24 Things Hollywood Children Can't Do That Normal Kids Can

When we get home, crack open our laptops or iPad, or sit in front of our TVs and begin to binge watch the reality shows and tabloid networks that focus on our beloved celebrities (we know we all do it. Maybe that’s how you found this article), we usually notice one very intriguing thing; the who’s and who that run Hollywood do not do things the way us mere mortals do it.

They have set a standard which serves the purpose to keep them abreast of everybody else. It is one of the perks of money and fame, you can do whatever your heart pleases. Our celebrities are very careful about what they eat, what they wear, who they are seen with and where they get spotted. Hollywood rides on image and the last thing you want is anything that will taint your reputation.

The rules have been set not just for them, but for their children as well. Being the child of an A-list celebrity comes with its privileges, just as Blue Ivy; however, it also comes with a lot of hard work. With their entire livelihood depending on the affluence of their parents and their position on the pecking order, they do not have the luxury that many normal kids have. We may envy and really want to be them, but there are still some privileges that we enjoy that they know nothing of.

Here, are 25 things Hollywood children can't do that a normal kid can:

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24 Be A Normal Child

Via closerweekly.com

Sometimes kids want to be just that, kids. Kids being regular kids in the most normal way they know how. Playing out in the rain, riding their bike down the street or jumping under a sprinkler. These are the memories that make up a normal childhood. Due to the star power of their parents, celebrity children do not have the luxury of doing such simple things. This could be why some celebrities like Julia Roberts prefer to raise their children away from the limelight. (Source: BornRealist)

23 Go To The Mall With Friends

Via popsugar.com

For regular children, a Saturday plot will look something like this; go to the movies with Mike or Jenny and then go to the mall to look at lip gloss or the new Spiderman game. It is a norm that occurs in almost every household on a weekend. Well, almost. Celebrity children cannot just casually stroll to the mall whenever they like. This is because they cause a scene everywhere they go, and popping into the mall at any time will probably cause it to shut down, due to the mammoth of adoring fans who want to get an autograph or a selfie. (Source: InStyle)

22 Make Mistakes

Via radaronline.com

Hollywood has set a very high standard for its children, more so if they are kid stars. Because they have lit up our screens and made us hate our lives, they have to be absolutely perfect. This is the only acceptable standard. Any child that makes a mistake is dealt with scathingly. Remember Lindsay Lohan? Yeah, so sad. While we encourage our kids to learn through mistakes, Hollywood tells them to learn through perfection. It is quite simple, right? Not hard at all. (Source: USMagazine)

21 Enjoy Privacy

Via celebrityinsider.org

It is said that the minute you become a star in Hollywood, you say goodbye to privacy. Anyone who casually turns on the television or passes by a magazine stand can’t help but notice humanity’s obsession with celebrities. Tabloid headlines reveal that the public is not nearly as interested in celebrity’s work as they are with the gritty details of their personal lives. So many celebrities have tried as much as they can to keep their lives out of the public eye but others have not been so lucky. Privacy, it seems, is a very rare commodity that few are able to afford. (Source: ThePerspective)

20 Choose What To Wear

Via angelibebe.com

They always look stunning. Donning the latest designs in the most chick and adorable ways we never thought possible. Once their pictures hit the net, what they have worn sells out in a matter of seconds. In fact, sometimes they dress better than their parents. While this may sound cute, the truth is, celebrity kids do not always dress themselves, their family’s hired stylist does that. This is because, again, image is everything, and they must always dress the way we would expect them to. They are occasionally allowed to choose what they want to wear, but not always. (Source: Youtube)

19 Choose Who To Talk To

Via daily-stuff.com

One of the requirements for being a celebrity in Hollywood is you must be willing to talk to the press. Whether it is answering annoying and repetitive questions or publicizing your new movie or at your birthday party, it is a part of the job description which you cannot ignore. If you are a child that is a people person then it’s all good. But if you are not a people person, you still have to do it. You do not have the luxury of choosing who you can and cannot talk to. (Source: PopSugar)

18 Not Worry About Followers

Via pagesix.com

As much as some celebrities restrict their children’s social media use, they will have to admit that social media is everything. Just as Kylie Jenner, who makes over $1 million per Instagram post. You can tell how famous your child is by how many followers and double taps they get on Instagram. Therefore, they are very careful about how large a fan base they have because it shows where they are on the pecking order. Little Timmy, however, does not worry so much about how many new followers he got this week, as he does about finishing his book report.

17 Date Normal People

Via thisisinsider.com

Because of the differences in lifestyle between the famous and common folk, more celebrities have chosen to date and marry within their circle of fellow celebrities as compared to dating regular people. Celebrity couples who look adorable on social media are the main reason #RelationshipGoals are an actual thing. The same goes for celebrity children, who follow in the footsteps of their parents and date fellow famous kids. Whether it is taking them to prom or just chilling under the moonlight, celebrity kids prefer dating amongst themselves. (Source: UK.BuisnessInsider)

16 Choose Their Career Path

Via twitter.com

The apple never falls far from the tree, so the adage goes. And to some extent, this spells true for so many of Hollywood’s young ones. Very many children have taken the same path that their parents took, choosing to reside is showbiz, mostly at the pleasure of their parents. Not every child has the freedom or power to choose their own career path, with many like Michael Douglas and Gwyneth Paltrow taking the same career paths as their parents did. (Source: VanityFair)

15 Start From The Bottom

Via pinterest.com

It is the embodiment of the American Dream. When one defies all the odds and overcomes every obstacle that is placed in their path and finally, after many trials and failures, with many lessons along the way, they achieve fame and fortune. They began at the very bottom but ended up at the top. Celebrity children have no idea what I’m talking about. Most of them are born with silver spoons in their mouths; enjoying the luxury and privilege that comes with daddy being a well-known name in show business. Some of these children will never know what it is like to start from scratch and make it. (Source: People)

14 Have Behavioral Boundaries

Via nydailynews.com

Raising children is not easy. It is even more difficult when you and/or child is a celebrity. Gwyneth Paltrow once revealed that raising a family while working in Hollywood tends to be a lot tougher than working the normal 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. gig. It is difficult to do something as simple as a 9 o’clock curfew when they are movie stars and have to attend movie premiers or restrict social media time when your child is a YouTube star. Setting behavioral boundaries for a teenager whose paycheck is three times what you earn can prove to be a challenge for any parent. (Source: USMagazine)

13 Pay To See Their Favorite Stars Perform

Via grammy.com

Every child has their favorite star. Whether it is Beyoncé, or Ed Sheeran, or both, to be present when they are performing would be just ‘perfect.’ While normal children would have to stand in line at the mall to buy the ticket and even longer before they can get into the show, celebrity children usually have backstage passes by virtue of their parents knowing a guy who knows a guy. This has to be one of the biggest perks of being a Hollywood child. (Source: USAToday)

12 Madonna's Kids Cannot Watch Television

Via vogue.com

Every kid alive today loves television. It is the one thing that has the ability to feed their active imaginations and entertain at the same time. well, that and books. Watching TV is one of the most favorite past times for kids all over the world. That is, except Madonna’s kids. Media icon and pop star Madonna said she does not allow her children to watch television because “TV is trash.” She says that they have televisions but they’re not hooked up to anything but movies.

11 Binge On Fast Food

Via bosh.tv

One of the best things about being a kid is being able to eat a ton of junk food without worrying about anything other than the taste, it is the beauty of being a kid. Just drop those puppy dog eyes on your mum and off to Burger King you go. Well, Hollywood kids don’t have that luxury. They may be spotted eating fast food once in a while but their parents have very strict rules when it comes to their diet; mainly because in Hollywood, the last thing you want is to be spotted towing around an overweight 9-year-old. (Source: Today)

10 Have Bad Hair Days

We have all had them. Admit it; you may be having one right now. Bad hair days happen to everyone, well not everyone but you get it. However, as much as it may happen to everyone, celebrities are very careful not to let it happen to them and more so, their children. The rich and mighty of showbiz splash a lot of money on stylists to make sure that their kids look dapper every time they step out of the house. Having a bad hair day is totally unacceptable. (Source: NYPost)

9 Not Care About Being Snapped By Paparazzi

Via thisisinsider.com

The paparazzi. The one evil that Hollywood is yet to exorcise. They are everywhere and are a constant thorn in the side of the rich and famous who may have just desired to have a quiet day at the mall. While normal kids may not really care whether or not there are paparazzi where they are going, celebrity children have to be; because each one will be scrambling to get a controversial photo to sell to the highest bidder. This got so bad that Kristen Bell had to launch a campaign where she called for readers to boycott magazines that run photographs of celebrity children. (Source: Jezebel)

8 Disregard What The Media Is Saying About Them

Every day, a new story breaks out on tabloids that set the internet on fire. It is what they are good at, spreading controversy. While some of us may have a laugh or two, together with our kids, about such misfortunes, celebrities can’t; especially if the story is about their children. The kids are just that, children and many struggles with self-image. This makes it hard for them to just openly disregard what the media may be saying about them, a luxury that we normal folks enjoy. (Source: TimesLive)

7 Have The Neighbors Teenager Baby Sit Them

Via splashlr.com

It’s no secret that our celebrities (like all moms in the world) rely on nannies to help take care of her kids given her hectic schedule. While many of us have no qualms about asking your neighbor’s responsible teenager to come to take care of your little ones for an hour or so, Hollywood’s elite do not have that luxury. They rely strictly on trained nannies because they believe they are more professional and their kids will be better taken care of.

6 Be Brought Up Under Conventional Parenting Styles

Via grammy.com

Celebrities tend to be nonconformists, so it makes sense that their parenting styles may be unconventional, but some of Hollywood's child-rearing techniques are truly surprising. While you wouldn't expect Johnny Depp or Madonna to be traditional parents, there are some whose choices may floor you. Jada and Will, for example, do not punish their children. And who can forget the video of Alicia Silverstone feeding her son pre-chewed food directly from her own mouth? Yeah, we give up too. (Source: More)

5 Indiscriminate Screen Time

Via scribal.com

Different parents have different parenting styles. However, this has to be one of the most ‘universally’ accepted restrictions when it comes to how celebrities raise their children; they do not allow their kids access to the tube for as long as they would like. While for us having kids distracted by the TV or social media or YouTube allows us to get them off our backs, celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Jessica Alba have specific times within which the children are allowed to use social media. (Source: TheTalko)

4 Walk Around Without Security

Via etonline.com

As much as we adore our celebrities, not everyone is on the same page with us on that one. Just ask Kim Kardashian. After her ordeal in Paris where she was held at gunpoint and robbed of jewelry, we believe that no celebrity is taking chances when it comes to them or their children. This has forced celebrities to invest in some of the best security in the world not just for them but for their children as well. So everywhere you see their kids, there is always a gentleman or lady very close by keeping an eye. (Source: ABCNews)

3 Wear Regular Clothes That Are Not Designers

Via hollywoodreporter.com

What is it about celebrities and designer clothes? It is like an unwritten rule in Hollywood; thou shalt always wear designer. Whether they are going for a coffee run or buying a new house, they rock some of the biggest names in fashion. And they make it look good. Their children are also beneficiaries of this with North West coming to mind here. Each time you see her, she always looks stunning, either rocking her daddy’s designs or gifts that she’s received from her aunties. We wonder if she knows such a thing as regular clothes. (Source: InStyle)

2 Be Free To Eat Any Food

Via vanityfair.com

It is said that our bodies are temples, and we need to be careful how we treat it and what we put in it. Well, celebrities have taken this saying to a whole new level. Especially Kourtney Kardashian. It doesn’t sound like the Kardashian-Disick kids get to enjoy a lot of the normal foods kids their ages eat. Kourtney has admitted to keeping her children on strict gluten-free and dairy-free diets. Sister Kim has also admitted to keeping her children on a similar, health-conscious diet. (Source: TheTalko)

1 Be Able To Call Your Grandma, Grandma

Via elle.com

We all love our grandmas. They hold a special place in every child’s heart. However, what if we told you that you could not call your grandma, well, grandma. Would it be weird, right? Well, that is the dilemma that the Kardashian-Jenner kids have to deal with. Apparently, it turns out that Kris hates being called grandma. She says that it makes her feel ‘old and wrinkled.’ So it is a rule in the Kardashian household, Kris is called ‘Lovey’. So adamant is the momager about not being called the G-word that she outrightly refuses to respond to it. (Source: Momtastic)

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