20 Secrets You Didn't Know About The Olsen Twins

We all know the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate  and Ashley Olsen , that graced television screens and magazine covers for years as they were growing up. And because we saw them grow up in front of our very eyes in the limelight, we think that we know every single thing about them; the millennials basically grew up with them. So what wouldn't they know? To our dismay, however, there are quite a few bizarre secrets about the Olsens that make no sense, and some facts that were kept hidden for years for some odd reason. We know that Mary-Kate and Ashley, and even their other sister Elizabeth, who is also an acclaimed actress, are not like the rest of us.

The twins, as children and teens, had the world in the palm of their hands; they had their own television shows, movies, book series, video games, CDs, dolls, and own fashion line at Walmart — you name it, they had it.

Yet, after all this, and even starting their lives in front of our eyes, in the sitcom Full House, they remain mysterious. For over a decade, we have not seen or heard of the Olsen twins, but their names remain in our minds. Even though their limelight tapered out after their final production together in 2004 movie New York Minute, we are curious as to how the once upon a time, Michelle Tanner twins are doing. The duo is just there, floating in our minds, but not in front of our eyes. Now, let us delve into their hidden lives and share their most precious and strange secrets.

20 The Twins Had To Wear Dentures

The twins, who were once the most in demand television stars, completely ceased off their careers in the public eye, and we are not surprised considering they were famous when they were just babies. The show, that made them millionaires as children, Full House, had both Mary-Kate and Ashley alternating and playing the role of Michelle Tanner. The twins had to play the role of a little girl in elementary and early school years, which means they had to adjust to their role.

And by adjusting to their role, we mean that the twins, as toddlers, had to wear a set of dentures.

Because the twins were losing their baby teeth at different times (no, twins do not lose their teeth in sync), the producers decided they had to have them wear dentures, so Michelle would have a full smile. You got it, dude!

19 Mary-Kate Was One Of The Last People To Date Heath Ledger 

Remember the late Heath Ledger? Did you know that Mary-Kate was involved with him? When the actor who played the Joker passed away in 2008, the pair were reportedly involved in a romantic relationship with each other. Many did not know of their relationship until the day of his death because Ledger's masseuse first contacted Mary-Kate when she found him deceased in his home.

At the time, there was a lot of speculation surrounding the twin because she had refused to talk to federal investigators unless she was granted immunity.

It was completely odd and fishy at the time since they were still investigating his death, but in 2008, they closed the inquiry into Ledger's death and the mysterious Mary-Kate was let off the hook.

18 The Twins Don't Like Dealing With People

The Olsen twins, who have mastered the art of hiding from the paparazzi, is the very reason why we are so fascinated about their lives today. And one reason for this is because the twins have confirmed that to them, because were once always in the limelight, dealing with people is an unpleasant experience. The twins created an empire and grew up in the entertainment industry, so for them, they try to avoid dealing with "real" people as much as possible.

The duo claim that dealing with people has to be a pleasant experience, if not, they would rather disregard the interaction altogether.

Weird to think that the most famous twins would say that about us real people, right? It is not to be harsh, according to Ashley, it is just sometimes unpleasant for them since they grew up in the public eye.

17 The Twins Were Credited As One

Though we grew up with the twins, we really do not know them all that well. Did you know that with their debut on Full House, they were credited as one person? As an avid watcher of the sitcom, many did not realize that until it was pointed out.

Given that they played such a vital role on the show, it was very puzzling to discover that the twins, who are their own individuals, were credited as "Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen."

We know it's easy to get twins mixed up, but the famous pair should not have been referred to as one single person. It was then revealed that the producers did not want the live audience to know they were using twins for Michelle Tanner — they are credited as separate people in seasons one and eight only.

16 Mary-Kate Had An Odd Wedding

Back in November 2015, Mary-Kate got hitched with French billionaire Olivier Sarkozy, a banker, and that was the first we heard of Mary-Kate in a while. And because much of the twin’s business was kept private, Mary-Kate's nuptials were as well. The wedding was not as eccentric as Mary-Kate's entire life; it was small and private, keeping it to a little over 50 guests with just close family and friends. But of course, the gossip never fails, and there was a little tidbit that slipped out about their wedding that left people wondering. This bizarre tidbit consisted of tables with "bowls and bowls filled with cigarettes, and everyone smoked the whole night," according to Page Six. The whole situation is very odd considering smoking would not be allowed in the modernized Manhattan; then again, Mary-Kate has always kept things interesting, and her French hubby has the whole "laissez-faire" attitude.

15 Mary-Kate And Ashely Scored The Role Of Michelle Tanner Because Of Their Behaviour

We all know that the twins got their fame and rose to stardom because of Full House, but how did that occur? When the twins were only nine months old, and obviously daringly adorable, a friend of the matriarch Olsen knew an agent, and he was bedazzled by the twins upon seeing photographs. If there is one factor that stood out most about the new-born set of twins, it was their behaviour at the auditions. Their mother, who was extremely reluctant to even having her baby girls audition, because of the lack of having a "normal childhood," eventually caved in and made them audition for the role. The twins were chosen out of 20 sets of twins to play Michelle Tanner because they were the only babies that did not cry during the audition. They got it, dude!

14 Mary-Kate And Ashley Both Skipped Prom To Host

When you are a teen and have the entire world in the palm of your hands, who cares about  high-school prom, right? Mary-Kate and Ashley, who did attend school, despite their fortune and fame, skipped out on prom; an event that all girls anticipate their entire lives. The twins, who were used to being the firsts at everything, of course, had to be present at Saturday Night Live to host the season finale.

They did so because that night, they made history by becoming the youngest hosts on Saturday Night Live. 

We are not sure who else would skip their high school prom to read monologues for the night, but if there was anyone who could have done it, it would have been Mary-Kate and Ashley. During their monologue though, the cast threw them a prom, and Jimmy Fallon and William Forte were their dates — win, win.

13 The Twins Wore Designer Clothing Since Their Debut

As the twins got older, they took a break from the entertainment industry and attended college to pursue other keen interests like fashion. The twins, as preteens, were able to complete a fashion line for Walmart that bewildered other girls their age and had them hooked — the label proved successful. Now 31, the twins are still known for their bold fashion sense and are known as fashion moguls to all fashion lovers across the world. This passion of theirs, however, did not start when they were older. It started when they were toddlers on Full House. Michelle Tanner, who they played until they were 6 years old, had a wardrobe that was made up of designer clothes — the twins have basically been in fashion their entire lives. Michelle Tanner's wardrobe included dresses by Marc Jacobs and Chanel — talk about expensive taste.

12 The Duo Have Their Own Production Company

Nothing can make one feel more unsuccessful until they find out that at six years old, the Olsen twins were both producers. Yes, the twins, who had just finished with Full House and were making big bucks filming movies all over the globe were also owners of their own production company. If you followed the twins extensive career and recall seeing the label Dualstar just about everywhere and did not know what it was, now you're aware.

Dualstar, a production company they still own, produced movies, TV shows, video games, magazines, etc. After working so hard and having such an extensive career in the entertainment industry, this company has kept them rolling in dough.

It revived in 2013 and is now said to be worth a billion dollars. We guess It Takes Two to make it big!

11 The Twins Were The Youngest Millionaires

At 10 years old, mostly all of us were in elementary school, going home, completing homework, and then playing with toys or outside with neighbours, with not a care in the world. This famous pair, on the other hand, had it totally differently.

The Olsen sisters did not come from a rich family or a very wealthy upbringing, but by 10 years old, the twins were millionaires.

It's one thing to be a millionaire when growing up in an affluent family, and a whole other when at 10 years old, you become a self-made millionaire, and that is what the duo achieved at such a young age. In fact, in all American history, the unstoppable duo was the youngest to ever claim millionaire status.

10 The Twins Are Not Identical

The twins, who look so alike and got their fame because of that, are actually fraternal and not identical twins. Apparently, some die-hard Olsen fans can tell them apart immediately, but many others like me, who were obsessed with the twins growing up, would have gone  their whole lives thinking they were identical until told.

In fact, the producers of Full House found that at 6 years old, the twins did not look so identical anymore, so they wanted to use only Mary-Kate to fulfill the role of Michelle.

The girls, who always felt like one, insisted that they continue taking turns for the role.

9 The Twins Had An Exhibition Dedicated Solely To Them

Odd enough, while the twins kept it low key for well over a decade — not seeing them in anymore in films, television shows, and events — totally remaining out of the public eye. And so, a man and woman, both comedians, dedicated an entire museum to them. According to the curators, they became so fascinated and obsessed with the twins when the duo totally disappeared out of the limelight after 2004, considering the empire they had established.

"The Olsen Twins Hiding from the Paparazzi" was an exhibit set up in New York City that included paintings of the twins, as the title suggests, averting the paparazzi’s gaze, often with the aid of various objects.

The museum also consisted of a mimicked display of the bizarre table arrangements at Mary-Kate's wedding, and binders on top of binders stacked with magazine clippings of the twins.

8 Twins Have A Sixth Sense

Sometimes, like in relationships, two become one; and then there are others who believe that twins have a sixth sense. In the case of Mary-Kate and Ashley who spent all their time together and never apart since their debut at 6 months old on Full House, until this day, they have a hard time separating their memories. A case of twin telepathy — sort of — the twins are not able to differentiate their memory because of that.

According to the twins, in a rare interview after not hearing from them for years, they told Vogue that they "have a shared memory."

It is weird to believe that they claim there are certain things that they both felt, and therefore cannot identify what happened to who, telling Vogue, “One of us was stung by a bee, but we can't remember who, because we both felt it."

7 The Twins Do Not Use Social Media

Since the twins deliberately decided after their last movie in 2004, that they would escape the spotlight, they have stayed true to who they are despite this technology-driven world. They do not use social media apps, unlike all their peers. Being on social media would mean having to deal with people, and as previously mentioned, doing so is not the most pleasant experience for them.

However, the main reason why they both do not have any social media accounts is because it would go against everything they have vouched for since we last saw them on television.

Ashley explained to a magazine that their lack of presence is because "[they've] never been connected to [their] fans in that way" and that "[they've] stayed quite sheltered in that sense."

6 They Purposely Tried To Look Different 

For most of their lives, the fraternal twins could not be told apart, until Ashely decided they should distinguish themselves in 2006 by dyeing her hair a deep chocolate brown. However, they were both shortly back to their strawberry-blonde colour, and again, it was almost impossible to tell the two apart. Ashley is, reportedly, a teeny bit taller — like an inch taller. However, telling them apart became much easier when in November 2014, Mary-Kate decided to alter her appearance by getting plastic surgery procedures done on her face. It is quite odd to us that such a thing would be done, especially since the sisters are best known for looking so alike. Neither twin has discussed the procedures, which is no surprise given how silent they've been.

5 The Duo Do Not Shop Online

The twins, who have their own fashion empire together, are not avid fans of online shopping — which is totally strange considering the fact that shopping online means they could avoid having to deal with people. The twins have a super high-end clothing store, yet, do not believe in the concept of online shopping.

Ashley admitted to The New York Times that she never purchased anything online, while Mary-Kate did buy something in an online auction once.

These twins are definitely not like the rest of us; they never have been, and we guess they will keep proving that to us — we can never relate to these ladies. Apparently, online shopping causes too much anxiety for the fashion moguls.

4 Only Ashley Made This List

The twins who are fraternal, though look identical, and always topped billboards and tabloids together, were once separated on a list. In 2007 and 2008, Maxim's annual “Hot 100” list only included Ashely. It is totally odd that both did not get recognition for their looks considering they are, well, twins! Ashley received the honour for both years, numbers 37 and 47 respectively, and in both years, Mary-Kate was not even acknowledged. Completely odd considering they have done everything together and only Ashley received the honour. According to us, they are both smoking hot.

3 Mary-Kate Is A Stepmother

As previously mentioned, back in 2015, Mary-Kate Olsen got married to 48-year-old French banker Olivier Sarkozy. Still in her 20s when she tied the knot, MK immediately became a stepmother when signing that line. Sarkozy has two kids from his previous marriage — how lucky are those 2 girls to call Mary-Kate their stepmom? Julien and Margot, his daughters, have a stepmom who is only slightly older than they are; MK is 31 and the daughters are teens. Anything could happen in Hollywood, and though she is closer in age to her spouse's daughters than her actual husband, the couple are going strong on their third year of marriage. Though we do not picture Mary-Kate or Ashley as mothers because they are still those young twins from our childhood, Mary-Kate has been photographed with Margot numerous times sharing a special bond.

2 Ashley Had Lyme Disease

Ashely was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015, and fought a very tough battle. The debilitating bacterial illness is caused by bites from the parasitic arachnids. In other words, ticks are burrowed underneath the skin that cause pain in the skin and joints and attack the nervous system and heart.

The disease was also caught in the very late stages, so the tiny Ashley, who at the time was very invested in her clothing line with MK, was unable to work. The twin was constantly struggling with fatigue and pain which put a complete hold on her work ethic.

The usual measures that medical experts take when one is diagnosed with Lyme disease were not an option for Ashley as it was caught too late. The disease definitely kept her out of the "Lyme light," but thank goodness she is now fine!

1 This Twins Had Their Own Struggles

Sadly, being child stars and growing up in the spotlight sometimes leads to addiction. Mary-Kate and Ashley are no strangers to this buzz that comes out of Hollywood that we often hear about. Though the duo have reportedly both been involved with substance abuse, Mary-Kate is the one half of the twin duo that we heard about struggling most with substance addiction.

We sadly all saw it coming when Mary-Kate looked awfully thin and ill in the last movie they starred in, New York Minute.

The actress, back in 2004, during the release of the aforementioned film, suffered with anorexia and a related substance addiction that led her to rehab.

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