25 Celebrities Who Are Currently Taking Over The Fashion World

2018 has proven to be the year of fashion. From some of our favorites stepping up their game to other celebrities who have shocked us with their fashion sense, it’s safe to say the world of fashion as we know it is changing. The new rule is pretty much there are no rules. Beyonce has made it okay to mix and match patterns that we never thought possible and others like Paris Jackson and Rachel Bilson seemed to come out of nowhere when they revealed the fact they know a thing or two, or even three about fashion and style. The fashion takeover is serious and fortunately, there is room for plenty of celebrities to be ruling the competitive industry.

Whether their style comes from a notable stylist who studied for years on dressing the likes of Hollywood A-listers, or from their own personal style of something they found in the wardrobe, or the unshakable combination of them both, it’s safe to say there are several celebrities who are taking the fashion world by storm. And you won’t get any complaints from us! We love to see celebrities express themselves through their wardrobe. Check out our top 25 celebrities who are taking over the fashion world.

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25 Paris Jackson

Via: US Weekly

We have to admit, Paris Jackson’s reign in the fashion world took us all by surprise. We weren’t expecting it at all! Yet, here she is covering international Vogues and other high-fashion magazines. She certainly shows her personality with her wardrobe choices, so if anyone wants to get to know her, just check out what she’s wearing. We might not have seen her coming, but Paris has no problem letting us know she and her takeover in fashion are here to stay.

24 Nicole Kidman

Via: Paul Smith/Featureflash/Silv/REX/Shutterstock

If you ever had a question of whether Nicole Kidman was taking over the fashion world, you haven’t seen her in Rodarte. The look scored her as one of the best dressed celebrities for PEOPLE magazine and solidified her place in the fashion industry. She might be 50, which is like the new 40 or even 30 these days, but she’s not giving up her fashion crown anytime soon. She’s a spokeswoman for Neutrogena and has worked with the amazing stylist Julia von Boehm.

23 Rachel Bilson

Via: Celebzz

Oh, Rachel. She might be considered an underdog when it comes to strutting the red carpet, but she’s definitely one to watch when it comes to the fashion industry. The coolest part is that she’s making her own mark without having a stylist. She has proudly admitted to dressing herself and taking risks. Whether it’s using a necklace as a hairpiece or just overall trying out new things, Rachel isn’t afraid to see what works and what doesn’t for her. And isn’t that what fashion is all about?

22 Cardi B

Via: HawtCelebs

Don’t sleep on Cardi B, "okurr?" While she hails from the likes of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop, the breakout rap artist has not let us down ever since she made her big break in the music industry, and subsequently the fashion industry. Let’s go over this rundown briefly: her New York Fashion Week moment with Anna Wintour, her maternity outfit at the Met Gala was nothing even close to frumpy, and even the outfit she rocked in the “Finesse” video with Bruno Mars. This is just a handful of proof that shows Cardi B is taking over the fashion world.

21 LaLa Anthony

Via: Snob Queen

To say LaLa Anthony is taking over the fashion world is a major understatement. It almost seemed like she came out of nowhere but there is undeniable proof she has had a passion for fashion since her MTV VJ days (probably even before then). From her collaborations with Vogue magazine to her own denim line that fits pretty much all shapes and sizes, LaLa is one to be reckoned with in the fashion world. We simply can’t get enough of her!

20 Bella Hadid

Via: BravoTV

She might be the little sister of Gigi Hadid, but she’s definitely not the little sister of fashion. She has made a name of her own and has no problem letting her fans and foes alike know that she’s her own person and is in her own lane. Whether she’s wearing a pair of six-inch stilettos that show off her legs, or a pair of sneakers that shows off her casual side, Bella isn’t afraid to show the fashion world all of her strengths.

19 Winnie Harlow

Via: Tumblr - Avoiddemloans

Model Winnie Harlow is a fashionista hero in more ways than we can count. The biggest is that she was born with the skin condition vitiligo but hasn’t let that stop her from making her mark in fashion. In fact, if anything it makes her takeover of the fashion world that much better as she’s like the unofficial spokesperson for the condition but is still not letting it slow her down or stop or from rocking the cover of fashion magazines.

18 Selena Gomez

Via: Celebrity Insider

We are here for Selena Gomez’s style evolution! She might be a former Disney star, but she’s all grown up and taking over the fashion world one red carpet at a time. Some of Selena’s most notable moments recently is when she took a trek to dye her hair blonde, and when she shaved a small portion of the back of her head before she went for a super short bob. It looks like Selena’s takeover is going from top to bottom and we love it.

17 Zoe Kravitz

Via: Brit + Co

Considering her mother, Lisa Bonet, arguably played the most fashionable Cosby kid on The Cosby Show, and her father, iconic singer Lenny Kravitz, is a man of fashion himself, it only makes sense that Zoe Kravitz would eventually take over the fashion world. And that she has without a doubt. She’s the face of the amazing and high-end fashion company, Tiffany & Co. and always leaves us wanting to know more when it comes to the decisions behind her most memorable looks.

16 Blake Lively

Via: Galore

Blake Lively has given us more than enough evidence and proof that her fashion sense didn’t end with her Gossip Girl character Serena Van Der Woodson. She didn’t let having two children slow her down one bit either. In fact, motherhood has only enhanced Blake’s fashionable choices and took her to heights we had no clue she could reach. From red carpet to being caught out and about by paparazzi, Blake never disappoints, and it might be safe to say she never will.

15 Ashley Graham

Via: Pinterest

Ashley Graham made a dent in the world of fashion when she took charge as one of the first curvy girls to rock New York Fashion Week, and she’s been taking over ever since. From her own swimsuit line that makes women of any shape feel comfortable and amazing, to not being embarrassed about showing her curves on social media, it’s safe to say she’s made her way to leading the fashion industry in many more ways than one.

14 Priyanka Chopra

Via: Vogue India

She stole our hearts on ABC’s Quantico, but now she’s stealing the fashion world bit by bit. If there was a question of whether Priyanka was fashionable, she certainly answered it and shut down all of her naysayers and critics at this Met Gala. The snapshot of her walking up the steps in her gorgeous Ralph Lauren dress that doubled as a trench coat is forever imprinted in our minds. And you won’t get any complaints from us about it.

13 Rihanna

Via: Hawt Celebs

Where do we even to discuss Rihanna’s fashion? She has come such a long way since her Pon De Replay days back in the mid-2000s. The risks she takes proves she can do no wrong. And just when we thought she reached her highest level of her royal fashion highness, she stunned and awed at this year’s Met Gala awards. She’s seen gracing the cover of high fashion magazines more often than not, and her wardrobe choices have proven she’s taking over the world fashion more times than we count.

12 Kate Moss

Via: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for Burberry

We already know Kate Moss as a high fashion supermodel, so it only makes sense that she’s one of the many women who are taking over the fashion world. Still, she’s gone beyond the stereotype and stigma of being a pretty face, and literally has the potential to sit on the throne as one of the most fashionable women around the globe. She even has a multi-million-dollar modeling company of her own as she makes her mark in the fashion world and beyond.

11 Hailey Baldwin

Via: POPSugar Australia

Hailey Baldwin’s fashion sense and style caught more than just the attention of her fiancé Justin Bieber. Hailey’s style is the go-to for everyday outfits and red carpet looks alike. Plus, we can’t get over her covers in Vogue and Elle magazine (her most recent being Vogue in Japan). Those alone make her deserving of being viewed as one of the celebrities who are taking over the fashion world. From her natural beauty to her beat face, Hailey is not a fashionista to mess with.

10 Tracee Ellis Ross

Via: Fashionista

She has followed in her mother Diana Ross’s footsteps in more ways than one. Still, while some are still in awe of the mother-daughter duo, Tracee has proven that she’s more than rock star’s seed. She never hesitates to go bold and risky with mixed prints and bright colors. Plus, we can’t even leave out the fact that her natural hair can spark jealousy in any kind of way as she shares it with her millions of fans. Tracee, your fashion world takeover is good with us.

9 Mandy Moore

Via: Elle

We’ve known Mandy Moore for quite a while, but thankfully have had the chance to get reacquainted with her thanks to her phenomenal role on NBC’s This Is Us. Let’s just say we are here for style sense! She might not take risks as she still as the America’s Sweetheart image, but she’s still taking over fashion in her own way. Plus, she’s made it clear she’s even more open to trying new things than she was in her Candy days; which was like an eternity ago.

8 Kendall Jenner

Via: Celebrity News

Kendall Jenner is arguably the only Kardashian/Jenner sibling that showcases a talent other than reality TV and entrepreneurship. She has grown so much since the first days of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and is taking the entire world, including the fashion industry, by storm. She proved she was more than a name when she got her Victoria’s Secret wings and inked a modeling contract with The Society Management and Elite Model Management. We’re pretty sure this is just the beginning of Kendall’s fashion world takeover.

7 Gigi Hadid

Via: Raymond Hall/GC Images

While her younger sister, Bella Hadid, is sitting next to her on the coveted and beloved throne of fashion, Gigi has made it clear she’s got her own thing going on. Her seemingly effortless beauty is what makes her one of our favorite fashionistas. And it’s safe to say we’re not alone. She never misses a beat with her keen fashion sense, whether she’s strutting the runway or the sidewalk, and has shown no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

6 Victoria Beckham

Via: Vogue

Who knew the former Spice Girls fashionista would be taking over the fashion world roughly 20 years after the group said their final goodbyes. Well, this is certainly the amazing reality of Victoria Beckham. She even has her own high fashion line that is still going strong. If that doesn’t say fashion industry takeover, we’re kind of unsure of what does. She never hesitates to be at the top of the best-dressed list and is usually a favorite in the Who Wore It Best competitions featured in magazines. And we’re here for it.

5 Jennifer Lawrence

Via: Highpe

Actress Jennifer Lawrence is keeping the style game alive. Her fashion choices mixed with her hilarious personality are the perfect ingredients for her to take over the style world before we can even notice what happened. Plus, anyone who can take on the big chop while being at their prime in Hollywood is worth mentioning as a fashion icon. She loves to spark conversation and isn’t afraid of a little controversy with her choices, which is the perfect making of a fashion queen.

4 Beyonce

Via: Trendolizer

It’s no secret Queen B is one of the biggest fashion icons of our time. While she’s grown into quite the beauty since her Destiny’s Child days, Beyonce is also known as a fashion goddess. It also helps that nixed doing interviews for years until she snagged the cover of one of the latest issues of Vogue magazine. And she’s definitely not new to the fashion game. She took home the coveted Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) award two years ago. Three cheers for Beyonce.

3 Yara Shahidi

Via: Pinterest

Yara Shahidi grew up right before our eyes as she transitioned from ABC’s Black-ish to Freeform’s Grown-ish. And part of that transition included her becoming one of our favorite women of fashion. She shows off her natural beauty on Instagram but also turns heads, in a good way of course, on major red carpet events. Whether she’s rocking a plain t-shirt or a designer gown with her natural hair on full display, Yara’s fashion is taking over whether we’re ready or not.

2 Kim Kardashian West

Via: Cosmpolitan

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, but she’s a fashionista in her own right, and is taking over the fashion world whether anyone likes it or not. While she’s joked that she didn’t up her fashion game until she started dating her now husband Kanye West, she has certainly made choices before and after West that has sparked conversation like none other. And that, friends, just marks the beginning of a fashion takeover; and we’re pretty sure Kim knows it.

1 Emma Watson

Via: Teen Vogue

Just the fact that Emma Watson is an eco-friendly fashionista is enough for her to be considered on the path to taking over the world of fashion. Her mindset and viewpoints are definitely needed when it comes to fashion senses. Emma’s biggest thing is being on the lookout for items that are sustainable, which is pretty amazing considering she can wear whatever she wants. But the choices she makes are undeniably gracious. We wouldn’t mind seeing her wear the fashion crown.

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