21 Grey's Anatomy Plot Holes Fans Are Still Scratching Their Heads Over

You know that feeling when you get so into a show that it practically becomes your life and then you suddenly feel vexed and annoyed when they jumble it up with something totally unrelated to the storyline of the show? If you do, then you have been "plot holed."

For a little over 12 years now, diehard fans have been on a bumpy ride with the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital characters; which means fans have been emotionally invested in the breakups, the marriage proposals, and the losses. It's the loyalty from fans that has made the medical show stick around for so long. However, no matter how dedicated fans are to the show that has spanned for fourteen seasons, there are a couple inconsistencies in the show that have got on their last nerves. Whether it be a medicine error or a general inconsistency, a real fan knows what is up when there is something up. And when this occurs, the diehard fans take their frustration to social media and threads and discuss what occurred ― that is how faithful the fans of the medical drama are. And just in case you root for the show, we wanted to remind you of the plot holes you may or may not have forgotten.

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21 Nurse Fallon And Meredith

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Let us throw it way back to season one of the show with characters in scrubs to talk about an ultimate plot hole ― it seems like they've had them from the start. In season one, we meet Ellis Grey and her scrub nurse, Nurse Fallon, who at a point enters the hospital as a patient. To perform some magic, Dr. Webber tells Nurse Fallon that he was going to assign Meredith Grey to perform her surgery because he thought they'd be perfect match to mingle. However, Nurse Fallon tells Dr. Webber that it was years that she was Ellis Grey's scrub and had never came across Meredith. However, Meredith said as a child she used to run in the hospital, so Fallon should have seen her.

20 When Cristina Gave Up Her Shares

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If you still do not comprehend a plot hole from your favourite show, chances are you never will. This is one plot hole that many diehard fans still ponder on. It is all about fairness, and clearly this situation with Alex and Cristina did not get resolved the way fans would have liked. When Cristina transferred her hospital shares to Alex, the board seat had to be voted on because they were required to by the Harper Avery foundation. While it was technically a unanimous vote to give the seat to Bailey, Cristina should have been called in to vote and voice her opinion as to why she gave her shares to Alex. Things might have turned out out differently.

19 The Doctors Do Everything

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We brush off the plot holes that do not make sense just because the show is so loved, but we do remember them. One constant plot hole in the show is the "one doctor that does everything" issue. In real life, whether a doctor is chief of the department or not, they do not work on a patient from start to finish, but in Grey's, they do. The surgeons do all the work. Odd, right? We are sure you've never experienced that at a hospital. Why? Because surgeons are not supposed to do it all themselves.

18 When CPR Is Performed

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The show is sadly beyond unrealistic, and these plot holes that annoy us, do remind us that the show is wholly fiction. Now, to point another one out, think of all the times you've seen CPR be performed at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Logically, if you've been taught how to perform CPR or not, you'd know that going fast on the chest compressions is what is going to keep the person alive. However, our beloved doctors perform CPR slower than a turtle walking. We know it is a show, but we couldn't help but realize how off their beat is.

17 Jo Wilson’s Name Change

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One thing we learned in season 14 of the medical show, is that Jo Wilson had a name change to stay away from her abusive husband. Okay, fine, but the issue here was that she apparently changed it from Brooke Stadler to Jo Wilson, so her husband Paul would not track her down. However, when Jo had to testify in court, her main worry was her husband being able to now track her down because of court records. Plot hole: If the name change was legal, then her former name would not be existent and therefore not appear on court records.

16 Patient Drama

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Something else that has been entirely inconsistent throughout the show is how the doctors somehow make minor problems way worse, leading to losses more often than not. Please remind us not to visit Grey Sloan Memorial hospital, because it seems like they're saving those with "impossible" problems and hurting those who come in with something super simple. We love Shonda Rhimes for all the fabulous storylines she has brought to us, but constantly accidentally losing a person with a cough, for example, makes no absolute sense. Even with the real scrub nurses and surgeons they bring onto the show, we are reminded it is fictitious in instances like these.

15 Meredith’s Misfortunes

via Hollywood Reporter

Grey's Anatomy is one of the longest-running shows in TV history, but there are still moments that are utter head-scratchers. And one of the biggest issues in the scrubs drama that does not make sense is everything that has happened to Meredith. We get that's a drama, but there is no way that the same person would go through so many awful incidents the way Meredith has. From drowning, to a plane crash, to an attack, to a shooting, to an explosion, to the loss of their sister and husband, Meredith stood tall through them all. Firstly, what are the odds of all the happening to one person? Secondly, after all that, any sane person would move to another city.

14 Arizona And Sofia Not Living Under The Same Roof

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A show cannot survive without a little drama, and while Grey's Anatomy has always been a show filled with whirlwinds of drama, there is some incidents that in real life would not make sense. Arizona and Callie were together for many seasons, but after the plane crash, everything between them crashed as well. It was then that the two went against one another in a battle over who would earn custody of the adorable Sofia. Arizona ended up earning sole custody of Sofia, yet, after going through all the trouble, Sofia does not even live with her.

13 When Denny Gave Izzie Money

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In season three, there was a moment where fans were really left questioning the storyline and realism of the show. The show is never simple, but some situations completely ring ridiculous and untrue. We are talking about Denny and Izzie, and if you remember this instance or not, you will now. Remember that time Denny left Izzie $8.7 million? Wait, what? The problem here is not the action, but rather that before we saw what he gave her, it was never spoken about between the two, and no one in the hospital knew Denny was loaded. You think he would at least bring up how loaded he was to Izzie when he proposed. he already knew she didn't love him for his money.

12 Too Many Doctors were dropped 

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Imagine working or getting treated at a hospital where all doctors are croaking. Seriously, the loss rate among the doctors on this show is completely unrealistic. As viewers, we realize that such an elevated rate would make no sense ― and the doctors on the show should've parted. To refresh your memory, Heather Brooks got electrocuted, George O'Malley got hit by a bus, Mark and Lexie were in a plane crash, Reed Adamson and Charles Percy were shot, and finally, our beloved Derek Shepherd was in a car accident. Seriously, in real life, these doctors would have left and worked at another hospital because this one is seriously cursed.

11 When Meredith Won The Harper Avery

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Fans love to dispute over this one; we're talking about Meredith winning the Harper Avery. Until this day, Grey's enthusiasts believe that Meredith winning the fictional medical award was a complete disgrace. Cristina had earned a nomination for her work but did not win because the hospital is owned by the Harper Avery Foundation, so it sort of made sense that she wouldn't win to not cause friction. However, Meredith won the award for an easier version of a surgery that was already done twice ― even while working at the same hospital as Cristina. It seems like the rules get bent when it comes to the main character.

10 Meredith After Derek

via Screener TV

For many of us, it felt like the end of the world when Derek left; it took us all quite some time to get over his death, so imagine how Meredith felt ― he was the love of our lives too. And since people usually need time away after a tragic passing to grieve, it is only normal that Meredith would have taken time off her duties. However, for a year, Meredith disappears like a ghost in thin air, to the point that colleagues had to check up on her whereabouts. Now, after all that time, Meredith returned to work like it was nothing with no questions asked; that is highly unrealistic, even if she was one of the owner of the hospital.

9 Derek always has to be the hero 

via TV Talk

We just feel like Derek's unfortunate incident could have been completely avoided. We bring this up again because we just didn't feel like it didn't make all that much sense. What fans have been questioning for a while is how it all went down. Firstly, why was Derek standing in the middle of the road after the car accident that he helped with? But most importantly, Derek was in a shallow and silent area, and so, he would have definitely heard the truck coming and he should have also seen it coming. Plus, why would he check his phone while he's in the middle of the road? He's smart guy and that just seems ridiculous.

8 Izzie And Denny’s Relationship

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In the real world, this kind of story would not be possible, neither would it be legal; we are talking about Izzie and Denny's relationship. We know it is a fictional show, but let us be realistic for a second and point out how strict the rules for doctors are concerning their patients. When Izzie cut Denny's LVAD wire to make him top priority on the transplant list, which is totally illegal to do, she would have immediately been booted out ― especially since she was only an intern. However, the show completely ignores the fact that Izzie romantically pursues her patient. She also she have been charged for what she did, instead, she got her job back.

7 When Arizona Switched Specialties

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To be utterly honest, we probably would not trust any doctor at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and this is another reason why. We all know that becoming a doctor is not easy, and that it takes years of schooling before you get out on the field. Well, in Arizona's case, it was not long before she was quickly able to switch specialties. She started off as the head of paediatric surgery, and then rapidly, without demise, becomes a specialist in fetal surgery. How does it make any sense that in such little time, someone could learn the necessary skill sets to take on a whole other speciality?

6 Amelia And Her Brain 

via Entertainment Weekly

All while having a brain tumour, Amelia was able to save several patients and even remove a brain tumour from another doctor ― how coincidental. Evidently, when we found out Amelia had a severe brain tumour, we assumed she would pass away like the many other doctors on the show have. However, the brain tumour evoked all kinds of drama, and then, surgeons removed it without complication and suddenly Amelia was okay. The plot hole here: A brain tumour would have grand effects on a patient, instead, Amelia walked away from it with no repercussions.

5 April’s Ways

via Elite Daily

And then we have April ― April who maintained a close relationship with God and stood her ground when it came to her beliefs. All this changed when she decided to sleep with Jackson the night before the residents had their medical boards and she completely failed. Why? The good Christian woman suddenly had a shift in her character. Usually, it takes a lot of time for a person to alter their character, and they do not just give up on their beliefs so quickly, but with April, it seems like she's quite the yo-yo when it comes to her personality. And based on what diehard fans know of April, there is no way she would have slept with Jackson, especially since she didn't really have any romantic feelings for him to begin with.

4 When Jo Rejected Alex

via premiere.fr

Jo literally changed her name to hide from her abusive husband, yet, when she got proposed to by Alex, she said "no." Many fans were left outraged and disappointed when Jo rejected Alex Karev's marriage proposal. Why did she say "no?" She told Alex she couldn't marry him because she was still married to Paul. However, if you purposely changed your name and were truly in love with Alex, why would you say no? She professed her love for him yet rejected him with her "trying to hide from my abusive partner" excuse. This plot really did not blend well with the show’s storyline. Just accept the proposal and get a divorce from your ex.

3 Izzie’s Disappearance

via Grey's Anatomy Wiki Fandom

Sometimes Grey's Anatomy leaves us hanging and we just cannot forgive them. When Izzie was cancer-free, she suddenly disappeared. This is a major plot hole in the show because why exactly Izzie disappeared from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital was never fully addressed. She said it was because she thought Alex was the one who got her fired, but it still seems pretty selfish to just walk away from everyone who stood by you without telling anyone where you were going and coming back. Her storyline was completely tossed to the side as if she was a nobody in the show; an action that does not flow well with Grey's.

2 Izzie Left Alex In Debt

via Fanpop

Speaking of Izzie, when she suddenly vanished in season six, she left another unresolved mystery behind, besides her obvious disappearance. After she left, Alex was stuck with all of her medical bills because they were married. However, when she returned, the medical bills were never really discussed, so we have no idea if Alex paid them, if Izzie paid him back, or if she simply paid the bills herself.

1 Maggie’s Age And Career

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Another illogical inconsistency that appears more than once in the show is the ages of characters. Yes, fans do take the time to make sense of ages, especially when these are people who are working in hospitals. Fans dominantly tried to construct Maggie's career timeline because the age did not make sense. We were aware that she became head of cardiothoracic surgery when she was 31 and started her fellowship at 25. Basically, if residency in surgery lasts approximately five years, then she would have graduated from med school at 20, which means she would have acquired a bachelor's degree at 15. Is that logical? Not at all. Even if she is a genius and skipped some grade, this seems like a stretch.

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