20 Things Fans Should Know About Hailey Baldwin Before She Gets Married To Justin Bieber

Hailey Baldwin is no stranger to the spotlight or being mobbed by the press and fans alike. It looks like that isn’t going to stop anytime soon, especially after the fresh-faced model recently announced her engagement to Justin Bieber. When you’re a well sought out model like Hailey keeping a private life is almost impossible, but that’s how the Tommy Hilfiger model seems to like it. Hailey Baldwin is constantly traveling for photo shoots or to walk on the runway, barely leaving her time off from her busy work schedule. Even though she’s posting images on social media daily (sometimes even multiple times in 24 hours) and getting interviewed by countless of magazines, she still tries very-very hard to not let the inner working of her personal life get out in the open so freely.

But with her now super famous singer boyfriend– who is sure to help give her celebrity status a boost– Hailey’s personal and professional life is becoming inseparable. People who have been following the young model’s career may think they know everything about her.

Yet, there is still a lot about Hailey Baldwin that even her biggest-long-term fans may not know about her. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 things even the most uber Hailey Baldwin fans might not know about the young starlet (P.S. #8 might shock you).

20 she and justin have known each other a while

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Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber were spotted running around New York City and it was no secret that the two obviously were dating as they were seen strolling down the streets of the big apple holding hands. But most have forgotten that the two young celebs had actually dated before back in December 2015; however, it was short lived and they broke things off a couple months later. That seems to be all in the past now seeing as the pair announced their engagement just this July. Some might be shocked to hear that the 21-year-old model is engaged, but we’re not (especially when you consider #14 on our list!).

19 She doesn't consider herself an IG model

Like a lot of other models in today industry, many have had their careers helped massively through social media and especially Instagram! Hailey Baldwin and other successful models like Gigi Hadid and her sister Bella Hadid or Kendall Jenner have often been viewed as a type of “Instagram Model,” whose careers heavily rely on social media. However, don’t mention that around Hailey unless you expect to get an ear full on the matter like the reporter who interviewed her for Elle UK June cover story last year did. “I work my *** off,” the then 20-year-old said, “I don't want to be an Insta model, nor am I an Insta model.” Noted Hailey, noted.

18 Hailey has SUPER rare colored eyes

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You’ve probably already noticed because it’s hard not to, but Hailey Baldwin has beautiful hazel eyes which are actually quite rare. Hazel eyes are often mistaken for green eyes unless you look really closely and under the right lighting conditions. Eye color can come in a variety of forms from green to purple, blue to brown and everything else in between. Hazel eyes are a rare genetic phenomenon and have a higher concentration of pigmentation outlining the eye. This pigment is multicolor in people who have hazel eyes and can include brown, copper and green hues. It’s estimated that only five to eight percent of the world population have hazel colored eyes, making them super rare!

17 She is not an LA girl at heart

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Although she spends a lot of time in Los Angeles, and also New York, the top model wasn’t born in the Golden State or the Big Apple like many assume. In fact, Hailey Baldwin was born on the 22nd of November, circa 1996, in Tucson Arizona. Tucson is located in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert and surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges as well as many historic districts. In an interview with Glamour Magazine, she commented on her upbringing saying, “I'm lucky that I was raised so normally in a suburban town." Hailey was also home-schooled for most of her early education, however, she did later attend the Eastern Christian School Association (check out #3 for more on that!).

16 She likes her alone time

Recently in an interview with FASHION Magazine the young model and budding actress, Hailey Baldwin, admitted to sometimes feeling overwhelmed when modeling because, “...every time you’re working, you’re around a lot of different energies. It weighs a lot on you. That’s why I like coming home to New York and being able to be myself for a couple of days.” If you can believe it Hailey says she thinks it’s “fun” to do errands because she misses out on the day-to-day normal activities due to all her excessive traveling for gigs. After what we can assume is an exciting day of errand-running for Hailey, she then likes to relax at her home and binge watch the Food Network.

15 She is Brazilian!

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Hailey Baldwin is not only of mixed European background including English, French and German descent, but she is also Brazilian! Her grandfather also happens to be a very famous Brazilian singer named Eumir Deodato de Almeida. Her grandfather was born in Rio de Janeiro to Italian and Portuguese parents and started playing music when he was just 12 years old. Today, he has a total of 16 platinum records and, in the USA alone, has sold over 25 million records. Though it's not known if Baldwin has picked up the musical bug from her famous grandfather, she has however picked up some Portuguese.

14 She wants to have a family and soon too!

Although the young model's career seemed just to have taken off over the past couple of years, Hailey doesn’t see herself staying that long in the industry. The reason being that she desperately wants to have a family as she told Remix Magazine, “I want to be a young parent,” which for Hailey means having children within the next six years because she wants “to be 40 and have teenage kids.” It looks like that might be possible too, especially with her recent engagement to Justin Bieber. We’re just wondering if the Biebs knows about her baby fever?

13 She has her own handbag line

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Some of her biggest fans might not know this about Hailey Baldwin, but back in 2016, the newly discovered model came out with her own handbag line. She had walked for famous brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Moschino, but it was with the Australian label, The Daily Edited, that she decided to partner with to release her capsule collection which included a range of different styled totes and clutches to personalized phone cases and cosmetic bags. Hailey raved about the opportunity to take her hand at something else in the fashion industry telling The Daily Mail “I am excited as this is the first time I have ever designed my own capsule collection, something I have always wanted to do."

12 She was modeling before she was an adult

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Hailey Baldwin was discovered at the crisp age of sixteen and first signed with Ford Models when she was quite young and instantly began to model for magazines like LOVE, V, i-D and much more. Apart from appearing in fashion magazines she also first debut on the runway for Topshop in 2014. From there she went on to work with the famous French designer Sonia Rykiel and also appeared in Vogue. Once she landed these few major gigs people began to notice and her career skyrocketed! Her hard work paid off and she ended up signing with the IMG Models in a global deal.

11 She believes in some crazy stuff

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Yes, you read that right. Hailey Baldwin has never shied away from admitting her belief in God nor does she shy away from being seen actively and openly attending church whenever she’s not globetrotting for photo shoots. In an interview with The Times UK, the evangelist model opened up about her religious beliefs, which included, yes: DEMONS!!! Hailey tried to distance herself from the “weird kind of stuff,” she said that's usually associated with evangelists such as speaking in tongues or fainting at the touch of a preacher hand on your head. However, she did, strangely enough, admit to believing in demons. Telling Times UK “I don’t think the devil exists as a person, but I do think people can become possessed by demons.”

10 He father is SUPER famous (but not the one you’re thinking of)

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Not only does Hailey have a famous Brazilian musician for a grandfather, but her own father is also famous! Her dad is Stephen Andrew Baldwin who is an American actor and has over 103 acting credits to his name along with 12 Producing credits as well. You probably know him from his most famous role as McManus in the 1995 cult classic The Usual Suspects which also starred Kevin Spacey, Benicio Del Toro, and many others. Despite having a big-shot celebrity Dad (and uncle too) growing up, Hailey still felt like a very normal suburban kid because of the way her parents raised both her and her sister saying “...that was Dad’s work life. When we were home, we were just home, hanging out.” No wonder she’s so down to Earth!

9 She does not always like social media

Hailey Baldwin has over ten million followers on Instagram and counting, but not all of her followers are her admirers or there for the right reasons. Social media makes it easy for people to hide behind a computer screen and attack someone they don't even know. Unfortunately, the young model is no stranger to what it's like to be bullied online. “It adds a lot of layers of insecurity,” Hailey told Fashion Magazine in a recent interview “You’re being told on a much larger scale that you’re not pretty... it adds a lot of layers of bullying. Even if you aren’t conscious of it, it does make your mind spin a little bit.”

8 She has some struggles

Becoming a famous model with millions of followers while you're still a teenager is no easy task. While looking at her mass following and celebrity status, many find it hard to imagine someone with so much going for her can also be struggling inside. Ironically, most of her anxiety comes from the very platform that helped push her modeling career: Instagram. Although she has a huge amount of supporters, she still gets slews of negative comments throughout all her pictures. Hailey Baldwin told Inquisitr she doesn't try to spend much time on social media because it ends up leaving her feeling “depressed and anxious,” even when she is just posting stuff for work, the constant badgering can still take its toll.

7 She once dreamed of being a Ballerina

Like a lot of other female celebrities, Hailey Baldwin started out dancing when she was a little girl taking classes in multiple styles, but ultimately it was Ballet that stole her heart. In all honesty, Hailey never planned on being a model and she wanted to originally be a ballerina. Which makes sense because she is classically trained in the art form and has years of training and recitals under her belt. How do we know this? Well, the ballerina turned model has been frequently posting throwback home videos of her performances on social media. Looking back at her dancing days its safe to say she was destined for stardom in one way or another.

6 She’s hosted a ton of award shows

Hailey Baldwin is mostly known for her modeling these days. However, that hasn't stopped the starlet from dripping her toes in other parts of the industry too. She first tried her hand at hosting for MTV Europe Music Awards in Milan, Italy where her and another famous model, Bianca Balti, were announcers. She also co-hosted iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards in Toronto with fellow supermodel Gigi Hadid! It seems like she must have hit it off because she hosted the iHeartRadio Music Awards alongside music producer DJ Khaled this year too. In the past, she has usually just been a presenter at award shows but this year was the first time where she basically ran the show by herself.

5 She’s doesn’t care much for being famous

With her fierce cheekbones, strong jaw-line it easy to forget that Hailey Baldwin rose to her supermodel status when she just barely turned 19. The pressure of fame can definitely impact you more harshly when you're that young. Remember Britney Spears head shaving escapade? Yea, that's the kind of pressure we're talking about. Lucky, Hailey doesn't seem to worry that much about fame as she spoke with Glamour Magazine UK saying “everyone thinks 'oh you have money, you have this, you have that' - but for me, the things that are more important are my family...Fame is not all that it's cracked up to be. It's a lot for someone my age to have to deal with."

4 She has a vegan eating plan

Models are often known for they obsessive dieting and long workouts to maintain their perfectly sculptured bodied; and essentially, their careers. Hailey doesn’t find herself “dieting” much in the traditional sense because she mainly focuses on following a mostly plant-based vegan diet to help keep the pounds off. She did admit to going on a “metabolic detox,” recently though telling People, “It’s like a cleanse that you have to do with like protein powder and all this different stuff and you have to eat a certain type of way.” However, no one really knows exactly what she meant by that leaving some to question if the young model may have been engaged in unhealthy dieting in order to prep for Fashion Week and be as skinny as possible for the runway.

3 She is VERY religious

A lot of people don't know this but Hailey Baldwin is super religious even though she may not seem like it. Some of you may have already guessed from her small social media posts featuring bible verses every now and then on Instagram. Hailey grew up in an evangelist household and regularly attended church as a child and even still does today. But not the “typical,” church that you’re imagining. No, she goes to a posh-hipster-celebrity church in Manhattan, New York, called Hillsong Church. She’s not the only famous celebrity to be spotted there! Justin Bieber ALSO has been spotted attending the place of worship as well (hint: they went together).

2 She still gets nervous

Just like any other jobs nerves can always come up even for the top professional models like Hailey Baldwin she still feels the butterflies before a big show or photo shoot. Despite having walked for high fashion designers like Moschino and Tommy Hilfiger (just to name a few), the young model still finds herself getting nervous from time to time. For example, when she walked for Dolce & Gabbana for one of the first times Hailey recalls in an interview being so nervous that she basically forgot how to breath saying “I don't think I was breathing. I saw the photos afterward and I think I was holding my breath the whole time - I'm not joking.”

1 She loves getting tattoos

You might not have noticed before, but Hailey Baldwin is a big fan of tattoos. It's hard to tell because all of her tattoos are super small; but even so, she still has more than 19 tattoos and those are just the ones we know of! All of her tattoos have a special meaning to her and she even has a name of someone! No, it's not Justin Bieber. It’s actually her big sister's middle name: Alene. Her first tattoo, however, was her parent's wedding date which Hailey explained live on Kelly and Ryan “...I just figured if I got something dedicated to them they wouldn't be as mad.”

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