20 Things That Fans Question About Negan's Character

A character is something that everyone is going to love at some given time in their life. This can literally be anything. Characters are generally people but can even be objects, although that specifically targets a certain type of audience and content. Negan is, of course, a character in a television series. He's well-known and loved by many. A character like Negan isn't so easy to come by since everything about him is just so fascinating. It's not an easy thing to create or manage.

Negan was a masterpiece of writing because of the many aspects the writers pulled from. Characters like him, generally, create a sense of wonder and need for information in the viewer. When Negan first came into play, he was not the most interesting of characters. He did, however, make you remember him over time and that is something that really carries over with his mindset. Someone like him is sure to get people wondering. This happens because he is someone who is kind of unpredictable but also someone who is not. It's a weird factor but one that matters to his fans. It's a little feature that can really change one's opinion on a character that is somewhat of a mystery.

This post is not designed to try and create a world where every movie or television show is exactly the same. It's designed to simply explore some of the many reasons why people seem to be in love with Negan. We're also not trying to bash the show or any of the plot elements to it. We just think that the fans might have some of these questions and want to help answer them.

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20 He was a used car salesman before the outbreak, although it's been said he was also a teacher

Well, it's often said that he used to be a teacher. It's not the best career for someone who is a borderline maniac but it does raise another question. Was he made into who he is now because of the type of kids he came across in school? It's a possibility. Teachers often have to do way more work for the students and the different ways they learn. Negan however, does not come across as a teacher but does have some aspects of being one that has taught for twenty years.

It's also said that used to be a car salesman. This is another career that isn't the most fun but is very useful to the world. He could have learned from different people who were useful car enthusiasts while on the job. In turn, this might have allowed him to survive the apocalypse. (Source: UselessDaily)

19 he never took out his wife

Via dailystar

So, his wife, unfortunately, turned into one of the walking dead. It was a hard situation for anyone that knew about it. Just think about it, he was tasked with figuring out if his wife was conscious or not, then figuring out if he had the heart to put her down. It's not an easy thing to decide. Most people would not be able to decide. In his case, he never did put his zombie wife down, he must not have the heart to do that to her. (Source: UselessDaily)

18 Negan's odd humor

Via ScreenCrush

Odd humor can be funny but it can also be pretty scary to anyone that cannot recognize it. Particularly super dark humor. Generally, it's more evident with people who work in traumatizing industries, they basically need it to remain sane. Negan didn't particularly work in a bad place but manages to have a sense of humor that can make some people uncomfortable. When someone like him comes along, it really makes people question how off someone is from the average human being. (Source: CBR)

17 He named a baseball bat after his wife

Via USA Today

Negan certainly loved his partner, specifically his wife. That's actually a pretty normal thing but we already know that he did not want to kill her when she turned into a zombie. His wife was named Lucille. That's also the name of his baseball bat. He seems to have deeply cared about her and never wants to forget her so he named something that he would be using all the time after her, so he would never forget who she was to him. (Source: CBR)

16 He's highly persuasive

Via moviepilot

Persuasion is a pretty good skill. It can allow you to get everyone around you to do anything you want. Given it can border insanity if you don't know when enough is enough and start to persuade people into doing really bad things that they don't want to do. Negan is one of those people. If he wanted to, he can convince people that he's a nice dude that has never hurt anyone in his life. This is possibly why people find themselves absolutely fascinated by his ability to make even the viewer want to partake in the survival of the apocalypse. (Source: CBR)

15 he is both civilized and crazy all at once

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The maniac that has nothing to lose but also tends to be civilized in some aspects is one that can scare anyone who is sane. It scares people because you really cannot understand their mood. They can be both happy and more passive aggressive at the same time, this also makes them dangerous to those that have wronged them in the past. Negan has got the insanity down, just the images of him on the internet can create fear in the hearts of people who do not know who he is. However, the civilized part of him will always be there and that's also visible in some photos. (Source: UselessDaily)

14 You wouldn't expect him to be smart, but he actually is

Via VS Battles Wiki

Negan is smart and that's really come to his advantage. Someone like himself does not need to have the intelligence to back himself up but it is a good thing that he does have it. Intelligence alone can keep someone alive rather than just having enough muscles to punch his way out of a situation. Negan is not someone who allows himself to be found out, mentally speaking, he likes to make people think other things about him so he can essentially surprise them. (Source: TheThings)

13 Negan is on the warpath but when did it start?

Someone like Negan was bound to have some killing streak score somewhere in the world. We know that killing zombies is something that he has without a doubt done, so is that really where people started to keep score or was it before. Since Negan can be a little unstable from time to time, it is a possibility that he went ahead and actually killed a few people before anything like the apocalypse even began. Although this is not confirmed just yet and is kind of weird when you think about it. His killstreak must have been pretty high if he started before the outbreak. (Source: TheThings)

12 He's a lot like Rick, which is kind of weird

Rick, we know him, we love him and some of us hate him. Rick has got that side to him where enough is enough and he just kind of solves some of his problems in a quick and efficient manner. Preferably one that is also pretty interesting. This is quite similar to Negan, who also tends to do this if someone has annoyed him just to the breaking point. It's possible that this is a psychological aspect of being in both a state of survival and constant vigilance for threats in the surrounding world. (Source: ScreenRant)

11 Negan is the leader of the Saviours, a group that has little info available on who they are

Austin Amelio as Dwight, Steven Ogg as Simon - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 13 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The Saviours are not very well known. To someone that has done a little research about them, they'll basically know that it's a fairly organized group but also one that can be disorganized. This could also be the reason and example as to how Negan is as a leader and how much information he allows to leave the group. The Saviors all have a certain biker style look about them and manage to maintain it effectively throughout the series but the viewer never actually hears a deep backstory about the group itself. (Source: EMGN)

10 Even the governor is not as bad as Negan

The governor is a wild individual who can be pretty brutal. He might even be borderline insane. However, he does have one advantage over the rest of the people around him. He's not like Negan, particularly with his insanity. We are already aware that Negan can be more than crazy and so can the governor. Negan is just different, he tends to give everyone that feeling of him never unlocking that full crazy mentality but we all know that it's just lurking in the shadows of his mind and will eventually come out to haunt us all. (Source: EMGN)

9 Despite his insanity, he's very likable

Via digitspy

Charisma is one of the most important aspects of being a leader. It allows someone to not question what you say, simply because they find you less irritating than who might become their leader if you were not there. Negan is also like that. This could also be another reason as to why he was the leader of The Saviours. Negan does not show off his insanity and will actually let people know how much they like him without actually saying anything. If there was someone who understood charisma and leadership, it is Negan. (Source: EMGN)

8 His scare tactics are simply insane

Via Digital Spy

When someone threatens to really hurt someone and then goes into detail about how they will do it, then they can scare pretty much anyone. Scare tactics are important in the world. They can ensure that you get what you want but it's also a fine line between everything. If brought too far, people will lose respect for someone who's always trying to scare everyone. Negan is someone that manages to scare people just enough to do what he would like. It's a fine balance and he knows how to handle it. (Source: Wetpaint)

7 he swears more than anyone else

Via Daily Mail

Swearing is something that pretty much everyone does at one point or another in their lives. When someone swears it shows that they might not be in the best of moods. Generally, people do it when they are angry or just unhappy and need to relieve stress in a quick manner. Negan is someone that seems to swear just to do it. Kind of like those people who just talk to talk, he just swears to swear. It's either that or he is someone who manages to get pretty angry all the time and needs to manage his anger by a constant source of swearing. (Source: Wetpaint)

6 He was kept as a trophy after the war between him and Rick

Via Vulture

Apparently, both Ruck and Negan have had their disagreements in the past. They are said to have had a little war between each other. It is clear that Rick won since Negan was basically a prisoner. Although in an apocalypse it is the general the accepted rule to murder the person that has wronged you. So, it's clear that both Rick and Negan wronged each other and fought about it but Rick one and instead of killing him kept in as a trophy. This might also be a play on Macbeth by William Shakespeare, the new king actually has the option to die or to be kept as a trophy. Negan didn't have the option but the entire situation might be a play on it all. (Source: Wetpaint)

5 His eyes make you wonder what he's seen

Via Youtube

The eyes of a human being are pretty unique. They can tell so much from who they fancy to how traumatized they are. They have historically been the representation of how sane someone can be. When the eyes of a person are very bland and have little emotions backing them up, it's considered that the individual is not all there up in the head. Negan has those eyes. The eyes of someone who has seen a lot. Specifically many things that might keep him up at night. The fans don't know it but it's a real possibility that Negan has some form of PTSD considering how he acts in certain situations.

4 His actions make you think he used to be a hardcore criminal.

Via Popsugar

When someone like Negan walks up to you the first thing to come to mind is that he is a criminal. You would also think that he is someone that just wants to hurt and use you for his needs then once the task is completed, you're considered a loose end. These thoughts are generally backed up by the idea that he is willing to survive by any means possible. He is basically someone that comes off as a believer of the idea that survival is earned not given.

3 the way he dresses

Via hobbyconsolas

There is, of course, the general way someone in the apocalypse will dress. They would wear stuff that can provide warmth, pockets and some protection. Negan's clothing does not really provide warmth since it looks fairly thin in terms of how thick it is. It can provide some protection but nothing to effective and is lacking in the section of ability to carry stuff. So, why does Negan dress the way he does? He can certainly find better clothing that is sure to enable him to bed better prepared for future situations that he might find himself in.

2 his lifestyle


By now we are all more than aware that Negan is an odd individual that can make anyone scratch their heads if they thought about him long enough. It is a clear possibility that someone like himself lived more than one life. This is an actual thing, people will have two of everything, families, cars, jobs, etc. It's been portrayed in television before as well but with Negan, it's just a thought since we do not know a whack ton about his previous life. This could also be the reason some people debate the idea that he was either a used car salesman or a teacher, why not both?

1 How did Negan take and maintain power in the organization that he now leads?

Via mashable

Negan could not have created the organization known as The Saviours but it is a possibility that he somehow joined it and gained power. It's also possible that he just forcefully took that power when he had the first chance that he saw. We never really learned how someone like himself took power and kept it in an organization that can be pretty brutal. How did he figure out how to infiltrate it and maintain something of that nature when he had little experience beforehand? It is a possibility that his experience in managing a classroom helped him a little bit.

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