20 Things Sarah Jessica Parker Would Never Spend Money On...For Her Kids

Celebrities are known to spoil their children. From Suri Cruise's million-dollar wardrobe to Elton John spending a whopping $2 million to convert the apartment attached to his $33-million mansion into a state-of-the-art nursery, celebrity kids are living the high life.

While these rich kids are living a life of luxury, you'd be surprised that not every Hollywood parent agrees with spoiling their kids. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband, actor Matthew Broderick, aren't spending their millions on lavish nurseries or designer clothes for their three children, James (15) and twin girls, Tabitha and Marion (8). In fact, the Sex and the City star believes that her kids should "pine" for things, rather than giving them whatever they please. The actress maintains a firm belief in not spoiling her children like many of her celebrity friends do.

We came up with a list of twenty things we believe Sarah Jessica Parker won't be shelling out any cash for when it comes to her kids. From expensive cars to over-the-top birthday parties, this star is teaching her three kids a lesson or two about the value of a dollar and appreciating what they have.

20 Designer Shoes

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The number of shoes Sarah Jessica Parker's Sex and the City character, Carrie Bradshaw, went through during the show's six-year run is simply astonishing. You probably can't even calculate how much money she spent on just designer shoes. However, while the actress still dons a pair of expensive heels for red carpet events every now and then, you won't see her buying Manolo Blahniks or Christian Louboutins for her three kids. These designer shoes can reach thousands of dollars, and Parker is definitely not about to shell out the cash for pairs of shoes that her kids will eventually outgrow (and likely rather quickly).

19 Weekend Brunches

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Sarah Jessica Parker's kids aren't at that age where they want to hang out with their group of friends on a Sunday afternoon and order limitless mimosas, but you can bet that the actress won't be giving her kids all that money for weekend brunches. Having brunch every weekend can get expensive, especially since the family lives in New York City where there are endless restaurants to check out for brunch to get your eggs Benedict fix. Hopefully, by the time her three kid can drink, they'll find jobs to pay for all the brunches they'll be having with their rich friends because Parker won't be shelling out the cash for any of it.

18 An Expensive Handbag

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Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw made a fashion statement every time she walked down those New York City streets, and you can bet that she had a matching bag to go with every designer outfit. However, we don't think Sarah Jessica Parker is going to be gifting her twin girls with designer purses, especially the kinds that cost the same as a car. While her girls will definitely grow up learning about fashion and trends, Parker will probably teach them a lesson or two about the value of a dollar and how to spend it correctly.

17 Two Or Three Nannies

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It can be tough raising three kids and working in Hollywood. Tons of celebrities rely on nannies to take care of their children, but having more than one is just a bit much, don't you think? However, from the looks of it, Parker and her husband pretty much have everything under control and are mastering this whole parenting thing pretty well. Having so many nannies seems like a total waste of money, and if you can't find the time to take care of your children, then why bother having more, right?

16 Shopping Sprees

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Celebrities love to shop, but when they become parents, you can bet they're dropping thousands of dollars to dress their kids in the most expensive clothing and accessories. Take for example, parents Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who reportedly dropped $10,000 on a shopping spree in Paris where they treated daughters Zhara and Shiloh to anything they wanted. And let's talk about Hollywood's most fashionable kid, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' daughter, Suri Cruise, who is rumored to have a wardrobe worth $2 million! However, Sarah Jessica Parker won't be dressing her kids in the most expensive clothing and shoes because she firmly believes that her kids need to earn the things they want and not grow up being spoiled.

15 An Arabian Horse Or Any Horse For That Matter

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Okay, the only reason we brought up an Arabian horse in this list is because there are actually celebrity parents who have reportedly purchased this majestic creature for their 2-year-old kid. We just had to point out that even Sarah Jessica Parker would find this outrageous. Who are those celeb parents, you ask? They are none other than Jay-Z and Beyonce, who were rumored to have bought their daughter, Blue Ivy, a purebred Arabian horse for her second birthday. The horse is said to have cost $75,000, which is nothing compared to the $600,000 solid-gold handmade rocking horse the couple purchased for Blue when she returned from the hospital after birth. We're pretty sure Parker is dying of laughter over this insane gift.

14 Wearing Designer Head To Toe

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Celebrity parents like Kim Kardashian love to Snapchat the goodies that designers send her for her children to wear, and it's pretty insane to think that a baby has a wardrobe worth more than people's homes. And like we said before, 11-year-old Suri Cruise is Hollywood's most fashionable kid with her parents spoiling her in designer clothing from head to toe. You would think that Sarah Jessica Parker would love dressing her kids in the latest trends because of her Carrie Bradshaw character, but she's the exact opposite. Parker grew up in a family of eight kids and lived in relative poverty, so she's going to teach her kids to appreciate everything they have and to spend money wisely.

13 Lavish Birthday Parties

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Do you remember when MTV aired My Super Sweet Sixteen and we witnessed super rich kids throw these lavish parties and always get an expensive car in the end? Well, you can bet that Sarah Jessica Parker isn't wasting her dime on ridiculous parties like those for her three children. The actress grew up poor, so she knows a thing or two about saving money for things that really matter. While she can definitely give her kids whatever they want and a huge party every year if she pleases, it's pretty refreshing to know that Parker and her husband want their kids to know the value of a dollar.

12 A Personal Driver

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One thing you will not see is Sarah Jessica Parker's kids taking a personal driver to school or any other places around New York City. In fact, the actress shared a photo of her son James waiting outside near the family's West Village home for the bus. Yes, you read that right. Parker makes her kids take the bus to school just like every other New York City kid. She captioned her photo: "Annual last day of school photo. A rising 9th grader waits for the bus. As Jim Croce sang, 'If I could save time in a bottle...'" Are you shocked that Parker makes her son take the bus to school?

11 Private Plane Rides

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Another way that celebrity parents like to spoil their kids is by having them take private planes instead of flying commercial whenever the family has to travel around the world. Scott Disick probably takes his three kids, Mason, Penelope, and Reign, on private jets all the time with the endless photos he shares on his Instagram account of the numerous times he flies like a king. We also just mentioned (a few entries ago) that Sarah Jessica Parker makes her 15-year-old son take the NYC bus to school, so a private plane is definitely out of the question.

10 A $50,000 Tree Tent

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In 2007, Victoria Beckham bought the world's most expensive tree tent for her three sons, Brooklyn, Cruz, and Romeo, for Christmas. The Spice Girl was spotted at Neiman Marcus dropping a whopping $50,000 on a nine-foot tree tent. The gift was described as a "limited dollop of sci-futurism" and "a totally new way to experience nature." The tree tent features a hardwood floor, a mattress that can sleep two adults or up to four children, and adjustable planetary landing steps. We only added this to the list to show you the lengths some celebrity parents would go to make their children happy. Whatever happened to using your imagination? You won't see Sarah Jessica Parker waiting in line to buy this contraption.

9 A $100,000 Car

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When you pass your driver's test, you'd be happy enough to get to drive your parents' car or have them buy you something like a Honda to start with. It's up to you to get a job and save up for your dream car. But unless you're a kid of a celeb parent, then you might be lucky enough to snag something more luxurious like a Mercedes or any other higher-end vehicle. For example, rapper Diddy gifted his son, Justin, with a Maybach, one of the most expensive cars on the market, for his sixteenth birthday. The car cost the rapper an insane $360,000! Parker wants her kids to "pine" for something so that it has that much more meaning. So we definitely won't be seeing her son, James, riding around in a Maybach around the streets of NYC any time soon.

8 A Luxury Apartment In NYC

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Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband may have splurged on their West Village home in New York City, but they worked hard for it. The couple reportedly spent $34.5 million on the home, but the Divorce star won't be shelling out that amount of money for a luxury apartment when her kids get older. Three New York City apartments for three kids is a lot of money, and we're pretty sure Parker is going to make her kids get jobs before she gives them any form of luxury. Prices for an apartment in the city are outrageous, and it just means that her kids are going to have to work a lot harder if they want to live in the same city as their parents when they're older.

7 A Personal Stylist

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Sarah Jessica Parker may have a stylist when it comes to red carpet appearances or going to various award shows with her husband, but hiring a personal stylist for her kids is definitely not something she's going spend her money on. While Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter, North, may be getting styled from head to toe in Yeezy (and a plethora of other expensive brands), Parker is letting her kids be kids and dressing them in clothing that a 15-year-old and an 8-year-old should feel comfortable in. Any parent who hires a stylist for their young child just seems a little over-the-top and a total waste of money.

6 Diamond-Encrusted Anything

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The last thing we think Sarah Jessica Parker is going to spend on her kids is anything that has diamonds encrusted on it. Celebrities spend thousands of dollars on their children and continually spoil them. It was reported that stars like Jennifer Lopez would go the extra mile to make her babies have the best of the best. When Lopez gave birth to twins Max and Emme in 2009, she made sure her kids were playing with the best toys, which included diamond-encrusted rattles. Diamond-encrusted anything just screams spoiled brat, and Parker does not want her kids to be raised that way.

5 Personal Performances

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When you're filthy rich, you can get just about anyone to perform for you. Whether it's for a wedding or birthday party, the rich can easily shell out thousands of dollars for personal performances for their loved ones. This seems like something Sarah Jessica Parker would never spend her money on. However, former President Barack Obama wanted to treat his two daughters, Sasha and Malia Obama, to some live entertainment when they moved into the White House. The two girls requested that the Jonas Brothers perform at the White House, and they got just that. Sasha and Malia also got to see the cast of Glee and High School Musical perform. If your dad is the president of the United States, it's safe to say that you can get any performer to put on a show.

4 A Backyard Waterpark

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Sarah Jessica Parker is quite well-known in Hollywood, and she and her husband reportedly have a combined net worth of $135 million. While she can buy just about anything for her kids, one thing she won't do is build an outrageous waterpark in her backyard like Celine Dion did for her son. When Dion signed a $100-million contract with Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, the singer celebrated by building a deluxe water park at her $12.5-million home in Jupiter, Florida. You can bet that her son, Rene-Charles, was psyched when the water park (complete with slides and a lazy river) was finished. Maybe if Parker's friends with the singer, she'll just be able to invite her kids.

3 A Few Furry Friends

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We're not sure if Sarah Jessica Parker has any pets in her West Village home, but we know she won't be raising a bunch of them, especially with her impressive closet that could potentially get ruined. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus just love adopting animals, and it's almost addicting. The singer has a total of six dogs, and we wouldn't be surprised if she's in the mood to adopt another. Having so many pets comes at a cost. From buying food to grooming appointments and vet checkups, it's not that easy to take care of animals. Parker may agree to have a dog in her home, but just not six.

2 Vacations To The Tropics

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While taking your children on vacations is always fun, we don't think Sarah Jessica Parker is going to be spending a lot of money to let her kids go on lavish vacations whenever they feel like it. How many times have we seen Kendall and Kylie Jenner on vacations to the tropics and putting it all over their social media? It's getting quite old and we get it, you're extremely spoiled. However, Parker isn't going to raise her kids that way and even mentioned that she would even "withhold" things from her kids. "I think my mother is sorry that there were things she couldn’t give us, but I work hard to be as depriving to my children as my mother was … meaning I like to withhold things from my children," she told People.

1 An Acting Gig

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Celebrity kids have it easy if they want to get into the same profession as their talented mom or dad. Just being known as Sarah Jessica Parker's daughter or son is a plus if they were ever interested in becoming actors themselves. However, Parker is firm on having her kids work hard for what they want, even if it's landing an acting gig. Her parents raised her to not be spoiled and to "yearn" for what she wanted, and she is teaching her children the same. "Things they want, I think they should yearn for, and in some cases, as my son gets older, I think he should earn," Parker said in an interview. You never know, we might see one of Parker's daughters become the future Carrie Bradshaw.

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