20 Things About Dj Khaled Proving All He Does Is Win

Dj Khaled is one of those people who is pretty much famous for being famous, or at least that’s what the world thinks. The reality is that he worked really hard to get to this point in his life which is why I had so much fun learning about him throughout this article.

Dj Khaled is without a doubt one of the most famous people on the planet. Known as one of the most successful hip-hop artists of our generation Khaled is a man that is filled with a love for life.

Khaled, who is a producer, social media mogul, and music executive began his career working at urban radio stations. He then moved on to the production side of things as well as working on his DJ skills. Whatever way you slice it, Khaled is an incredible talent.

Khaled is not only a genius when it comes to business and music he is also a legend when it comes to marketing himself. He has a big personality and an even bigger heart which explains why he has so many devoted fans.

Although everyone knows who he is, not everyone knows about his past, his baby mama and of course the love of his life, his son Asahd.

20 He is a huge Bob Marley Fan and is friends with his family

Dj Khaled got to meet two incredible and legendary artists before they passed away- Tupac and Biggie.

However, if there is one person that Khaled wishes he could have met, it is Bob Marley. Khaled is a die hard fan of reggae music and the culture that is attached to it.

He has been inspired by Marley on many occasions and has shown such respect to the late legend, that he has formed relationships with his family.

Khaled has been to their family home and has even been the DJ to many of their events: “[The Marleys] let me DJ their events and welcomed me into their home. To be a friend and see that whole Marley family culture, not [from] the outside, but actually seeing it, that was special to me.”

19 He beat Wyclef Jean in a "sound clash" DJ battle in Jamaica

Khaled has a huge presence in Jamaica, especially for someone of Middle Eastern descent.

Khaled made so many connections in Jamaica he was able to get his hands on exclusive freestyles from some of the biggest artists in Jamaica. This gave Khaled an edge over a lot of other artists and allowed him to be inspired for years to come.

A fun fact about the world of hip-hop is that once Khaled competed against Wyclef Jean who is a living legend. Khaled stole the show and he has gone on record stating that "From that day, I was officially broken on the street.” Honestly, I really wish that I had witnessed that craziness go down.

18 He used to be part of the terror squad

Dj Khaled was at a time a member of Terror Squad. For those of you who don’t know, Terror Squad was headed by two notoriously incredible rappers- Fat Joe and Big Pun.

Both Fat Joe and Big Pun have been very influential throughout Khaled's career and he has been inspired by both of them on numerous occasions.

Khaled's first album was released in 2006 as part of the Terror Squad which was when he called himself Terror Squadian.

Although Khaled joined the team after Big Pun passed away, he did gain a lot of experience throughout his time with the crew, which has continuously helped him throughout his career.

This was a big part of Khaled's career and without this phase of his life, he may not have become what he is now.

17 He Used To Have a different stage name

Dj Khaled has had a lot of different stage names throughout his career. One of his most notorious names was ArabAttack. However, after 9/11 happened, he decided to avoid tension and controversy and he changed his name.

"I dropped it because, after the whole 9/11 thing, you know I’m not one of those ignorant people. I’m a positive person. "ArabAttack" was mainly used for music like we attack you with music, but when 9/11 happened, I said, you know what, I’m not gonna use that name no more. It wasn’t respectful to the people that went through some stuff” stated Khaled in a previous interview.

Regardless of what he was called before Dj Khaled will forever be known as exactly that.

16 His fiancé is named Nicole

Nicole Tuck is her name and she and the hip-hop legend have been together for 11 years. Her low key nature is one of the things I personally love most about her. You can tell her love is pure and that is such an incredible thing to see, especially with a famous couple. They brought their first child into the world on October 23, 2016, and all together they seem like pretty amazing family.

Tuck helps manage her husband's career and due to her BFA from Marymount Manhattan as well as her masters in educations, something tells us she has a lot to do with his success.

She also dabbles in producing music as well as making appearances on some runways and red carpet events with her gorgeous family.

15 Nicole and Khaled met before he was famous

One of the cutest things about Nicole and Khaled is that they met and fell in love before Khaled came into all this fame and fortune.

Khaled has an old-school yet somewhat romantic view on relationships and has gone on record stating,

“You gotta understand: I believe a woman should praise the man, the king. If you holding it down for your woman, I feel like the woman should praise. And the man should praise the queen.”

Khaled and his woman seem to have a good life with one another and from what they show the world, they seem incredibly happy. It is nice to see genuine couples in show business and I feel like this duo is as real as a couple can get.

14 Khaled is the face of ciroq mango

Khaled is not only a social media personality and music icon, he is also a businessman. One of his more recent ventures was partnering up with CÎROC alcohol for the mango flavor. CÎROC, which is owned by Puff Daddy, is one of the best selling liquors on the market. In an interview, Khaled spoke about his collaboration with the brand,

“I’m the apple guy, but Puff let me taste the mango [flavor] before it came out. I’m always on the Apple, and when the Mango came out, I was like, "Another one."

He went on to say “It’s special because it’s really motivational and inspirational at the same time. The ad is going to motivate everyone to not give up on your dreams, and your hustle. At the same time, I drink CÎROC to celebrate or take the edge off so the commercial really connect.”

One thing is for sure, DJ Khaled knows how to sell whatever is put in front of him.

13 He wrote a book titled The Keys

From social media sensation to recording artist, Khaled has now added author to his resume.

Audiences surprisingly, loved his book titled The Keys. The book, in typical Khaled fashion, is filled with motivation, inspiration and of course a few laughs.

Khaled is one of those people who oozes personality and possesses a ton of charisma. He is also full of wisdom which he touches upon in his book. Some of his most major keys are: Keep two rooms cooking at the same time , win, win, win no matter what, stay away from THEY aka the enemy, glorify your success, don’t deny the heat, don’t ever play yourself, secure the bag and of course, respect the code.

12 Asahd is super connected with Air Jordan

DJ Khaled loves a lot of things; lions, cocoa butter, his fans, his wife and of course his flowers. However, I am pretty sure that DJ Khaled's two greatest loves are his son and Jordans.

Asahd was introduced to the world in true Khaled fashion, on snapchat the minute he was born. I am not even joking.

DJ Khaled literally documented the birth of his son on snapchat.

Talk about being up close and personal! Khaled, who collaborated with Jordan for his new Jordan 3s which are called Grateful, was released while promoting his latest album with the same title.

Not only is Khaled obsessed with Jordans but he has hooked his son up with the most amazing kicks on the planet as well as his Jordan 3s of course.

11 Asahd means lion in Arabic

For anyone who is a fan of DJ Khaled, you would know that he is majorly intrigued by lions, so much so that his son's name means lion in Arabic.

Lions are known as the kings of the jungle, they are the animal with the most wins in the jungle, which is why Khaled may be obsessed with them.

It is a metaphorical reminder that Khaled is always winning, no matter what shade is thrown his way.

For those of you who have him on snapchat, a lot of the things he does can be linked to metaphors. For example, his garden and pathway represent the path to success and the plants can be reminiscent of the daily duties that are required for success.

DJ Khaled is incredibly deep and that is probably the thing I personally love most about him.

10 Asahd had production credits before the age of 1

I mean, how gangster is that…

At only 4 months old, Asahd was listed as one of the executive producers of his latest album. Khaled claims, his son lets him know what songs he liked by nodding his head and smiling. When that happened, Daddy Khaled knew those songs were money.

He went on record saying “To be honest with you, he likes so many tracks, that I ended up putting 23 on the album,”

There is no doubt in my mind that Asahd will follow in his dad's footsteps and break into the music industry, I mean in some way he already has.

9 His parents were musicians and played Arabic music

When DJ Khaled's parents immigrated from Palestine to America in their twenties, it was said that his father only had 20 dollars to his name. His parents were incredibly hard workers and he has gone on record saying,

"They worked every day, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, if I wanted to hang out with my mother and father, I had to hang out with them hustling."

What many people do not know is that music runs in DJ Khaled's DNA, he is from a very musically talented family and his parents had a knack for Arabic music, which has influenced Khaled throughout his career on many occasions.

Khaled family has a lot to do with the person he is today and he is always sure to give credit where credit is due- which is his parents.

8 Nicole Tuck used to own Abu Clothing

Nicole Tuck is super cool. Not only is she a rapper WAG but she is also a businesswoman, and a highly educated one to boot.

Her clothing company, Abu Apparel launched a few years ago. The term Abu means Always be You and the aim of her brand was to empower people to never stop believing in who they are as a person. She wanted her clients to look in the mirror and feel confident, no matter the shape or size of their bodies.

Dj Khaled was the face of the clothing line and although the company closed she managed to move on to other ventures, like managing her baby daddy’s career.

Tuck is passionate, especially when it comes to the arts and it is safe to say that Khaled is an inspiration to her craft.

7 Asahd has more followers than you—1.8 million

When I say he has more followers than you, I am not exaggerating.

Asahd has 1.8 million followers which is insane. The reality is that the young mogul in training, is too young to even handle his own social media account, however, the hype around him is so grand he is, in fact, killing the IG game.

Asahd is off to an interesting start in life and I am personally so excited to watch this little guy grow up! Asahd has all the tools to make him a huge success, including a famous dad, a sick resume for someone of any age and of course two loving parents which are the most important.

This kid is beyond lucky and I hope he is grateful for the life he has been given.

6 His favorite book is the Quran

Dj Khaled is a man who has a strong faith.

Khaled is part of the Islamic community and he is very proud of his roots. Khaled is very open about his beliefs in the power of prayer and says he prays daily and almost hourly.

Khaled's favorite book of all time is the Quran.

Khaled has opened up about being a Muslim in America and has gone on record saying, "We're good people, and we don't entertain ignorance. It's the same as staying away from "they" – stay away from that ignorance. Love is the most powerful thing in the world. "

Khaled is wise and something tells me his deeply religious and spiritual connections have something to do with that.

5 Nicole likes being behind the scenes

You know what they say; behind powerful men is an even more powerful woman, which is exactly the case for Dj Khaled. As long as Khaled has been in the spotlight, there were always questions around if he had a lady, and if he did, who she was. The answer to that question was eventually answered; for numerous years, Khaled has had an incredible and beautiful woman by his side. That woman is Nicole Tuck.

She is Palestinian-American and throughout their relationship, she has managed to stay very low key. So much so that many of Khaled’s fans did not even know he was dating anyone. Nicole finally appeared on the red carpet, got engaged, and introduced their beautiful blessing to the world, their son, Asahd.

4 In 2013 Khaled proposed to Nicki Minaj as a joke

When it comes to media stunts, this was one of the biggest ones Khaled ever pulled.

A few years ago, Dj Khaled pulled an act that had media outlets around the globe going crazy. The stunt was that he proposed to fellow hip-hop artist Nicki Minaj while promoting his single at the time I Wanna Be With You.

Fans around the globe started freaking out wondering if the rumor was true. However, what many did not know is that both of them were in serious relationships. Even though the ring was real and gorgeous, it was all a stunt.

The world may have bought the proposal, but Minaj didn’t and she thought the stunt was hilarious.

Khaled and Minaj have a tight friendship and I love how they were able to fool everyone in order to get some free publicity, I mean come on its pretty genius!

3 Khaled has a crazy sneaker collection

All of Khaled’s true fans know how sneaker obsessed he is, he literally owns thousands of pairs. His favorite shoes are Jordan 3’s which is a great choice. It also makes sense for him to love that sneaker seeing how one of his favorite athletes ever is Micheal Jordan.

Khaled is borderline obsessed with posting his life on social media, which explains why he posts so many things in regards to kicks. His fans were begging him to learn more about his collection, so he finally let a website come take a look around and publish what was actually inside. The closet is filled with the most exclusive and insane sneakers you have ever seen. The closet was custom built and displays his sneakers in a really cool way.

2 Khaled is from New Orleans

A lot of people think Dj Khaled was born in the middle east but that is not the case. Khaled was born in New Orleans in 1975 to Palestine immigrant parents. They then moved to Louisiana and then Florida and Khaled helped with family businesses.

He has always been a hard worker and always had a drive to provide for those he loves. When times got tough, Khaled pulled his weight and worked odd jobs which eventually lead to him working his way to becoming a big deal in the world of radio in Miami. In 2007, his dream became a reality when he founded his own record label called We The Best which is now an imprint of Epic Records which is a huge deal.

1 Khaled eats egg whites every day

Since everyone is aware that Khaled posts everything he does every day on social media, it is normal that we know what some of his favorite foods are. For those of you who do not follow Khaled, I am not exaggerating when I say he shares EVERYTHING on social media.

Something that is surprising to me is how much he loves egg whites. He loves them so much he actually eats them every day.

His chef, Chef Dee, cooks everything from eggrolls to fried chicken and Khaled is constantly praising how amazing her creations taste. He loves posting what he eats and letting the world know what money can buy you.

His other favorite food, soul food, which makes my mouth water just thinking of it!

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