20 Things Fans Should Know About Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes

Madonna is one of the most famous and talented pop stars on the planet—but she is so much more than that. She is also a mother to her six children, some of whom are adopted. Madonna welcomed her first daughter Lourdes into the world on October 14, 1996, and it changed her life forever. Everyone else may know Madonna the performer, the controversial public figure, and one of the highest grossing artists of all time. But when it comes to he relationship with Lourdes, she is a mother first and an artist second.

We can’t imagine what it would be like to grow up as Madonna’s kid—we imagine that it’s a pretty wild ride at times. However, it seems like Lourdes has grown up to be pretty well adjusted, and she also has a good relationship with her mom. You might expect that being Madonna’s daughter would be challenging, but it looks like Lourdes has handled the obstacles of growing up in Hollywood with a good head on her shoulders. While Lourdes does not try to live her life under the spotlight, she is definitely accomplished in her own right. Here are 20 fun facts fans should know about Lourdes.

20 Her Nickname Is “Lola”

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Lourdes is a beautiful name, but she also has a cute nickname—Lola! According to E! News, Lourdes often goes by Lola in her life when she’s not on camera. This nickname came about when she was a kid, and it has stuck ever since. It’s very common for celebs to go by different names in their public and private lives, whether they have a stage name they use or a nickname they answer to when they’re around family and personal friends. This definitely helps establish some separation between their personal lives and their public lives spent in the spotlight.

19 Her Father Is Carlos Leon

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When Madonna found out that she was going to be a mother, she was dating her former boyfriend Carlos Leon. According to Hello Magazine, Carlos is a fitness trainer, and he and Madonna dated for several years. He is originally from Cuba, and a couple years after Lourdes was born, Madonna and Carlos decided to go their separate ways because they felt they were better off as friends. Despite the separation, Lourdes and Carlos are still close to this day, and Carlos says that thanks to his background in health and nutrition, Lourdes is very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle.

18 She Dated Timothée Chalamet

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Timothée Chalamet, who appeared in the popular films Interstellar, Lady Bird, and Call Me By Your Name, is getting his moment in the spotlight right now. According to Just Jared, Timothée and Lourdes used to date, but they have been broken up for nearly a year. However, Timothée stated that the two have remained friends, and that Lourdes has made it a point to keep up with all of the new films that he has appeared in over the past year or two. He says that she has been supportive of his career moves and that she is excited to see him succeed.

17 She Grew Up In London

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Although Lourdes lives in the United States now, she actually did not grow up here. Her background is quite international! According to E! News, London was actually her home base as a child. She lived there with her mother for several years. There are many celebrities who chose to settle down in London—it’s a very exciting city with a diverse, creative population, and it has been an international hub of the film and theatre industries for a very long time. Growing up here must have been very exciting for Lourdes—it is definitely a pretty amazing place to live.

16 She Went To High School At The La Guardia School Of Performing Arts

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The La Guardia School of Performing Arts might just be one of the most famous high schools in America. So many children of celebrities (and celebrities themselves) have attended this school that it’s basically a star factory. Going there could be a ticket to success! According to US Magazine, Lourdes Leon attended the “fame school” as many call it. After graduation, she said that she was sad to see her time there end, but she really enjoyed the experience, and she was looking forward to the future. Graduation day is stressful enough when you don’t have cameras pointed at you!

15 She Was Named After The French Town Of Lourdes

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Lourdes is a sophisticated and unique name, but have you ever wondered where Madonna got the idea of this name for her daughter? Well, she didn’t come up with it on her own. According to E! News, Lourdes is actually a town in France. It is known as a place of healing where miracles have occurred throughout history. However, Madonna says she didn’t choose the name of the town for her daughter because of the reasons behind it—she simply felt inspired and loved the way it sounded! We have to agree with her judgment—it is a beautiful name.

14 She Is A Student At University Of Michigan

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So, what did Lourdes end up doing after graduating from her prestigious high school? According to Refinery 29, she currently attends the University of Michigan. She is trying to lead a relatively normal student life—although she’s probably not living off ramen like other college students! However, Madonna said that Lourdes did actually live in the dorms for a while, which seems very down to earth. What is she majoring in? She is choosing to follow in her mother’s footsteps and continue studying the performing arts. We’re so curious to see what projects she will take on in the coming years!

13 Madonna Tried To Shield Her From Fame As A Child

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You might think that as Madonna’s child, it would be downright impossible to avoid living your entire life under a microscope. And let’s be real, every single celeb kid is going to end up in the spotlight at one point or another. But according to an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Madonna says that she did her best to keep things grounded at home and protect Lourdes from the crazy side of fame. Of course, she couldn’t keep her completely shielded—she is Madonna, after all—but she did not want Lourdes to get caught up in the Hollywood machine.

12 She Launched Her Own Line Of Beauty Products

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Have you ever dreamed about launching your own makeup line one day? Lourdes managed to accomplish this as a teenager! Okay, naturally being related to Madonna helped, but still, it’s always cool to see a young girl get into a creative business that she loves and take charge. According to Daily Mail, Lourdes launched her own Material Girl makeup line at the age of 14. She debuted the line in Macy’s, which included lip gloss, eyeshadow, nail polish, and more. She had a big part in choosing all of the pigments and scents, and says she loved putting everything together.

11 She Contributed Backup Vocals To Madonna’s Song “Superstar”

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Did you know that Lourdes has a beautiful voice of her own? According to CBS New York, Lourdes sang backup vocals for Madonna’s song “Superstar”—which is about Lourdes! The song has quirky lyrics, but at its core, the track is all about how Lourdes is Madonna’s superstar, and how much she loves her daughter. How cool is it that Lourdes gets to collaborate with her mom on her songs? Perhaps one day after she graduates college, Lourdes will decide to put out an album of her own with some hit singles. If so, we will definitely be downloading it.

10 She Helped Her Mom Write A Book Series

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Okay, so you already know that Lourdes provided backup vocals for Madonna on one of her songs, but this isn’t the first time they have worked together on a creative endeavor. According to Slate, Lourdes helped Madonna write her children’s book, The English Roses. At the time, Lourdes was only 7, but she wanted to get involved. So Madonna let her help out with the story, and they ended up writing the book together. How adorable is that? It seems like Lourdes definitely had a lot of creative talent at a young age. Well, it makes sense—like mother, like daughter!

9 She Got A Tattoo For Madonna

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Nowadays, many people have tattoos. Some chose tattoos that they simply like because of the design, but lots of people like to get tattoos that have a special meaning to them. Lourdes has a tattoo for Madonna! According to Daily Mail, Lourdes has a tattoo on her hand that simply says, “Mom.” Yes, it’s basic, but it’s a cute tribute to her mother. It’s so funny to think that to most people, Madonna is a mega-popstar with millions of fans, but to Lourdes, she is just her mom, and their relationship is not so different from any other parent and child.

8 She Has Designed For Madonna’s Clothing Line

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Not only has Lourdes worked with Madonna on a book, sang backup vocals on one of her songs, and released a makeup collection under the Material Girl label, she has also worked with Madonna on the clothing in the Material Girl line. According to Teen Vogue, Lourdes got to call the shots for the Material Girl collection in 2011, when Lourdes was only 14. Imagine getting to work in the fashion world as a teenager? Yup, being Madonna’s daughter definitely sounds like living the dream. It’s great that Madonna always encouraged Lourdes to pursue her creative talents and her passions.

7 She Is Fluent In French

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Earlier, we mentioned that Lourdes grew up in London and had an “international” childhood—naturally, she traveled with her mother quite frequently. So it only makes sense that she would speak another language. According to Daily Star, Lourdes learned how to speak French while attending a private French school in New York City. She was already fluent by the time she turned 13. She also started learning some Spanish and Italian. So she isn’t just talented—she’s clearly very smart as well. Learning a new language is tough. And here’s the funny thing—Madonna doesn’t actually know how to speak French!

6 She Works As A Model

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So, let’s go over Lourdes long list of accomplishments one more time. She has launched her makeup line, she has designed clothing for Material Girl, she has provided backup vocals for Madonna, she speaks multiple languages, she helped her mom write a book—oh, and did we mention she is now a model, too? According to Teen Vogue, Lourdes has modeled for the famous fashion designer Stella McCartney. She was the star of their campaign for their POP Bluebell fragrance. She definitely seems to be a natural when it comes to modeling—after all, her parents are both quite attractive!

5 Madonna Says Teaching Lourdes To Read Was One Of Her Biggest Accomplishments

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Awww, how sweet! You might think that most celebrity parents are pretty uninvolved when it comes to their kids. After all, they can simply pay nannies to look after them, and they don’t have to really worry about it, right? Well, that is not the case with Madonna. According to O Magazine, Madonna says that she would like to be remembered as a teacher, and that she considers teaching Lourdes how to read as one of her greatest accomplishments in life. And coming from someone who has accomplished as much as Madonna has, well, that has to mean quite a lot!

4 She Was Up For A Role In Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

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According to IMDB, Lourdes was actually up for a role in the film Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Any young celeb would have been thrilled to be considered. However, she ended up stepping down because Madonna discouraged her from taking it! That’s a little bit surprising, but on the other hand, it’s also understandable. Madonna probably wanted Lourdes to finish high school like a normal teenage girl and experience a more typical lifestyle before moving into massive projects like that. And as Madonna’s daughter, she will certainly have countless opportunities to step into the spotlight once she is truly ready.

3 The Glass Castle Is Her Favorite Book

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As you may have been able to tell already, Lourdes has always been a good student, and she’s a big fan of reading. Madonna should be proud of teaching her! According to Teen Vogue, Lourdes says that her favorite book is The Glass Castle. This book is a memoir by the author Jeannette Walls, all about her difficult and unconventional upbringing. The book was also made into a movie in 2017. And as you can imagine, Lourdes says that she also loves the Harry Potter series. Maybe someday she will decide to write a book again, on her own this time.

2 She Is Always Giving Her Parents Fashion Advice

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Clearly, Lourdes has a great sense of style. As a young makeup artist/fashion designer/model, it’s clear that she has spent a long time around the fashion world and the beauty world, and she has an eye for great outfits. According to E! News, Madonna says that Lourdes is always the first to call her out when her outfits are too scandalous! She says that Lourdes will always let her know right away if she thinks that Madonna should change before going to an awards show. It’s too funny—usually, it’s the other way around, but not in this family!

1 Madonna Says She Was A Strict Parent To Lourdes

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It’s obvious that Madonna and Lourdes have a very close relationship. After all, she is Madonna’s first child, and they clearly have many interests in common. It’s sweet that no matter what happens in their lives, they have always had a good relationship with each other. According to O Magazine, Madonna says that she was actually pretty strict when raising Lourdes. She said that she did not even allow her to watch TV! Well, it looks like her parenting strategies worked, because Lourdes is clearly doing quite well for herself without dealing with some of the problems celeb kids often face.

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