Orange Is The New Black: 24 Unrecognizable Photos Of The Litchfield Ladies Out Of Character

The time of year is upon us again when Orange is the New Black fans everywhere gear up for a new season of their favorite show. In recent years, the Netflix Original Series has taken a different turn from what viewers had become accustomed to, introducing new characters, killing off fan favorites, and last season, writing the storyline to take place over a time period of just three days. With the release of season six coming up, little has been revealed about what we can expect from the Litchfield ladies and all their predicaments.

What we can expect is the same, old hodgepodge group of inmates, mixed with some newer faces that we may have seen a bit of so far, but will get to know much better throughout the season. These are women who are made under for their roles, beautiful women like Laura Prepon (Alex Vause), Taylor Schillling (Piper Kerman), Diane Guerrero (Maritza Ramos), and really, the entire, huge cast. Seeing them in real life, you would never imagine how normal these gorgeous movie stars can look when they try or don't.

In prison, there is a lack of access to makeup, hair and beauty products, and even personal hygiene products. The makeup artists for the Orange is the New Black cast do a pretty impressive job of making all of these women look like they truly are incarcerated and living without the things most women use on a daily basis to perfect their look.

When we last saw the Litchfield inmates, they were being separated into two groups and onto two buses bound for different prisons after the riot ended. Of course, 10 of the prisoners remained hiding out in Frieda's secret room, a.k.a. the abandoned swimming pool, as the guards were honing in on them. We may not know what any of their futures hold, but we do know one thing for sure, and that is that these fugly prisoners are not so fugly in real life; in fact, they are all smoking hot!

Check out this list of 24 side-by-sides of your favorite OITNB characters as well as the ones we do not know too well yet, and see how their actual look compares to their characters'!

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24 Jessica Pimentel (Maria Ruiz) — Real-Life Heavy Metal Musician

It is hard to believe that all three of the above photos are of the same woman, actress Jessica Pimentel, who has played Litchfield inmate Maria Ruiz since season one. All three pictures are clearly her, but they portray different sides of her, which is perhaps a testament to her acting talent.

Jessica is not only an actress, she is also a classical violinist and heavy-metal musician.

Who'd have thought? When you look at the photo in the middle, it shows the hardened face of a mother torn from her newborn child, and hellbent on revenge (which she gets, by savagely branding Piper with a swastika symbol). On the left is a photo of her ready for a heavy metal band performance. And on the right,  she is just plain scorching hot. There is no doubt that Jessica has the looks, but the fact is that those looks are dulled in her role as Maria. From being heavily pregnant with her daughter at the beginning of the first season to becoming a secondary antagonist by season four, Jessica's look remains pretty much the same throughout. In her real life, she has many different looks, all of which are gorgeous.

23 Emily Tarver (Artesian McCullough) — The Guard Uniform Does Not Suit Her!

One of the few female prison guards at Litchfield is none other than Artesian McCullough, played by actress Emily Tarver. She is a newer member of the cast, and although she is not an inmate forced to wear drab prison clothing, she only has it a tad bit better with her own uniform. Guards must wear their hair up, little to no makeup, no jewelry, and a uniform that is not form-flattering. In fact, the only thing that is really better about a guard uniform than a prison uniform (at least at Litchfield) is the color. The baggy, tan clothing the inmates wear washes them out, so at least Artesian gets to wear royal blue (and carry a weapon). Having only joined the cast in 2016, she is a newbie to both the show and the fictional prison, having been hired due to her military background.

She is always seen as looking very plain on the show, a situation made even worse when she is taken hostage along with the other guards and forced to strip down to her bra and panties. But obviously, plain looks are no issue for her in her real life. Not only is Emily Tarver an actress, but she is also a comedian, writer, producer, and musician. You would never know it by watching her on Orange is the New Black!

22 Diane Guerrero and Jackie Cruz and (Flaca Gonzales and Maritza Ramos) — The Bestie Beauties

Besties Flaca and Maritza go together as one because, well, they're Flaca and Maritza, also known as Jackie Cruz and Diane Guerrero. Clearly they are both very attractive young women even wearing jail garb, but their beauty is magnified tenfold out in the real world. The two have a dynamic both on and off the set, almost radiating off one another. These two are among the youngest inmates at Litchfield (and probably the prettiest). They are best friends who, although they have plenty of ditzy moments, truly care for and love one another. Technically, Flaca's real name is Marisol, but she is known throughout the prison as Flaca because one time, Maritza said her head is full of "caca," leading another inmate, Aleida Diaz, to start calling her "Flacaca."

The name stuck, and six seasons later, she is still known as Flaca, one half of the dynamic friendship duo that has remained unbreakable since season one.

That's going to change now since at the  end of season five, the two were put on separate buses heading to two different prisons. In real life, the actresses are both 32 as of this year, even though they play much younger women on the show. Both have long, silky black hair, gorgeous complexions, and personalities that make them even more attractive. And they are close in real life, too, as we can tell from the many pictures of the two of them together clearly not dressed as prisoners!

21 Francesca Curran (Skinhead Helen) — Can You Believe This Is Her?

When you see how the character Helen Van Meale, a.k.a. Skinhead Helen, looks in real life, your jaw will probably drop; mine did. She is so girly and pretty and not scary, all completely opposite of the woman she portrays on Orange is the New Black. All one needs to do is Google her name and you will find tons of photos of her looking every bit the sweet, pretty, girl next door. On the show, she plays Helen, an abrasive, unlikable, and at times violent inmate with a shaved head and tattoos. She is an extreme racist and part of the prison's "White Power Group."

Francesca Curran really did shave her head for the role after joining the cast in 2016, and undergoes hours of makeup for her tattoos each time she films.

When not on the set, she wears wigs, which makes sense since most pretty young 23-years-olds such as herself do not prefer to be bald. Orange is the New Black is the only thing on the New York-based actress's repertoire thus far. We shall see what trouble Skinhead Helen gets into this season!

20 Dascha Polanco (Dayanara Diaz) — Litchfield's Hot Mess Has Her Life Together IRL

Dayanara "Daya" Diaz has been a main character on Orange is the New Black since the beginning, and her storyline has always been interesting. First, she fell in love with a prison guard and got pregnant by him. Then, she slept with another guard, Pornstache, to blame the pregnancy on him. She had the baby, the guard she loved skipped town, and when the riot happened, she was smack dab in the center of it when she picked up the gun and shot the ceiling to shut everyone up. Daya is a pretty girl, but looks a bit sloppy in her prison garb. But in real life, her womanly curves, pouty lips, and gorgeous skin make Dascha Polanco look much hotter than her fictional character. As you can clearly see in these photos, she is really very pretty. Her character is supposedly 24 years old, but her actual age is 35. She does not look it!

It must have been easy for the casting director to choose her to play an inmate, because as pretty as she is, she showed up to her audition wearing scrubs since she was working in a hospital at the time.

Scrubs are not too far off from what the prisoners wear, so perhaps it gave her an upper hand in getting the part.

19 Julie Lake (Angie Rice) — Actually Has Nice Teeth 

It is hard to argue that Julie Lake's character, Angie Rice, is one of the grossest-looking inmates at Litchfield. Mainly, it is because she is a meth-head and her teeth have rotted, becoming yellow, brown, and gooky in appearance. Luckily for Julie, all of that is just makeup and in reality, she is a very normal-looking person. In fact, she is quite attractive. It's no surprise that she is able to believably portray a messed-up criminal though, as she went to Yale University and majored in theater. Her education has served her well, as she is now a part of a hugely successful television series and has been around since the very first season in 2011. She also had a role in the 2017 HBO drama Big Little Lies, starring Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Shailene Woodley. Her tall stature, mousy brown hair, dark circles under her eyes, and of course those teeth, make her quite an eyesore even among prisoners, but her height in real life, as well as her styled hair, blue eyes (sans circles), and white teeth are stunning!

18 Jolene Purdy (Stephanie Hapakuka) — The Hawaiian Prisoner Is Really a California Girl!

Stephanie Hapakuka was introduced as a new inmate in season four. She is played by the lovely Jolene Purdy, a 34-year-old native California girl. However, in the show, her character is from Hawaii and had even been incarcerated in Honolulu prior to arriving at Litchfield for being part of a peaceful protest. She is Piper's roommate, but things do not start out well between the two, and Stephanie ends up helping to orchestrate the branding of Piper's arm with an inappropriate symbol. While she doesn't look that great on the show, it seems like all she needs to transform from a miserable-looking prisoner to a fun, spunky young women with the looks to boot is a little color — the makeup, the clothes, and the personality. Jolene Purdy is also known for being in Donnie Darko (which was her first real role), 10 Things I Hate About You (the television series), Under the Dome, and most recently, Superstore and The Resident. She has appeared in many other television series as well.

17 Emma Myles (Leanne Taylor) — The Amish Prisoner Is Stunning in Real Life

Kind of like Flaca and Maritza go together, Leanne and Angie are the best of friends. They are admittedly less attractive than their fellow prison bestie duo, but that is only true when they are made under for the show. We already discussed the scuzzy Angie, and now it is Leanne's turn. While her teeth are nowhere near as bad as her friend's, they are also nowhere near what most people would consider good. Leanne comes from an Amish background and is used to looking like a plain Jane. Her washed-out, acned skin, greasy hair, and the perpetually snotty look on her face do her no favors. But as you can see, Emma Myles is no Leanne Taylor. She may play her on TV, but she is worlds ahead of Leanne in the looks department. She is turning 31 years old right around the time Orange is the New Black season six will be released, and she looks great. While she may be a healthy woman who clearly takes care of herself in real life, she makes it awfully easy to picture her as a messed-up prisoner, since she does such a great job portraying one. Leanne is her most well known role, but Emma has had plenty of others, including a recurring role on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit from 2014 to 2017.

16 Beth Dover (Linda Ferguson) — "Fake Prisoner" Is Not a Good Look For Her

Beth Dover's character, Linda Ferguson, is neither a prisoner nor a guard. She works within Litchfield Penitentiary as the Director of Purchasing for MCC (Management & Correction Corporation). Like her employer, she is not always most concerned with the well-being of the incarcerated women. Linda is manipulative but relatively intelligent, and she carries on a relationship with Caputo, who is the prison's warden. But she gets a taste of her own medicine (and is appalled) when during the riot, she dresses up as a prisoner to keep herself safe. Viewers have seen Beth Dover in-character as both an unattractive inmate and an attractive businesswoman, which is of course a closer likeness to how she really looks off set. She has an extensive repertoire of roles dating back nearly 30 years. They include Guiding Light, Criminal Minds, Burning Love, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Chasing Life, Newsreaders, Fresh off the Boat, New Girl, Children's Hospital, Son of Zorn, and she has been on the mockumentary period comedy Another Period since 2013. She has been on Orange is the New Black since 2015.

15 Emily Althaus (Maureen Kukudio) — Cuckoo Kukudio Is a Knockout!

There is nothing overtly wrong with how Emily Althaus's character, Maureen Kukudio, looks physically. Perhaps her awkward and creepy personality helps her to look much less attractive than she does in real life, but otherwise, her detriment is just having bland, curly hair, pale skin, being a little too skinny, and having a constant spaced-out look on her face. Even so, you can tell she is a very beautiful woman. But Maureen's alter-ego Emily is jaw-dropping. Since we first saw her in season three, we have gotten to know a kooky, strange girl who falls in love with Suzanne (Crazy Eyes) and ends up getting beaten badly in the face by her. She always seems like she could come unhinged at any moment — kind of like Suzanne herself. She is calm, scary, loving, and unpredictable all at once. Emily Althaus does a great job playing a character who is just a little crazy, which is no surprise since she has a background in theater. Originally, she auditioned for the role of Pennsatucky's scamming mother in her flashback episode, but we are glad she got a regular part instead; you cannot hide her natural beauty even under prison garments and a psychotic personality! She was also in the 2017 film The Strange Ones alongside Alex Pettyfer, and has been in numerous television shows.

14 Laura Prepon (Alex Vause) — The Prison's Dark Beauty Looks Like Snow White

Arguably, other than Piper, Alex is the secondary main character of the show. Fans have loved watching That '70s Show's Laura Prepon in a role unlike any she has played before. That role is the mysterious, mischievous, passionate Alex Vause, who is the lover of main character Piper. The two have a long history together, and at the moment, are on good terms as they navigate the riot throughout season five. The bottom line is that they truly love each other, but life has not always made their love easy (but they share plenty of graphic love scenes to make up for it). Laura is a natural beauty even after a make-under to get in character for the show, but she is absolutely stunning in real life. Throughout the years, we have seen her with every color hair there is, but her black hair in OITNB really highlights her porcelain skin and light eyes. Throughout the show, she has been the dark to Piper's light — physically, that is. In terms of human decency, the two seem to see-saw back and forth. One of the biggest (if not the biggest) name to be cast in OITNB, especially at first, Laura says of her appearance,

"I never wear makeup. When I wear makeup on the show, I take it off as soon as I can. I just like the au natural thing."

It is a good thing she does not need it to look beautiful!

13 Kelly Karbacz (Kasey Sankey) — Tough Gal Has a Soft Side in Real Life

To most people within the walls of Litchfield (and through the television), she is just "Sankey." The name feels fitting, given her character's outspoken nature and the certain grittiness she embodies. Actress Kelly Karbacz perfectly portrays the dirty-blonde convict, who was introduced in season four. She is a mother and a wife, but in Litchfield, she is all about the "White Power Group" and being somewhat of a bully. And yet, she shows glimmers of kindness — or at least decency. She is almost hard not to like, even with all of her obvious character flaws. At the very least, Sankey is entertaining and someone we want to root for, when she is being a good person. The 40-year-old actress, Kelly Karbacz, has made a name for herself over the years in the world of acting, having had roles in several other television shows, including several of the Law and Order franchise shows and Third Watch as well as the 2008 movie Get Smart, starring Anne Hathaway and Steve Carrell. Kelly is a beautiful woman, but more so in her real life than as an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary. There, her tough exterior and sometimes violent antics take over any prettiness we could potentially see. But as Kelly, she shines.

12 Yael Stone (Lorna Morello Muccio) — Adorable But Deadly

Lorna is someone we love to watch because she is like a train wreck waiting to happen. The girl is an absolute mess, and she is undoubtedly psychotic. However, her insanity is not as obvious as it perhaps should be, simply because she is cute and petite and nonthreatening in every physical way. She speaks in a high-pitched voice and puts effort into her looks, even while in prison, by making her own lipstick and always doing her hair. She is obsessed with romance and getting married, and for all of these reasons, no one sees how dangerous she can be. A series regular since season one, fans have a love-hate relationship with Lorna. But overall, people seem to root for her. Yael Stone, who brings her to life, is actually an Australian actress, but you would never know it because she does such a spot-on New York accent.

"Prison makes an interesting context for so many different characters to come together. You get to see what lines get drawn between people."

She has also made note of the fact that her home country has a very big history of incarceration. This year, she is playing Dora Lumley in the drama/mystery mini-series Picnic at Hanging Point. The girl is super cute and adorable both in real life and on TV, but she doesn't hold back from taking on heavy roles.

11 Laura Gómez (Blanca Flores) — Just Look at Her Without That Unibrow!

There have been many instances throughout the first five seasons of Orange is the New Black in which Blanca has utterly grossed us out. For one thing, she does not always shower, and her fellow inmates have visibly (and verbally) reacted to her stench. She has a mane of unruly hair that looks like it has not been brushed ever and a haunting look in her eyes with dark circles underneath. She also walks around hunched over all the time as if she is stalking something, and let's not forget about her infamous unibrow. All of this is part of the reason why we love Blanca, but we must admit, it was a refreshing change of pace when she got a makeover in season five. Underneath all of that unkemptness, there was a beautiful woman waiting to be seen. Of course, we already knew that just by looking at actress Laura Gomez, who plays Blanca, when she is not in character. The 39-year-old Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic native wows us with her natural beauty, which includes her olive complexion, thick, shiny black hair, big dark eyes, strong features, and lithe physique. She has a very unique sort of beauty, and we love it!

10 Olivia Luccardi (Jennifer Digori) — Baby-Faced Beauty

The character of Jennifer Digori, played by actress Olivia Luccardi, almost resembles her fellow inmate (and cast mate) Maureen Kukudio, played by Emily Althaus. Both women are fair-skinned, have boring, brownish hair, and an innocent face with huge eyes. And, they both look way better in real life. We proved it with Emily/Maureen's photos, and now we are proving it with Olivia/Jennifer's. Her physical trademark is the gap between her teeth, a la Madonna, Anna Paquin, the singer-songwriter Jewel, Vanessa Paradis, and her very own cast mate, Uzo Aduba (Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren). A member of the penitentiary's "White Power Group," there is nothing overtly special or unique about Jennifer, especially when she is wearing her prison uniform (which is always). But take her out of Litchfield, and she is a bombshell! The Brooklyn native, who just turned 29 in May, has acted alongside plenty of big names such as George Clooney and Julia Roberts in Money Monster, Kevin Spacey in House of Cards, Marisa Tomei in Shotgun, and this year, she has more movies coming out like Drunk Parents with Salma Hayek. And of course, the sixth season of Orange is the New Black! This will be her fourth season on the show; although she only became a series regular in 2016, she was first seen on the airplane in season two.

9 Kimiko Glenn (Brook Soso) — So-So In Prison, But So Hot in Real Life!

Brook Soso is one of the younger and cuter inmates in Litchfield. She was incarcerated for being part of a political protest, so she is not one of the violent or aggressive prisoners. In fact, she is usually the opposite. However, she will stand up for the things that are important to her, including her late girlfriend Poussey, Poussey's library books, and at one point, her right to refuse to shower in order to instigate change within the prison. During that time, she was probably her least attractive since she was grungy and pungent (according to anyone who walked by her). In real life, Kimiko Glenn is adorable. The 29-year-old Phoenix native is a beautiful blend of Scottish, Irish, German, and Japanese ancestries. Her mother is fully Japanese, making her half Japanese. On the show, Brook is also half Asian and is one of the only Asian inmates in Litchfield, a fact she struggles with from time to time.

"Thinking back on it, I just really didn't have very many role models to look up to when it came to Asian actresses.

And in that way, when I would see an Asian onscreen, it would be a secondary-type thing, and that's kind of how I ended up viewing myself in the world: as secondary."

8 Danielle Brooks (Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson) — She Is All Woman 

Taystee has always been a fan-favorite, and although she does not look "sexy," so to speak, while hanging out in her prison uniform all the time, the fact is that she is smoking hot! Especially for those who appreciate a woman with curves and a personality, Danielle Brooks brings it all to the table. Even in photos, she exudes a sense of fun and playfulness, a quality that enhances her natural beauty.  Her character, Tasha Jefferson (Taystee), is smart, ambitious, and works hard, which is more than can be said for most of her fellow inmates at Litchfield. It is not that she is unattractive as a prisoner on the show, but her real look is so much better. She is all woman! It is amazing how far just a little bit of makeup and a nice hairdo can go in changing a person's appearance so drastically. Something few people know about Danielle is that, although her repertoire is short, she received a Tony nomination for Best Performance by an Actress for her role in the 2015 Broadway musical The Color Purple. She is also musically inclined and attended Juilliard with former Orange is the New Black cast mate Samira Wiley, who played Poussey Washington before her character was smothered to death on the cafeteria floor during the time leading up to the prison riot.

7 Taryn Manning (Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett) — Trailer Trash Make-Under

Pennsatucky is a character that we used to hate but over the years have come to root for. Long gone are the days when she was a dangerous psycho who almost killed Piper with a handmade, sharpened cross during the Christmas pageant. But mention to anyone that scene, and they will likely first think of how terrible 'Tucky (real name: Tiffany Doggett) looked; she was underweight, had long, stringy hair, ghost-white skin, and teeth worse than Angie Rice's (which is definitely saying something). In fact, many of her teeth were missing from her mouth! Fast forward a few seasons, and 'Tucky has a cute bob, a new set of teeth, and a much more pleasant demeanor. She has actually become likeable too, which only adds to her level of attraction. In real life, Taryn Manning is petite and cute and does not look anywhere near how ugly she can (apparently) look with an extreme make-under. Hers rivals that of Charlize Theron's transformation into serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the movie Monster. Besides reprising her role as trailer-trash Tiffany for a sixth season, 2018 will see Taryn in multiple other roles in films, for example, the crime drama Brawler, due out in December.

6 Daniella De Jesus (Zirconia/Cabrera) — Girl With a Grill

Yet another Litchfield inmate with teeth so messed up it ruins her whole look is the character Zirconia, played by Daniella De Jesus. However, unlike Angie, Tiffany, Leanne, and the others with disgusting teeth, Zirconia has them looking that way on purpose, and in fact, it is how she got her nickname (her real first name is unknown, but she also goes by her last name, Cabrera, as well as "Mexican Mongoloid"). She wears golden grills on her teeth that once had zirconia crystals in them, but before entering prison she tore them out in case anyone took them for real diamonds. But her unfortunate choice of mouth wear (is there a fortunate choice at all, really, when it comes to decorating one's mouth?) is only one of her downfalls when it comes to her appearance. Her frumpy, old-woman hairdo, out-of-control eyebrows, and somewhat of an in-your-face personality are the other contributing factors to her yucky prison appearance.

Luckily, the real-life Zirconia, Daniella De Jesus, is not as rough around the edges as the convict she portrays.

Actually, she has beautiful skin, trimmed brows, and lush curves. Interestingly, there is a Mexican supermodel by the same name (but with different spelling), and as pretty as Daniella from Orange is the New Black is, we doubt anyone will be getting the two confused any time soon.

5 Taylor Schilling (Piper Chapman) — The Blonde Bombshell Who Started It All

What kind of a list would this be without including the one who started it all, the show's main character, Piper Chapman? The one who really started it all is Piper Kerman, who wrote a book about her prison sentence that was then turned into Orange is the New Black. Portrayed by Taylor Schilling of The Lucky One, Argo, and Titan fame (among many more titles), Piper is a pretty, twenty-something blonde engaged to be married and with a new soap business when she gets sentenced to 15 months behind bars for her past indiscretions with her ex-lover. She is a lovely woman both as Piper and as herself, but we are going to go ahead and say she is prettier in real life. Just look at the photos; they don't lie! Of Orange is the New Black and its predominantly female cast, Taylor says,

"There's this pervasive myth that in order for a piece of entertainment to have a crossover audience of men and women, it has to be a predominantly male film. I think this is showing people that women are driving their own narrative, in a way that is complicated and dynamic and raw and vulnerable and real, it is a hot commodity.

People are really interested in that, interested in story and hungry for an authentic voice."

4 Rosal Colon (Carmen Aziza/"Ouija") — Rough Around the Edges in Jail But a Pretty Girly-Girl Off Set

A member of the prison group known as "Spanish Harlem," Rosal Colon's character Carmen Aziza, is also known as "Ouija" (although we are not sure why). Like many of her fellow cast mates, Rosal's acting resume is relatively short, and her role on Orange is the New Black is her biggest one thus far. She has been a part of the cast since 2016, and will be returning for season six. She may look like a pretty girly-girl in real life, but on the show, she is a tough gal, expressing interest from the get-go about the prison hierarchy and making friends with those at the top. She is also involved with illegal merchandise within the prison and she helps brand Piper. Still, both on and off set, she manages to retain a certain softness somehow. It is easier than one would think to imagine her character as a mother, which she is, to a little boy named Miguel. But in real life, she has no children and looks much prettier, perhaps only due to wearing makeup and colorful clothing, doing her hair, and showing off her flattering figure (which, until Googling her, you would never know what there was underneath the prison garb she wears on the show).

3 Vicky Jeudy (Janae Watson) Real-Life Former Pageant Queen

Vicky Jeudy's character, Janae Watson, has an interesting backstory; she lived all over the world with her military father and was destined to become a track star. Even within the prison walls, she is seen running often as a way to get some sort of release. In real life, Vicky was a pageant queen before becoming an actress, something that is not hard to picture, as she is very pretty and has a face for close-ups. Playing Janae in Orange is the New Black was her breakout role (she only had to audition once to get the part), and she has been around since the very beginning, arriving at Litchfield on the same day as Piper and Dayanara after having been arrested for armed robbery.

"When you see Janae in prison, she's very outspoken. I think she's somewhat of an activist, and I'm definitely an activist as well.

When it comes to human rights, civil rights, and equality in general, I'm right there. That fires me up in a matter of seconds, and I drew upon that for Janae."

2 Adrienne C. Moore (Cindy Hayes) — What a Looker Without Those Puffs!

Cindy Hayes, a.k.a. "Black Cindy," is one of those characters you aren't too sure about at first, but who ends up growing on you. She still maintains that toughness we first saw her exude in season one, but by season three, when she officially becomes Jewish, everyone was rooting for her and seeing another side of her. Playing Cindy has taught Adrienne C. Moore a lot, especially when it came to Cindy's religious transformation.

"I did study religion at Northwestern and it was a very interesting time for me, because I think it was the beginning of my personal journey in this understanding of the purpose that religion serves in our culture and in our individual lives. It serves to ground us and be our moral compass."

She goes by many names, including Black Cindy, Puffy Head, and her Jewish name, Tova. She is tall and heavyset and wears her hair in high puffs (hence the nickname Puffy Head). In real life, Adrienne is much more attractive, though. She knows how to wear makeup to accentuate her beautiful features, and it of course helps that she dresses nicely and not in prison attire. And while she keeps the big hairstyle even off set, it is done much prettier than her character's. In addition to being on Orange is the New Black since season one, Adrienne has also been a part of Homeland, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Blue Bloods, 30 Rock, and many other shows.

1 Jamie Denbo (Shelly Ginsberg) — A Bit Unmemorable… But Not In Real Life!

Shelly Ginsberg is the main person who helps Cindy change religion. As a Jewish woman herself, she guides her and eventually performs the Mikwah in the lake behind the prison, immersing Cindy in the water for her to officially become Jewish, and it is one of the most powerful moments of the entire series. Shelly is a middle-aged woman with blonde hair and blue eyes who usually appears very bland and is quite unmemorable. She was arrested for money laundering, the crime that landed her in Litchfield. In real life, Jamie Denbo is much prettier than her character, although apparently not young-looking enough for everyone. Last year, the actress, writer, and comedian went on a Twitter rant about a casting call she had gone on in Hollywood that deemed her too old for the role. She tweeted, "Oh, the characters also have an 18 year-old daughter. I am too old to be the mother of an 18 year-old. The real wife of the 57-year-old actor is easily, at least, 50. But this guy wants to be TV married to a 38-year-old — tops. This is a first marriage, by the way — not a re-wife. Which would make a little more sense. Screw Hollywood. #FeudFX. Old white men, enjoy your last run. We are all done with you lizards." You go girl!

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