19She Attended The Prestigious Professional Children's School

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Any teenager knows that the path to success is to start young and, above all, attend the Professional Children's School in Manhattan. The school enrolls 200 students starting from grade 6. Hyland also started her education in grade 6.

Sarah Hyland has always wanted to be an actress. Both her parents were actors and they supported her, even though they added that the industry was hard to get into. Melissa Canaday, her mother, is also an actress and has had bit parts in a few small films. Meanwhile,

her father, Edward James Hyland is also an actor and his credits include starring in The Switch and The Happening. Even her younger brother Ian is an actor! He starred in the movie Spanglish when he was 9 but his interests lie in the theater and he has even landed in some New York City plays.

The school is THE school for budding child singers or actors, as well as those who want to continue their education but have already landed roles on the stage and screen.  Founded in 1914, the school, as described on its site, provides an academic education to youth working on the New York stage, on the road or in Vaudeville.

Hyland remained at the famous school until graduation. At 18, she moved to LA and, within just two short weeks, she landed the role of a lifetime, playing a teen named Haley Dunphy for the ensemble mega-hit Modern Family! Talk about luck! Well, maybe half luck, as Hyland has some serious acting chops and, with her pretty face, which oozes youth and innocence, could take her a long way in the industry.

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