20 Surprising Things About Sheldon And Amy Not Even True Fans Know

CBS,' The Big Bang Theory, is currently one of the most popular shows on TV, and fans just can’t help but watch the funny antics of the show. It revolves around four highly intelligent friends— Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard. It’s basically about the life and times of four lovable geeks and the show is here to stay.

Romance plays a big part in the show and all core characters have their own relationships every now and then. Leonard has Penny. Howard has Bernadette. Raj has anyone he can talk to. Perhaps, the best couple of them all is Sheldon and Amy.

In the show’s 11 seasons, fans have seen Sheldon and Amy’s unlikely relationship grow. Both characters are awkward in their own right and seeing them in a relationship sounds rather impossible, but alas, despite the differences, Sheldon and Amy managed to pull through.

In the latest season's finale, Sheldon and Amy finally tied the knot, and it is one of the best moment on the show. There’s more to come for this couple though as fans are very excited how these two are able to handle their marriage. Before anything else though, it’s important to get to know the couple even more with these facts.

20 They Have Figured Out Their Love Language

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Sheldon is a geek through and through. If he hadn’t met Amy, we’re pretty sure that he might’ve spent the rest of his life alone, as Sheldon isn’t really the guy to get into relationships with just anyone. Sheldon and Amy’s relationship speaks a lot about how Sheldon has developed throughout the entire history of the show. Not surprisingly, Sheldon is not to open about the idea of having a girl anywhere near him. There were even times when he forbids Amy from getting into his room. Despite his restrictions, Sheldon has shown time and time again that he is willing to break a few of his rules, just for Amy.

Many fans may have forgotten about it but Amy and Sheldon took their relationship to the next level before their wedding. It was a magical night for the couple and maybe more for Amy. As for Sheldon, he manages to keep the calm composure he is known for. What makes the scene even more amazing was the fact that Sheldon was pretty calm all throughout.

19 It Get's Saucy On Amy’s Birthday

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Sheldon isn’t really the type of boyfriend who is romantic to his significant other. As compared to Howard and Leonard, Sheldon is the least interested in the romantic aspects of a relationship, and of course, Amy has to suffer through his oddly low intimacy level. What makes his drive very weird is that nerdy characters are typically portrayed as characters who would go to great extents to be with a woman, but then again, Sheldon is a very complex character that many have fallen in love with.

Fans may have forgotten about it, but the fact remains that Sheldon and Amy only have consummate on one occasion, and that is during Amy’s birthday. It has been a tradition on the show to reveal what Amy and Sheldon do when that special date comes, and it leads to some of the show’s funniest moments too. Hopefully, Sheldon becomes more open about this idea now that they are a married couple. They do have to start a family at one point. Whatever the case, Amy might be getting more action now that they are married.

18 Amy’s Dad Speaks!

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Both Amy and Sheldon’s families are a bit complicated. It’s hard to say that the two had a great upbringing growing up but at least they both grew up in loving households. For Amy, things are a little easier though as her family isn’t all too complicated except for her dad that rarely ever speaks. Amy’s dad is portrayed by Teller, a magician who is known for his quiet ways. People rarely get to hear him speak and that gig of his passes on to the show. Whenever Amy’s dad is there, he doesn’t say a word to anyone but fans may have missed the defining moment during the latest season finale of The Big Bang Theory.

Shortly before the wedding begins, Mrs. Fowler gets into a heated argument with Penny. In a bid to find an ally in the heated moment, Mrs. Fowler turns to her husband and says, “Are you going to let her talk to me like that? Say something.” To which Teller replies, “Thank you.” This isn’t the first time that Teller has spoken in public, but it certainly a big deal that he did so during his short stint on The Big Bang Theory. It just goes to show how far the show has come.

17 There Was An Unaired Tribute To Stephen Hawking

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Stephen Hawking passed away earlier this year, and it was one of the most heartbreaking deaths in the world of science. Many mourned the passing of the genius and that includes the cast of The Big Bang Theory. In the show, many of the core characters was a big fan of Hawking, with Sheldon being the biggest fan of them all. Of course, the show’s writers had to put Hawking on the show at one point and they did. During the episode, Sheldon developed an odd relationship with his idol. Shortly after the season finale aired, the show’s runners revealed in a tweet that they had unaired footage that was a tribute to the late scientist.

In the unaired footage, Sheldon and Amy were in the middle of sorting things out shortly after their marriage. Penny and Leonard barge into a room with a few gifts, one of which was from Hawking. The group deduces that the gift was sent before Hawking passed and it was a pocket watch engraved with a sweet message. The watch’s engraving said, “Sheldon, I’m so glad you finally married Amy. It’s about time. Ha ha ha, love Stephen.” It was the show’s last tribute to Hawking, and it’s certainly one we can forget easily.

16 They’re Going To Have A Baby

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From the look of things, Sheldon isn’t one who would want to have a kid he’d call Sheldon Jr. with Sheldon and Amy now bonded in holy matrimony, the next big step for the couple is to start building a family. However, despite his lack of will to become a father, Sheldon and Amy will eventually have a child and that was revealed during the finale of Young Sheldon. The spin-off basically details the not-so-wild adventures of the young genius, but the finale really wowed audiences with some possibly left being baffled with the predicted future of Sheldon and Amy.

The show ended shortly after Sheldon and Amy got married. At the final moments of the show, the younger version of Sheldon revealed that he would grow up to have children. Of course, it’s pretty obvious that he’s going to be parenting a child with Amy but that is unless something bad happens to their relationship. For now, fans are very excited to see how the show will handle things and whether or not we’d actually get to see a Sheldon Jr. in the near future. Hopefully, we do as everyone is already waiting for that glorious moment thanks to young Sheldon.

15 Amy Is Sheldon’s Emergency Contact

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Sheldon has a ton of quirks that he manages to reveal all throughout the show. One thing fans know about him is that he is very independent. He likes to do things his own way, and his pride gets in the way of the better things in life at times. Despite being friends with Raj, Howard, and Leonard for a substantial amount of time, he doesn’t have full trust in them because again, he believes he can do most of the things he is required to do to live a normal life. That all changed when Amy came, as she managed to change Sheldon a lot during their relationship.

For many, being listed as someone else’s emergency contact is not a big deal but being listed as Sheldon’s is a different story. That’s why when he listed Amy as his emergency contact, she couldn’t help but be proud of the development. As Sheldon’s emergency contact, Amy has easily become Sheldon’s most trusted person and this means a lot to someone who is very independent. Now that they’ve taken their relationship to another level, Amy being Sheldon’s emergency contact is now a bigger deal than ever.

14 The Train Date

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Fans of the show are well aware that Sheldon isn’t actually the perfect guy to be in a relationship with. There is no doubting that he is one of the smartest characters on television, but his intelligence could have been at the expense of having a romantic side. Although Amy isn’t a romantic type, she does tend to be the more affectionate one in the Shamy tandem. When Sheldon does show some affection, fans of the show can’t help but get all giddy inside as the Einstein has some quirky ways to show his love for Amy.

In one of their sweetest moments, Sheldon decided to take Amy on a date on a train. It was a scheduled weekend trip, but Sheldon couldn’t help but feed the train geek in him when they got to the venue. As expected, Sheldon decided to spend more time in awe of the train rather than focusing on his girlfriend, which led to Amy feeling aloof. After a while, Sheldon decided to make it up to Amy by kissing her. It was clearly one of the defining moments of the couple, and it was a part of the show that many fans may have forgotten because Amy and Sheldon have been through so much together already.

13 They’ve Broken Up Before

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As cute as they were on their wedding day, it’s not easy to say that Sheldon and Amy’s relationship is perfect. In fact, of the two, it’s Amy that gets the short end of the stick. Understandably, Sheldon lacks a lot in terms of being a good boyfriend. He rarely shows affection, and most importantly, he doesn’t do much to wow Amy. As such, it should not be a surprise that they have broken up at one point in their relationship and obviously, it was initiated by Amy and that moment remained to be one of the saddest parts of the show.

They broke up in Season 8. Amy felt as if she needed to stand for what she wants in a relationship and Sheldon wasn’t it. He was lacking in various departments and Amy believes that she deserves more than that. What made the moment more heartbreaking was the fact that Sheldon was intending to propose to Amy at the time. However, since she decided to call off the relationship, Sheldon had no choice other than to hold back with the proposal. The break up didn’t last though as they got together early on in the 9th season.

12 Sheldon And Amy’s First Moments

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For a show about awkward geeks getting into awkward situations, romance plays a pretty big role in The Big Bang Theory. As with any other sitcom, the romance on the show was integral to the plot, and it was fun watching all of the relationships develop into what they are on the current season, but there is one thing that even the most die-hard fans fail to notice. And that is the fact that Leonard, Howard, and Sheldon were the first to take to their future partner. It is a very slight hint of foreshadowing, but fans who have keen eye may have noticed this already.

Leonard was the first to talk to Penny and they’ve developed and in and out relationship on the show. Howard was the first person to talk to Bernadette, and now, they are very happily married. As for Sheldon and Amy, the pair met during Season 3 of The Big Bang Theory. Of course, it wasn’t a great start to a cute relationship, but alas, it was essential in their growth. Sheldon and Amy first interacted with each other and several seasons later, the two smartest characters on television have tied the knot!

11 Sheldon Dons The Flash

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Being the geeks that they are, the main cast of The Big Bang Theory have shown time and time again that they have their biases when it comes to superheroes. For Sheldon, his favorite is and will always be the speedster that is The Flash. In the show’s long run, Sheldon has shown time and time again that he loves The Flash to a great extent. Be it through the clothes that he wears or through the things that he says, there is no doubting that Sheldon is and will forever be a fan of The Flash. But of course, he wouldn’t be the biggest fan of The Flash if he didn’t have a few nods to him at his wedding.

It’s a blink and you’ll miss it moment, as Sheldon pays tribute to his idol very subtly during the wedding. He loves The Flash, but he wouldn’t ruin his and Amy’s wedding day for him. If fans can see Sheldon’s cufflinks, they’ll notice that he is wearing cufflinks in the design of The Flash's logo. But that’s a little too small to see. For a bigger tribute, fans should head towards Mayim Bialik’s Twitter account. In it, she posts a photo of the socks that Sheldon wears and yep, it was The Flash-themed.

10 Their First Kiss Didn’t End So Well

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Fans of the show can easily say that between Amy and Sheldon, it’s Amy that is sweeter and more affectionate. It seems as though that she’s the one who always makes the first move, and that shouldn’t be a surprise anymore, as Sheldon isn’t really all too lovey-dovey. Despite their chemistry, Sheldon and Amy always manage to make things worse, and that includes their first kiss. After a date, Amy brings Sheldon to her house for a bottle of Yoohoo and the couple then share their first intimate moment.

While talking, Amy couldn’t help herself anymore so she decided to abruptly kiss Sheldon to which he replies, “fascinating.” Amy proceeded to vomit afterward but that was because she was very tipsy at the moment. To make things even more awkward, there was a smoking monkey in Amy’s apartment at the time to0, so he was a witness to the early romantic moments of Shamy. It was one of the defining moments of the couple and it’s a moment that most fans may have forgotten since so much has happened since then. However, it is always worth looking back into moments like these because we get to see the very humble beginnings of the Shamy tandem.

9 The First “I Love You” Came From Sheldon

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In just a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory, it is very apparent that Sheldon isn’t one to mince words and most importantly, he doesn’t like showing affection. It’s not that he isn’t incapable of love, it’s just the way Sheldon is. For the most part, it is Amy that does most of the sweet things every couple should do, but we shouldn’t discredit Sheldon’s efforts to woo Amy as well. Regardless of how much emotion he may lack, Sheldon does love Amy very deeply and he is able to showcase this in some of the most genuine moments of the show.

During their prom, Amy was working up the courage to say, “I love you” to Sheldon. It was a very nerve-wracking experience for Amy, but she knew she had to do it, as they’ve been in a relationship for a while, and it was something that had to be done. After losing all her courage and after doing her best, Amy was dumbfounded to hear Sheldon say the magical three words first. Fans may have forgotten that fact that it was Sheldon that said, “I love you too,” first and that moment remains to be one of the best that the show has to offer to this date.

8 Amy is Not Dating Sheldon in Real Life

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The Big Bang Theory's Amy and Sheldon really have this chemistry that's really amazing that many are shipping them. However, it seems as though fans won't be able to ship them as a couple in real life anymore as Jim Parsons is already married and Mayim Bialik is off the market as well— sort of.

Mayim has already tied the knot back in 2003 and gave birth to two lovely sons, Frederick and Miles. However, after 9 years of marriage, she and her husband called it quits. But is she open for a new relationship? We don't think so, as The Big Bang Theory actress seems like she's already in a new relationship.

In an interview with E! Online, she was asked if she's already dating someone sometime after divorcing her ex-husband. The Big Bang Theory star then shared that she's already in a "pretty long-term relationship with someone" but she just doesn't talk about their relationship because she wants to keep her life private. Even so, it looks like we are not going to hear anything more than that as of now. She explained that she hasn't decided about sharing deets about it yet. One thing's for sure though, we know that she didn't meet the guy online as she shared that online dating didn't really work for her.

7 Real-Life Sheldon is Off the Market Now

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Ever since The Big Bang Theory hit the small screen, fans have noticed Sheldon and Amy's chemistry. They look so good together that many have shipped ShAmy (Sheldon and Amy) since then. However, Jim Parsons, in real life is already off the market.

Just last year, Jim married his long-time partner, Todd Spiewak. The Jim and Todd first met in 2002 for a blind date at a karaoke bar, which was set up by Todd's boss and Jim's best friend. At that moment, they already had a connection between them. Since then, the two seem like they already started dating, as Jim has been mentioning The Young Sheldon producer, Todd, in his speeches every time he receives an award, but he never really directly confirmed anything at that time. They only opened up about their relationship for the first time in 2013 when they were interviewed after they received an Inspiration Award by GLESN, an LGBT young advocacy group.

Sometime after, people started to ask about their plans on marriage. He was even grilled by Ellen DeGeneres in 2014. At first, they didn't have any plans on marrying but after a few years of speculations and questions, they finally tied the knot and his co-star, Mayim Bialik, is even one of the attendees.

6 Sheldon Isn’t Actually a Fan of Science and Sci-Fi

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Those who know the character of The Big Bang Theory know very well that Sheldon is the (unofficial) king of the Geekdom. He isn't just someone who is good at science, but he is also an expert in science fiction. From Marvel Comics to even Red Dwarf, name it, he surely knows everything about it. His love for anything nerdy is a big theme within the series. However, in real life, Jim Parsons isn't much as passionate about science-fiction. In fact, he has never been a fan of any of his The Big Bang Theory's character's favorite TV shows.

In an interview with Time Magazine, The Big Bang Theory star revealed that he actually hasn't seen Star Trek or Dr. Who. "I'm very forthcoming, I've never seen Star Trek... I don't know Doctor Who," explained Jim who doesn't share the same passion for science and science-fiction with his Big Bang Theory's character. Even if he and Sheldon are opposite when it comes to liking science and science-fiction, in an interview with Radio Times, he said that he is willing to appear in Star Trek, even if he hasn't seen it at all. "It might be the most foolish thing I ever said but, yes I would be open to that," he added.

5 Real-Life Sheldon Is Still Gifted but In a Different Field

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Fans of the sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, know that Sheldon is a smart guy. Since the sitcom first aired in 2007, he has been portrayed as someone who is gifted with much wit and talent. But is his character as witty and talented as Jim Parsons who portrays him? Yes, we think so— but in a different field.

Jim may have denied in an interview that he isn't as smart as his Big Bang Theory character who is a nerdy scientist, but looking at his educational background, he seems like he is one of the best in his field, too. Jim enjoys learning. As a matter of fact, he seems as though he didn't have time to slouch in school.

After he attended Klein Oak High School in Spring, Texas, he went to the University of Houston where he received his bachelor's degree. As he was studying, Jim also worked ardently on building his career. He then furthered his studies and attended the University of San Diego. There, he took up a special two-year course in classical theater. In spite of that, he still wants to continue his studies and pursue his doctorate degree if ever he'd be given a chance.

4 We Might Never Hear Sheldon Whistle

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Sheldon is a genius. He has an IQ level of 187 and because of that, he started going to college even he was just 11 years old and received his first Ph.D. He also got involved in a number of experiments at the age of 16. Sheldon even tried to build a nuclear reactor so he could help provide free electricity for the city that he lives in. Apart from that, he is a Caltech theoretical physicist and is a holder of several degrees— one or two masters and two doctoral degrees. He is so smart that at a young age, schools are no longer challenging for him academically.

With so much wit that he has, he can do almost everything. However, there might be one thing that he can't do— whistle. Yes, even if he's so good at everything, there's a big chance that we won't hear him whistle ever because Jim Parsons, the character who portrays Sheldon, just can't. In an interview with MSN, he said, "It's like a genetic defect," explaining while he was trying to whistle.

Sheldon can probably invent a device for that in the future because, of course, he's a genius but in the meantime, we won't be able to hear him whistle.

3 Amy is a Genius Even Off Screen

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Unlike Jim Parsons who isn't much like his Big Bang Theory's character, who loves all things geeky, Mayim Bialik is much more like the series' character, Amy. Mayim may be popularly known as an actress, but she also has another career that is something to talk big as well. The 42-year-old Big Bang Theory star also has a degree in neuroscience just like the character she portrays in the series.

Mayim took up a bachelor's degree in neuroscience with minors in Hebrew and Jewish studies at the University of California in Los Angeles. She then furthered her studies and earned a doctorate degree in the same field in 2007.

Like her Big Bang Theory character, Mayim also got accepted in Harvard University. She got accepted at Yale University as well. However, she let those opportunities pass and chose UCLA instead, as reports say that the actress just didn't want to move miles away from her parents.

With her Ph.D. in neuroscience, it seems as though The Big Bang Theory star doesn't even have to break a sweat in portraying her character. "I guess I have the easiest job— I don't have to stretch that far," she shared in an interview with National Geographic.

2 Amy Isn’t Just a Neuroscientist Off Cam

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The Big Bang Theory is one of the longest-running TV shows ever and it seems as though the series is still not showing any sign of slowing down. The show first hit the small screens in 2007, and we're all still here, following the lives of those genius characters. It's been continuing for a long time now that many couldn't probably see any difference in their characters versus their real selves as actors. But, of course, they also have a life outside the sitcom and have other projects. Some even played a big part in our childhood that we probably didn't notice— just like Mayim Bialik.

Apparently, Amy, in The Big Bang Theory, isn’t the only character that she portrayed. Actually, she also played a part in some animated movies that we all probably have seen before like Recess: Taking the Fifth Grace (as Kurst), The Kingdom Chum: Original Top Ten (Petey), Stan Lee's Mighty 7 (Lady Lightning), and The Dog Who Saved Halloween (Medusa). She also voiced some of the cartoon characters in AAAHH!!! Real Monsters (as Cindy), The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest (Julia and Lucy), Johnny Bravo (Bonnie), Hey Arnold! (Maria), Kim Possible (Justine), Disney's Recess, Lloyd in Space (mean Cindy), Santo Bugito (Joey), and her most recent one, Star vs. The Forces of Evil (Willoughby).

1 Amy and Leonard are Real friends

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The Big Bang Theory's, Amy and Leonard, are good friends, even if they didn't have good impressions of each other at first, their relationship improved over time. Amy sometimes asks for Leonard's advice, she is even happy for him when he and Penny got engaged and played the harp in Penny and Leonard's second wedding. In real life, it turns out, the characters' actors are also good friends even before they starred in the hit series.

Mayim Bialik and Johnny Galecki have been friends since they were teenagers. The two first met at the '90s sitcom, Blossom, where the then-14-year-old Mayim, who plays as one of the main characters, was paired with Johnny. Johnny only played a short role but their chemistry later became famous, particularly after the two stars shared a kiss in one of the series' episodes which made headlines afterward.

After the said series wrapped up, Johnny and Mayim still remained friends and reports say that the actress even invited Johnny on her 16th birthday celebration. Years after, the two once again worked together, starring in The Big Bang Theory as Amy and Leonard. They weren't paired, though, but their character's friendship still has some chemistry.

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