20 Weird Things About Wonder Woman That People Always Forget

So far, we've had the opportunity to watch Wonder Woman on the big screen three times, first on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the second time on her own movie Wonder Woman, and most recently on Justice League. Without a doubt, we have loved how Gal Gadot brings this character to life, and we can't wait for her second Wonder Woman solo movie, which is sure to be a success in every way.

People who love reading comic books probably know Wonder Woman far better than anyone who only watches her on screen, since she first appeared on the pages of comic books in 1941. Wonder Woman has continued to be an inspiration to women all over the world because she proves that even a woman can be as tough as the most powerful men out there.

Since Wonder Woman has been around for close to 80 years, she has had numerous adventures and storylines, most of which will never get an opportunity to appear on screen. Furthermore, the writers these days are trying to think of more creative ways to bring out this character, in order for her to relate to present-day audiences and to remain relevant with the times.

Therefore, many people, including her biggest fans, will often forget interesting and even weird facts about her because there's so much to say about her. Here are 20 facts about Wonder Woman many have probably forgotten.

20 Her Creator Also Invented An Early Lie Detector Test

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Did you know that the creator of the comic book character Wonder Woman was called Moulton Marston and that he was a psychologist? In his earlier research, he had realized that people’s blood pressure changes when they lie, and so he came up with an early prototype of the lie detector test in 1913. He tried to get the lie detectors to be used in courts but they were rejected owing to their high frequency of error.

Arguably, this inspired him to create Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth, which compels anyone bound by it, to tell the truth. She has since used the Lasso in her battles. The only time the Lasso broke was when Wonder Woman herself refused to accept the truth it was revealing. Marston was also an advocate of women's rights, which is arguably the reason he created Wonder Woman.

19 She Is The Daughter Of Zeus, But At First She Was Fatherless

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Wonder Woman comics have been one of the longest-running superhero comics, and as you would expect, the character has gone through a lot of changes over the years. For the longest time, Wonder Woman was said to have been formed from clay by her mother and then brought to life by the Greek gods which meant she was fatherless.

However, her character was later rebooted when DC was launching The New 52 Comic series. Her origin has changed. Her mother had a relationship with the Greek God Zeus making her a demigoddess, and when she defeated Ares, the God of War, she became the new God of War.

18 Her Bracelets Keep Her Powers In Check

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Wonder Woman is one of the strongest DC superheroes since she's arguably in the same league as Superman. In The New 52 Comic series, her silver bracelets, which were created from the remains of Zeus’s Shield, added to her powers, since they were powerful and unbreakable.

The bracelets are believed to protect her opponents from her demigoddess intense powers, removing them gave her full access to her powers. This new storyline contradicts the original one where the bracelets were used as her weakness. When tied up together even by a mortal man, she lost all powers. The bracelets were also used to keep her temper in check since once removed she would explode in rage.

17 She Wielded Thor's Hammer

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Before The Justice League and Avengers got to the heights they're in today, a few years back Marvel and DC used to cross paths a lot. The crossover comics used to showcase battles involving Marvel and DC heroes, whether fighting against each other or with one another. In one of the comics, Thor lost control of his Mjolnir after his battle with Captain America.

The hammer found its way to Wonder Woman, who was able to lift it easily, giving her massive powers. Not anyone can just pick it up. The inscription on the hammer says "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor". However, she never used the hammer.

16 She Can Talk To Animals

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We all know that Wonder Woman has the ability to speak several human languages. However, Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, gave her the additional ability to communicate with animals. She also gave her the eyes of a hunter which enhanced her senses and gave her telescopic vision. In the comics, Wonder Woman uses this power countless times to communicate and work with animals.

Some of the examples include the time we saw her holding a conversation with a dinosaur and she even befriended a family of polar bears. Often she is seen saving the animals from harm and other times the animals help her in her missions. One of the jobs she got was as a pet psychiatrist.

15 She Has Dominion Over Those In The Underworld

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Ares was Wonder Woman’s stepbrother, son of Zeus and Hera. He was always seen as the force of destruction and warfare and wherever he went, he left misfortune behind. Ares was the god of war and was known for controlling armies of those who have passed by commanding the fallen soldiers and they would rise.

In The New 52 Comic series reboot, Wonder Woman defeated her nefarious brother Ares and became the new god of war, and in so doing she received all his powers. She also received the authority to control any army she wanted, even of soldiers who reside in the underworld. But we are yet to see her use this power on screen.

14 Her Body Regenerates From Injuries Very Fast

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After The New 52 Comic series reboot, Wonder Woman became the daughter of Zeus and Queen Hippolyta, which as a result brought a lot of changes to the character, including giving her new powers. One of the powers she received was an accelerated healing factor, which caused her body to regenerate within minutes in the event of an injury.

She received this ability from Demeter, the goddess of earth. Occasionally we see Diana merging with earth to heal any injuries or toxins on her body. Other versions say this power came from being a demigoddess but originally her healing ability was a gift from the gods.

13 She Can Speak Any Language

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One of Wonder Woman's impressive traits is her ability to speak any language out there, an ability she received from the goddess of wisdom and war called Athena. This ability granted her wisdom, intelligence, and military prowess. She was able to master every language known to man, multiple complex crafts, and become a great leader. Athena even bound her eyesight to that of Diana’s to grant her increased empathy.

When Diana was reinvented in the post-crisis era, she was still multilingual but she learned each language herself rather than relying on the god given ability. In The New 25 reboot, it's unclear whether she lost her language abilities or they will resurface when needed.

12 Her Biggest Weakness Was In Her Bracelets

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Wonder Woman is an American superhero featured in DC comics and is arguably the most powerful female superhero in all universes. She was first featured in comics in 1941. Every superhero has their own weakness, if this was not the case there would be no melodrama as the characters would be invulnerable.

Like Superman's Kryptonite, Wonder Woman also has (or had) a weakness. In earlier comics, she lost all her powers when a man tied her bracelets together. This stipulation was followed by a lot of criticisms then and has been downplayed over the years. It sort of defeats the purpose of having a demi-goddess who can be dominated by men.

11 Members Of The Justice League Once Turned Against Her

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Have you noticed that superheroes never really take the lives of their human enemies, regardless of how dangerous the enemies are? However, a few decades back, our favorite superheroes never used to hold back as much as they do these days, and Wonder Woman was no different.

For example, in the Infinite Crisis storyline, Wonder Woman found out that Maxwell Lord was influencing Superman's mind, causing him to beat up Batman really bad and to come after her thinking she was Doomsday. When Wonder Woman found out about it, she finished him off and this caused everyone, including Batman and Superman to turn against her.

10 She Was Originally Formed From Clay

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In The New 52 Comic series reboot, Wonder Woman is known as the daughter of Zeus and Queen Hippolyta, but in the original storyline Wonder Woman was sculpted from clay by her mother and given life by Aphrodite. She was given her superhuman powers as gifts by the Greek gods.

In the original version, Queen Hippolyta found out she was pregnant in a past life but was then taken out, so she sculpted the statue of Diana and it was brought to life by the soul of her previously unborn child. In another version, she was believed to have been reborn from the souls of all women who had been harmed.

9 Her Secret Identity

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Wonder Woman’s secret identity is of a woman called Diana Prince. In the early comics, her character was originally an army nurse who looked exactly like Wonder Woman. She went to South America, got married, and became Diana White.

As Diana’s career evolved over the years, she held a variety of jobs. She took up the roles of being an assistant, a military intelligence officer, and even a romance editor. She also worked as a jazz and pop vocalist as well as in a fast food restaurant. Although Diana possessed Wonder Woman’s powers, she lost them in the 1960s when she was deep in her secret identity.

8 She Is A Founding Member Of The Justice League

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The Justice League of America (JLA) first debuted in 1960. The team consisted of Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, and Wonder Woman. The team originally came together to fight a group of aliens who wanted to take over the earth, they fought against them and then decided to stick together.

Wonder Woman was the only female member of the team and the first female superhero. She is sometimes depicted in the comic as a founding member along the rest. In The New 52 Comic series, DC changed their name from Justice League of America to just Justice League and featured her as the only female founding member, though other women joined in later.

7 She Converts Brain Energy Into Muscle Power

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On those rare occasions when her super strength was not enough, Wonder Woman had the power to unleash more super strength from her brain. She does this by charging her muscles with pure mental energy in order to make herself faster and stronger than before.

This is one of the skills she learned during her training when she was growing up. She is seen showcasing this ability in the comics several times. In her most recent appearances, this power is an element of her strength and not a power on its own. This power should not be confused with the massive power she gains when she removes her bracelets.

6 She Is As Strong As The Earth

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Wonder Woman is one of the strongest female superheroes in DC. Other than her powers in speed, healing factor, divine wisdom and enhanced senses, Diana has super strength. Originally her powers were a gift bestowed by the gods. Demeter, a goddess, gave her enough power to battle even the strongest superhero in DC comics.

In the reboot, her power is as a result of borrowed strength from earth to enhance her abilities giving her unlimited power. Her power is unbeatable as long as she is on earth. Diana also possesses the sight of Athena, which allows her to ascertain the emotions of others.

5 She Is Mildly Telepathic

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In her early stories, Wonder Woman was able to mildly teleport by focusing her powers through the use of a mental radio; she had the ability to teleport her form to other lands while leaving her body there. But what she endures in her telepathic form actually affected her physical body.

In one instance, following her loss of her sister, Diana teleported her form to hell in order to save her. In The New 52 Comic series reboot, her telepathic powers reduced in capacity. Since she's also the God of War, she has been given the ability to psychically communicate with soldiers, which she has not used for some time. However, she still maintains her ability to communicate with animals.

4 She Is Super Fast

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Wonder Woman is not only super strong but super fast as well. In the beginning, the god of speed Hermes granted her the gifts of speed and flight. Even Flash, the fastest superhero in DC, who needs the speed force to get his powers, acknowledged that Wonder Woman can keep up with him in his normal speed.

Her speed is useful in battle as it gives her super reflexes, giving her the ability to move or immobilize her opponent before they can even react. Being super fast has also enhanced her power of flight. She has the ability to fly unaided. Her earlier character could fly by gliding on air currents.

3 She Is Fire Resistant

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One of Wonder Woman’s cool powers is her ability to resist heat and flames. She was given the gift of sisterhood with great fire by goddess Hestia. This has been demonstrated severally in the comics. She once survived a trip to the sun when she fought Superman while his mind was being controlled by Maxwell.

Again, she survived Superman’s heat vision when he was helping her from being attacked by Martian Manhunter. This gift has enabled her to bond with her Lasso of Truth. In The New 52 Comic series, her fire resistance is not attributed to the gods though. It was as a result of an attack by a villain called Dr. Psycho in the Golden age, who tried to burn her but only made her even more resilient to attack.

2 She Ages Slowly

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One advantage Amazonians have over many other superheroes is that they're immortal as long as they are protecting the island of Themyscira. In the beginning, Diana was formed from clay by her immortal mother Hippolyta and despite being born into immortality she became mortal over the years. She lost her immortality when she left the island.

The gods once restored it back when they made her the goddess of Truth, on the condition that she was only allowed to help those people who called out to her for help. However, she lost her immortality because she helps people even without being asked. In The New 52 Comic series reboot, she was born a demi-goddess making her age really slow it's almost insignificant.

1 Her Muscles Never Get Tired

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One of Wonder Woman’s superpowers is her stamina. She has the ability to fight for hours without requiring food or rest. Her muscles will never give in as a result of exhaustion during battle. She got her stamina from Demeter, which is also backed by the training she received on Amazon.

It's not clear what Wonder Woman’s limit in battle is since she either wins her fights or gets injured when her foe exploits any of her vulnerabilities. Even when creating a way in which to stop her if she were to go, rogue, Batman created a plan to stop her that did not target her stamina but relied on her heart giving in.

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