20 Things The Korean Hulk Spends His Money On (That Lindsay Lohan Can't Afford)

The Korean Hulk has been hailed as a jet-setting bachelor who also happens to be a billionaire. For anyone that has checked out his Instagram account, you will know that he loves living the lavish lifestyle. Je-yong Ha is the Korean Hulk who is a competitive powerlifter as we can see by his massive frame. He lives in Seoul, Moscow, and Dubai and that’s how he has his connection to Lindsay Lohan who also lives in Dubai. But no, they aren’t dating. “We originally planned to go to New York together. But I had another schedule so I couldn’t go. I was at home watching TV when I got a message from Lindsay. She told me to Google her name. When I searched her name on Google, there were tons of articles about us. Lindsay and I laughed hysterically at this.”

It’s pretty obvious that the Korean Hulk loves luxury and he has no problem putting down large sums of money for the things he wants. You might be surprised by what he chooses to spend his money on. Check out these 20 lavish things the Korean Hulk shows off on Instagram.

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20 He Adores Fur

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One of the luxury items the Korean Hulk likes to purchase is furs. Hey, even Conor McGregor has proven that even men love furs! After all, he has to do something to keep all those muscles warm. They require a lot of food to feed. “I don’t have a set amount of protein I eat per day. I just try to eat as much as I can. I’m not someone who’s trying to diet to make my body look pretty. I like big, beefy, and strong bodies. That’s why I eat a lot. I eat a lot of pizza, hamburgers, and noodles.”

19 Golden Cappuccino Drinks

vai instagram

Of course, he would be staying in a 7-star hotel, some of us had no idea there were hotels that went beyond 5 stars. But in these luxury hotels, you can find golden cappuccino made from real gold. What do you buy the man that has everything? Apparently, only a golden cappuccino will do for a billionaire. This small drink would have cost $24,000, so we hope it tasted really good. When you’re a billionaire, 24k is nothing to spend on things that really don’t matter.

18 He Upgrades to A New Car

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One thing we've noticed with rich men like Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather, and the Korean Hulk, they love buying fancy cars. For most guys, buying cool cars is always the dream to work toward. What kind of upgrade would the Korean Hulk want on a car? A Bugatti Veyron was the purchase of choice and it’s all about luxury and class. When it comes to buying a new car, he likes things to be a little “extra.” He has more than one car and none of them have come cheap for him.

17 He Purchases Amazing Shoes

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These Louis Vuitton shoes are pretty sweet and the Korean Hulk seems pretty pleased about his purchase. Who doesn’t love a good pair of shoes? And when it comes to Louis Vuitton, we can see why anyone would want a pair. Shoes can offer comfort and they are made to protect your feet, but sometimes, we want a pair of shoes simply because they look good. A pair of these shoes can cost you close to $1,000 for one pair. The Korean Hulk only purchases high-end brands — the fancier, the better.

16 Luxury Watches Are Key

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Some people will spend a few hundred dollars on a watch and be satisfied with it. But the Korean Hulk is only interested in luxury items. That means luxury cars, private jets, and diamond watches. These guys are into accessories that have a lot of bling. He's got diamond watches worth millions! He possibly needs these watches to time his gym activities. “I go to the gym every day. I exercise at 5-minute intervals. I repeat sets that exercise my chest, back, shoulders, arms, and legs. I try my best to eat as much as I can, and lift as heavy as I can.”

15 Cool Luxury Vacations

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He posted this picture on Instagram of a holiday that he went on in Thailand. It’s likely that he was on a yacht or chartered one for his vacation. He looks relaxed and happy as he is enjoying a little rest and relaxation. The robe fits him perfectly and we have to wonder if he ever has trouble finding clothes in his size. “It’s very hard. I’m short, my body is big, and my arms are too big, so it’s hard for me to find clothes that fit me. I like wearing suits, so I have a personal tailor. I want to show people that even if you’re short with a big body, you can wear clothes that make you look good.”

14 Golden Ice Cream Cone

vai instagram

Talk about a luxury dessert. There is having a decadent dessert and there is also going overboard, right? This dessert is another $24,000 and we have to wonder if it’s worth it. This is not cheap street food; this is expensive food at a 7-star restaurant. This ice cream is coated in gold and it’s the latest trend in luxury dining that is out there. He is so rich that he has to have his food covered in gold.

13 Fine Art is His Desire

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One thing the Korean Hulk appreciates and loves spending money on is fine art. When you can purchase a really expensive piece art from a gallery instead of Ikea, you know you've made it. In an interview, he told GQ how he made his money: “I do business in Moscow, Russia, and Dubai. I have interest in the entertainment business, so I’m preparing to open nightclubs in many different countries. I am planning to open a Lohan Club in Dubai. In Moscow, I plan to make the most luxurious and expensive restaurant in the world.”

12 Diamond Necklaces Galore

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It’s pretty obvious he likes to buy jewelry and the more diamonds, the better. So, what does he do with his time when he isn’t shopping? “I go to art galleries a lot, and I participate in art auctions as well. I also like jewelry and watches, so I enjoy collecting limited-edition and exclusive models. I have also recently developed an interest for acting. I heard that Marvel is looking for a Korean hero. I really want to be that Korean hero character and act on the big screen.”

11 He's obsessed with truffles

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He’s obviously quite proud of his purchases, especially when it comes to food. Truffles are very expensive, and white truffles like this one, can be quite pricey. Surprisingly, he’s just not all about material goods and acquiring things. He spends a lot of time with various charity interests. “I also have huge interest in charity and volunteer work, therefore I want to make a foundation that’ll allow me to help as many people in need as I can.” That’s definitely something that everyone should do regardless of how much money is in their bank account.

10 Flying Around in A Private Jet

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He posted this photo on his Instagram page with the caption, “What the small jet.” It probably does seem pretty small to a guy his size. He’s a bodybuilder after all. He does make use of private jets on a regular basis when it comes to traveling around the world. When it comes to luxury, he focuses on the brands. “I like a brand called Billionaire Couture. I also like Versace these days. Brands are important, but since I like bespoke suits, I think that the fabric, design, and how well it suits my body is more important.”

9 Only stays at the most luxurious hotels in the best suites

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When he posted this photo, he included the caption: "The penthouse suite. The most expensive hotel room in Paris." Of course, we expect nothing less of the Korean Hulk. He only stays at the best of the best during his travels. When it comes to being a billionaire, that means that you have the kind of bank account that allows him to travel anywhere you want and stay at any hotel of your choosing.

8 An upper-class wardrobe

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We got a sense of his expensive taste in clothing with his love of fur. Heck, he owns 50 fur coats! Not only does he spend a ton on his wardrobe, but we expect him to get everything tailored to his size, too. When it comes to style, the Korean Hulk has some advice for everyone. “Try new different things. That’s how you find what suits you the best. And then you can make that your own style by customizing it. But the most important thing is confidence. Confidence makes you more stylish.”

7 Always Dining in High Style

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The Korean Hulk has the means to dine wherever he wants. He can rack up a $2,000 restaurant bill without even blinking an eye. When it comes to his lifestyle, he likes fine dining and luxury environments, so it’s likely he feels the same about the restaurants he spends his time at. When it comes to the elite, they want something extra when they go to restaurants, they don’t want something average. Spending thousands of dollars in a night means nothing to the wealthy.

6 A cufflink collection 

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He happens to be a big fan of the brand Graff and these cufflinks are pretty impressive, to say the least. When it comes to dressing in style, cufflinks are a must. These would look perfect for the kind of suits he wears on a regular basis. He is living proof that a man can appreciate the finer things in life just as much as a woman can. What more can you ask for when it comes to diamond-studded jewelry?

5 Expensive Gifts

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Imagine spending $400,000 on a gift for someone. The recipient would be a very lucky girl indeed. He actually spends a lot of money on purses. This particular purse was only the second one made and maybe that’s why it came with such a steep price tag. The other reason is that the edge of the purse has a ton of diamonds on it. A lot of people would consider a purse like this to be a huge waste of money, but it’s just another thing the Korean Hulk doesn’t blink an eye over.

4 A Purebred Dog

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He calls it the “super dog” and we would have to agree. Only he would be able to find a dog that is almost as big as he is. “My dog is a Caucasian Ovcharka. His name is Taeja. I bought him in Russia. Taeja is a famous and popular dog. He’s been on many TV shows. He’s also a dog-show world champion. He’s €1 million, and his height is 1m 20cm and his weight is 130 kg. He’s heavier than I am. He eats more protein than I do. He eats nine chickens every day.”

3 Mr. Adventure

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It’s surprising that a guy of his size would do these kinds of extreme sports, then again, he is super fit. One of the things that he likes to spend his money on is extreme sports, bungee jumping included. In this photo, he is taking on the world’s largest bungee jump and it’s also an opportunity for him to show off. Not only does he love furs, diamonds, and fine dining but he also loves death-defying activities.

2 Fancy Weight Equipment

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Most people just get standard workout equipment when they want to have a home gym, but that’s not the case with the Korean Hulk. He obviously spends a lot of time working out, especially because he’s a bodybuilder. The equipment he purchases is very expensive as we can see here and we have to wonder why you would bother spending so much on what is really just fancy dumbbells.

1 He Loves Casino Nights

Via Instagram

The Korean Hulk likes to hit the casino and as we can see here, he has a lot of casino cards and he isn’t afraid to use them. He’s obviously someone that would spend a lot more at a casino than the average person as well. He's also been one to show off the money that he wins at the casino as well. He will spend a lot of money there, but if he’s winning, then that means he’s just adding more money to his bank account. The guy is clearly balling and he’s not slowing down anytime soon.

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