20 Reasons Why Katy Perry Does Not Belong On American Idol

The search for the next American Idol is on! All aspiring singers and singing protégés are somehow happy that American Idol is back this year on ABC. Since it is the 16th season of the famous singing competition television series, there are unwanted changes because this season is just the start of reviving the series after its last episode on April 7, 2016. These unwanted changes include the new set of judges, most especially the controversial new judge, Katy Perry!

American Idol has been the source of producing some of the best singers in the music industry. This is the reality TV singing competition that aired originally on Fox and opened the doors of fame and popularity to Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, Katharine McPhee, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert, and Chris Daughtry, among many others. The alumni of the show became superstars, flaunting at least 13 Grammys, over 61 million album sales, 47 platinum records, 95 gold records, 444 Billboard No. 1 hits, two Golden Globes, and one Academy Award.

The American Idol success will never be complete without the panel of professional judges. The original and the most-respected judges are the record producer, Randy Jackson, the pop singer and choreographer, Paula Abdul, and of course, the life of the show, music executive, Simon Cowell. However, American Idol's ratings began falling since Simon Cowell left the show and suddenly stopped airing in 2016.

Now that ABC is reviving the American Idol, it will never be the same again. Yes, Simon Cowell was one of the most strict and honest judges of the show, but at least, he was on the right track. This season's new panel of judges is composed of the singers Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan. Since American Idol started airing this season, Katy Perry has been acting up and almost every fan hates her. She will definitely pull American Idol and the show's amazing history down.

Find out the 20 reasons Katey Perry will most likely ruin American Idol, from her sudden change of personality and image, to controversial issues, as well as her questionable records, and the way she acts as a judge of the show.

20 The Old Katy Perry is Gone

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Do you remember the old times back when Katy was still a California girl that was thanking God it was Friday? Those were the times when she was a "Firework" living the "Teenage Dream." If you once were a Katy Perry fan, those were the times that you can definitely hear her "Roar." That old, sweet Katy Perry is gone because one day she woke up feeling that she needed a change in her life.

For all the people who were once a Katy Perry fan, sorry, but Katy has already said goodbye to her "frothy" pop star image and said hello to her new self. Katy mentioned that she wanted to reveal her true self a long time ago, so here she is, showing all her true colors. However, her true self also seems to drive a lot of negative attention.

19 Katy is Morphing into the Previously Big, Bad Miley Cyrus

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"Revealing true self"— sound familiar? You got it right! It is Miley Cyrus all over again with the same effect to fans, the same heartbreak, and the same bleached hairstyle. Fans from all over the globe know that Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus have been best friends forever, but does that mean that Katy should also follow in her BFF's footsteps?

Now that Miley is turning over a new leaf, Katy seems to be affected by Miley's life choices before. As per the fans and reporters, the demons who possessed Miley are already now possessing the old, sweet Katy Perry. As a result, she is now morphing into the old Miley Cyrus, who wrecked balls and dressed very ridiculously. Hopefully, just like Miley who found love, all that Katy needs is love morph back to her old self.

18 Legal Battle with Nuns

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Aside from Katy's biggest transformation ever, including her hairstyle and hair color, she has been tangled to some of the most controversial and sensitive news and issues. What are you doing Katy? Recently, in March of 2018, Katy was involved in a legal battle against nuns. The nuns were furious that Katy Perry is planning to purchase the Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary's convent and after they "watched Katy's videos," they were not happy about it.

As a sacred place for the nuns, they won't allow someone like Katy Perry to take over the convent. Coincidentally, Sister Catherine Rose Holzman was so unhappy that she asked Katy to stop buying the convent on camera just a few minutes before she collapsed and died. "Katy Perry, please stop," Sister Holzman said.

17 Perry-Swift Battle

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In the world of music, new records, songs, albums, and music videos, some feuds are unavoidable. Who would forget the cold war going on between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry? They were once best friends and Katy even stood beside Tay Tay when Kanye West mocked her. Things went south when Tay Tay released her song, "Bad Blood," about an artist who sabotaged her tour by hiring people on her staff. That was Katy Perry! She hired Tay Tay's Red tour staff so she could have a California Dreams tour.

And so, the former friends started having "Bad Blood,"when they once had "mad love." See what you've done, Katy. Although Tay Tay was the one who publicly released something very controversial, it was Katy who just won't stop. She even said that her song, "Swish Swish," was for Tay Tay, but Tay Tay had no response at all. Because Tay Tay just won't respond, Katy said she "forgives" Tay Tay. Wait, what?

16 She Mocks Britney Spears' Mental Illness, Not a Good Example

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What is Katy's problem with Britney Spears? Nobody really knows why she has a beef with the A-list Grammy Award holder and diva, Britney Spears. Back in 2017, Katy walked the red carpet and just mocked Britney's mental breakdown back in 2007 out of the blue. Katy mentioned that she took care of her mental health, despite her musical drought before releasing her once hit, "Chained to the Rhythm," so she won't shave her head.

Britney was having a serious mental breakdown back in 2007 and infamously shaved her head. She has gone through a lot and what's important is she was able to get back up again. However, Katy mocked her mental illness, causing a massive stir. She even stated that she was saving her hair so she can shave it when she has a public breakdown in the future.

15 Cultural Appropriation!

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Everything about Katy Perry is bizarre and somehow inappropriate. Katy's brand as a singer who practices cultural appropriation started when she posted an Instagram meme showing Kali, a powerful Hindu goddess, dancing atop Lord Shiva with a caption, "Current mood."

This was not taken lightly and many people slammed her for her cultural appropriation because she made fun of the Hindu gods. Apart from this incident, Katy's music videos also depict cultural appropriation over the years and she just can't seem to notice that. She already incorporated Geishas of the Japanese culture and Ancient Egypt, with dancers dressed with Anubis-like head and women dressed as mummies. Katy's ideas and actions just truly mock other people's culture and that is not good.

14 Her Racially Insensitive Comments

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Whether you believe it or not, cultural appropriation is just one of Perry's issues. There is something even bigger and that is her racially insensitive comments towards the former and respected, President Barack Obama. It all started when she had this controversial Instagram Live to show off her new, blonde pixie cut (just like Miley's haircut and hair color before), when suddenly, someone commented that she missed Katy's long and old black hair.

The commenter was graced with Katy's attention but Katy's comment was seriously out of the blue, just like how she mentioned shaving her head and mocking mental illness on a red carpet interview. Because of the word "black," she asked the commenter if he or she missed Barack Obama as well. Racist? Definitely yes!

"Oh, someone says, 'I miss your old black hair.' Oh, really? Do you miss Barack Obama as well? Oh, Okay. Times changed. Bye! See you guys later," Katy said.

13 She Has Been Acting Crazy On Screen!

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As if her controversial comments, racist comments, Tay Tay feud, shocking haircut, and extreme physical transformation were not enough, Katy has been acting really crazy, weird, and just really not like "the old Katy" on screen. She looks like she is seeking attention and acting like she is full of energy and happiness. The California girl hasn't been behaving too well in public lately.

For instance, she had a strange reaction during her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that even Ellen could not fathom. She was trying to be cool and funny, but seriously, the viewers could not take it. Another example is her "over dancing" scene when she performed with Migos and it was very alarming.

12 Rumor Has It: Katy Perry Copies Other Artists' Work

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Katy, more than just being an "overperformer" lately, was also accused of copying other artist's work, which is really a very controversial issue that no artist would like to be associated with. Aside from ripping off some of the country's finest cultures, she also rips off works from fellow artists.

The designer, Dom Sebastian, was so disappointed with Katy and her staff because Katy used his artwork without permission. What’s worse is that Katy used the said artwork as a cover for her album and that is inexcusable. Katy and her staff are even selling this design as a $35 print on her website, as if it is her own merchandise. This matter will never be an issue if Katy only asked for permission or gave compensation to a fellow artist.

11 Album Flop

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Katy just can't lift herself up to the fame back again because her album was a flop! So, how can she help American Idol get back up again? The answer is that she can't. All she can do is pull the show down and ruin everything about it.

Back in 2017, her single, "Chained to the Rhythm," was definitely a hit but after few new songs from other artists, it went down on the Hot 100. Her other single, "Witness," was the biggest flop of them all, as this only gained few positive feedbacks. The list goes on because her songs, "Bon Appetit" and "Swish Swish" never made it on top either. Sorry Katy, but this time, Tay Tay is far ahead of you and that is a fact.

10 Nobody Wants to Buy Her Concert Tickets

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Unlike her world tour concerts, Katy faced a huge problem in 2017. She basically had to postpone her tour because nobody wanted to buy her concert tickets! Whose fault was that, Katy? After all, Katy did a lot of terrible things— made racist comments, was insensitive, has overreacted, mocked mental illness, committed cultural appropriation, and sparked the feud with Taylor Swift, America's sweetheart.

Katy's world was turned upside down and it all started when she kept on badmouthing Tay Tay, transformed into some other woman, and just clearly became rude. Nobody wanted to watch her Witness world tour because after all, her single, "Witness," was a big flop. All concert goers had one goal and that was to watch the Carly Rae Jepsen's opening act and then jet off.

9 She is Not Relevant Anymore!

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"Katy Perry"— a name that was once a big hit in the music industry but is now almost totally irrelevant. How did that happen? She lost her shine and brightness. In short, her star is fading intermittently. Her music is not so relevant anymore, so just any other stars who want to stay relevant (basically, just like the fame-hungry Kardashians), Katy will do everything she can.

By everything, we mean that Katy starts acting up, morphing into the once bad image of Miley Cyrus, doing crazy things, joking around, and making insensitive comments, and crossing Tay Tay— the biggest mistake of her life. She thought that people would like to hear about her cold war with Tay Tay and the Swifties and KatyCats will appreciate. However, that marked the end of relevance, so she is doing anything she can— positive or negative— to stay relevant.

8 Katy's Paycheck Is Pennies Compared To Other Judges

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Do you know how much Katy's American Idol paycheck is? You won't believe that Katy, as an irrelevant artist, is getting paid a heaping $25 million, which even her best friend in the music industry, Miley Cyrus, had never earned as a judge of the rival singing competition show, The Voice. Rumors confirmed that Katy's $25 million deal is more than half of the budget that Idol allotted for an artist. How much does that leave the other two judges of American Idol? Pennies!

Katy's fellow American Idol judges, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, expected to have similar deals as Katy, but that did not happen. The President and CEO of the Disney-ABC Television Group, Ben Sherwood, was reported to be the person responsible for blowing too much money just for Katy Perry.

7 She is Always Late

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As an artist, an American Idol judge, and a professional TV personality, Katy Perry, of all people, should be punctual. After all, she is being paid $25 million just to be the new judge of American Idol. However, Katy decided to be the exact opposite as she was reportedly always late to arrive on set. She has been late for at least 10 to 25 minutes and this happens on audition rounds where "time is gold."

Everyone is affected by Katy's tardiness— her fellow judges, the staff, and the aspiring artists. As per TMZ, the staff is really getting annoyed that Katy shows up late every day. She is delaying everything and it is taking a toll on production. In this industry, punctuality and professionalism is the key.

6 Katy Had Been a Mean Guest Judge Even Before (No Wonder!)

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Do you remember how Katy was a very mean and nasty guest judge way back when she still loved her long, dark hair? For the people who were not aware that Katy became a guest judge when the American Idol icon, Simon Cowell, was still one of the judges, Katy was extremely rude, mean, and just nasty not just towards the contestants, but towards her fellow judge, Kara DioGuardi.

It all happened in the year 2010 when American Idol honored some stars by inviting them to be guest stars. The whole guest thing should have been a good and positive experience. However, Katy was so disrespectful towards Kara that she even threatened the singer-songwriter, record producer, and music publisher.

5 American Idol Scene: Katy Perry's Wardrobe Malfunction Aired!

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Katy, as an evolved Miley Cyrus of this generation, is so carefree, clumsy, and everything else. On one of the episodes of the American Idol, the contestant, Michelle Sussett, managed to make the judges get on their feet and dance with her as she sang Selena Gomez's, "Techno Cumbia." Katy, Luke, and Lionel started dancing and having fun on camera during the contestant's performance.

However, Katy wanted to get more attention so she started dropping it low... really low. Little did she know, this would be the cause of an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction that was aired on TV! Wearing high heels can be tricky, which was the cause of Katy's accidental loss of balance. As she fell, she accidentally revealed her undergarments under her sophisticated Greta Constantine mini dress.

4 American Idol Scene: Katy Perry Can't Get Up

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Katy's wardrobe malfunction was not all that happened during that specific part of the episode. Do you remember how Katy fell down multiple times on stage during live performances and even during her concerts while performing "I Kissed a Girl?" Some of those falls were part of an act, especially on her tour, and there was this one time she couldn't get up because she jumped onto a giant cake and she just continued to fall down and crawl on the floor because it was too slippery.

That was somehow the scene during the American Idol episode. After Katy Perry fell down and suffered a great wardrobe malfunction, her fellow judges tried helping her to get up. Instead of properly just getting up, she continuously crawl on the floor while her fellow judges tried their best to make Katy stand on her feet.

3 Flirty Judging Style

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Aside from Katy's constant acting up during the show, she also has a different style in judging the American Idol contestants and people are not so happy about it. It all started when the American Idol contestant, Trevor Holmes, auditioned. Aside from Trevor's good voice, singing style, and everything else about his performance, his "handsomeness" and "hotness" were also acknowledged and appreciated, especially by Katy.

Katy appeared to be very affected by Trevor's looks and she even called him very hot. To make him even more "macho," Katy also appreciated how Trevor works as a construction worker just to support his mother. Since then, Katy continued to flirt with Trevor and other contestants who are deemed hot enough for Katy.

2 American Idol Contestant Kissed Katy Perry and He Did Not Like It!

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Speaking of Katy's flirty attitude, there was that one contestant who was not really happy about Katy's disposition. The American Idol contestant, Benjamin Glaze, was a 19-year-old teenage kid from Oklahoma, who had a taste of Katy's lips during one of the episodes of American Idol. This happened when Luke asked Benjamin if he ever kissed a girl. When the teenage kid said no, Katy surprised him with a kiss.

Katy Perry was his first kiss! Some people will go loco about that, but Benjamin's reaction was different. In fact, he was disappointed. All he wanted to do was save that first kiss for the first girl he will ever love. So yes Katy, you ruined this young boy's first kiss!

1 American Idol is Now All About Katy Perry and That is Bad Publicity!

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American Idol was revived to be great again. This iconic reality singing competition was revived to open new doors of opportunities to singers, songwriters, and everyone else inspired by music. The whole show should be about showcasing real American talent that will sweep everyone's feet. This is the search for the next superstar just like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. However, American Idol is now all about Katy Perry!

It is as if it is Katy's very own reality show and that should not be the theme of the revived American Idol. Katy is the "meme leader" and the center of attraction. The spotlight is too focused on her and that is not right because it is a bad publicity. The spotlight should be given to the contestants and their talents.

Do you miss the old Katy Perry?

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