20 Things We Know So Far About Justin And Hailey's Engagement

The world was shocked when Justin Bieber announced on Instagram that he's engaged to Hailey Baldwin. The news had mixed reactions, Justin and Hailey's friends congratulated them, and while some fans were ecstatic, others, not so much. It came as a shock, especially since earlier this year Justin and Selena Gomez rekindled, and everyone thought this time it would last. It didn't, and now Bieber is officially off the market. Justin and Hailey got back together, and a few weeks later, Justin popped the question while on vacation in the Bahamas. People might think that it's been a whirlwind romance, but Bieber and Baldwin have actually known each other for a long time. Hailey is a lucky girl, especially since the ring is lavish and has more than one carat.

Since the engagement, the couple has been traveling around from Canada to Miami and going on dates around New York. Plans are underway such as Hailey's bridesmaids, type of wedding, and the year. Hailey and Justin are still planning the venue, the guest list, officiant, and the best part, wedding dress. It's Hailey, so we're expecting it to be really fashionable. Even though a lot of planning is still underway, we already know a few things about the unexpected engagement and Justin and Hailey aren't keeping anything from the public.

20 The Million-Dollar Ring

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An engagement is always exciting, mainly when it's a celebrity as the public wants to know all the details and luckily we get to find out all that out. People also get really excited about everything like the dress, venue, and prestigious guest list. The ring is also pretty unique as celebrities can really splurge on diamonds for their partners and Justin went all out. According to TMZ, Bieber bought the ring at Solow & Co, a private New York jeweller, and it cost around $500 million. The ring is an oval-shaped diamond, and Justin worked closely with the jeweller to make sure it's perfect.

19 The Location Of The Proposal

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Justin also made the proposal sweet as he didn't pop the question randomly, but decided to do it while on vacation in paradise — the Bahamas. It sounds like a dream, but the strange thing is, Bieber did it in front of a crowd at a public place. You would think Justin will want to do it privately, but he must've had his reasons. According to eyewitnesses, Justin popped the question in Baker's Bay at a restaurant at the resort they were staying at, and Hailey got caught off guard. "Her face was in shock, but you could tell they are both so in love." 

18 Justin's Public Announcement

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The pop sensation likes to keep his personal life private, but Bieber knows that it's impossible since he's well known in the music industry and has many fans. Justin decided to make a public announcement on his social media accounts. Bieber wanted to wait, but speculation was on overdrive. Therefore, he immediately went public with the news. Bieber posted two pictures of him and Hailey and wrote a long message, gushing about their love and excitement about the future. Fans weren't expecting this and had mixed reactions. Most were happy, but the rest were upset because of Selena.

17 Celebrity Social Media Congratulations

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Bieber has a lot of friends in the industry, and so does Hailey. Celebrities like to show their support when other A-listers make life-changing announcements. They usually reply with congratulation messages on social media. Justin received quite a few when he went public on social media. Scooter Braun who made Bieber a hit sensation posted congratulations on Twitter, and Ariana Grande responded with a lot of excitement. Patrick Schwarzenegger revealed how happy he is about the news. Paris Hilton, Jordin Sparks, Ashley Tisdale, and P. Diddy also shared their congratulations and happy feelings about the engagement. These A-listers could get an invite to the wedding.

16 Set The Date

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After the engagement, the next thing on the list is setting a date which is a must as all the planning revolves around that vital information. People were expecting the pair to get hitched this year especially since Justin and Hailey got engaged so quickly, but Bieber says the wedding will be next year. A source says,

A wedding takes a long time to plan, and brides want the day to be perfect, so we don't blame them for making a date in 2019.

15 Hailey's Bridal Party

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A wedding involves a lot of things and the bride and groom want to include family members in the planning stages but also on the memorable day. There is the best man and maid of honor, but the bride and groom usually choose their best friends. Luckily, family members can be included in the bride's bridal party. Kim Basinger, who is Hailey's aunt, says Baldwin has planned her bridal party already. Hailey's sister, Alaia Baldwin, and cousin Ireland Baldwin will be part of the wedding. We wonder who Hailey's maid of honor will be. Baldwin is very close with the Jenner sisters!

14 A Low-Key Setting

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Justin has made it quite clear that he wants the wedding to be very simple and not too extravagant. Usually, celebrities like Kim Kardashian go all out for their special day, but Bieber wants it low key, possibly due to public reasons. No one knows yet where the wedding will be, or the guest list but a source close to Hailey says there is some idea of what to expect.

 “They want something private, intimate."

13 Whirlwind Romance Before Getting Engaged

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Justin and Selena broke it off again this year, and after the breakup, Hailey and Bieber reconciled. On July 4, Justin and Baldwin were spotted in the Hamptons for the occasion and before that, they were caught in New York on a date. In June, Justin and Hailey vacationed in Miami and there were rumors about them being together, and it was true since a month later they got engaged. After Miami, Bieber and Baldwin were spotted on many dates in Los Angeles and New York. Even though they only dated for several weeks before the proposal, the couple actually have known each other since they were teenagers.

12 Hailey Visits Justin's Hometown

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Bieber and Baldwin love to travel as they often are seen out and about at lavish island locations or cities across America. Justin's hometown is in Canada, and recently, the couple was spotted on a date involving eating ice cream. Justin and Hailey spent a weekend in Stratford, Ontario with Bieber's siblings and family. They spent the day doing activities which included a stop at Tim Hortons and Baldwin and Bieber couldn't stop smiling while they walked back to the car. It's nice that Baldwin is getting to know Justin's family before becoming a member of the Bieber clan.

11 Baldwin's Social Media Post

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After Justin announced the engagement on social media, Hailey followed suit and made her own post. Baldwin shared her happiness on Twitter without a photo. Hailey's post was a lot shorter than Justin's since she only mentioned how grateful she is to have Bieber in her life. Baldwin did share a selfie with the sparkling ring on Instagram. Before the posts, Hailey was very quiet as Justin wanted it that way and wanted to make it public first. Now that it's no secret, the pair has flooded their Instagram with snapshots of their romantic dates and jet-setting lifestyle.

10 Justin Got Permission

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The engagement happened so fast that the public believes it was spontaneous, but Justin planned the proposal in advance. Bieber is old fashioned and likes to stick to the rules of asking the father for permission to marry his daughter. Sources close to the couple told TMZ Bieber met face to face with Stephen Baldwin, who is an actor, several weeks before the proposal.

Stephen happily gave his blessing since he believes Bieber is right for Hailey because they share the same values.

Thankfully, Hailey's dad gave his consent because family drama is never pleasant when you're planning a wedding.

9 The First Meeting

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Justin and Hailey were teenagers when they met for the first time. Back in 2009, Justin was making a name for himself in the music industry and just getting started with the flip hairstyle. Hailey's dad, Stephen, introduced Baldwin to the pop star, and they shook hands. Luckily, the meeting is on camera! Hailey didn't seem very interested, and Stephen and Bieber did most of the talking. Justin and Hailey met up again in 2011 at Bieber's Never Say Never premiere, and Justin even posed for a photo with father and daughter.

8 Traveling To Miami

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Justin and Hailey are all over the place, from New York to the Bahamas to Miami, especially Miami as Bieber and Baldwin were recently spotted there twice. In June, the couple escaped to Miami for a getaway. They traveled by private jet and spent the whole trip together. Justin and Hailey went to a church service together during the day, and at night, they partied at LIV nightclub. Before jetting off, the pair enjoyed a lunch and movie date. In July, Baldwin and Bieber returned to Miami, but this time it was a very low-key getaway.

7 Hailey's Family Reacts To The News

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Justin's celebrity friends mainly congratulated him and his new fiance, but Baldwin's family made their feelings about the news public on social media. Hailey's sister, Alaia, shared a picture of Hailey during her wedding day and captioned it. "From one bride to the next, congratulations to my baby sister on this exciting next chapter!" Baldwin's cousin Ireland posted a picture of the two of them as children, and she quoted Justin's song, One Less Lonely Girl. Shawn Mendes also congratulated her via text and said he's happy for her and Justin.

6 Searching For A Officiator

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Nowadays, anyone can be an officiator since it's easy to receive credentials thanks to the Internet. Justin and Hailey want to go the traditional route and have a pastor officiating the wedding. Many believe Bieber's longtime friend, pastor Carl Lentz, will officiate the wedding, but Justin and Hailey are having meetings with other pastors. The pair met up with a pastor in July during a Hillsong church service, but Bieber and Baldwin still don't know who they want to officiate their marriage and are still on the hunt for the perfect person. Hillsong advises the couple to do a five-week pre-marriage course before tying the knot.

5 Friendship Before Romance

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Hailey and Justin have known each other since 2009, but it was only a brief meeting. After 2009, the couple became closer and formed a friendship. In 2014, Bieber and Baldwin were in the same social circle because of their association with the Kardashians and Jenner sisters. Rumors started to develop which Baldwin dismissed and said they're only good friends.

"I've known him since I was so young, since I was like 13 and we've just been good friends over the years."

Now Hailey confesses she's always seen Bieber as one of her best friends even when they became something more.

4 Five-Week Marriage Course

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Many churches want engaged couples to do a pre-marriage course before settling down as husband and wife. Justin and Hailey plan to do a five-week course on marriage. The couple attends the famous Hillsong Church and plans to do the course there. The course may cover financial management and topics which focus on marriage. According to a source,

The source also says Bieber and Baldwin want to do the course because they believe it'll help them build a strong foundation for their married life.

3 Back To The Bahamas

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The island destination will be a special place for Justin and Hailey since it's where Justin popped the question. The pair traveled to the Bahamas at the beginning of August after spending some time in Brooklyn. Bieber and Baldwin spent their short trip walking around the resort they stayed at and played a game of Connect 4 on the beach. It was a quick trip as Hailey needed to go to Florida to attend an IMG's Fashion Camp speaking engagement. Onlookers managed to take videos and pictures of Justin and Hailey on the beach and boardwalk. It appears the Bahamas will become a regular destination for the couple.

2 The Guest List

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Justin and Hailey both have a lot of celebrity friends, and some of their friends may be lucky enough to receive an invite even though the couple wants a low-key wedding. Both Justin and Hailey are close to the Jenner sisters and Kardashians. Baldwin and Kylie Jenner are incredibly close, so it's likely they'll get an invite. Justin and Scooter Braun are also close, and it seems Scooter is friends with Hailey as well. Justin and Hailey haven't made up the guest list yet, but they may only want their closet friends to join them on their special day.

1 Island Romance

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In 2015 and 2016, the public questioned if Justin and Hailey were a couple as they were always seen together and there were frequent snapshots of Bieber and Baldwin on their Instagram. In 2015, a close friend said, "They have a lot of fun together but don't know what will happen now. They aren't thinking too much about it and are just having fun." In 2016, Justin and Hailey vacationed in the Caribbean and spent New Years together at St Barts. In August 2016, Justin even said in an interview with GQ that he could marry Hailey one day. When you know, you know.

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