 Lady Gaga - Aries

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Gaga is known to be the epitome of bravery, courage and fierceness. Aries is the first sign amongst the 12 zodiac signs. This sign is known for bravery, confidence, independence, and courage. And we don’t know anyone who defines this better than the Mother Monster herself. Gaga is the person who is known for being an amazing trendsetter and also a born leader. May it be about showing up to the events or telling everyone how to love themselves, she knows the trick. Amongst all the other zodiac stars, this one is known as a fire sign that burns and brightens up the sky.

24 Emma Watson - Aries

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Another one who has been blazing the big screen and who lightens up the sky is Emma Watson. She has been showing early signs of being an Aries from the time since we first saw her as an important character in the Harry Potter series in 2001, Hermione Granger.

She displayed the signs of courage and confidence and showed that her actions were truly based according to the zodiac sign that she possesses.

She has not only been known as an advocate for human rights but also her bravery shows that she has the tendency to be a natural leader.

23 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson - Taurus

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People who have the Taurus sign are known for how loyal, stubborn and idealistic they are. No one defines this zodiac more aptly among the celebrity stars other than someone who is actually known as ‘The Rock’. The dependable bull, Taurus, is known for the determination, stubbornness, and persistence. Johnson has been among those strong people who has been building himself up stone by stone into not only an indisputable star but also someone who is the ultimate champion.

He has spent decades working on himself and making himself one of the strongest people. For his hard work, he was paid 5.5 million dollars for his first film, “The Scorpion King”.

22 Queen Elizabeth II - Taurus

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No one can better exemplify and define the qualities of a true Taurus, except for the Queen, who has held her position in the monarchy for nearly 60 years. She has not only defined the qualities such as steadiness and persistence but has also, through her actions, proved that it takes courage to remain ever constant. She has not only been the constitutional monarch for more than 16 countries during the year 1953 but also has been an amazing matriarch of her always expanding and ever growing royal family. Buckingham Palace, where the Queen resides in, is 800,000 square foot, since another quality of Taurus explains that they like to enjoy the finer things in life.

21 Kanye West - Gemini

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There is no better example of how someone believes in the zodiac signs, than the multifaceted icon, that is, none other than Kanye West. So much so that he has taken inspiration for his actions according to his sign

He is known for the way he delivers his words as he has a cunning way with words and also for being ever energetic, independent and imaginative.

Being a Gemini, he hates to sit back and see how the world and everyone around him goes by. Therefore, he dives in and becomes a part of everything that comes his way. He has got his hands deep in everything, may it be music, fashion, business or art.

20 Robin Williams - Cancer

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No matter how much we try, we cannot find a more recognizable and loving face and a more talented actor than the one and only Robin Williams. A Cancer is always best known for being so caring, emotional and loving at heart. The zodiac sign that Robin is associated with is clearly depicted through his actions and personality. It seems as if he had truly absorbed the characteristics of a true cancer. The movies that he made always depicted his personality, as almost all his movies depict vivacious and good-hearted characters who are genuine and smart. It seems like his sign was the flowing water that operated from his gut.

19 Barack Obama - Leo

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A Leo is always symbolized by the lion and no one more aptly and accurately represents the King of the jungle than former president and the leader of the free world. It is President Barack Obama who possesses all the characteristics that a true Leo has. Through his personality and actions, we see a true Leo’s warmth, ambition, and gravitas in spades. It seems as if a Leo is bred to lead and become the president just as this one who took it to a greater level, since a Leo has the drive to succeed and it is unquenchable and unstoppable.

18 Madonna - Leo

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Madonna Louise Ciccone is not only an American actress but also someone who has inspired people around the world by being a singer, songwriter and a businesswoman. The ‘Queen of pop’ since the 1980s has always pushed boundaries in lyrical content for her music and her image on stage and in music videos. Not only is she ambitious in her own skin, she is also someone to look up to by other artists since they call her an influencer.

Despite falling victim to sparking controversies again and again, she has gotten up countlessly and redefined the definition of ambitious.

17 Abby Lee Miller - Virgo

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The dance instructor, choreographer, and director of Reign dance productions is detail oriented and picky as any Virgo would be.

To prove it, Miller has covered great lengths to make sure that her students from Dance Moms do their best to do what she wants exactly. She makes no compromise on pushing them to exhaust their last ounce of power to deliver what she sees fit. At times it has even resulted in nervous looking participants but it doesn’t come in the way of Miller’s way of doing things. It is also very obvious that she has established herself on her own with that attitude.

16 Beyoncé - Virgo

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Virgos are known for being picky individuals, and it is no rumor that Queen Bey wants her water at 21 degrees whenever she’s staying somewhere for her tours.

Also to prove that Virgos are independent and very much competent, Beyoncé has made no exception. Starting from the bottom, Beyoncé has proved her mettle by her compulsion towards hard work and precision. With her hard work on her own, she was published as the fourth most powerful person by Forbes in 2014. The same year, she also made it to become the first billion dollar couple in the music industry with Jay Z.

15 Barbara Walters - Libra

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Since Libras are known for having their way with people, Walters has been hosting a variety of television programs. Even after retirement, she continues to occasionally report for ABC News. She has the knack for communicating with people in the most diplomatic way with some of the most powerful and influential personalities.

Being an even keel Libra, she is not at all hesitant to express her true emotions on hot issues happening around the globe.

As a result of her interviewing skills and honesty in expression, she received more airtime as well. In 1974, she became the first-ever American woman to receive the title of the co-host of a news program.

14 Anna Wintour - Scorpio

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Scorpios are forceful, demanding and passionate about what they want.

Like any other Scorpio, Wintour, the journalist and editor is a go-getter and willing to go to any length to get what she wants.

She has managed to reach her way to the top of the fashion industry without letting a hair fall out of place from her tight bob. Not only are Scorpios go-getters, they also manage to keep their calm while getting what they want without breaking a sweat. This fashion icon has clawed her way to the top of the fashion industry and will probably stay until she chooses to step down.

13 Hillary Clinton - Scorpio

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No wonder a Scorpio always likes to master their destiny and we know someone who certainly fits in quite well. That is none other than, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Through her character, we can clearly understand how well she possesses the Scorpion like competitive nature and also how ambitious she is. We all know that Scorpios keep their feelings somewhat hidden as they are very emotional beings and a bit of that was even shown on the campaign trail in 2008 while chatting with voters when the candidate shed a tear surprisingly. Now, only the time will tell how she will find her way to The White House.

12 Jon Stewart - Sagittarius

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Of all the zodiac signs, the philosopher of the zodiac is known to be Sagittarius. It is known as a philosopher for the knowledge, wisdom, and truth it holds. They are known for always speaking the truth even if it offends someone. From the day Jon Stewart started on the comedy central show Short Attention Span Theater, he has encapsulated all the characteristics that a Sagittarius has and has taken his actions and decisions according to his zodiac sign. He has had a Sagittarius temperament and has shown his knowledge and truthfulness just as a Sagittarius does since all these characteristics are required from a TV show host, satirist and a comedian.

11 Taylor Swift - Sagittarius

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The next celebrity that we are about to mention who possesses all the qualities of a Sagittarius and has another quality that comes naturally with it, that is, generosity, is none other than the famous Taylor Swift.

She has always put her actions that totally defined her zodiac sign and has always been someone who is committed to being there for people and help those in need.

She is known to be someone who is always anxious to contribute to people’s lives. She has not only personally delivered the Christmas presents to her fans but has also donated all her proceeds that she had earned from ‘Welcome to New York’ to the public schools.

10 Ryan Seacrest - Capricorn

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Ryan has always been someone who knew where he was going and how to put together his work.

And being a Capricorn, he has always been the one who is ambitious and determined and always sees the value at the end of a full day’s work.

He had made it all the way to the top of the media world by being in a local radio station. This man is known as someone who has truly exercised the qualities of a true Capricorn as he has made himself to the top and the peaks of Hollywood. If we look at the history of Ryan’s life, we get to know that he has always been reaching for new heights by being someone who has produced hit TV shows and has been a host on radio and television.

9 Michelle Obama - Capricorn

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We all know a First Lady who has degrees from Harvard and Princeton and there couldn’t be any more appropriate personality than hers who has shown, through her actions, of the kind of Capricorn she is.

Not only is she defined by her ambition but also her work ethic and determination has reached great heights and touched the sky.

She has always been available for those who needed her and has always lent a helping hand by working tirelessly as an advocate for the poor. Michelle Obama has worked in a number of fields from healthcare and education to government and law.

8 Oprah Winfrey - Aquarius

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Of all the signs we have read about so far, Aquarius is someone who makes sure that they leave the world better than they had found it. They are born with a desire to make the best possible positive changes in everyone they have an encounter with.

Just like the definition of Aquarius, Oprah Winfrey has been compassionate, absolutely great with people and intelligent in every sense. She has always shown us her search for intellectual stimulation, meaning, and wisdom. Through her personality, it always seems that an Aquarius is simply someone who has the ability to conquer the hearts of people.

7 Ellen DeGeneres - Aquarius

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We all are familiar with one of the greatest comedian's of all time. Ellen DeGeneres is not only an Aquarius but has also all the characteristics that an Aquarius must have. May it be putting a smile on someone’s face who is sitting right next to her or may it be a goal to lighten up someone's mood who is a thousand miles away, Ellen totally knows the trick. Ellen is known for being witty and for her cleverness apart from her humanitarianism and compassion, and her sense of humor even sometimes includes wit and a bit of sarcasm that lightens up the mood. And through her personality it makes people love Aquarians even more.

6 Kurt Cobain - Pisces

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One intuitive and emotional fish of the zodiac sign is Pisces.

By looking at a Pisces, it always seems as if they just sit back, watch the world move and just go with the flow but deep down they really have strong feelings and develop a very deep connection with everyone they have an encounter with.

Just like all the Pisces, Kurt Cobain is someone who possesses sensitivity and through his deep connection and intense feelings, has become one of the top musicians and rockers of all times. But unfortunately, being a Pisces has also caused him to become a bit indecisive and emotionally weak.

5 Gigi Hadid - Taurus

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As we have already read a lot about how a Taurus is, there is no wonder or denying the fact that one of the top models, Gigi Hadid, is also a Taurus.

As they are well known for their determination, steadiness and how ambitious they are, we can clearly see all of these signs in the actions and energy of Gigi Hadid. She tends to work at two different speeds and energies.

One moment she is all calm, poised and composed and the next moment she is full of energy and charging fast. A lot of people have inspired her because of strong her morals are and how she maintains her energy that doesn’t drop even for a minor moment.

4 Kylie Jenner - Leo

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Kylie Jenner, also famously known as King Kylie, is a Leo. Since a Leo is also known as the king of the jungle so there is no surprise that Kylie Jenner is also sometimes known as King Kylie. She has literally paved her own way and has truly shown that she is a Leo.

As they usually are the leaders of the pack and if not that, they are very much creative and self-centered. Her overall persona is also very much influential as her whole lip-kit empire shows and displays her influence.

And the way she has paved her makeup career also shows how creative she is.

3 Kim Kardashian - Libra

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Libras are always known to be the ones who love to maintain peace. And not only that, they also are harmonious, very much trustworthy and somewhat sensitive too. In Kim’s case, she truly depicts and shows the true personality of a Libra. From being someone who always wanted to maintain peace within the family despite making her way to being such a big celebrity, to someone who has been very calm, she has taken her zodiac sign to a next level by putting so much trust and belief in her zodiac. No wonder this was the reason Caitlyn Jenner had confided in Kim.

2 Miley Cyrus - Sagittarius

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Whatever we know about Sagittarius, Miley Cyrus pretty much sums up the whole definition. Since she is also someone who is free spirited, passionate about everything and also wants to bring change in almost everything that she encounters. She sure is also known for her versatility as she literally doesn’t give a damn about what others might think of her and always has this broad smile on her face no matter what turn her life takes. She has always been someone who has effaced what was scathing and stood stronger during the low times more than ever before.

1 Emma stone - Scorpio

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An aggressively high achiever and a go-getter for everything, Emma stone is literally the google and textbook definition of being a Scorpio. One must not be fooled by her innocent smile as she is very much impulsive and has a fiery success story.

Her being an impulsive person throughout her life is clearly depicted by her childhood story when she persuaded her parents to move to Hollywood so that she could pursue as an acting career and that too, at the age of 15.

All her determining actions and impulsivity clearly shows that she is someone who has always defined the true definition of a Scorpio.

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