15 Things Scott Disick Bought After Kourtney Kardashian Cut Him Off

Scott Disick reached a new level of fame thanks to his time on television and online as one of the people featured in the highly popular Keeping Up with the Kardashians. He quickly became one of the people in the world most famous for being, well, famous. As the husband of Kourtney Kardashian, he became a consistent and recurring presence in the television series and made sure to show off his partying antics whenever he could get the chance. But even as the couple had three children and grew older, Scott seemed to be stuck in a younger mind set than most. The relationship between Scott and Kourtney suffered over the years from his continued partying, before the final nail came in 2015.

The couple publicly split up, as Kourtney was reportedly exhausted of his antics. But instead of being the wakeup call that the rest of the family was probably hoping for, Scott has somehow even gotten more out of control than before. He’s been spotted traveling the world on private jets with girls almost half his age, indulging in crazy purchases that even the wealthiest among us would probably balk at and just generally living his life as if the entire thing is a vacation instead of being an adult. His downward spiral has been scaring his friends and family, and he just seems to be leaning into it. Here are some of the craziest purchases he’s made since splitting with Kourtney and going off the deep end.

15 He Bought A Fancy Bachelor Pad

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Regardless of his personal issues with his ex, the fact remains that the two have three children together. Regardless of any problems the couple share, they do their best to keep their kids happy and together. To that end, Disick decided that if he wasn’t going to be living with his family all the time, then he still wanted to be close. He bought a “bachelor pad” to remain close to the rest of his family, which is a perfectly reasonable thing to want to do. But he probably didn’t do himself any favors with the style of home he decided to get. He got a seven bedroom mansion, which doesn’t in the slightest sound like what most of us consider a bachelor pad to look like. He didn’t end up keeping it for long, though, as he tried to flip it within six months of purchasing it in the first place.

14 He Partied Hard In Atlantic City

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Disick has publicly gone through many problems controlling his partying over the years. It’s been an issue for him in the past, and has even been brought up as one of the major problems that causes issues between him and Kourtney. And while he’s claimed to have slowed down thanks to his time with Bella Thorne and Sofia Richie, it doesn’t always seem that way, especially considering both Bella and Sofia are big fans of partying themselves (which isn't surprising, considering they are so young). Take for example his upcoming Epic Saturday party, planned for the Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City. The party will feature music by DJ Hollywood, and the event is expected to be a massive celebration for Disick in a time when he should be probably more concerned with getting his life back on track.

13 He Tried To Buy A Lordship

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Yes, we must admit that this one might be an older purchase than some of his other ones on this list. But if we’re talking about ill-conceived purchases made by Scott Disick, this one cannot be left out. But that doesn’t change the fact that Disick apparently once got tricked into thinking he could buy himself a lordship. See, during a trip the show took to England, Disick apparently decided that he was deserving of his own station of respect. He decided to buy the lordship over the internet, and even set up a major ceremony to celebrate his ascension in power and notoriety. He was declared “Lord of the Manor.” Here’s the thing. That’s not really a thing. It’s essentially a fancy way of saying he’s a landlord. It bears no real meaning. It’s the ultimate tourist move.

12 He Spent $10,000 On Jewelry For Bella Thorne

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Since Kourtney left him, Disick has been frequently spotted with younger women, especially (the very young) models/actresses Bella Thorne and Sofia Richie. And more often than not, he’s been seen going on major spending runs with them. One of the ones that reportedly stood out to the Kardashian family came from a particular spending spree alongside Richie. In September of last year, Disick was spotted alongside Richie in New York City. And while they initially just seemed to be going on a pleasant coffee date, they soon expanded further out into jewelry shopping too. Disick reportedly even ended up spending over $10,000 on jewelry for his new love interest, which is a pretty bold move. The romantic gesture left Kourtney furious, and added more to the narrative that his family isn’t happy with the man he’s become.

11 He Spent $15,000 On Sneakers

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But it’s not just with the women he’s trying to impress that Disick has gotten out of hand with some of his purchasing decisions. He has also managed to end up spending plenty of cash just on himself and a single friend. While visiting Stadium Goods in New York City, Disick revealed that while he may have embraced a more posh culture design for his stint in reality television, he’s still the sneaker fan that he grew up as. And with the kind of coin that he picked up over the years, he was able to drop a staggering $15,000 on several different pairs of fancy shoes, even noting to his friends that it was a nice return to the standard kind of shoe he used to wear.

10 He Bought Matching Outfits With His New Girlfriend

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Disick and Sofia Richie have been spotted all around the world, but they’ve attempted to downplay their relationship both in the press and online. But that’s a huge difference from how they typically appear. Most of the time the pair have been spotted in public together, and they’ve given off the air of being in a couple. It’s even gotten to the point that the two have gone around in matching outfits. They were seen arriving to the famed Art Basel in Miami together in custom black pieces. That is the sort of the move that only couples make, and they make it when they want to make a point. The couple were spotted around Miami in similar outfits later that week, but kept denying their relationship status the whole time. Those outfits don't lie.

9 He Also Bought Another Expensive Matching Outfit With His Girlfriend

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And then they showed up in even more matching outfits, which just isn’t the best move in the world when you’re trying to deny that you’re in a relationship with someone. But not long after they denied their relationship, they were also spotted in Los Angeles in ANOTHER pair of matching black clothing. It’s an odd decision to make when you’re trying to keep low, as the two were spotted walking together and holding hands. When you’re someone trying to fight off rumors of romance and keep a good look for yourself regarding your children and famous ex, then maybe dropping cash on matching clothes with your new very young girlfriend probably isn’t necessarily the smartest move in the world to make. Disick is not good at the whole “stealth” thing.

8 He Bought A Specialty Dessert Plate

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There are certain dishes that make sense as more of a “couple” meal than others. For example, a small personal plate isn’t the right call for a romantic get-together. And the reverse is also true; if you’re trying to convince the world at large that you’re not in a relationship with someone then probably DON’T get a specialty dessert dish just served to you two. But that’s exactly what Disick and Richie did during a trip to Miami. While trying to defend themselves as “just homies,” the pair were spotted kissing and sharing a romantic meal that climaxed in a specialty dessert tray. And to make matters even more obvious, the tray was served in a way where the words “Congratulations Scott and Sophia” were spelled out in sweets. And to make it (somehow) even funnier, yes, they straight-up misspelled Sofia’s name.

7 He Dropped Cash For His Son At Nobu

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For all of his faults, Scott Disick does at least seem like he cares about his children. Despite his problems with his ex, he’s made an effort to remain a part of their lives for their children’s sake, if for nothing else. But there’s a happy outing with the kids, and then there’s going over the top for it. His trip with his eight-year-old son Mason is much more of the latter category, because instead of going somewhere fun (like a beautiful beach or even just Disney Land), Disick instead dropped an insane amount of cash to take them to the high-end Nobu. The pair rolled up in track suits (I mean, seriously?) to enjoy some high cuisine. Friendly reminder: Mason is eight. And he’s going around in a track suit alongside his father to high-end restaurants for some reason. Probably not the best lessons to be teaching his kid, you know?

6 He Goes On Many Beverly Hills Shopping Trips

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Beverly Hills is home to some of the most pristine boutiques from around the world, with many of them filled with high end wares and absolutely gorgeous pieces. It’s the kind of place only the wealthiest people in Los Angeles frequent, and make purchases that would break the bank of almost anyone else on the planet. So, of course, Disick has been going around going on full-on shopping trips there. Alongside Richie, the two have been spotted frequenting stores in the area and picking up everything from designer clothes to pristine jewelry, regardless of the cost. It seems like a surprisingly cavalier way to spend cash when Disick has become somewhat removed from his usual source of cash, but hey, if you don’t got it, you can still flaunt it, apparently.

5 He Dishes Out For Private Planes

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Private planes are held up as some of the highest of the high class. If you have the ability to buy or own your own private jet, it’s a great indicator of your status and wealth in the world. But even among the kind of celebrity that prefers to fly alone on a jet, Disick seems particularly drawn to the image. He’s taken private jet flights all over the world since his ugly split with Kourtney, usually taken alongside Sofia Richie. It was a trend for Disick even back when he was with Kourtney, but he’s been much more liberal with the random flights since starting to date Sofia. In recent months, he’s taken more flights on private jets than most people have even flown in years, which is nuts.

4 He Went On An Extravagant Trip To Cannes

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Earlier this year, Scott Disick decided to head out to the world famous Cannes Film Festival. While Kourtney was hanging out with her new beau Younes Bendjima in the same area, the two were noted for their more down-to-earth attitude, especially compared to Disick's over-the-top behavior. Seriously, Disick went all out at the festival, and was spotted with a number of different women during the course of his time in Cannes. He initially flew out to the festival alongside Bella Thorne, reportedly just to try and mess with his ex. The two were spotted kissing around a villa, but the next day Disick was seen with his arm around designer Chloe Bartoli. And then he was seen on his birthday, celebrating in a pool alongside model Ella Rose and blogger Maggie Petrova. This is a man who’s just swinging for fences with every woman he can seem to find, which isn’t usually a good sign of stability.

3 He Went On A Taco Dinner In Mexico With His Girlfriend

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Because Disick apparently never stops being on vacation during his spiral, he was spotted with Sofia Richie during a trip to Mexico. They started it by taking time on a yacht, because he apparently needed to still cross out that entry on his “Rich Party Guy” bingo card. The pair spent time on jet skis and messing around the yacht, before docking and enjoying their day at Joe Francis’ estate in Punta Mita. The two seem to have fully enjoyed their time in Mexico, taking in a high-end taco meal and even going on the most boring of recreational activities (zip-lining) together before flying privately back to America. Remember, Scott Disick is a father of three, and he’s acting like he’s a teenager on spring break.

2 He Is Splurging And Spending Money To Send A Message To His Ex

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Seriously, that might be the biggest sign of his downward spiral. Scott Disick and his actions towards his family and with his various girlfriends haven’t seemed to be done just to make him happy or have fun. Instead, many of his closest friends and family members fear that he’s getting out of control. His actions have apparently been taken just to spite Kourtney and annoy her following their split. And that’s where all of this spending and vacationing have taken a different tone. He’s blowing an entire fortune on partying just to annoy the mother of his children, who has told him to get himself under control and slow down his antics. It’s the move of a surly teenager, not a grown man. And seeing him do this to himself might seem glamorous from afar, but sad when taken with all the details.

1 He Spends Way Too Much Time, Energy, And Money On Childish Behavior

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Despite his personal problems with Kourtney and the rest of her family, Scott Disick has still been appearing frequently on their hit reality television series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. In the course of the show, Kourtney has recently been called by many friends of Scott’s, asking about his well-being and fearing for their friend. Kourtney has been doing her best not to feed into his attempts to get attention. But while she’s been trying to get over it, Disick has instead decided to act like a teenager. He’s sent her multiple text messages promising to beat up her new boyfriend over their newfound happiness, and has even gotten threatening towards her too. Because it seems to bear reminding, Scott Disick is 34. Instead of growing up, Scott is pouring his time, energy, and money into his childish behavior.

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