20 Things Mick Jagger Doesn’t Want To Let Slip About Daughter Georgia May Jagger

We all know Mick Jagger in one shape, form, or fashion. Whether we grew up on “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” (not to show anyone’s age) or can sing along effortlessly to all of the words of “Moves Like Jagger” (because we all can, just admit it), the Rolling Stones frontman is a common household name and an undoubted musical legend. And whether or not you really follow the rock star like a diehard fan, it’s a fact that Jagger has always been a Casanova, and hence, his total of eight children. One of those children is Georgia May Jagger, his 26-year-old fashion model daughter with American model and actress, Jerry Hall. And she is someone you might not know everything about.

Like her father, Georgia inherited a distinct look and has an edgy, rocker vibe. We can only speculate what it must have been like to grow up with a superstar father like Mick Jagger. She clearly lived a luxury lifestyle from the moment she entered this world. So, let’s look at some little-known facts that cloak the largest fact Mick Jagger tries to hide about Georgia: she’s as everyday and down-to-earth as the next person.

20 She’s a fashion model who doesn’t mind hand-me-downs


Again, with her mother being a former style icon from back in the day, Georgia logically has grown to want to rock some of her timeless looks. Luckily, she can because she was handed down a few of those said items. "She gave me these amazing seventies sequined hot pants from Paris, and some old Fabrice and [Thierry] Mugler.” She has one of her mom’s leopard-print Mugler dresses that still has an influence on current style. "I was watching this rerun of Ugly Betty the other week, and one of the characters was wearing this dress. I was like, Wait a minute! My mother wore that in 1982!"

She likes hand-me-downs in a thrift store sense too. She routinely can be spotted in vintage Ossie Clark, Just Cavalli, and pieces by her "godmother," Vivienne Westwood, an acclaimed British fashion designer who she has appeared in campaigns for in the past.

19 She’s a fashion model whose style are her mother and sister


But, they're still pretty big too. Georgia’s mother, Jerry Hall, was a supermodel in the Studio 54 era, who was known for her staple leopard print, glitter, and stacked gold jewelry. Now, Georgia and her sister, Lizzy, both fight for their mother’s old, vintage ‘80s threads. "My sister has all of my mum's stuff because she is seven years older than me, so I have to borrow them off her, it goes through her. I've got some of my mum's stuff - some really funny '80s dresses that are easy for her to pull off, but not so much me! She does go on about how she doesn't have any good things anymore because we took them all, but I think she's fine!" Specifically, Georgia’s item favorites from her mother are some Thierry Mugler brand clothes. And the best style advice she’s ever gotten was from her mother was just to have fun with it, “…because fashion can sometimes be serious. So I really just try to have fun and enjoy it."

18 She’s a fashion model who doesn’t get caught up in trends


While all of the other females were understandably and expectedly dressed in dresses at her brother, James,’ wedding, the fashionista separated herself from the pack by wearing a red suit. In stark contrast, her sisters and the other bridesmaids wore only red accessories.

"I wore a red suit for my brother's. We just went with a color, red, and then everyone just wore different things in red, so it's nice sometimes to have your own style.”

And she does, indeed. She took her appearance a step ahead from the rest and decided to turn the red accessory into an entire look. Showing off more of her uniqueness, she also isn’t afraid to shop at thrift stores and the like to get her threads. Whether it be from Screaming Mimi's in New York City, the Fairfax Flea Market in Los Angeles, or Portobello and Camden markets in London, Georgia finds her style in every place imaginable.

17 She’s a fashion model who prefers to be behind-the-camera instead of in front of it


Whereas many of her fashion peers and friends, like Suki Waterhouse and Cara Delevingne, have dipped their feet into acting, Georgia doesn’t feel the same burning desire. Furthermore, her brother James has gone on to act in films like Vinyl and Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll. But, Georgia has politely declined. "I would go into more things behind the camera. I'm more into working on a movie than being in them."

When she's not in front of the camera showing off the latest threads, you can find her being low-key and doing normal, everyday things that many of us non-famous people do. That is, spending time with friends and family and engaging in leisurely things. She likes playing with her pets, cooking for family and friends, or gardening with her mother as a few of her favorite past-times. From the looks of it, that appears to be the typical weekend for the most of us.

16 She’s willing to ignore people’s past for their changed present


She’s even shared in interviews publicly that her greatest virtue is: “I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and not be too judgmental.”

She’s definitely kept to her word and practiced what she has preached because after a split from a six-year relationship, Georgia is now dating ex-convict turned rapper-model Nocky. His real name is Norman Theuerkorn and he is from Germany. He was arrested in the past and served time in prison for burglary and theft. His reasoning (not that it is ever right to steal) was that he desperately needed money to help fund his rap career. Well, now that he’s turned a new leaf as a model, it is safe to say that he indeed has all of the money that he needs now. While most others might have been wary in dating a person who has a criminal record, Georgia obviously has been able to see beyond his past mistakes. That’s something that we all strive to do.

15 She’s a fashion model who didn’t originally want to model. She wanted to get an education instead


But, either way, she started modeling at 15, joining two other siblings in the fashion model world. Even so, Georgia insists that it was never her absolute dream or something that she was awestruck by growing up. "I used to tell my mom and Lizzy [her sister Elizabeth], 'I'm not going to be a model like you guys!' They make fun of me about it now.” Now that she is a model, she still has kept her practical, down-to-earth ways about her. Even when she started modeling as an early teenager, she made the mature decision to only do it part-time so that she could stay focused on school. "I've seen girls who drop out when their careers pick up. I didn't want to miss out on my education to model. I can't do just modeling." And Georgia did just that. She relocated from London to Manhattan in 2010 when she was eighteen to enroll in Photography at the School of Visual Arts.

14 She has so-called imperfections like everyone else


Take a look at any of her photos from magazines or on the runway and it’s there— she has gap teeth. But, it’s nothing to think of in a negative or teasing way. It is one of the model’s trademarks that has earned her spots in major campaigns with the likes of Versace and Rimmel and magazine covers like British Vogue. She embraces her human quirks and physical peculiarities like the best of us and that is something to be admired. While other individuals of such a high-profile as she is would have jumped to the nearest plastic surgeon already, Georgia has instead decided to be content with what she was born with. But, that doesn’t mean she didn’t consider getting it fixed at one point in her past. “I thought about changing it when I was 12. I went to the dentist and he explained to me what I would have to do. I didn’t think it would make me more beautiful, or be more normal, or that there was something wrong with me. It’s only been since I have been in the fashion world where everyone is so critical of people’s flaws that it’s become a thing like, ‘Oh, you kept your gap.’ I guess I was more of a tomboy and my parents tried to teach me to think about the inside more than the outside. “

13 But, sometimes she still feels uneasy about those imperfections just like everyone else


“I like modeling, but I really see it as a job. I don’t see it as like, ‘I’m so beautiful, I should be doing this.’ It was always kind of a shock for me, and I have a hard time with it because I am kind of a dorky person, but in a good way. I’m not the kind of person who is always put together with perfect makeup and freshly pressed clothes. So, for me, it’s kind of like two separate things. When I see that person on TV, I’m like, ‘Oh it’s that girl.’” She’s also a bit shorter and curvier against typical model standards, having the more average female body image. This makes her even more relatable. The fact that she continues to model anyway and be successful at it is all the more amazing. All of this proves that Georgia is just like the next female out there with the occasional episode of body image issues or slight discomforts. But, that’s what makes us human.

12 Her childhood was actually kinda normal.


Okay, of course, her childhood wasn’t completely normal. She is the daughter of the frontman of one of the world’s biggest rock bands of all time. However, even with the Rolling Stones tours she attended, which included hanging out with other rock stars and their kids and being amongst the modeling world with her mother Jerry, which included modeling at fifteen in a Uniqlo campaign, she also did what other kids do. She wore a uniform to school, wore jeans and sneakers on weekends hanging out with friends, and she had the weird puberty Ugly Duckling stage we all go through. "I think every girl does. It's weird—as you get older, you become more and more comfortable with yourself. But I'm lucky," she adds. "My mom raised me not to give a crap, even in her position. I really never thought about the way I looked until boys came into the picture. Then it starts to be like, Am I wearing the right outfit? I have to do my makeup for school!"

11 Surprisingly, she’s not too big on parties, preferring to stay at home


After the amount that she’s undoubtedly been too in her modeling circle, it’s only logical that the party scene is just a bit played out for her now. “To be honest, I don’t really go to that many parties. There are probably a lot of photos of me from the few fashion parties I have gone to. But I’ve been in this world since I was 15, so I’ve gotten kind of bored of going to all that stuff…We all sometimes just want a night off and we go and watch bad TV.” Being a homebody from time-to-time has never hurt anyone. And who doesn’t like to watch bad TV for an occasional self-esteem boost (reality TV, anyone?)? Pull out that tub of ice cream, grab the remote, and let the good times roll! Netflix is all the entertainment one truly needs sometimes after a long work week. Yet, in Georgia’s case, work might be a continuous everyday thing full of constant plane flights, gigs, runways, and a huge fashion whirl.

10 Just like every other girl out there, she learned how to apply make-up from her mom and big sis


“My mom and my sister Lizzy. My mom has always done all her own makeup and her own hair. She never has a hair or makeup person, and even when she gets to the shoot, she always comes ready. She’s got that sort of old-fashioned take on it—be ready when you get there. So I learned from her. But my sister was the one who I always saw doing her makeup in the car on the way to school. She would always do it in the mirror, so I picked up a lot from her. And that was the late ‘90s, so I was really down to put green glitter on.” Ah yes, the glittery days of the ‘90s…How can one ever forget? Very cringe-worthy, but very popular at the time. And we’re all very happy that it’s stayed in the ‘90s. But, for anyone who grew up as one of the youngest amongst older sibs, you know that whatever fashion your big bro or sis took part in, you wanted to as well. You soaked up your sister’s music, crushes, secretly admired her style choices and probably even stole an item or two if you ran around the same size, and the list goes on. Sounds like Georgia pretty much did the same.

9 She’s a fashion model who eats whatever, whenever


“I’m always hungry and I eat whatever I want. I try and think about it more now that I am 22, and especially when I’m in America and I’ve eaten a lot of bacon and stuff like that. But it’s all about balance. Everything in moderation—including moderation!” When she’s traveling for her various business, fashion events, and modeling gigs, it’s about the same. “I always bring snacks. I’ll bring crisps, popcorn, or chocolate covered almonds. I try and eat before I get on the plane because it’s a bit healthier, but I’m not a super crazy exercising dieting kind of person.” Obviously, a diet is not on the menu for Georgia, but it sure sounds like pretty much everything else is! All jokes aside, it’s refreshing to know that as a female also in a body-focused industry that she doesn’t let the body regulations and expectations drive her completely insane.

8 She experiences bad skin days like anyone else


“I try and keep it simple. I love trying out new products, but that’s hard because it tends to make your skin worse rather than better. When I’m having a bad skin day, I have everything on.” Who doesn’t deal with finicky skin that wants to be dry with one product and too oily with another? It’s a process of trail-and-error and from the sound of it, it seems like Georgia has had to play her own fair game of it as well. Finding the perfect beauty products for one’s body is never an easy thing and celebrities are not exempt from the challenge. And what woman isn’t tempted to pile on the make-up on the days where we really feel insecure with our faces? There might be a temperamental pimple right on the tip of our nose that just won’t go away or we have huge bags under our eyes from lack of sleep the third day in a row. Anything and everything can cause a bad face day. As Georgia confesses without shame, “People think I wake up every day and have my make-up done. It's really not like that.”

7 Her most-used emojis are everyone else’s most-used ones too


Come on, we all know what it will be. We all use either one at least once a day. Georgia’s an admitted fan of the smiley poo and the eggplant emojis. Yes, it’s true. She loves them and we love them too. They’re the guilty pleasure you just have to indulge in from time-to-post. Sometimes, no other emoji quite sums up your exact thought or feeling like these two emojis, no matter how crude and visually unappealing they might be. It’s cool to know that Georgia has the same kind of humor as us. Of course, the laughing in tears emojis or the hearts are continued classics that we all treasure, but there’s nothing quite like the less-cutesy poo and somewhat controversial eggplant. Georgia feels the same way and we love that! Like the saying goes, life is not always a bed of roses. What better proves that than the poo and eggplant emojis we all sometimes need at the end of our infuriated Facebook rants or IG posts to perfectly get our point across?

6 Her happiness comes not from money and wealth, but from the simple things


Even though she might be a young, upscale model born to music and fashion royalty, she understands and values the importance of the everyday things that are behind-the-scenes once all of the hair and make-up teams, agents, and A-listers disappear. She understands that there is life beyond modeling and that the life is full of people and things that matter just as much, if not more. In her words, what she truly enjoys is time “with family, enjoying nature—all the things that we probably take for granted and don’t do as often as we should.” Georgia is definitely right. Many of us who aren’t even in the limelight or whose parents aren’t exciting celebs (Sorry, Mom and Dad) still take the simple things for granted. Each day, we should take some time to stop, think about, and appreciate all that makes our worlds that much brighter and better. Whether it be our spouses, partners, friends, children, or our hobbies, sometimes, we forget to truly soak it all in. Georgia shows that she values these moments just like the rest of us.

5 She’d be a great advice columnist if she weren’t a fashion model


It’s only logical because she has an endless amount of wise quotes. “There’s a way to do anything you want and still make it look classy.” When it comes to her glamourous, picture-perfect image in magazines and photos, she stresses young girls not to believe the hype or feel insecure. “We have hair and makeup people and all that kind of stuff. You have to be yourself and you have to find your own style. You can’t just be like, “I want to look like this person or this pop star.” Eventually, you will want to be different from everyone else when you’re older. I wish someone had said that to me when I was 13.” Even if she goes on to take the photographer route as another possible career path, advice columns are always on the look-out, Georgia; whenever you’re ready, of course. A life coach/model has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

4 Her first celebrity crush was Justin Timberlake


But, what girl from her time period in the ‘90s, didn’t love NSync? We all know their top hits word-for-word. Heck, maybe about 95.9% can probably bust out into the choreography to “Bye, Bye, Bye” and not miss a beat. It’s okay to admit to your silly, young girl crush. It happened to us all. There’s no need to feel ashamed. You weren’t truly living in the ‘90s if you didn’t love some N*Sync, Backstreet Boys, O-Town, and 98 Degrees. At least we know that we weren’t alone. Georgia was right there with us, every step of the way. Furthermore, Justin Timberlake continues to be a heartthrob for many, even now as a solo pop star, father, and husband. (Man, how time flies.) He’s kept his talent, style, and looks after all of these years so it’s understandable that Georgia pined after him. Nope, we definitely can’t blame you, Georgia.

3 She’s a high fashion chic who appreciates handmade gifts just as much as the upscale ones


That’s right. She is grateful for and likes the little things. One such little thing was a necklace her sister, Jade, made her and the other bridesmaids for their brother James’ wedding. Jade, a jewelry designer, is one of Mick Jagger’s oldest daughters with his former Nicaraguan actress wife, Bianca Jagger.

Georgia has shared that the handmade necklace is one of her most treasured pieces of jewelry that is very special to her. "My sister makes jewelry and for her wedding she made necklaces for all of us bridesmaids and my sisters, so that was really sweet. They were all matching and little circles with little diamonds on them, and she made it especially for the day which was cute." What a nice story. Just like the rest of us, for Georgia, it’s the thought that counts. Handmade presents that take time and heart trump Hallmark-esque premade gifts any day.

2 She’s a fashion model, but she wishes that she could be Jimi Hendrix or Prince


Again, who wouldn’t? Yeah, of course, the money and fame would be nice. But, can you also say talent (with a capital T), rocked out pandemonium, and swagger? She admits that she’d love to play the guitar like both deceased musical legends. No doubt, either of them would have been the best teachers for the instrument. Whether breaking the mold by being one of the best left-handed guitar players of all-time or being a trailblazing genre (and style) bender of the ‘80s, both experiences sound equally tantalizing. We’d all like to be Jimi or Prince or any other amazingly, supernaturally talented musician or actor. Unfortunately, instead, we’re stuck with having to be ourselves. But, that’s just as amazing, right? Who else can be more you than you? Just be the most dynamic, successful, and awesome you that you can be! Then, you’ll love being you. Alright, enough of this melodramatic motivational speech.

1 There’s another rock musician who is her ultimate favorite rather than her rock-and-roll dad


Although she’s the daughter of a rock icon, there’s another icon of the same genre in her eyes: Gwen Stefani. She’s an unabashed fangirl for the No Doubt songstress who she’s had the dream come true of being able to hang out with before. "I spent the day with Gwen Stefani … She is amazing. I [had] never met her before and she was super nice. I got to watch her run through [as she was about to go on tour]. That was really cool." And who doesn’t pine after Gwen Stefani? Everyone fangirls for and loves some Gwen Stefani. Sorry, Mick. Your daughter’s just like the rest of us. But, he shouldn’t worry too much. It’s a guarantee that he remains the top and real rock star in Georgia’s life. And based off of this picture, it looks like Gwen Stefani fangirls for Mick just as much as Georgia does over her.

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