20 Things Beyonce Does To Raise Her Three Kids

Beyonce might be one of the most demanding entertainers in the world and of our time, but she’s made it clear she still makes time for her three children. The singer, who gave birth to her and husband Jay-Z’s twins a little more than a year ago, made it clear her family is her first priority. She and the rapper are also parents to Blue Ivy Carter. While the power couple is one of the most private when it comes to Hollywood and exposing their children, the two have become a little more open in letting the public see their children.

Of course, we’ve seen Blue Ivy a lot more as she’s older and the twins are just over one-year-old, but what we do know is that she takes matters into her own hands in raising their three kids. From teaching them self-confidence to traveling the world and exposing them to various cultures, Beyonce is winning in motherhood just like she is in her career. She’s proven she’s basically every woman and can balance it all with the help of her husband and nannies. Check out 20 things the superstar does to raise her three children.

20 She Dresses Like Them

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We live for those moments Beyonce and Blue Ivy walk into a room dressed as twins. It shows how close they really are even in the privacy of their own home. Of course, both Beyonce and Blue Ivy put their own mommy and daughter flair on it respectively, but we seriously can’t get enough of how adorable they look when they match. We’re pretty sure Beyonce is doing it for as long as she can before Blue Ivy starts to think it’s a little embarrassing. But for now, we’re convinced that won’t be happening anytime soon. Meanwhile, we’re here for the dynamic duo outfits.

19 She Lets Them Do What They Want

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Can we just say we can’t get enough of how Beyonce lets Blue Ivy march to the beat of her own drum? Remember as Blue Ivy got older, there were tons of critics who claimed she wasn’t the daughter they thought Beyonce would raise. But we’re absolutely in love with Blue Ivy and the fact that she doesn’t allow anyone to tell her how to live her life (except her parents and loved ones of course). But when it comes to her style, her personality, and all that jazz, it’s clear that Blue Ivy is growing into a young lady in her own right. And we’re here for it.

18 She Nurses Them… In Public

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And we love every bit of it! Beyonce took her trek for feminism and gender equality to a new level when she was spotted nursing Blue Ivy when she was just an infant. Apparently, she got lots of attention for it (good and bad) as she performed the action right in a restaurant with her husband. But hey, we can only guess that Blue Ivy didn’t know or care about her mother’s superstar status at the time. All she knew was that she was hungry. And we absolutely adore Beyonce for taking the time to feed her, and not caring what the naysayers think.

17 She Gets Hands-On

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We’ve already come to the conclusion that Beyonce is one busy woman. But she’s still very hands-on when it comes to how she raises her three children. And word is, even Blue Ivy has jumped in to help her mom with her little brother and sister. Still, rumor also has it Beyonce runs a tight ship. Even though she has nannies help her out, she’s pretty strict on raising her little ones and keeping all things in her estate straight and buttoned up. We can definitely see how this would be true considering the time she said a lighting person would get fired because they messed up during one of her shows.

16 She Allows Blue To Bid On Charity


Blue Ivy bidding on a water color painting from Sidney Poitier was absolutely classic! You might recall, it happened at the annual Wearable Art Gala earlier this year. Blue Ivy bid $19,000 on the piece, which Jay-Z jokingly tried to stop her from doing. Still, the idea that he and Beyonce let her bid was actually pretty awesome. They probably would have gone home with the piece if comedian and director Tyler Perry didn’t subsequently bid $20,000 on it. Still it wasn’t a total loss for Blue. She bid $10,000 on a Samuel Levi Jones painting that she won. And it was all for a good cause.

15 She Actually Likes Changing Their Diapers

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She might be one of the wealthiest musicians in the world, but she admitted she gets excited about changing her children’s diapers. In fact, she and Jay-Z both do. “Actually, [Jay-Z] is very good. We both [change diapers],” Beyonce said during an interview with Anderson Cooper once. “I love it. I love every moment of it, it’s so beautiful. I love it all.” It’s clear that Beyonce has embraced all things motherhood has to offer as she raises her and Jay-Z’s children. Side note: are we the only ones that would pay a pretty penny to see Beyonce changing a diaper?

14 She Trademarks Their Names

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At least Blue Ivy’s anyway. Beyonce went as far as going back-and-forth in a legal battle with a woman who owned an event planning company of the same name in hopes of having an exclusive trademark of the six-year-old’s name. It’s not clear what the latest on that battle is, but it’s safe to say Beyonce isn’t going down without a fight and will most likely pay millions to make it happen. We can only imagine how long it will be before she does the same for the twins, Rumi and Sir (even though Sir’s name might come with more complications considering it’s a pretty common word).

13 She Lets The Nannies Do Some Of The Heavy Lifting

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While millions around the globe see Beyonce as superwoman, even she needs a little help every now and then. It’s no surprise that she and Jay-Z rely on a team of nannies to help them do some of the heavy lifting in raising their three children. Plus, they don’t play when it comes to who gets to be around the children on a regular basis. Word is the nannies have to read and sign Beyonce’s handbook (which isn’t too much different than rules for a regular employer) and have to be bilingual so they can teach the children different languages. But they also get paid about $100,000 a year, so we doubt they’re complaining at all.

12 She Shows Them The World


We can only guess that one of the best parts of being one of Beyonce’s children is being able to see the world with her. Whether it’s for vacation or work, her children have more passport stamps than most adults. Plus, it’s not just any type of trip. Beyonce and Jay-Z travel private almost anytime they leave the country. Seriously, when is the last time we’ve seen them in LAX or JFK? Blue Ivy has already gone to Paris, Italy, and other exotic places that probably makes her feel like she has the biggest backyard ever. We’d love to switch places with Bey for a day.

11 She Takes Them Shopping

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It’s been reported several times that Blue Ivy is growing to be quite the little fashionista. So it’s no shocker that Beyonce has been seen shopping at luxurious stores with her mini me. One of Blue Ivy’s nannies even revealed, “Blue has an affinity for high-end designers such as Gucci, Lilly Pulitzer, and Dolce & Gabbana, and will make sure her little brother and sister have the same taste. She’s always picking out cute clothes for them.” We wouldn’t expect anything less from Beyonce’s children. At least Blue is willing to share the goods with her little brother and sister.

10 She Hides Them From The Public

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That is, until she’s ready. We have barely even gotten a glimpse of her twins since they were born in the summer of 2017. But when we did see them, it was only because Beyonce allowed us to. The same held true for Blue Ivy after she entered the world in 2012. It was pretty rare for us to see her out and about in public with her parents until the last couple of years. Plus, let’s not forget Beyonce has the gift of steering clear of pregnancy rumors until she can’t hide them anymore, then she announces them in a major way. We see what you did there Bey.

9 She Gives Them The Best Things Money Can Buy

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Just like almost any other parent, Beyonce makes it a point to provide her children with the highest quality items and experiences. From education to trips and clothes, Beyonce has been able to use her amazing success to boost the livelihood of Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir. We’d bet money that ten from years from now they’re going to be the most fashionable kids on the scene (right along with the West kids North, Saint, and Chicago). Still, their high quality and lavish life isn’t all about material things. Just being able to spend quality time as a family on a tour around the world might be a huge expense, but it’s things like that that will create memories for the Carter family.

8 She Teaches Them Humility And Gratefulness

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While Beyonce showers her children with expensive gifts and memories, she and Jay-z have also made it clear that they’re kids aren’t spoiled. Just as they make it a point to provide the best, they also prioritize their children being humble and grateful for their experiences and family success. This isn’t too surprising since Beyonce is hardly one of those celebrities who necessarily has a bad rap or reputation for being bratty or even irresponsible with her riches and wealth. Considering we’ve pretty much grown up listening to Beyonce, it’s great to see her raise such adorable and humble children.

7 She Comes To Their Rescue

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Even though the Beyhive will come for anyone who has something negative to say about Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir, it’s safe to say it’s nothing like when Beyonce makes it clear she won’t let anyone mess with her children. She might be known as a quiet woman, but she’s definitely a force to reckon with when it comes to her children. As much as Jay-z seems to be the rough one, we can honestly say there’s nothing like a mother’s wrath concerning her children. But still, isn’t that the way things should be? Especially since Blue Ivy has the potential to be exposed to all kinds of different things because of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s superstar status.

6 She's Never Too Busy To Celebrate Their Birthdays

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Beyonce didn’t let being on the European leg of her and Jay-Z’s world tour stop her from celebrating the twins’ very first birthday in June. Word is they had an intimate party that was filled with family and close friends who traveled to Europe to help celebrate. It’s safe to say everyone had the same consensus that they couldn’t believe the twins were already one (and we can count on one hand how many times we’ve seen them). It’s pretty cool to see Beyonce take time from her schedule to celebrate the milestone birthday. Three cheers for you, Mrs. Carter!

5 She Teaches Them Self-Confidence

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Who better than Beyonce to teach her children that they’re amazing? While many aim to be even half of her caliber, she and her oldest daughter, Blue Ivy, clearly have a bond in which Beyonce encourages Blue Ivy that she’s the most beautiful little girl in the world. We absolutely love that Blue Ivy is confident and probably couldn’t care less what anyone thinks of her, with the exception of her loved ones. Anyone who has seen a clip of Blue Ivy speaking or walking knows that she holds her head up high and shoulders back. We’re pretty sure much of that is in thanks to Queen Bey, AKA her mom.

4 She Lets Them See Her Hard At Work

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We can only imagine how Blue Ivy was when she sat and watched her mom practice for the Grammy Awards. The video clip was seriously one of the most adorable things we’ve ever seen as she cheered on her seemingly immortal mom. And we can’t forget the time Blue also told her mom good job and clapped for her backstage after she rocked the stage at MTV Video Music Awards. She was accepting the coveted Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. If this is how proud of her she is in public, she probably can’t stop singing her praises in private. Blue Ivy is clearly one proud kiddo.

3 She Takes Them On Tour

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Another way the children see her hard work is when she’s gracing the stage on world tours. Beyonce and Jay-Z made headlines after it was revealed they would be bringing all three children on their On The Run II tour with them. Of course, the subtitle was that they would also have an army of nannies for help. But still, that’s pretty awesome that the little ones get to tag along on the tour that has some pretty luxurious stops. And while Jay-Z and Bey are working, their kids get the chance to see some of the most beautiful places on earth. Can’t be mad at that at all.

2 She Makes Sure They’re Cultured

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We’re never short of snapshots and videos of Blue Ivy and Beyonce at a museum. In fact, we could almost assume that Blue and her mom make a point to stop by a local museum in most of the countries and cities they’re traveling to. And it looks like Blue Ivy has had a ball at all of them as she learns about and embraces new cultures. We’re pretty sure that the same will hold true for the twins as they get older. We can already picture Beyonce and her three children, along with Jay-Z of course, posing like one of the coolest cliques in a grand museum.

1 She Includes Them In Her Music

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From her “God Made You Beautiful” to her song “Blue,” Beyonce never fails to let Blue Ivy know how she much she loves her in her music. (And we can’t forget about Blue’s quick feature in “Mi Gente.”) It gets even cooler when Blue is featured on Beyonce’s songs and in her videos. We were definitely in love with her cameo in Beyonce’s “Formation” and Jay-Z’s “Family Feud.” We think it’s safe to say she’ll start including the twins in her music as they get older too. For now, from our viewpoint, Beyonce is doing quite a standup job in making Blue feel special publicly.

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